Showroom business plan

Lovers of original clothes do not particularly favor ordinary stores. They sell standard clothes with the same style. Besides, there is usually a bustle and queues. Showrooms (show rooms), where individuality is valued, are much more attractive to them. They sell products from talented designers. How to open a showroom? The nuances of starting a business are presented in the article.

What is this?

A small clothing store is called a showroom. It can also be a corner with mirrors and a fitting room at home. Such establishments in Russia are only gaining momentum, while in America they have been in demand for a long time. This store is relevant for those who do not want to order clothes via the Internet, if there is any doubt that they will not be in size.

The advantage of a home store is that you do not need to pay for rent, as it should be in ordinary boutiques or markets. Of course, there is a surcharge on things, but such establishments have the following advantages:

  • no queues;
  • the seller's hospitality and homely atmosphere are observed;
  • tea and coffee with sweets are offered;
  • you can order interesting and one-of-a-kind products that cannot be bought in a regular store.

The essence of the work

Overseas showrooms are presented in the form of a room where designers and sales managers communicate. You can't buy anything there, the essence of the idea is to find sales options for your products, conclude contracts, draw up contracts.

In Russia, a showroom is a place where it is possible to purchase branded clothing at low prices. And the goods there are usually presented in a single form. These points of sale are called “boutiques” at home, and you can get there only by invitation or by appointment.

What are they selling?

Before drawing up a business plan for a showroom, you need to determine what will be offered there. Usually they sell clothes and shoes there. There may be rooms where samples of furniture for various purposes are available for review. Furniture is made to order. It turns out that the client himself can decide on the color, type of product, upholstery color and other characteristics.

This opportunity makes the work of these establishments beneficial to all parties. Since one headset needs a large hall to display all design variations, which is quite expensive. There are also showrooms where they sell household appliances, perfumes, bicycles and motorcycles. When shopping for large items, it is sometimes easier to familiarize yourself with the assortment in this place, and then order them through the online store with delivery.

The best option would be a variety of clothes and accessories. Visitors visiting the showroom can buy not only a certain product, but the whole set. You can choose a bag, scarf, underwear and shoes for it. Clients like it and the businessman gets a stable profit.

It is important to regularly update the assortment so that visitors are always interested in the store. When purchasing things, you should focus on what you can. People don't want to buy ugly things that are out of fashion.

Do you dream of starting your own business? The fashion industry shows that showrooms are becoming one of the most successful businesses of the modern era. Compliance with fashion standards, individual style, own brand are the fundamental factors of a profitable business. How to open a showroom from scratch - we take into account all the nuances and do not make mistakes.

What is a showroom ?????

The word showroom has just recently passed into use from English to Russian. Literally, it means a display room, display room, or showroom.

The peculiarity of the modern showroom lies in the special environment that creates comfortable conditions for shopping. The buyer should immerse himself in the atmosphere of a modern fashion house, not a simple store. That is why customers are offered to drink tea or coffee to choose from, as well as discuss the latest catalogs of leading fashion houses.

The consultants treat each visitor attentively, which allows emphasizing the institution's individual approach to beauty.

What does it take to open a showroom from scratch ?????

To become in demand among buyers and create competition for strong rivals, you need to have those things that will not be found anywhere else.

To create an initial model of the future business you need:

  • Create a unique and recognizable style;
  • Have start-up capital to prepare a trading platform and promote it on the market;
  • Find suppliers; <
  • Register an individual entrepreneur officially;
  • Hire competent employees;
  • Find a suitable room, carry out repairs in it, taking into account all the style features.

How much money is needed to open ?????

For start-up capital, ideally have from 550,000 rubles.

This amount will allow making inexpensive repairs on a rented site, registering a business, hiring employees and purchasing the first batch of goods. The amount varies depending on what price category the goods will be presented, whether the showroom will have its own mini-studio, what services it will provide.

It is profitable to have your own business. Fashion lovers can easily open a clothing showroom that is profitable. It remains to draw up a competent business plan in detail.

Relevance of this business

Showroom has several definitions:

Online stores represent worthy competition. The number of sales is growing. However, most people prefer to make an acquisition by trying on a thing first. The showroom provides such a pleasure.

Many start their own entrepreneurship, not everyone manages to gain a foothold. The average cost of buyers is 15,000-30,000 thousand on outfits and an accessory group. The stream of buyers is inexhaustible.

In order for profitability to maintain stability, it is necessary to correctly draw up a business project.

Stages of organization (step by step guide / business plan)

How to open a clothing showroom from scratch? A number of actions need to be taken:

Execute in stages, then proceed to further advance the solution of the theoretical part.

The showroom business plan looks like this:

Clause 2 describes the company, the services it provides, the products it produces. Purpose, scope, competitiveness, terms of sale.

Showroom is a new type of business for Russia. In the widespread sense, this is a small atmospheric showroom of original, exclusive outfits that you can try on and buy, or order tailoring for yourself. This store format is quite common in Europe and America, while in Russia it is only gaining popularity, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. See the showroom business plan with approximate calculations and an assessment of the project's success.

Project Summary

Showrooms came to us from abroad a couple of years ago and are now gaining popularity among connoisseurs of exclusive and designer fashion, bribing with their special approach to customers. Clothes from the mass market are not sold here, there are no queues at the checkout or in the fitting room, things do not lie chaotically on the shelves. The showrooms have home furnishings and smiling sellers, there are comfortable sofas and coffee, atmospheric interior and pleasant music, and clothes are in a single copy and in original performance.

The idea of ​​a business is to open a showroom in a city with a population of 500 thousand people. The business plan reveals the concept of the project, material costs, provides a list of the required equipment and personnel, as well as an example of calculating revenue, profit and profitability. A business plan can be used as a working tool for opening a showroom, attracting additional investments, analyzing expenses and income of the enterprise, and possible risks.

This type of business will generate income for the entrepreneur from the sale of designer clothes made by novice, talented craftsmen, whose collections are not yet taken to boutiques and brand stores. It is planned to make monthly sales of 780 thousand rubles and more, 698 thousand rubles will be spent on the expenditure side, the rest is profit. Part of the profit at first will go to cover its own start-up investments, which will amount to 814 thousand rubles. The payback period of the project is 10 months.

To implement a conceived business idea, you will need to register as an individual entrepreneur. This is enough to conclude contracts with designers, to carry out transactions with individuals. To register with the tax authority, you will need to submit an application, a copy of the TIN and passport, a receipt for payment of the state duty.

Before launching the project, you will need to decide on the format of the showroom, the product line, the target audience, study the needs of potential customers, the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, opportunities for promotion. Upcoming steps of the entrepreneur: collecting documents and registering a business, developing the name and style of the showroom, establishing contacts with designers, finding a suitable room and decorating it, launching an advertising campaign, purchasing furniture, hiring personnel.

Market Analysis

In Europe and the USA, a showroom is considered to be a space for displaying a new collection of clothes from a brand manufacturer, usually here potential buyers only get acquainted with the product, but do not buy it. In the future, they can order the model they like for their size. At the same time, it is extremely difficult to get into such an exhibition hall: it is available only to a select number of persons by appointment or invitation. Target audience of the project: women from 20 to 45 years old with an income above average, who take care of themselves, go to beauty salons, sports clubs, spas, and cosmetologists.

In Russia, a showroom is often understood quite differently. In some cases, it may indeed be a studio with production from a major manufacturer or supplier. But it's mostly a place to showcase and sell things from little-known designers. Single copies from one or several masters can be sold here, and the models you like can be sewn.

Such a business is not very common, because it requires an understanding of fashion and trends, a sense of taste and acquaintance with designers, fashion designers, the elite unit of society. With this approach, the showroom often advertises itself through word of mouth, but for this it is necessary to enlist the support of respected people in the field of fashion and art, opinion leaders, and bloggers.

  • Clothes presented in a piece in the original design.
  • A special approach to each client - selection of a suitable image, visit by appointment, individual approach, coffee / tea.
  • Unusual atmosphere: stylish design, pleasant music and aroma.
  • Possibility to choose a complete set of clothes: dress, suit, accessories, shoes, create a complete image.
  • Home delivery service for multiple items.

How to open a show room - this question worries people who are not devoid of creativity and are ready to make money on it. Clothing trade is one of the most popular areas of sales. Over the years, the demand in this niche has been growing in all countries of the world.

Modern entrepreneurs offer the consumer not only standard and familiar clothing stores, but also a new direction - show rooms. At first glance, these outlets are similar. But upon closer examination, the store and the showroom are different: they have a different concept and operating principles.

What is a clothing showroom Concept and features

Showroom is a special room that resembles a cozy room, which is distinguished by a clearly expressed style of design and visual appeal. Everything here is arranged so that a person feels as comfortable as possible. This feeling is enhanced not only by the entourage, but also by the specificity of customer service.

The visitor can be offered tea, coffee, delicious dessert. In the process of trying on, he can relax on a soft sofa, listen to music or watch TV. This is the main difference between this sales method and a regular store. Convenience and comfort of show rooms have provided them with wide popularity in many countries of the world.

As for the assortment of goods, it also differs from the usual set of things at the point of sale. More often than not, these are not a mass market, but exclusive, individually tailored copies. Here you can find both well-known brands and clothes from novice designers.

For most Russian regions, showrooms are a curiosity. While they are only in large cities. Limited supply is an additional incentive to create your own project. The absence of competition will allow you to overcome the initial stage of the implementation of a business plan without losses and avoid financial failure.

Initially, the format of such showrooms was aimed at a small wholesale customer. Gradually, the concept is changing - you can see a thing, measure it, rent it. If the required size is not available, the custom order function is available.

There are several ways to implement a project:

  • in an apartment is the simplest and cheapest option. The product is purchased on sales on the Internet and inserted with a minimum extra charge. In this case, minimal costs are required, the risks are also reduced to zero;
  • at sewing workshops. The contents of the showroom are homemade goods. The advantage of such sales is the chance to get an item tailored according to an individual model and, if necessary, adjust it to your figure on the spot;
  • a factory showroom - a showroom is created in one of the premises of the manufacturer. Designed for wholesale customers who can count on a price that is an order of magnitude lower than retail, as well as additional discounts and bonuses;
  • designer - does not require a large room. Several stylists work in the studio. Their goal is to earn their own name and gain customer recognition. The range here is limited and the prices are high.

Each of the above concepts, with a competent approach, can bring a stable profit.

Documents for opening a showroom?

Any business starts with its registration. To register as an individual entrepreneur, the applicant needs:

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