Sports complex business plan

Being healthy and fit in our time is fashionable and prestigious. Successful business people understand what they meet in appearance and therefore, despite high employment and lack of time, they strive to keep their bodies in good physical shape. Therefore, opening a sports club or fitness center is a popular and demanded type of commercial activity. But in order for such a project to be successful, it is necessary to calculate a business plan for a fitness club. In Moscow, this type of business is quite promising, since the market for such services is growing every year.

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The business plan of the fitness center is developed taking into account the format of the institution, its target group, the planned location and many other factors.

Project Summary

This project is considering a business plan for a premium fitness room. The location of the club in a residential area will determine its main target audience - residents of nearby houses. The design of the facade and interior will be designed in bright, sporty colors. Initial costs will include refurbishment and renovation of the premises, as well as the purchase of equipment. A long-term lease agreement will be signed for the premises. The payback period of the project is 1.5-2 years.

Project Marketing

Market Overview

The volume of the market for services of sports and fitness clubs in Moscow is 10-10.5 billion rubles per year. More than 1.5% of the total population of the capital use such services. The saturation rate of the elite segment is over 75%, the democratic one is about 80%. Every year, the growth of the market for services of fitness clubs is estimated by experts at 25-30%. This is facilitated by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the desire of the population to look slim and beautiful.

General concept of the project

The business plan of a sports club begins with the development of a general concept. To do this, it is necessary to select the target audience of the sports club. You can segment consumers by income level (premium club or budget option) or by gender (you can open a women's club or only for men). In this project, the target group will be allocated - men and women with an income above average, since the club is planned to open in an elite residential center. The emphasis will be on quality equipment and service.

Fitness room services

The business plan of the gym provides for a range of services. In order for the fitness club to generate income, in addition to the subscription fee for visiting the gym, it is necessary to provide additional services, such as: solarium, massage room, hairdressing and manicure salon. You can also organize a sports bar to sell drinks, vitamin cocktails and fresh salads to customers.

Interest in a healthy lifestyle and useful leisure time among Russians is gradually increasing. This creates a fertile ground for the development of the sports business. For those who are interested in creating a profitable project, the presented business plan of the sports and entertainment complex will help to achieve the goal. It contains detailed calculations and step-by-step instructions for organizing from registration of an enterprise to its launch.

Project Description

The investor's goal is to open a sports and entertainment complex in a city with a population of over 500 thousand people. To implement the idea, you will need a room with an area of ​​350 m 2, which you plan to buy. The object will be located in a densely populated area of ​​new buildings. Mostly young wealthy people from 18 to 40 years old live here.

Funding source - own funds of the founders of the company in the amount of 17,564,000 rubles. The chosen organizational form is LLC. The tax regime is simplified, the rate of deductions to the budget is 15% of the difference between income and expenses.

  • making a profit;
  • creating additional jobs;
  • replenishing the local budget;
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle ;
  • involving young people in sports;
  • meeting the needs of local residents in sports and useful leisure.

List of services

Visitors to the complex will be offered individual and group lessons in several sports areas:

  • swimming ;
  • swimming for babies;
  • water aerobics;
  • table tennis;
  • gym classes;
  • Pilates;
  • yoga;
  • darts;
  • rock climbing;
  • children's sections - karate, wushu, choreography;
  • stretching;
  • fitness;
  • boxing;
  • billiards.

The sports center can be used by children and adults. Additional services - massage room, children's playroom with trampolines and a labyrinth. With its help, you can attract young mothers who want to join sports, but they have no one to leave their babies with. In the future, it is planned to expand the list of services - the opening of judo, aikido, combat sambo and tennis courts.

Market Analysis

Slimness, beauty and health will always be a priority for middle-aged women and men. The market of sports and recreation services in Russia is gaining momentum. In 2021, about 3,000 fitness clubs operated throughout the country, now their number has doubled. This indicates an increase in consumer demand for sports.

The target audience of the UK is men (49%) and women (51%) between the ages of 18 and 40. The average income of these people is 30,000–40,000 rubles a month. They are united by a desire to increase their attractiveness, improve health, and get a boost of vivacity. Requirements for a sports complex by target customers:

  • convenient location;
  • parking availability;
  • good technical condition of the facility;
  • sports equipment; <
  • wide range of services;
  • affordable price;
  • high level of training of instructors and trainers;
  • good reputation of the club;
  • availability of a system of discounts.

There are not many really high quality health centers, so opening a new complex could be a good investment. A healthy lifestyle is a trend of the present and future. More and more people are switching to a healthy diet, regularly visiting doctors and trying in every possible way to help their body. A sports and recreation complex is not just a gym or a swimming pool, it is a whole culture of life. People are willing to pay money and take time to put their bodies and health in order.

Business Relevance

World Health Organization data indicate that life expectancy is falling, people are getting sick more often. This is due to the low level of medicine and the quality of life.

Most people care about their health, they are ready to invest in wellness treatments and the miracle of the pill. Health problems are becoming more and more vivid, and the explicit promotion of a healthy lifestyle is increasing.

Following from this, the relevance of the complex, with the condition of quality services, will continue to grow and grow. The correct approach to the choice of services provided, the inclusion of unusual, innovative procedures will make the business successful and prosperous. Opening your own complex will not be difficult and will bring good income in the future.

Step-by-step business plan for the sports and recreation complex

If you do decide to open this type of business, then you should take care of the following points:

  • Construction or rent of a building for a sports complex. It is important to consider the place where the building will be located: it should be picturesque, away from highways and industrial enterprises.
  • Select the type of activity provided by medical services.
  • Business registration with the Federal Tax Service.
  • Purchase of equipment and furniture.
  • Obtaining a license to start a business.
  • Advertising campaign.

It is necessary to take care of drawing up a marketing plan in advance, because your profit will depend on the promotion of the sanatorium.

Sports Center Services

All classes are divided into different types:

  • Group lessons.
  • Gym.
  • Personal training.

And one of these criteria is an athletic and fit body.

Investing in sports and getting rich?

Therefore, now, with a certain amount of money and a great desire to start a business, a business related to fitness seems promising. With this crazy promotion of a healthy lifestyle, which is deployed on almost all channels, your sports and entertainment complex will never be empty. Therefore, if you have free financial resources and you are eager to start a new business, then this direction can be considered as one of the most promising.

However, it's not worth losing your head and rushing to buy the necessary equipment right away. Start by making a business plan for the entertainment complex, which will include the sports part. Weigh your options in this way. Try to allocate funds as efficiently as possible. If you fit into the budget, and you have money in case of force majeure, then you can start implementing your project.

Main question

At the first stage, you may simply not have the required number of clients in order to develop your sports and entertainment complex. Why is this happening?

It is clear that the establishment is new, many clients may still not know about it, not represent your level of service, the equipment of the hall. And it's not just a lack of advertising or poor marketing. In fact, everything lies on the surface.

You may not be visited simply because your sports complex business plan did not take into account the fact that you are located far from the homes of your potential clients. It is inconvenient for them to get to you, so they choose similar establishments, but located near their apartments or houses. Agree, not everyone will be ready to cross half the city in order to train in your sports club. So consider this moment.

Adjusting to the client

Otherwise, your entire advertising campaign and the money invested in it will simply go nowhere. The business plan of a sports club must necessarily take into account the proximity to your establishment of any large sleeping area or a huge high-rise with a large number of residents. The best thing to do in this question is to put yourself in the client's shoes and ask: "Would I go to train in this gym?" Yes? No?

If you receive a negative answer, revise your plan, change the place of rent or erection of your building for a more successful one. In addition to a fitness room and an entertainment center with cinemas and bowling alleys, maybe it is worth adding sports entertainment for your clients? Put up playgrounds, equip playrooms. After all, you already want to go to such a hall, right?

Understand the main thing: a club in today's competitive environment should be as attractive as possible for your customers. To increase attendance, hire a qualified coach with sociability, sociability and extensive professional experience. A nutritionist will not be superfluous for the weak and beautiful women who visit your complex.

About the economic part and not only

Concept Development Strategy

There are many options for opening a health complex. Therefore, at the first stage of project implementation, it is important to write down its concept. It consists of the following provisions:

  • determination of the organizational and legal form, general ways of project implementation;
  • determination of the market niche and location of the health complex;
  • formation of a list of services;
  • analysis of the profitability and profitability of the organization;
  • determination of the best ways to implement the tasks;
  • determination of specific actions for the implementation of the project.

Select a location

Care must be taken when choosing a place to build a health-improving sports complex. Its target audience is middle-aged people who work on a tight schedule, so they need a sports complex in a convenient place with convenient opening hours. As a rule, these are people aged 18-45 with an income of $ 500 per month or more. Although specialized complexes, clubs or schools for a narrower category of citizens can be organized. For example, a sports school for children or a sports club for women.

Since the construction of a health-improving complex will require a lot of investments, it is important to achieve profitability as soon as possible. Loyal customers will be a key success factor. Therefore, it is important to be able to organize their maximum flow.

The ideal location of the health complex is a residential area. Here your clients will be able to come to workouts after work close to home. Be sure to provide a parking space.


The choice of premises depends on the range of services offered by the health complex. There can be a lot of options. It can be like a small room offering fitness, dancing, stretching classes. Or there may be a large complex with several specialized rooms, a swimming pool, entertainment areas and even its own kitchen. Accordingly, the larger the range of services, the greater the requirements for the equipment of the premises from various instances.

The premises of a small fitness club must be brought in accordance with fire and sanitary standards. Additional requirements of sanitary and epidemiological control are put forward to open the pool. A whole set of special requirements has a room where catering is organized.

Please note that, in addition to the study rooms, it is imperative to provide:

  • lobby ;
  • reception desk;
  • cloakroom;
  • changing rooms for clients;
  • changing rooms for staff;
  • showers;
  • toilets.

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