Restaurant business plan: an example with calculations

Before the onset of the crisis, restaurants were among the top five most attractive businesses for investment. After that, a prolonged decline began, as a result of which the attendance of institutions fell. But recently the situation has stabilized and the restaurant business has returned to its place. Opening a restaurant is a rather difficult and costly business, so you can't do without a business plan.

Type and class of restaurant

In total, there are several classes of restaurant and many of their subspecies:

Buy a restaurant business plan

Fast food restaurants;

Classes allow you to find out the "prestige" of a particular institution:

The fourth is the lowest class of all possible. In this class, there must be a toilet, as well as a heating system. There should be 1 worker per 24 visitors.

The third is a restaurant where one or more employees for 20 clients must be located.

Having opened a second class restaurant, you will be obliged to provide visitors with one and a half meters of free space around each of the tables.

First class must provide one administrator and one waiter for every 5 visitors. The menu must be translated into several languages.

The highest class is the highest class possible. In these establishments, even an ordinary table and chair are given great attention. All furniture must be made of valuable wood.

Market analysis and project prospects

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Over the past 4 years, the public catering market has experienced many shocks: a ban on European delicacies, falling incomes of the population, reorientation to the use of domestic products. Taking into account these transformations, the restaurant business in Russia is going through another round of development, introducing new trends, mastering different directions in the struggle for customers.

My name is Alexandra Kadyntseva, I am a financial expert of the HeatherBober website. I will tell you how to develop a restaurant business plan, start a business and attract customers. Real examples, actual calculations and a lot of other useful information are waiting for you.

What is the relevance of the restaurant business

According to RBC, in 2021 there was an increase in the market volume of the restaurant business. Presumably in 2021, its size will reach 1261 billion rubles.

The forecast is based on several factors:

  • decrease in the cost of commercial real estate;
  • adaptation of clients to the established price level;
  • insufficient filling of the niche (the number of restaurants per thousand of population in Russia is several times lower than in European countries and the United States);
  • The conditions of the crisis have left in the “arena” only players with effective management who are able to adapt to the changing market conditions and “catch” the mood of buyers.

According to the observations of experts, during periods of crises and fluctuations in the exchange rate, our citizens try to control expenses, but this does not lead to a refusal to go to a restaurant, but rather affects the size of the tip. This means that with a competent approach to doing business, you will not only not burn out, but also recoup your expenses in the planned time frame.

A small cafe with 50 seats, the launch of which will cost the owner 2 million rubles, will pay for itself in 12-20 months. The net income of the establishment for the first year of operation will amount to 1.3 million rubles with well-established management.

You can download the ready-made business plan of the restaurant here.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Large projects (restaurant chains, large companies) are more resistant to market fluctuations compared to small establishments or shops. If you intend to start your own business, consider opening a large restaurant franchise in your city.

Benefits of choosing a franchise for a budding entrepreneur:

The modern market is saturated with many establishments of different price ranges and with a varied assortment. Lack of free time in big cities is forcing people to gradually move from the habit of having lunch and dinner at home to the habit of visiting cafes and restaurants, as it is quick and convenient. Such trends every year increase the flow of customers into the catering services sector, and, therefore, make investments in this business more profitable.

Relevance and perspective of the project

The restaurant business, like all other service sectors, was crippled by the crisis. In 2021, food service turnover fell by 18%, but analysts say the disappointing numbers were not due to economic turmoil.

  • ban on smoking and sale of cigarettes from open windows;
  • state system of control over the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol.

Despite the negative circumstances, Russian economists plan to increase the number of visitors to cafes and restaurants in 2021 by 6%. This is due to the stabilization of the situation in the field of reforms, there is a gradual adaptation to innovations. And an improvement in the general economic situation: a strengthening of the ruble, a slowdown in price growth, government support for production, an increase in wages, etc.

Leaving the market due to the crisis of large mid-range chains increases the chances of newly opened restaurants for a good future, due to reduced competition. The markup for a ready-made dish in the industry is 100-200%, depending on the composition of the menu, therefore, investments quickly pay off, therefore, opening a restaurant during the period of economic growth is fully justified.


  • total area of ​​200 square meters (95 kitchen, 105 hall);
  • 50 seats;
  • the menu consists of European dishes;
  • premises rented on a long-term lease;
  • staff 9 people per shift, 2 shifts;
  • opening hours from 11:00 to 23:00.


The presence of competitors depends on the geographical location. Luxury restaurants are usually concentrated in the city center. On the outskirts, there are cheap restaurants for clients with an average and low paying capacity. In order to increase demand, it is necessary to choose a passable place close to the center or in the center of the city, but focus on pricing at a low price available to the bulk of consumers.


A business plan is a model for building a business with a small budget component, so the design and interior are created in a simple, consistent style. A place for an orchestra and a dance floor are planned in the banquet hall, in case there are special events in the restaurant. The musical accompaniment is quiet calm music so that clients can relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation.

A well-developed business plan for opening a restaurant should be the key to a quick start of the project and its effective development. In conditions of high competition and market relations in general, entering the arena unprepared is like failing even before the start.

Solemn events, personal dates, meetings of friends - how often all these events are celebrated in restaurants. Convenient, practical and tasty - components of consumer taste and high demand. There are quite a lot of offers on demand. Indeed, the market is now filled with many different restaurants: Italian, beer, Russian cuisine, etc., in order to take your place among them, it is important to draw up a business plan, taking into account not only the merits, but also the possible risks.

Running a modern business, and even more so in the field of catering, requires a step-by-step strategy. A high-quality business plan with all calculations and presentation will allow you not only to better understand the internal organization of the restaurant, but also to provide your project with the support of the bank or investors.

Business idea: building a restaurant

The prospects of this business project are obvious, it is determined by a fairly large consumer demand. The advantages of a restaurant as an entrepreneurial activity, which should be analyzed in a business plan, can also include: high income, lack of seasonality, short payback periods, etc.

It is important that, in addition to the advantages, a business plan for a large or small restaurant should analyze all possible risks, as well as draw up a strategy to overcome them.

  • Falling solvency
  • Socio-economic changes in the country
  • Political changes
  • Emergencies

An example of a business plan for opening a restaurant with ready-made calculations and costing


Table of Contents


Directions and features of the restaurateur's activity

The food business is considered by experts to be one of the most reliable ways to use personal funds. For the effective organization of this business, it is necessary to prepare in advance a thoughtful development of a restaurant business plan with all the detailed calculations of the necessary capital investments, costs and future income. Almost every professional chef would like to have his own restaurant, since this craft is largely creative in nature and can bring its founder, in addition to profit, considerable pleasure.

The restaurant business is also characterized by high profitability, and the value of the initial investment pays off very quickly. The volume of restaurant services in the country is growing from year to year, quantitatively this annual growth is estimated at 4%.

If we consider the business plan for opening a restaurant from scratch in Russia, aimed at citizens with an average income and a European-style cuisine, then a novice founder of an institution can learn a lot from it. We will use the restaurant plan based on 50 seats in it, and when choosing its location, we will try to take into account the characteristics of the target clientele and the analysis of the competing environment.

Key project indicators:

Project cost - 2,200,000 rubles.

Average monthly revenue - 235,000 rubles.

Marketing research of the project

The restaurant's marketing plan sets the right direction for business. It includes both the elements of the organizational activity of the enterprise and the ability to adapt to all the circumstances of work that arise suddenly and are not included in the initial calculation. Advertising and ways of promoting a business are only separate marketing functions that are initially governed by the marketing plan.

A marketing plan is like a route that needs to be followed from the starting point of the business to the final point. And the final point of any business is the exit of the enterprise to a stable profit set by the business plan. The effectiveness of a project largely depends on a plan for its development perfectly drawn up by marketers for a given period.

Potential clients of the establishment are usually people from 25 to 60 years old who have both average income and below average. This is approximately 14% of the residents of the adjacent area of ​​the city. Of these 14% of residents, up to 20% will visit a restaurant at least once a week. The role of competitors in the restaurant business must also be taken into account. Already two establishments of a similar profile, located closer than 500 meters, are able to select almost two thirds of visitors. The competitiveness of an establishment located close to other restaurants inevitably decreases even with the high quality of services rendered to its customers.

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