Sample business plan for a cleaning company with calculations

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies engaged in professional cleaning of premises. This is especially true for large cities. Let's consider a business plan of a cleaning company and find out how profitable it is.

Brief Investment Memorandum of the Project

According to analytical forecasts, professional cleaning companies are among the most promising on the Russian market. If there is tough competition in developed countries, then we have a shortage of agencies providing quality cleaning services. Only 1/5 of commercial enterprises have official contracts with cleaning companies. The rest hire cleaning ladies in the state, but their services are limited to daily mopping and dusting of surfaces.

Before starting a cleaning company, it is worth evaluating the benefits of running such a business:

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The costs are paid off within the first year, which is an excellent indicator. The amount of investment directly depends on what kind of company the entrepreneur dreams of creating. The following features matter:

general financial condition of the company;

the breadth of the range of services provided;

Each of the indicators is taken into account individually. With a high level of investment, a quick transition to breakeven is noted, not exceeding six months.

Features of the business line

The entire market of cleaning services can be divided into two types:

Companies that exclusively provide services of the first type are widespread in large cities. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, they have to compete, while services of the second type remain undeveloped throughout the country.

Cleanly not in the house where they clean, but where they keep order. But if you do not perform systematic cleaning, then a mess will settle in the house of the cleanest owners. However, with today's frantic pace of life, not everyone can afford to waste time cleaning. Therefore, cleaning companies are becoming more and more popular, where you can order any cleaning service in the house. The niche has just begun to form, and for novice entrepreneurs, the cleaning business can be a real boon, since opening a company from scratch is not so expensive. A detailed business plan of the cleaning company is presented below. An example is suitable for starting a business in a large region of Russia.

Legal information about the company

Main activity: cleaning services of the following types:

  • Cleaning of apartments and private houses.
  • Cleaning of offices and industrial premises.
  • Dry cleaning at home.
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors in rooms.

Form of legal registration: individual entrepreneur.

Target users: people with middle or upper middle income.

Location: rented premises in the central part of the city, the office has an area of ​​15 sq. m. The equipment is stored in a rented garage with an area of ​​10 sq. m.

Features of the service: the customer comes to the office or leaves a request through social networks or a website. The cleaning manager visits the site and concludes a contract with the customer. At the agreed time, a team is sent with professional means and equipment.

Tax reporting: simplified taxation system (“income minus expenses” scheme).

Working hours: the office works every day from 08:00 to 17:00, you can leave an application on the website or through social networks around the clock, the team leaves around the clock.

Business plan and recommendations

The cleaning company is a promising business in many cities of Russia. The competition in this niche is pretty weak at the moment.

Cleaning is a promising direction for creating your own business. In Europe, the business of cleaning apartments and commercial premises has existed for many years, is considered highly profitable, and the niche is almost full. As for the domestic market, the first cleaning companies appeared here at the end of the last century, and the direction itself has just begun to develop actively.

The cleaning company is engaged in cleaning premises both inside and outside, regardless of their purpose. In simple terms, the activities of cleaning companies are a set of measures aimed at ensuring cleanliness in the premises.

In recent years, this type of service has been gaining in demand due to the increased demand for professional cleaning, as well as the problems that companies have to face when creating their own services.

Key benefits

The cleaning business has the following advantages:

  • The market is in the stage of active growth, the niche is not filled, so there is an opportunity for the development of new companies. Despite this, cleaning services have long been familiar to domestic consumers and are in demand with them.
  • The main client base is legal entities seeking to cooperate on an ongoing basis.
  • Low competition and minimal investment greatly simplify the process of entering the market.

As already noted, you can start with a small investment. The main expenses include funds for equipment, which can also be borrowed or leased, and hiring personnel.

How to start a cleaning business

In order to open your own cleaning company, you need to issue permits, purchase or rent equipment, and hire qualified specialists.

Careful attention will have to be paid to training employees, because the main difference between a cleaning company and ordinary cleaning is high professionalism and the use of specialized equipment. You need to make sure that you have highly qualified specialists who can cope with the tasks assigned to them.

The main mission of the cleaning company is to make the place where people stay not only clean, but also safe.

The business plan of a cleaning company is the key to its successful foundation and development. As a multifunctional cleaning agency, it requires special attention, both organizationally and in terms of development, which is why a detailed business plan is so important, especially for a novice entrepreneur.

Cleaning services today are in great demand among both private clients and legal entities (shopping centers, warehouses, bus stations, sports facilities, etc.), for the design of a business plan it is extremely important, so as a project it seems to be very promising and relevant.

Opening a cleaning company: analysis of a business idea

For a competent development of a business plan for the provision of cleaning services, it is important to analyze this idea from all sides, to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

The popularity of cleaning companies is growing, the circle of potential customers is expanding every day, and the demand for these services is stable.

However, the potential risks for a cleaning company in the business plan include:

  • Socio-economic or political changes in the country
  • Incorrect assessment of the level of competitors
  • Erroneous budget calculations

It is important to identify ways to overcome undesirable situations even at the planning stage. In addition, it is also useful to draw up a business plan in order to assess your capabilities and funds for opening a cleaning service agency.

Example of a business plan of a cleaning company with calculations


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Cleaning service is the provision of residential cleaning services for high-class families, offices, inside buildings and premises. In our country, such activities are just beginning to develop, but are rapidly gaining momentum. This business plan for a cleaning company will help the owner transition to a startup and subsequent production management.

Investments to start

According to calculations, starting a cleaning company from scratch will cost about $ 13,000.

Primary investments include:

Sales and Services

The cleaning company is going to provide a wide range of services for all types of cleaning:

  • Initial cleaning. This is putting things in order after repair work inside the premises - washing windows, doors, plumbing equipment, removing dust from surfaces.
  • Tidying things up every day. It means removing dust, wet wiping the floor, taking out debris.

In addition, work will be carried out on external cleaning of buildings and territory (cleaning of external walls, removing snow from roofs, washing windows, cleaning duralumin bindings, etc.).

The approximate price list of prices indicated in the example of a self-written business plan for a cleaning company consists of the following items:

  • Initial ordering after construction and repair work - $ 0.5 / sq. m.
  • Everyday putting things in order - $ 00.5. per day per sq. m.
  • General cleaning - $ 0.40 / sq. m.
  • Washing the floor - 0.40 dollars / sq. m.
  • Window cleaning - USD 3 / unit.
  • Washing of lighting equipment - 1 USD / pc.

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