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It is known that creative activities are useful for a child, they increase his intellect, contribute to the development of memory and thinking. Therefore, in addition to the general education school, it is now important for many parents to captivate the child with creative pursuits.

15 years ago in Russia, basically, there were only state art schools for children - music, art and sports. In these schools, they taught and are taught according to certain teaching aids, giving the maximum load on the child, while, more often than not, not adjusting to the characteristics of the children.

Today, parents are choosing other options to develop the child's creativity. Therefore, schools of development for children of different ages are increasingly appearing.

Thus, schools of creativity can be divided into several types:

1. Early development schools. Designed for preschool children, most of the lessons are played in a playful way. The child receives basic concepts about the world around him, is engaged in physical activities and exercises for his age, develops creative abilities (modeling, drawing), learns to be independent.

2. Art schools are designed for schoolchildren, which are "mono-schools", that is, in which they study one of the disciplines. For example, artistic skills, playing musical instruments, acting. These schools are similar to public schools, but they offer one-to-one services for a child, there is no grading system and a clear schedule. In such schools, highly qualified teachers are gathered, after training in such schools, children can acquire skills for their future professions.

3. Schools of creativity with different areas of study. In such schools, the child can choose one or several directions. Many parents understand that a child should try himself in different directions, and activities such as sports or dancing, even if they are not a child's future profession, are good for health. An additional benefit for children is communication with peers who are passionate about the same disciplines.

A creative school with different areas of study will be considered in this business plan. There is competition in the market, but if highly qualified personnel (teachers and trainers) are selected, the school will quickly become profitable.

The initial investment is quite high, however, the more subscriptions are sold, the higher the profit. The cost of a lesson consists mainly of the teacher's salary and supplies. For example, such as paints, brushes, in the art class, balls, rugs in the sports, which can be used repeatedly.

The article discusses the features of drawing up a business plan for a private school. More and more parents are thinking about the need to get a good education for their children. Public free schools do not always provide an adequate level of training for their students, let alone provide decent learning conditions.

In this regard, a private school can become a profitable and demanded business. But for this it is necessary to foresee everything at the planning stage and develop a detailed business plan, which will describe the concept and calculate the effectiveness of the project.

Create a private school business plan

Before the start of a private school, within the framework of a business plan, it is necessary to analyze the supply and demand in the market for these types of services.

When analyzing demand, special attention should be paid to defining the target audience, identifying their wishes and preferences.

While studying the proposal, it is important to identify the main competitors, the peculiarity of their work and form a competitive advantage.

The considered aspects should be reflected in the concept of the future project.

Sample Private School Business Plan


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A simple example of writing a business plan

Let's give a simple example of a business plan. It should be borne in mind that this is only one of the possible options, and it is presented in a very compressed form.

Purpose: To produce confectionery, mainly cakes, for the residents of the city. Take a leading position in the upper price segment in this market.

Tasks: 1. Create a compact confectionery shop. 2. Provide the production process with the necessary raw materials and labor, part of which will be hired. 3. Initially occupy 30% of the market segment through the implementation of the developed marketing strategy, which implies squeezing out the main competitors with dumping prices and new recipes for the consumer. 4. Attract the missing investment funds in the bank secured by the available real estate.

An example of drawing up a business plan for an enterprise

Consider an example of a business plan for a production. It is planned to open a small tailoring atelier. Let's consider how promising this business is in a specific market.

1. Summary. Small production opening from January 1, 2021. Ownership - LLC. The planned term is 42 months.

2. General Provisions. Purchase of equipment that will allow the use of a variety of fabrics and various finishes. It is planned to partially attract borrowed funds for the purchase of equipment and rental of premises. The sewing service will be provided to the population, as well as to legal entities in need of special clothing, as well as sewing curtains and bedding for subsequent sale.

3. Market analysis and marketing plan. Currently there are 350 enterprises on the market. Due to strict adherence to deadlines and quality, it is planned to create a positive image of the company, which will allow it to occupy a niche in the market.

4. Costs. The estimated direct and variable costs, including salaries and premises rent, for 3 years will amount to RUB 13.5 million. Of these, own funds are 50 million rubles. The planned volume of sales will be 15 million rubles, which, after deducting tax deductions, will allow the project to reach recoupment by the end of the third year.

5. Production schedule. Release of 1000 units of goods.

plans - examples and samples with calculations

Chicken meat - dietary. It is used in the preparation of everyday food and is included in the diet of adherents of good nutrition. Carried out.

A ready-made free business plan for a clothing store with calculations is often looking for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is due to the fact that for clothing or footwear.

How to draw up a business plan for a coffee shop? We offer you to consider a ready-made business plan for a coffee shop with calculations, analysis of the main competitors, risks, etc.

A business plan for a gift and souvenir shop will help a novice entrepreneur to foresee all the calculations for starting a business, analyze the risks.

The opening of a school of foreign languages ​​begins with a business plan for a language center. It compiles the volume of expenses at the initial stage, are determined.

A private brewery is an attractive business for a budding entrepreneur. Consider in detail the business plan of the brewery with calculations. Basic.

Before opening a karaoke club, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for a karaoke bar with calculations. This will help to calculate in advance the possible risks and size.

To open a pub, it is important to correctly draw up a business plan for a beer restaurant. Having calculated the possible profits and losses, the future entrepreneur will assess.

Opening a massage parlor or office is impossible without a ready-made example of calculating a business. It is a detailed massage business plan.

Here you can download a business plan for the provision of paid educational services

Download free business plans from a special catalog: "BEST FREE RUNET BUSINESS PLANS"!

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Business plan for educational services

Budget CV

To your attention is presented a project to create a Higher Educational Institution, in abbreviated form - a higher educational institution.

The project requires financial investments in the amount of 35,300,000 rubles, and has the following tasks:

  • Complete satisfaction of educational services for the consumer market;
  • Creation of a highly profitable enterprise that brings a stable income;
  • Making a profit.

As it was written earlier, funding of 35,300,000 rubles is required to found such a project. To obtain the required amount, you can attract investors, or take a commercial loan from a bank at 14% per annum.

The profit that investors or the bank will receive is 2269289.24 rubles. The total profit for the entire life cycle of the enterprise, which, by the way, is designed for two years, will amount to 118748222.76 rubles.

Estimated start date of recoupment of the enterprise: 9 months.

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