SPA salon business plan

SPA procedures are in great demand on the service market. The services of the salons are aimed at restoring health, youth and relaxation of the body tired from everyday work. Masters in these areas refer to SPA as physiotherapy. Salt, algae, mud and even chocolate are used by specialists in their procedures. So how much financial investment is required and how to open a spa from scratch?

Business Features

The list of services provided in these centers does not stop at cosmetic, there are also various programs for rejuvenation, health improvement and much more.

No matter where the spa is opened, be it a provincial town or a large metropolis, higher requirements are put forward for craftsmen, equipment and working materials compared to a beauty boutique. Good eye-catching finishes of large offices are used in the layout of these establishments. Employees are required to have a medical degree.

The huge demand and popularity of ultra-modern spas is dictated by the fashion for them, since they are relatively rare nowadays. Opening your salon will be interesting for both women and men. These are the centers in which there is an opportunity to recover not only physically, but also morally, after going through an individually selected series of procedures. From the financial point of view, opening a spa salon will be beneficial.

Services provided

It is advisable to update equipment every quarter. Replenish the consumables for procedures as often as possible: algae, salt, mud, oil, etc. Materials must be ordered from reputable suppliers.

A huge selection of SPA events is present on the service market. The most common SPA programs can be divided into several subcategories: household, relaxation and medical.

  • Personal services. A targeted range of services with a cosmetic bias (haircuts, hair coloring, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, etc.).
  • Relaxation services. Body wrap, massage, aromatherapy. To provide services of this range, the employee performing them does not need to have a medical degree, but he must be experienced in this area. The furnishings must necessarily be specialized for these services.
  • Medical services. The provision of these services has the right to deal only with personnel with special medical education. The complex of these procedures includes corrective cosmetology.

Licensing: when you can do without, and when you can not

One of the main questions in opening a spa is whether a medical license is needed. To get an answer to the above question, it would be nice to decide on an approximate list of services. There are two types of services: medical and aesthetic. A license for the first spa services is not required, unlike medical beauty services.

Business plan for opening your own spa

Attractive appearance is paramount in the life of every modern person. That is why the demand for various specialized beauty salons is growing rapidly. The relevance of such salons is the first step towards successful business development in this area.

Before opening a spa, it is very important to define the concept of the establishment. The spa salon is a place where a woman can completely relieve emotional stress, relax, improve her health, and take a complex of caring procedures. A spa salon differs from an ordinary beauty salon in a wide range of services provided.

New Business Registration

What actions should a beginner take to open a spa salon? All required documentation for the registration of the salon must be completed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. When registering such a specialized salon, you need to register it as a JSC, registration of an enterprise in the form of an individual entrepreneur is impossible, since medical services will be provided here.

To operate, you will need an official license, which can be obtained through the help of experienced lawyers. To fully solve all the paperwork, a beginner must be ready to spend 70 thousand rubles. The process of obtaining a license is quite long, so you should not delay its launch.

Selection of premises

Choosing a location that is well placed is an integral part of any business plan. The location of the spa plays an important role in its success. It is advisable to choose a quiet place, for example, a building outside the city, from where a beautiful view of nature opens up. A small cottage surrounded by nature can also be a great place to start a spa salon. You can equip a basement or a residential apartment as a salon. Specialized salons inside are divided into several different zones: wet zone - where all water procedures are carried out, dry zone, where body shaping procedures are carried out. Also, in the salon you need to provide a place for the image, where standard beauty services will be provided. After that, you need to rebuild the selected premises, adjust it to the needs of the new business.

In addition, when drawing up a business plan, it is necessary to assess the approximate level of demand for your services. For your business to pay off well, you need to create an offer on the market, taking into account the needs, age and ability to pay of the selected audience. During a thorough analysis of the market, you can find out along the way whether it is necessary to purchase this or that cosmetic equipment or not. Before the opening of the spa, you need to do some serious preparation. A correctly written business plan, where all the important points of the project will be taken into account, will become a good basis for the future business. This is the only way to take into account all the nuances and predict your actions.

If you are new to this field, it is better to open a small SPA-room in order to reduce financial investments in the business, to get to know it from the inside. As the customer base grows and the total profit turnover, it can be expanded to a salon. At the initial stage, it is important to determine the range of services provided.

Basic requirements for the premises for the SPA-salon

Rather stringent requirements are put forward for the premises where the profiled salon will be located. A residential apartment transferred to a non-residential fund is suitable as a room for creating such a salon. When arranging ventilation, everything must be carefully thought out, it must be completely isolated from the rest of the apartments. The room for the salon must be supplied with water supply and sewerage.

Sample list of services provided and products sold

Is it profitable to open a spa? What equipment do you need? How much does it cost to start a business? Calculations and business plan for your successful startup!

A healthy lifestyle and sports allow us to preserve beauty and youth. Massage is widely used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes - for diseases of the spine, in rehabilitation therapy after injuries, in a sports complex, for a general strengthening effect. In cosmetology, manual therapy is used for losing weight, restoring the elasticity of muscles and skin, rejuvenation, and more. R.

A massage parlor business plan is required to open a private office for practicing massage therapists or individual entrepreneurs. The development of such a business in Moscow is promising; expansion is possible in the future. Before you open a massage parlor, you need to make all the economic calculations and think over the basic concept.

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Summary of our project

In this project, a business plan for a massage parlor will be considered with the acquisition of an apartment on the ground floor in a residential area and its conversion into an office. The organizational and legal form in the first year will be the registration of an individual entrepreneur, then, upon expansion, the organization of a collective enterprise is possible.

When renting premises for a salon, the payback period will be no more than 12 months.

Marketing Strategy

Massage market overview

Massage services in the capital are a promising area, since there are many working and earning people in Moscow who have very little time, but have the means and the need to periodically improve their health.

There are many areas of work of massage salons - by type of massage, by the range of services provided, by price level (budget, medium or elite). Choosing your optimal segment, you need to study the closest competitors in this niche, their pricing policy and level of services.

When studying the competitive environment, one should remember that massage services are provided not only by specialized rooms, but also by many sports clubs, baths and saunas, and recreation centers.

Basic concept and target group definition

The spa business plan must include investment and operating costs.

The costs of opening a spa salon can vary significantly depending on what "scale" business you want to open. The main investment is, of course, the preparation of the premises for the spa.

At the end of the article, I specifically cite two videos so that you can feel the difference between an elite spa salon and the same economy class salon. Depending on what you want to see in the output, your starting attachments may differ by 5 or more times. The table below shows the average starting investment for opening an elite and economy class spa salon.

To start the business of opening a spa salon, the following expenses must be included in the business plan:

  • Rent (purchase) of premises. Spa elite class requires a more spacious room (at least 150 m2), which will be located in a more fashionable area of ​​the city. The costs of both renting and purchasing such premises can differ 3 or more times from the costs of renting premises for an economy SPA, the area of ​​which can be significantly less (from 80 m2);
  • Renovation of the premises. The cost of renovating the premises will be in direct proportion to the flight of your imagination. The scope of the flight in the event of the opening of the elite SPA will be significantly larger - from 10 thousand rubles per 1 m2. In an economy class spa, you can get by with a minimalist strategy - poorer, but cleaner. Repair, taking into account the cost of work and materials, will cost here - from 5 thousand rubles per 1 m2. It is required to decorate the premises with the help of designers. Only he can create a harmoniously designed space. In any room of such a salon, the client should feel relaxation and tranquility;
  • Purchase of equipment. This is one of the most significant cost items. After all, the SPA salon involves the provision of incl. water procedures (sauna, swimming pool). Plus, massages are added to this, perhaps salt treatments. On average, purchasing high-quality equipment requires at least $ 150,000. But here it all depends on what kind of services you are going to provide to clients and clients. When drawing up a business plan for a spa salon, this issue must be worked out especially carefully. For an elite class spa salon, equipment costs can reach 50% of the total initial investment. For an economy class spa, these costs will traditionally be lower, but they can also hit a budding entrepreneur's wallet hard.
  • Create a stock of consumables. In a nutshell, the spa services are as follows: they will rub you with something; then wrapped so that something is well absorbed; and then they will also massage, so that something is absorbed to the very bone marrow (for more details about SPA services, see the article "How to open a SPA salon?"). So that's something - consumables. It is clear that it is necessary to provide a range of services from the very beginning of the project, therefore it is necessary to provide a supply of consumables. One of the most important points is the choice of consumables. If you work with low-quality and simply unknown, unprofessional lines, then rich clients are unlikely to ever pay attention to your organization. Your profit ultimately depends on how effective the procedures provided in the salon will be.
  • Expenses for furniture and office equipment. The equipment that any spa salon needs includes computers, hot tubs, cosmetic devices, special devices, sofas, tables, armchairs, wardrobes. It is best to buy all this at industry exhibitions.
  • Miscellaneous expenses. These are the costs of recruiting, training personnel, promoting the project, registration, etc. These costs are estimated at about 15% of all other investments in the project.

Any business plan for a spa salon includes such an item as staffing. Care should be taken when recruiting staff. Your profit will also depend directly on how qualified the specialists turn out to be. You must find masters who do more than just work and provide services in the field of cosmetology. And professionals who know how to deal with clients are polite and delicate. Naturally, the salary of such craftsmen cannot be small or even average. All specialists must have valid medical records. In addition to beauticians, you will also need cleaning workers - technical personnel.

Cost items Elite SPAEconomy SPA Room area S = 150 m2 S = 80 m2 21. Premises rental (at least 3 months) 150 thousand rubles. (rental rate 1 m2 from 1000 rubles) 48 thousand rubles. (rental rate 1 m2 from 600 rubles) 2. Repair of the premises (including work and materials) 1,500 thousand rubles. (cost of repair 1 m2 from 10 thousand rubles) 400 thousand rubles. (cost of repair 1 m2 from 5 thousand rubles) 3. Purchase of equipment From 5,000 thousand rubles. t 1,000 thousand rubles. ... Creation of a stock of materials for the provision of procedures From 200 thousand rubles. tons 50 thousand rubles ... Furniture and office equipment From 1 million rubles. tons 300 thousand rubles. ... Other expenses at the start About 15% of the investment amount About 15% of the investment amount Total initial investment 9,400 thousand rubles 200 thousand rubles

The financial business plan of the SPA salon provides for the following items of expenses (we take at the minimum for the SPA economy class):

  • about 50 thousand rubles for renting premises;
  • about 15 thousand for utilities;
  • you will not need to spend on employee salaries less than 200 thousand rubles;
  • the purchase of consumables will cost at least 30 thousand rubles;
  • it will take about 20 thousand for security and cleaning of the premises,
  • for other expenses leave 15 thousand.

As a result, you will spend approximately 330 thousand rubles a month. For an elite class salon, these costs can be safely multiplied by 3.

Reviews of the spa salon business plan ()

The main thing about the spa salon business plan for the year

The subtleties of organizing a spa salon

Massage and cosmetology are the main types of services in which modern spa salons specialize. There are several types of these establishments - urban and suburban, oriental and fitness spa, and many others. According to experts, the most promising is the opening of a spa salon in a sanatorium, or the organization of a spa salon based on a popular beauty salon.

A new direction in this type of business is gaining more and more popularity - economy class spa salons, designed for visitors with low incomes. Such establishments are usually located in residential areas, while the usual location of luxury spas is in the city center.

With a successful business, a business such as a spa can generate at least $ 20,000 a month. But you can count on the absolute occupancy of the center no earlier than after one and a half to two years of work. This process can be accelerated by a competent marketing strategy that allows you to promote your business in a short time and attract new customers.

A businessman who decides to open his own business - spa center, first of all, must obtain a license for this type of activity. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the factor that this document is issued not for the organization, but for the name of a specific specialist. After obtaining a license, you should consider finding a suitable space, the size of which depends on what services you intend to provide in your spa. If you are planning to open a mini spa, then 30-40 sq. m. A full-fledged business on spa services of various formats needs much larger areas.

When planning the budget for the project of a suburban spa salon, do not forget to include in it the costs of arranging hotel rooms. When looking for premises for such a salon, you should pay special attention to the surrounding nature, since its beauty will attract potential customers not least. A plus will be the location near thermal or mineral springs. Spa equipment is the main cost. For these purposes, the businessman will need 100-200 thousand dollars. You can reduce costs by relying not on hardware, but on manual technology. But for this you need to invite cool specialists to the salon.

The payback of a spa depends on how quickly and efficiently you can promote your business, as a rule, it takes at least two years. A professional example of a business plan for opening a spa salon with ready-made calculations will help you assess business prospects and correctly distribute forces. It contains a wealth of useful information that will help you determine the rationale for choosing the legal form of the spa salon, evaluate the spa equipment and bring your company to the forefront.

A ready-made business plan for a spa salon from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

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