Table of expenses and income of the family budget in Excel

Project Management Templates are an essential part of replicating successful projects. With free Microsoft Excel templates, you can turn your simple spreadsheets into powerful project management tools.

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In this article, you'll find some of the most useful and free Microsoft Excel project management and tracking templates you'll want to use for your next project.

In this article:

  • Microsoft Excel Project Management Templates
  • Third Party Excel Project Management Templates
  • Microsoft Excel Template Management

Microsoft Excel Project Management Templates

Let's take a look at the best Microsoft Excel project management templates.

Notes: We'll cover both native and third-party templates here. To find the pre-installed Excel spreadsheet templates, open Excel and search for the relevant keyword in a new document screen. If you are already in Excel, go to File> New to invoke a template search. Refer to the "Managing Microsoft Excel Templates" section below for more details.

Excel Project Timeline Templates

Excel comes with several timelines and Gantt chart templates provided by Microsoft, but also integrates templates from Vertex42, one of the most popular third-party spreadsheet resources.

Why control the family budget?

The benefits of cash flow control are obvious - it is cost reduction. The more you save, the more confidence in the future. The money saved can be used to create a financial cushion that will allow you to feel comfortable for a while, for example, if you are left without work.

The main enemy in the path of financial control is laziness. People first get fired up with the idea of ​​controlling the family budget, and then quickly cool down and lose interest in their finances. To avoid this effect, you need to acquire a new habit - to control your expenses constantly. The most difficult period is the first month. Then control becomes a habit, and you continue to act automatically. Besides, you will see the fruits of your "labors" right away - your expenses will be reduced in an amazing way. You will personally make sure that some expenses were unnecessary and you can refuse them without harm to the family.

Survey: Is Excel spreadsheet enough to keep track of your household budget?

Accounting for family expenses and income in an Excel spreadsheet

If you are new to family budgeting, try keeping your family budget in a simple Excel spreadsheet before using the powerful and premium tools for home bookkeeping. The benefits of such a solution are obvious - you do not spend money on programs, and try your hand at controlling finances. On the other hand, if you bought a program, then it will stimulate you - since you spent money, then you need to keep records.

It is better to start drawing up a family budget in a simple table in which you understand everything. Over time, you can complicate and supplement it.

The main principle of drawing up a financial plan is to break down expenses and incomes into different categories and keep records for each of these categories. Experience shows that you need to start with a small number of categories (10-15 will be enough). Here is a sample list of expense categories for family budgeting:

  • Car
  • Domestic needs
  • Bad habits
  • Hygiene and health
  • Children
  • Renting fee
  • Loan / debts
  • Clothes and cosmetics
  • Travel (transport, taxi)
  • Food
  • Entertainment and gifts
  • Communication (phone, internet)

Consider the expenses and incomes of the family budget using this table as an example.

Here we see three sections: income, expenses and report. In the section “expenses” we have introduced the above categories. Near each category there is a cell containing the total consumption for the month (the sum of all days on the right). In the "days of the month" area, you enter daily expenses. In fact, this is a complete monthly report on the expenses of your family budget. This table gives the following information: expenses for each day, for each week, for a month, as well as the total expenses for each category.

As for the formulas used in this table, they are very simple. For example, the total consumption for the "car" category is calculated by the formula = SUM (F14: AJ14). That is, this is the sum for all days on line 14. The sum of expenses for the day is calculated as follows: = SUM (F14: F25) - all digits in column F from the 14th to 25th rows are summed up.

A start-up or even more mature company always has doubts about which management tools to use to ensure effective control and execution of processes. Some people try to run software, but find it inflexible and difficult to implement. It is for this reason that we believe that for young processes at the stage of evolution, Ready-made Excel spreadsheets are the ideal management tools.

A company's success is usually associated with a good product or service, a quality service system and a vision of the market. However, the company's administrative sector bears a large share of the responsibility for making profit and, as a result, for the rise to success. We thought about simplifying your company's administrative processes, and in this post, we have highlighted 10 Excel management tools that will improve the organization and productivity of your business.

Essential Excel for Business Management Tools

) Cash Worksheet

The cash flow table is one of the management tools most used by small and medium-sized businesses. It is the only tool you need to chart your company's chart of accounts, manage entries and exits, check cash flows, analyze your profit and loss statement for the year, and analyze financial charts. Thus, with the help of this simple and intuitive table, you can completely manage your company, spending a maximum of one hour per week.

) Business Model Assessment Worksheet

If you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, you probably find yourself in a situation where you are evaluating an idea or business without the necessary management tools for this. If at that moment you were in doubt about some points and could not determine if the idea in question was a good or bad idea, you may have to accept the Business Model Assessment because it allows you to model the business in a simple way, giving you the opportunity to understand whether the idea in question will have a future or not in the first place.

) Strategic Planning Worksheet

If you need to define the future of your company so that it can bear real fruit in the long term, it is important that you adopt the Strategic Planning Worksheet as it will oversee the goals and actions of your company. Key features:

  • Define your mission and vision;
  • Define global goals;
  • Planning financial actions;
  • Planning marketing actions;
  • Planning personnel actions;
  • Planning operational and technological actions;
  • Compare everything that was planned with the implemented one

) Competency Performance Scoreboard

Rely on the Competency Performance Scorecard to assess your employees against factors such as: behavioral and technical skills. You plan for the adequacy of the performance based on the assessment that each employee received. This analysis can be done using the graphics generated by this spreadsheet.

) Inventory Management Worksheet

Product Composition

Video review



Sales planning tool is a regular Excel file for quickly calculating a complete sales plan for your business project. The calculation results can be used for business financial planning.

Recommended to use in conjunction with a financial business planning tool

The tool will create:

sales plan by years in monetary terms.

monthly sales plan in monetary terms by positional.

monthly sales plan in kind by positional.

Impossible is possible!

Automation of business processes using Excel

Excel is one of the most popular programs in any company. However, most users create simple tables and formulas without knowing the application's capabilities.

Solving local problems, analyzing data sets, forecasting future periods - the program allows you to speed up business processes and discard the calculator. We will tell you about Excel functions using examples from business.

How and why to connect to external data sources

There is information that changes daily - transactions are carried out in the company every day, financial reports are updated. Data can be downloaded manually or automatically.

Excel allows you to automate the process - you set up a connection to external data sources, information is imported into a sheet, work files are updated online.

This function is useful for employees who work with exchange rates and keep records. Every morning you receive a file with new indicators, instead of browsing and uploading information yourself.

Why do we need dropdown lists

You can spend half a day analyzing or create an interactive report and speed up your work. Drop-down lists allow you to evaluate data over multiple periods by categorizing it.

For example - check how many units of goods were sold in bulk in the Kiev region from January to December. Then look at retail sales from March to February.

Use two drop-down lists to set the start and end months, select the range, customer category and area. The OFFSET () function will help to calculate the amount of transactions separately for each period of time.

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