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Business planning Completed by a student of grade 10 "A" Kolesnichenko Tatiana Teacher: V. Antipina. Akbulak secondary school №1

Contents Introduction Resume Statement of Problems Characteristics of the Business Assessment of the Services Market Assessment of Competitors Production Plan Risk Assessment and Insurance Conclusion References Used

Introduction A business plan is not a mere formality, but a vital necessity for the financial well-being of an enterprise. This business plan is written just in case I decide to start my own business. Once the business plan has been prepared, I will already know how my business will work and whether it will be successful, the likelihood of implementing solutions. Once I am convinced of the potential of the business, then such a business plan can be used to secure investor financing and borrowed financing. Absolutely any business needs not only investment, but also planning. A clearly and competently drawn up business plan, a carefully worked out structure and content of a business plan are the main components of a successful business. Contents

Summary Objectives: - to build a high-tech pool. - to give people health, joy and relaxation. The source of funding is the family. The equipment will be quite expensive. After all, you need to choose quality, not a low price. You will need a good water filtration system, heating, lighting, dividing paths and a lot more, because I want to provide not only pool services, but also a cafe. Contents

Purchase land Build premises Construction work Purchase equipment Hire workers Launch marketing Content Goal setting

The room will be divided into two buildings: 1. Swimming pool for training. (directed for training sessions) 2. Swimming pool for adults and children. (aimed at the development and recreation of the population) Content Description of the business

Our visitors, in my opinion, will often use our services, because there are no other pools in our village, that is, there are no our competitors. Even in spite of Lake Shchuchye and the Ural River that are in our village, our pool services will be in demand, because the lake is polluted and the river is shallow. The product use cycle is all year round. According to experts, the construction of the pool, including the premises, equipment and construction works, will cost 1.5-2 million euros. Everything can pay off in 3-4 years. Service Market Assessment Content

Production plan 1. Premises with an area of ​​at least 1,500 - 2,000 sq. m.: It can be rented in a business center, redeemed and renovated an old building, and finally, get a place and building permit and build a swimming pool from scratch. For this, there are standard projects FOB (health and fitness pool), which provide for all the services of a health complex, including a sauna and a gym, such a complex can be ordered disassembled, its construction will take from six months to a year. And it will cost 1-1.5 million euros. 2. Equipment: The swimming pool will require starting tables, dividing paths, lighting, heating, water filtration system. An economical option will cost 50 thousand euros. The cost of a pool bowl may fluctuate depending on the waterproofing system, the thickness and quality of the walls. A bowl 25 m long, 8 m wide and 1.5 m deep with a filtration and heating system will cost about 40 thousand euros, facing at the rate of 100 euros per 1 m2. Equipment for a sauna or bath - 3 thousand euros. Contents

3. Documents: The construction of the pool must be approved by the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture. This process may take longer than the construction of the sports complex itself. To open a health pool, you must also obtain permission from the State Fire Inspection and SES. Contracts with suppliers of water, energy and heat are concluded in the same manner as in any other construction, and are paid according to the meter. A significant difference from other objects is accounting. Physical education institutions have tax benefits. 4. Personnel: Maintenance personnel - at least 4 people. They must monitor the chemical and bacteriological composition of water, equipment, and be responsible for the smooth operation of equipment. In addition, the pool staff must have a director, an accountant, three to four administrators and the same number of cleaners, one to two cloakroom attendants, a nurse, one to two water aerobics instructors and three to four swimming coaches. The monthly salary costs are about 350 thousand rubles. Contents

Risk assessment and insurance Despite the fact that I have no competitors, I have many risks. In case of unfavorable circumstances, the company is liable with its property and good name. Therefore, an important task is not only the awareness and determination of the degree of risk, but also the development of measures to reduce it or the choice of another course of action. The main methods of risk reduction in planning practice are considered: diversification, insurance, limiting, reserve funds to cover unforeseen expenses, risk distribution, getting more information about the upcoming choices and results. Contents

Reviews for the pool business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of the pool in the year

Pool opening: in compliance

If you have to go and drive to the nearest body of water, and the municipal pools do not meet the demand of all comers, it may be time for you to think about how to open your pool. True, this is only possible if you have a solid initial capital. Building a pool from scratch requires significant business investments - at least $ 2 million. This amount includes the costs of the building itself, the purchase of equipment for the pool, the design of additional premises.

It will take about 3-4 years to recover the cost of opening the pool and start making a net profit. This is provided that you will be able to effectively promote your business, attract the attention of visitors, and ensure high traffic. There are options for renting a suitable building or buying out an old building and its subsequent renovation - in this case, the cost of starting a business can be reduced. It is important to comply with all the requirements for structures of this kind. Otherwise, the money will be wasted.

In order to open your own business - a swimming pool, you will need a room with an area of ​​at least 2021 sq. m. A more accurate area depends on what kind of attendance it will be designed for. A typical project of a sports and recreation pool provides for the presence, in addition to the pool itself, of a gym, a sauna, and a sports hall. The construction of such a complex from scratch will take at least a year. The main costs in the construction of the pool are the bowl itself, equipped with a water filtration system, heating, lighting and a waterproofing system.

Serious requirements are imposed on the opening of a public pool as a business. An entrepreneur should apply for permission from the Committee for Construction and Architecture, and the process of obtaining the coveted piece of paper can take many months. In addition, it is necessary to have the appropriate permits from Rospotrebnadzor and Pozhnadzor. As with other types of construction, it is necessary to timely conclude contracts with suppliers of utilities - heat, water, electricity.

When planning to build your business and organize a swimming pool, you need to pay close attention to related areas - a bar, the installation of vending machines with coffee and drinks. An outdoor swimming pool, as a business, presupposes the presence of dry closets and other amenities - changing rooms, showers. If in your business plan you take into account such a nuance as the presence of a children's pool, a "paddling pool", a bowl for teaching babies to swim, you will have more clients, since people will come to the pool with whole families. By the way, think over the payment system in advance, the availability of subscriptions, discounts and bonuses.

If you do not have experience in such matters, you should not shade. Take as a basis a professional example of a business plan for opening a pool with ready-made calculations, which will become for you a kind of guide to building a pool. With its help, it will be easier for you to settle all the difficulties and problems, to understand the intricacies of this type of business, and to find the only right solution in a difficult situation.

Ready-made swimming pool business plan from scratch with examples of opening calculations

When purchasing a swimming pool business plan, be prepared for the fact that this business will completely capture you, bring you pleasure from work and a good income. That's just the costs will be impressive, since the construction of the pool is not only the creation of the bowl itself, but also the supply of the necessary communications, the presence of modern water filters and other important elements. The decor of both the room and the pool itself is very important. It should be pleasant and comfortable for both adults and children to swim in it.

The site contains a ready-made document that is easy to use right after studying. It consistently indicates the stages of project implementation, financial and marketing nuances. It is very good if your future pool is large enough, but with different depth levels, the presence of a children's area - "splash pool". Thus, it will be possible to attract couples with children of different ages.

We offer you a free business plan for the pool with calculations, necessary documentation, design examples and equipment. How to open a business on organizing a pool from scratch - this question worries many novice businessmen. An example of a free business plan for launching a swimming pool in your city, including for children, will help to highlight the main pitfalls of the business and figure out the size of start-up investments for organizations of different formats of work and scale of activity. The business plan is used for a preliminary assessment of the project and determining its effectiveness, as well as for presenting the project to future investors or creditors.

What information should a business plan contain?

Summary of a business plan for opening a pool from scratch

This project is a plan to create a private enterprise to open a swimming pool in 24 months. First of all, let's list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for opening a pool from scratch.

First of all there is a Project Idea, and Project Goals, such as:

  • Creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability.
  • Making a profit in a legal way, indicating the legal address, passport data of the head and founder of the project, data on employees.
  • Satisfying consumer demand for the provision of services for organizing family recreation, sports physical development of citizens, popularizing healthy lifestyle among the city's population, filling the niche of the entertainment and sports market in Russia.
  • Search and conclusion of agreements with investors.

Action algorithms prescribed in the business plan

The business plan contains the following algorithms for starting a business:

A healthy lifestyle has always been in vogue, and it remains so to this day. People know that swimming is good for your health. Recently, more and more entrepreneurs have become interested in the creation of pools, as the demand for visiting them is surprisingly growing. There are very few state-run sports pools, which is why private ones are being opened, located in different institutions. At any size, pools pay off. Even if not as quickly as the owner expects, but in 2-3 years, the business will begin to bring very good profits. The ideal, quick-profit option is a 25 meter long pool with three to four lanes. This option will be appreciated by both experienced athletes and people who take care of their health. If you follow all the steps of the business plan for creating a pool, your place will be the most visited.

Project Stages

Investing and launching the project

Every year more and more people start to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fitness clubs on the territory of Russia are only growing, and they are all popular. The same applies to health centers and swimming pools. In the latter area, there will hardly be much competition. This means that it will not be difficult to develop a client base.

Select location

In any example of a business plan for the construction of a pool, it is indicated: you need to carefully choose the location of the institution. It is important that it is located in crowded places. The younger generation is more committed to maintaining excellent physical shape than the older generation. It is necessary to choose a place so that it is accessible for public transport. Thanks to this, the attendance will be higher. It is best to choose a location so that parking is available nearby.


A business plan for the construction of a pool always begins with a clause on the registration procedure. The documents are drawn up before they start building. After all, to get all the required permissions, you will have to spend a lot of time. So, you need to get approval from the Urban Development Committee. It is this authority that gives permission for the construction of the facility. You also need to conclude a contract for the supply of heat, electricity, water. The best solution would be to entrust this stage to professional lawyers. They will investigate tax exemptions.


After that, the business plan of the children's pool with calculations includes an item about the purchase of all the necessary equipment. It will be necessary to equip the building in such a way that it meets the sanitary standards. So, the pool should have: paths, lighting, equipment for heating water, filtration. You will need starter tables.

Each building of this type has showers, changing rooms, toilets, and waiting areas. The latter is especially relevant when considering a children's pool business plan. Customers bringing their children will have to wait for them somewhere. It is important that this process is accompanied by comfort. Thanks to this moment, additional services can bring more profit. So, the cafe opened in the building will be a great place to wait.

For dressing rooms, separate lockers must be provided with a key. They must ensure the safety of things left by visitors. For this reason, it is important to take care in advance that the system is of high quality. At the entrance, you need to hang the visiting rules so that everyone can familiarize themselves with them before coming to the pool for the first time.

In this example of a pool business plan, a bowl 25 meters long will be considered. There will be several tracks on it. But the size of the pool itself can be any, it is better to take into account what approximately the flow of visitors will be here.


The market of swimming complexes in Russia is not very competitive, so it is difficult for a consumer to find a suitable institution due to their small number. If an entrepreneur decided to organize a business and open a swimming pool, then he needs to calculate the possible risks and know what problems he may face.

Market analysis and target audience

Business Relevance

The relevance of the business is due to the following factors:

  • there is a large shortage of water sports facilities in Russia;
  • low competition, since a large number of existing pools are technically outdated;
  • swimming and other activities in the pool are recommended by doctors to their patients, because it is gentle and effective physical education that helps to improve health;
  • high consumer demand is due to the fact that swimming improves mood and reduces emotional stress;
  • wide target audience.

Businessmen who have achieved success in the market of swimming complexes say that an average of 350 people visit their establishments a day.

Pool types and services

Pools are classified as follows:

  • private, which are being built on the initiative of entrepreneurs;
  • complexes run by educational institutions or enterprises;
  • sports, organized and maintained predominantly by the state;
  • which are part of sanatoriums, hotels, baths, fitness centers, rest homes, etc.

The range of services provided should be increased gradually. Thus, at the start, a smaller amount of investment will be required, since it will be possible to expand the range at the expense of profit.

Thinking over the concept of the establishment, you should decide on the format of the business:

  • a classic swimming pool;
  • an entertainment pool with slides;
  • a specialized wellness complex aimed at adults and retirees;
  • a specialized wellness center for children.

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