Sales department business plan

The business plan of the sales department is a scenario for the development of a company division, which determines the future performance indicators and the direction of the organization's development, both for a short period (up to a year) and for a long time (up to 10 years).

Analyze the current state of affairs to plan your sales team. You cannot move forward if the starting point is not known.

Metrics for the Sales Department Work Plan

Features of the organization's business processes determine the criteria that will form the basis of the scenario for the future work of the organization.

For example, take the following:

  • Profit volume;
  • Employee performance standards;
  • Number of calls;
  • Number of new clients;
  • The number of clients that bring the maximum profit, etc.

The system of indicators is determined by the vector of the department's development. Consider the business area. In b2b sales, the number of new customers per month will not be significant, since the terms of the deal can be negotiated for months. Define standards taking into account the "weak" points in the work. If there are problems with the outgoing stream, set the conversion rate at the stage of the first call. If the process of bringing the client to the deal is very long, normalize the work flow and set specific deadlines for the stages.

Sales plan for the sales department

Business plan, sales are closely related, because you cannot reach a sufficient level without determining this level. In developing the scenario of the department's work, adhere to the principles.

  • Goal achievability. The end result should be higher than the real indicators for the selected date, since any businessman is obliged to strive for more earnings. But overestimating the numbers leads to the fading of the motivation of subordinates. If goals cannot be achieved, employees lose their drive to work. Realistically achievable numbers help to work more efficiently.
  • Identification of tools to achieve the goal. It is not enough just to determine where you are aiming. It is necessary to prescribe specific steps on the work path. Let's say the profit is not enough due to the low performance of the specialists. The specific action to change the situation is to develop a conversation script that will increase the efficiency of each telephone conversation.
  • Terms. Time boundaries help determine how well the intended scenario has been completed. Take stock every month, quarter, six months, year.

Have your salespeople stopped selling or do you want to create a new sales force structure? Then we have prepared a plan for creating a turnkey sales department for you. This is a great material from our practical experience with figures, cases, videos and even a millionth profit of our client. Read and study everything in detail. The process of creating a new sales force is a long and difficult process. You need to put maximum effort, knowledge, skills into it and have a huge point of patience. You should immediately decide how you will develop your sales department on your own or with the help of professionals. And so, how to build a sales department so that it shows results at the very beginning. Read our article!

plan for creating a turnkey sales department

What a sales department should look like

1) It is necessary that all employees were on a level playing field. It is not necessary that among all someone one "STAR" and too much stood out in order not to depend.

2) The transparent work of the sales department is when the manager can make reports and understand how well each of the employees has worked for the day, week, month, etc. Also, at any time, the manager can check the report he is interested in (by profitability, by manager, by product).

3. sales predictability - each firm or company has its own terms of the transaction with the client. Knowing clearly at what stage and how many will be concluded according to the plan of transactions, you can calculate in the middle of the month what profit you will have at the end of the month and make adjustments if the results do not suit you.

4. Sales department scalability - Imagine that an entrepreneur decided to open a new department in a nearby city. He has everything he needs for this (recruitment methodology, motivation systems, training systems, sales standards and virtual ATCs, etc.). Having all this, nothing will stop him and it will not be difficult for him to expand his sales boundaries.

5. Team building - all departments work to increase sales (accounting, advertising, warehouse, etc.) and everyone should understand this so as not to arrange unnecessary agreements or confrontations due to disagreements. All employees are doing one thing and should at least pretend that they are striving for development.

6. supplementability - budgets for marketing, delivery, salaries should cover the profit from customers. The sales department must be profitable after 3 months after launch, provided that the sales department was created from scratch.

6. Structured sales department - during a conversation with a buyer, managers should be clearly aware at what stage they are talking and when it is most effective to close a deal.

How to Hire and Recruit Managers

Hire yourself only after completing an internship of 3-5 days with test tasks. Examples of assignments for salespeople in the internship:

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