Rules for drawing up a business plan for beginners, a calculation methodology for providing investors

A financial plan is a monetary expression of a business idea. Your dream turns into an action plan. Calculations help assess the effectiveness of the project and the required amount of investment. How to avoid the clutter of unnecessary graphs and numbers? Based on what indicators can an investor make a decision in 30 seconds? How to draw up a financial plan for a business plan - in our article.

Marina Melnikova, economist, financial analyst at RAS and IFRS.

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Collecting initial data and forming budgets

Source of information: your expectations adjusted to legal requirements, market opportunities, supplier conditions, competitors' chips.

Determining the calculation parameters

Investment budget - start-up costs

Determine the amount of initial investment. This includes everything that is needed to launch a project: purchase of premises, renovation, IT implementation, advertising, materials, etc. We fix the beginning, end and dynamics of expenses.

Funding Sources

The fundraising budget discloses information on the amounts:

  • own funds in the project;
  • external borrowings.

Most likely, each of us came across ideas, for the embodiment of which there was neither knowledge nor strength. However, to implement any idea and achieve the intended goals helps to clearly build a plan and follow its leadership. To implement a business idea, entrepreneurs have a question of how to create a business plan, which will be discussed in this article, the purpose of which is to help beginners organize their business and calculate all the pros and cons of a new project.

You will learn how to make a business plan that will help you understand your assets and in case of a shortage, you can count on the support of sponsors who want to invest in a worthwhile business.

What is a small business business plan, what does it consist of, who develops it?

This business organization tool will help you get a more organized approach to the implementation of your idea and related preparatory work.

After analyzing ideas for your business, the question arises, how to draw up a business plan correctly?

How to write a small business business plan and what is included in its structure:

  • Goals and objectives;
  • Market analysis;
  • Product;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Organizational plan;
  • Management personnel;
  • Material resources;
  • Financial plan.

Purpose and function

A well-formed business plan reveals the idea itself, its functions, the means necessary for the task at hand, and the final profit. It reflects the current economic and material activities of the enterprise and shows further prospects for its implementation.

If a business plan is properly drawn up, it is necessary to follow its leadership until external or internal factors put such pressure on it that it will need to be adjusted.

It should be noted that a business plan is a forward-looking document, which is calculated for 2-3 years of its implementation.

  • Calculate the activities required to achieve the goal.
  • Present a project to receive investment.

These two functions will tell you how to calculate a business plan and define its structure for building.

Every successful entrepreneur can say with confidence that one of the most important points in organizing a business is a well-written business plan. It is needed so that the entrepreneur sees the nearest goals, understands how much money needs to be invested at each stage of the project's development, when the next costs will go and when to expect the first profit.

Content of the article:

Having a business plan can help to find partners or investors for a business, get a loan for opening and even help in the development of the company. So how do you write a business plan yourself?

Types of business plans in Russia:

How to compose yourself

To draw up a business plan yourself, it is enough to adhere to a few rules. First, weigh all the pros and cons, decide on the competitiveness of the intended type of service or product, think over the sales market, payback, the timing of profit. It is also important to highlight the amount of capital investment, dividing the investment into several stages. Justification is supported by project payback calculations. Adhering to the recommended structure, you need to compose your own sequence of actions, which in structure often differs from the one proposed by us.

Note that there is no project structure regulated by norms and standards. Each entrepreneur, registering an individual entrepreneur or LLC, himself regulates the list of items and the volume of documents regarding his project. But keep in mind that if investments from outside will be attracted for future entrepreneurship, you need to strictly adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

Document structure

A business plan begins with a cover page. It includes:

  • the name of the business plan;
  • the name of the project developer;
  • the date and place of preparation.

It should be understood that the organizational plan in the business plan is a very important part of the document. It prescribes the features of the organizational and legal form, indicates the intended partnership, and also draws up an approximate strategy for the future process of personnel functioning and provides a quantitative characteristic of employees with an indication of the features of the hierarchy. However, let's take a closer look at this point.

What issues are covered in the organizational section of the business plan

In order to effectively and quickly draw up an organizational plan in a business plan, you only need to prepare a list of several questions, the answers to which will be detailed in this paragraph, and will also form the basis for the implementation of the organizational structure. Among the main ones are the following:

What are the main links of the organizational management scheme?

What is the relationship between the individual links?

How can you present a project to coordinate the activities of individual units?

What kind of staff is required for the job?

How is the responsibility of employees within a given enterprise divided?

These are the main points that you will need to cover in your business plan. It is the competent answers to them that will determine the success of project management.

Tip! It is best to start a section by writing down all the issues that need to be covered in as much detail as possible so that it will be easier to write.

It is important to understand how to organize the process and spend the start-up capital.

A carefully thought-out and well-written "scenario" for the implementation of an idea allows not only to start a business faster, but also to prevent potential mistakes leading to loss of funds.

With the plan, you will be able to assess the feasibility of your plans and immediate prospects. In addition, the creation of a business plan from scratch is mandatory in cases where lending is required.

Purpose and structure

Business plan is a roadmap of the future business, which reflects:

  • main aspects of functioning;
  • possible problems;
  • risks of unprofitableness;
  • prospects;
  • anti-crisis measures.

A business plan should contain all aspects of the existence of a future company from the moment of creation to a state of stability, when a transition to a new level is required. The description should be detailed and extremely simple without complex economic terminology, so that the document is understood by all interested parties (owner, employees, bankers, partners, investors).

The detailed plan is 30-40 pages long. The information is presented succinctly, but informative. The project includes 4 main blocks:

  • Abstract - outlines the main concept (half a page).
  • Summary - contains the main conclusions of the business plan and the expected results in the course of the activity.
  • The main part - the "body" of the project is signed.
  • Attachments - graphic materials (diagrams, tables, graphs, executive summaries) are placed on them, allowing you to visually assess the prospects of your business.

You need to understand that a boilerplate plan for a specific idea can be useless. Each type of activity has its nuances, and the principles of its functioning can be radically different from other forms of business. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the structure of its writing. The analysis of the niche in which it is planned to implement the idea, competitors and features will have to be carried out by a potential businessman individually in each case, depending on the scale and scope of activity.

Composing Algorithm

Annotation. In essence, this is an appeal to stakeholders explaining what the project is, how and by whom it will be implemented. Describe the main idea briefly but interestingly.

Resume. Approach the writing of this part responsibly, because all potential partners and investors, without exception, will read it to the end. The resume determines whether the idea is interesting in principle. If the investor can ask to change some part of the business plan, then the project, whose resume is not impressive, will be rejected at the first stage. The resume should reflect the rationale for the success of the idea, the expected results of the project and how to achieve them. To do this, specify:

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