Shopping and entertainment center business plan

The business plan helped to get a loan (750 million rubles) for 7 years. Expertly executed business plan: detailed marketing research, reasonable planning of revenue and expenditure budgets, calculation of payback, everything is clear and clear.

Feedback on the business plan for the reconstruction of premises for an office center

The project has undergone a scrupulous examination by investors, as a result, received investments for 400 million rubles. High-quality work, detailed calculations and stylish document design.

owner of office real estate, Yekaterinburg

Feedback on the business plan of the logistics center

The project was approved by VTB, and we received a loan for 350 million rubles for the construction of a logistics center. The most thought-out business plan, fulfilled according to all the requirements of the bank, helped in this.

Financial Director of LLC LogisticAvangard

Content of the shopping center business plan:

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Standard Business Plan

Ready business plan for the construction of a shopping center (TC)

The purpose of the business plan: calculating the financial, economic and marketing parameters of the shopping center construction project and justifying its investment efficiency.

The automated financial and economic model of the business plan was developed according to the author's methodology of the ECC "Invest-Project", taking into account the international recommendations of UNIDO and the requirements of Russian banks specifically for the project of building a modern shopping center.

Fin. The model contains comprehensive possibilities for financial modeling according to the requirements of investors, banks, authorities.

A ready-made business plan for the shopping center is developed on the basis of several custom business plans and in close cooperation with the design organizations of customers.

We are aware that any construction project is unique and requires special attention. For large customers ECC "Invest-Project" has developed a service for the design and comprehensive support of investment projects in the construction industry:

  • deep modification of the finished business plan for a specific project;
  • performing the functions of a Technical Customer;
  • development of initial permitting documentation (IDD) ;
  • organization of the development and approval of urban planning study (architectural concept) of the territory development;
  • organization of the development of the territory planning project (PPT);
  • preparation and approval of the GPZU; <
  • organization of preparation, execution and receipt of technical specifications (TU);
  • organization of development of design and estimate documentation (design and estimate documentation - for a bank, for examination);
  • design and coordination of off-site engineering networks;
  • examination of project documentation;
  • obtaining a construction permit;
  • construction and installation works on the object (construction and installation works);
  • permission to commission the facility;
  • updating the business plan at every stage.

The service is provided in conjunction with one of the design organizations recommended by us or with a designer at the customer's choice.

Settlement date: 15.3.019.

Settlement currency: ruble.

Planning period: 120 months (10 years).

Shopping and entertainment centers usually have several floors and include not only shopping areas, but also leisure centers - cinemas, bowling alleys, quest rooms, islands for the entertainment of children while parents are shopping, a foot zone. The business plan for the construction of a shopping center requires from the organizers knowledge of the issue, a clear vision of the ultimate goal and a scrupulous study of competitors' experience.

The mall is a relatively new format for our country, successfully copied from Western models, adapted for the domestic mentality and way of life. It is not surprising that the opportunity to purchase goods of various categories in one place, interspersed with shopping with coffee and cakes, has come to the liking of many. Time that would have been wasted in traffic jams and moving around the city can be spent with pleasure. The opportunity to place a child in the playroom under the supervision of a teacher becomes an additional bonus and tilts the balance in favor of the shopping center.

Behind all this is the owner of the complex, often not alone, because the investments at the start are huge and it is often unrealistic to master them alone.

A thorough market analysis and a thoroughly verified business plan for a shopping center is the first step in promoting a profitable, but very difficult business.

Business Features

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • a competent concept will attract profitable tenants, and with them - buyers;
  • a versatile focus, not just limited to trade, helps to maneuver and stay afloat without fear of competition;
  • the developer's task is to commission the facility and attract tenants, after which the center will begin to generate income without significant costs.

  • huge start-up investments, the size of which may grow during the construction process;
  • a large amount of all kinds of documentation, both at the stage of obtaining a building permit and in the future;
  • low occupancy, simple rental space;
  • increased competition in this market segment.


The main risk of the construction of a large retail facility is the lack of tenants and low occupancy rates.

If the risk of failure to meet the deadline and delay in construction can be foreseen and an agreement with the contractor can be drawn up in such a way that the guilty party itself covers the losses, then attracting tenants (well-thought-out organized marketing) is a priority task that must be solved even before the delivery of the shopping center ... An advertising campaign will require investments in the thousands of dollars, but these costs will more than pay off.

Organizational Plan

Activity registration

Product trading is one of the most profitable and stable niches that can generate income even in times of crisis. Not surprisingly, both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in this idea. A ready-made business plan for a grocery store, drawn up on the basis of calculations for a specific region, will help to take into account all the nuances and foresee possible risks. A step-by-step guide will not only allow you to avoid mistakes, but also correctly calculate your strength.

Food market analysis

Food is one of the most important components of any person's life. People need food every day, regardless of the economic situation or personal financial situation. These are their physiological needs.

However, over time, a person's taste preferences change. Thus, in the last decade, high-quality products with high nutritional value, natural composition and health benefits have been in greater demand. When drawing up a business plan for a grocery store, an entrepreneur should take into account that the demand for goods changes under the influence of a whole set of factors:

  • biological - they consist precisely of the physiological needs of people;
  • socio-demographic - depend on the population in a particular region or city, gender differences, as well as social psychological characteristics of people in the area of ​​opening a store;
  • economic - consist of the financial security of the population, the level of their earnings, as well as prices for products and various services;
  • environmental - are especially relevant today, when people prefer to eat environmentally friendly products made under normal conditions and without the use of harmful synthetic additives.

Close attention to these factors allows entrepreneurs to determine the specifics of the demand of their customers as accurately as possible. This ultimately leads to the correct formation of the assortment. Coupled with the right pricing policy, this ensures a high level of demand, income and profitability.

After the increase in tension in relations between Russia and foreign states, as well as due to the crisis, prices for goods produced abroad have increased significantly. As a result, efforts were thrown to revive the food sector in the country. What is there today? Quality domestic goods produced within the region or the country as a whole. This made it possible to reduce the amount of chemical additives and impurities that increase the shelf life.

Grocery stores are a profitable idea. But this niche has its own risks. The high level of competition is one of the constraining factors. Most of the demand is met by large stores - super- and hypermarkets, discounters. But the correct pricing and advertising policy, together with the strategically correct location, will become the key to success even for a small grocery outlet.

The most promising idea for opening a grocery store is for the countryside. Residents there often lack high-quality and varied products. Opening a retail outlet, even without investing in advertising, will attract a large flow of customers. Having drawn up a business plan for a grocery store for rural areas in advance, an entrepreneur will be able to correctly assess the level of demand and provide residents with everything they need.

Relevance of the idea

Opening a grocery store is a great idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. Consistency in demand ensures stable income. The businessman only has to choose the right location, conclude contracts with suppliers, equip the premises, hire responsible personnel and attract customers. The advantages of such an idea include the following features:

A business plan for opening a home improvement store is an important element of building your own business, regardless of whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just think about yourself in this area. Like any modern business, trade in building materials is a whole complex of details of a different plan, which can be structured using a detailed business plan.

On the wave of mass construction in modern Russia, this type of business seems to be very promising. However, it should be understood that the level of competition is also high, but, according to experts, not everywhere. Therefore, it is so important to start your project right now in order to take a strong place in the market in the near future. A detailed business plan for a building materials store with high-quality calculations will help to implement this idea in a short time.

Selling building materials as a business idea

Before starting a business, let alone organizing a business, what you have conceived must be assessed, weighed the pros and cons, and analyzed your capabilities. In the process of drawing up a business plan for a construction store, an entrepreneur should try to reveal both the advantages of selling building materials and the disadvantages.

One of the most significant advantages of this activity is the presumably high profits and stable demand for goods. In addition, this business has quite favorable conditions for its expansion.

The store of building and finishing materials also has a number of difficulties associated with financial risks that should be solved when drawing up a business plan (a certain level of seasonality, high competition, a drop in the solvency of the population).

An example of a business plan for opening a hardware store from scratch with calculations


Table of Contents


Business plan: features of the building materials store

The current market conditions for sales expand the range of powers of an entrepreneur several times. So now his activities are not limited only to the profitable sale of goods. Now a building materials store is an object of legal and social life, so its business plan must make out the details of the legal side of the issue and develop a plan for interaction with potential clients.

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