Stationery store business plan with calculations

Choosing a niche for a business, it is difficult to find an unoccupied cell, however, the trade in office supplies is always in demand, and, with a competent approach to opening and running a business, you can achieve stable profits. People of all ages use office supplies. No educational institution can function without writing materials. They are required to work in all enterprises. The scale of the demand for such products is enormous, so you should think about opening a stationery store.

Where to start

Any activity starts with planning. His positions are documented in the business plan. At the same time, you can register a business entity in the status of an individual entrepreneur. To carry out the procedure by authorized bodies, you must pay a state fee of 800 rubles. Trade in office supplies as a type of activity is directly provided for in OKVED. Having indicated it in registration papers, an entrepreneur can choose a simplified taxation system with a 15 percent rate.

In addition, you will have to receive a number of permits, without which a fine is imposed on the entrepreneur, and the work of the store can be suspended at any time. If a business representative plans to make a sign for a store, then he needs to obtain permission to use the attribute. Necessarily need papers from firefighters and SES. Additionally, you will need a document confirming the registration of the cash register.

To obtain all permits, an entrepreneur must have in hand a completed business plan for a stationery store, a lease agreement with the owner of the real estate that will be used for a retail outlet, or a paper confirming his ownership.

There must be a fire insurance coverage agreement with the insurance company. The room must be equipped with a fire alarm system. The sanitation station will require the entrepreneur to sign contracts for garbage disposal, without which a conclusion on permission to start work will not be issued.

Drawing up a business plan

The business plan reflects the stages of implementation of an entrepreneurial project that allows you to open a stationery store with minimal costs, which will pay off in the near future. The document provides reasonable calculations by which one can understand:

  • how much money is needed to start a business;
  • what profit can be expected during the first period of its operation;
  • what are the regular costs plan;
  • after what time period all funds invested in the project will be recouped.

Store location

Brief Investment Memorandum

Office supplies are consumer products, there is always a demand for them. We use them: in schools, offices and at home.

When launching a stationery store, the payback period will be 8 months, and the break-even point will be 2 months.

20 legal entities will be served in the store every month. With an average purchase receipt - 34,000 rubles. Individuals will buy goods in small wholesale or retail. The average number of purchases is 50 and 800. As a result, the financial indicators of the project will be as follows:

Description of business, product or service


  • Possibility to buy goods at wholesale prices in small quantities;
  • No need to buy special equipment and fixtures;
  • Low operating costs; <
  • Low personnel costs;
  • Rapid return on costs;
  • Possibility of business expansion with a small financial investment.

  • Labeling of piece goods for trade automation;
  • Inventory;
  • Regulation of markups for broad categories of goods;
  • Control over theft;
  • Limited shelf life of certain types of goods: paints, plasticine, felt-tip pens;
  • Selection of assortment for the target audience.

The total area of ​​the store will be 100 m2. Better to open a store on busy streets.

Half of all sales will come from school supplies: notebooks, albums, notepads, pens, pencils, paints, diaries, art supplies, pencil cases, briefcases, organizers, etc.

The next most popular category is office supplies: printing paper, letterheads, magazines, pens, stickers, staplers, hole punches, paper clips. The share of their sales reaches 40% of the total revenue.

Any entrepreneurial person should understand that different spheres of private activity bring different income. Products such as plastic buckets are less in demand than food. Of course, the bucket manufacturer will not always earn less than the bread seller, but if in a critical situation a person chooses what to buy: to eat or a new bucket, the bucket has little chance.

Naturally, it is unreasonable to compare stationery with bread, however, they should also be attributed to the group of in-demand products. Kindergarten, school, university, work - the life of many people is a chain of changing these institutions. In none of them is it possible to do without writing instruments. This is why the stationery business is highly relevant and profitable, and you have every chance of starting one.

Content of the article:

Stationery store business plan

Most entrepreneurship gurus and seasoned trade professionals recommend that you create a business plan before starting a business. This plan is a thoughtful, step-by-step list of actions, after completing which, a person will be able to create a completely new enterprise.

When you open a stationery store, you should start by thinking about its profitability, as well as filling out the necessary documents. Documents should be started only when you are sure that your idea will pay off. To draw up documents for doing business, read How to register an IPCHow to register an LLCHow to organize productionHow to open an online store

Once you have drawn up all the necessary documents for the right to engage in private activities, you can safely start looking for a room in which you will organize your future store. Far-sighted people prefer to look for a room even at the stage of paperwork or in advance of this process.

The next stage is the purchase of products. We will talk about it in detail in the 3rd paragraph of our article.

Well, the last but not least stage is the selection of sellers. Employees in the store should be selected based on the criteria that we have published below - in the 4th paragraph of the article.

Best Places to Place Your Store

We have already said above that the search for a building in which you subsequently organize a business with stationery should be started in advance. Now we will give a table of the best, in terms of profitability, places to open this enterprise.

Best Places to Sell Stationery

No. Name of place Benefits of starting a business here 1. Near school, university, kindergarten, library, etc. These places are united by the fact that there are always a lot of students in them. Students are people who cannot do without stationery. This means that if you find a place to shop next to such a place, you will discover the Klondike! 2. downtown There are usually many office buildings in the center of an average city. Office staff, just like students, need office supplies3. Underpasses, forks, markets, supermarkets, crowded places These places are famous for the fact that a large number of people often gather here. Let's say you open a store on the way down the subway. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the metro every day. It is clear that many of them need stationery. Naturally, if a person needs a pen, and he is next to your store on the subway, he will not specially go to another place where the same pen will cost one and a half times cheaper.

Stationery is like little things: pens, pencils, paper clips, scissors, files, paper. And they are sometimes so necessary for each of us! Considering stationery as a business, many do not understand how trading such "small things" can give tangible profits. However, if you organize your business competently, then this type of trading will bring you a stable income. Let's take a look at what it takes to open a stationery store. What do you need to know about this case?

Initially, for this we need, albeit simplified, but a business plan. A stationery store will require you to take a comprehensive, careful approach to this type of activity.


Nowadays it will be quite difficult to find a person who would not use office supplies in his life. Only somewhere in the very outback, and even then not a fact! Everyone needs pens, pencils, notebooks, paints. Each of us goes to kindergarten, goes to school, institute, works, for example, in an office. And everywhere these little things are needed. And the success of your enterprise directly depends on this, one might say, general demand. Therefore, the organization of such a store will be quite promising.


So how to open a stationery store, and most importantly - where? Best of all in the city center, in business districts, near institutes, schools, office centers. A retail space should not be cramped. In addition, a small warehouse is desirable, where stocks of goods can be stored.

At first, it is best to use a lease, you can buy it when things go uphill. Take care of the equipment of the sales area. It should be as "transparent" as possible, since the stationery itself is sold in bright, mainly boxes and wrappers. Showcases should not obstruct the room. All merchandise then appears to be affordable and beautifully arranged.

Range and quality

Take care of the variety of goods sold. For example, pens should not be of one firm, but several brands at once. In terms of prices, they will differ: cheap, medium and expensive (prestigious). Don't forget about quality. Check product samples for expiration dates for bulk purchases for your store. They should not be “hot”, but have a margin of time for implementation.

Ideally, a good store starts with a thousand items and up! However, to begin with, you can only get by with the most popular positions. Which ones? Try to present all types of stationery. Again, do some scouting with competitors, ask the end users themselves: children, students, office workers. Communicate more, it will benefit your cause.

The business plan "Stationery Shop" provides for a scrupulous selection of assortment, and a verified pricing policy of the enterprise, determination of demand and the main categories of buyers. And more advice. In many such establishments, souvenirs, toys, gifts, "jokes", postcards are successfully sold. You can build a special department for the sale of such a product. This will bring you additional income.

Suppliers and Competitors

In this article, we tell you how to open a stationery store from scratch, and whether this direction of trade is profitable in 2021. Writing accessories, notebooks, paints, folders, paper clips are still needed by people, despite the widespread use of computers and electronic document management. But the competition in this industry is so fierce that it is difficult for an aspiring entrepreneur to enter the market. Consider the procedure for opening a stationery store, as well as all its pros and cons.

Is the opening of a stationery store up-to-date

The relevance of business in the field of stationery trade is a big question. On the one hand, supplies for writing and storing documents are in demand by a wide range of buyers: schoolchildren, students, office workers, art and drawing lovers. But the situation is significantly darkened by high competition: you can buy everything you need in any supermarket or bookstore.

The situation is further complicated by the popularity of buying pens, notepads and similar accessories via the Internet from large stores or from China. In this case, the cost of stationery for the buyer is significantly reduced, because the price does not include the rent of the premises, the salary of sellers and other costs. Online shopping has been cutting the revenue of traditional stationery stores for several years now.

Opening a stationery store will be beneficial only in two cases:

  • a new assortment not presented in other outlets;
  • a good location - no competitors and many potential buyers.

Business Registration

Trade in stationery is allowed for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities without any restrictions. The decision on the organizational and legal form of the business is made by the store owner himself. If you plan to have one outlet with 2-3 employees, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur. It is allowed to choose any name for the stationery store that is not associated with the name of the entrepreneur.

In a situation where several people plan to invest in the capital of an enterprise, and in the future it is planned to maintain several stores with a large staff of employees, it is more correct to register an LLC.

The advantage of selling stationery in the absence of licenses and special permissions. Products have an unlimited shelf life, they do not require special conditions. Inspections by regulatory authorities will be limited to Rospotrebnadzor and the fire inspection, but only when a separate store opens. "Ostrovok" can work without special permissions.

Selecting a format for trading

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