Sample business plan for a business center

Today, almost all small companies operate in rented premises and offices, since buying a separate building is too expensive and often unjustified. That is why the opening of a business center can bring its founder a stable and constant income. In this article, we will consider a short business plan for opening a business center, analyze the prospects, advantages and disadvantages of this case.


A business center is a space in which several offices of various sizes are located for rent. At the same time, companies that rent such offices receive a number of advantages:

  • Offices located next to each other can cooperate with each other, occupying entire niches previously inaccessible.
  • In addition to offices, business centers also equip conference rooms that can be used for meetings, business meetings, and presentations. You do not need to pay a separate rent for them (or all offices pay a little).
  • Such buildings are usually located in the center, in a convenient location with entrances and good transport links. This allows you to increase the number of customers and raise the status of the establishment.

Based on these advantages, we can conclude that to create a full-fledged center, you need a fairly large building with an area of ​​at least 800 m2, located in a convenient location in the city. Taking a warehouse somewhere on the outskirts, hoping to refurbish it in the future, is not worth it - you simply will not find enough clients to accommodate. You can get a room in two ways: rent it or build it. When renting, the initial investment will be several times less, but you will have to give money to the owner every month, which will reduce the overall profit. When building or buying a finished building, large investments are needed, but they will quickly pay off in the future. In addition, you will be the sole owner of the building and can sell it if something goes wrong or you decide to do other things.

Attention: practice shows that commercial real estate in Russia is constantly becoming more expensive. Due to this difference, you will be able to recoup the borrowed loans, remove the inflationary component and level out the deterioration of the building.

Buying or building a building is much more profitable and carries fewer risks, so try to follow this path. If you do not have personal funds for this, then look for an investor, attract credit funds - all investments made are guaranteed to pay off. But in the future, it is advisable not to sell offices, but to lease them. The sale will bring you a one-time large sum, but in the future you will not make a profit (or it will be minimal), while the leased area is a source of constant income. You can sell several offices to pay off a loan or pay off an investor, but it is better to rent out the bulk of the offices.

Market research

Before drawing up a development plan for a business center, you need to decide how many offices you can actually lease and what areas are needed by entrepreneurs in your city / region. For example, in megalopolises, multi-storey buildings with areas from 100 to 300 m2 are popular, in cities with a population of over one million - small offices with an area of ​​40-60 m2, in small towns - one-two-storey buildings with small rooms for 3-10 people.

Attention: in small towns you can simply buy out an old hotel or other similar building, as well as take it for a long-term lease with the possibility of sublease. In medium and large cities, it is more profitable to build it from scratch in a convenient location or purchase old factory or other facilities with subsequent repairs.

Sample business plan for a business center


The LLC registration form will allow counterparties and clients of the business center to re-issue or charge VAT - to transfer the indirect tax on the cost of goods and services to the buyer.

Registration of a business center in the form of LLC includes the preparation of constituent documents and submission of an application to the local branch of the Federal Tax Service. The minimum authorized capital is 10,000 rubles. You can register a company yourself or contact a law firm. The cost of registration, paperwork, opening accounts, printing will be 30-40 thousand rubles. Registration time - up to 30 days.

Construction, overhaul and redevelopment of the facility will require registration of permits and title documents:

1. Land lease agreement (for up to 49 years) or purchase and sale agreement and certificate of registration of ownership.

2. Obtaining a permit for the construction of a commercial real estate object from the municipality - approval of the project by the architecture department, a decree on land acquisition, land surveying and assignment of a cadastral number to it.

3. Obtaining a building permit and approval of project documentation from the regional branch of Rostechnadzor on the proposal of the local executive and legislative authority (city hall or municipal committee, city council).

4. Conclusion of a work contract with a design, construction organization for the implementation of a complex of design, planning and construction and installation works.

5. Permission to operate the facility from the local authorities of the SES.

6. Permission on the compliance of the facility with fire safety standards.

7. A package of contracts with local utility companies for the maintenance of the facility - water supply and sewerage, electrical and telecommunications, heat supply, garbage disposal, periodic deratization.

How to draw up a business plan for a business center correctly. How to open your own business center, how to design it and what to look for when working.

Furniture is as much a necessity for a modern person as food or clothing. The times when people changed sofas only when they completely fell into disrepair are gone. Today, more than 60% of the population renews the interior of an apartment every 5 years. This trend has a positive impact on entrepreneurs in this niche. To start your own business, you need a business plan for a furniture store, market analysis and financial calculations.

Business features and relevance

Furniture sales cannot be compared to retail stores of groceries or household appliances. The average check of a furniture store starts from 10 thousand rubles, which even with rough calculations can speak of a profit of 300 thousand rubles per month. Naturally, there is no guarantee that an entrepreneur will have daily customers, but this is not necessary for a furniture store. The main influx of customers falls on the pre-holiday and weekend days, when income overlaps with daily downtime.

The success of the furniture business depends on several factors:

  • settlement - in villages and urban-type settlements, the business selling sofas and armchairs is unlikely to be popular, since people there have a different mentality and the idea of ​​the need to purchase a new sofa. It is necessary to open a business in medium and large cities with a population of 100,000 or more;
  • the format of the store is a narrowly focused subject, such as upholstered furniture, kitchens, bedrooms; mixed - upholstered and cabinet furniture; general option - a wide range of products;
  • location - depends on the chosen line of business. For example, in dormitory areas, upholstered furniture stores are in demand, and the opening of a retail outlet in the area of ​​a business center provides for the sale of office products;
  • price category - the focus is on a wide target audience, which means that the cost of goods assumes low and average values;
  • marketing - potential buyers should find out about the new store as soon as possible in order to increase turnover at the start.

Help: the area of ​​the outlet depends on the format of the store. For example, if 80-120 sq. m, then for the general option at least 250 sq. m to accommodate the minimum number of samples of products sold.

The relevance of a business idea for the sale of furniture is beyond doubt, because people regularly move from one rented apartment to another, buy new housing, renovate the interior, give birth to children ... All this requires new furniture, so there are no clients no need to worry. The main thing is to properly organize your business and conduct a marketing campaign.

Analysis of competitors and demand in a specific area

Competition is one of the main disadvantages of the furniture business. Retail outlets are located in almost every crowded place, from an unremarkable residential area with undeveloped infrastructure to large shopping centers.

When planning to open a furniture salon, an entrepreneur must first of all conduct an analysis of competitors, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and use the information to their advantage.

The first step requires the following data:

  • The area for opening a retail outlet - it should be populous, with a developed infrastructure and a low number of competitors. Finding a good place without a working furniture store is unlikely to be possible, so you should at least minimize the number of potential competing points.
  • Data collection - a comparative analysis of competitors by location, products, price category, floor space, number of employees and any other information that may be useful in organizing your own business is carried out.
  • Format Definition - Depends on competing dots. For example, if 2 stores in the area sell upholstered furniture, then it makes no sense to open a third similar point. It is worth paying attention to kitchens, wardrobes, furniture for children's rooms. People, when looking for the necessary product, never bypass specialty stores.
  • Scale - depends on the area, the number of potential buyers, location and financial capabilities of the entrepreneur. Of course, if the funds allow, then it is more profitable to open a large furniture center right away. If the budget is limited, you can get by with a more modest room. The most profitable samples are exhibited in the hall, and the main product is offered by catalog.

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