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How to open a recreation center in a village

Passion for ecology, craving for uncomplicated but healthy food, the desire to take a break from the gas pollution and noise of megacities has given rise to a new type of recreation - rural tourism. Organization of recreation in the village as a type of business seems to be a very promising direction, given that more and more people find a special charm in unity with nature.

Organization of a recreation center in a village can be designed for various categories of vacationers. If you are ready to invest heavily in the development of rural business, then it is quite possible to focus on foreign tourists who have long been fed up with comfortable rest in five-star hotels overlooking the sea. But, despite the desire to "merge" with nature, European clients cannot imagine life without the comfort they are used to. Therefore, a bath and shower, Internet and TV must be present in every room.

A more modest initial capital implies the construction of a base for a mass domestic consumer. Rest outside the city in the countryside most often attracts residents of noisy megacities, for whom silence, picturesque nature and, of course, affordable prices are of paramount importance. And the convenience "in the yard" does not bother them at all.

Business in the field of rural recreation is becoming more and more popular. The main reason is the relatively low initial costs, if the project is designed for a non-spoiled domestic consumer. In this case, it is enough to build uncomfortable houses with a minimum set of furniture. The main charm of rural recreation is the opportunity to take a break from the city noise. If the base is surrounded by picturesque nature, half the success is guaranteed. The nearby lake offers opportunities for organizing a beach holiday.

Organization of a recreation center as a business involves various options for its operation. If there are enough clients, the base can operate all year round, because there are charms in both summer and winter holidays. With a shortage of tourists, it is best to focus on rest during the warm season. In addition, some businessmen rely on weekend events, when tourists come to relax only on Saturday and Sunday.

Monthly operating expenses of a recreation center depend on various components - the number of vacationers, the list of services that are provided to them, options for its operation. Even if the base is open only in the summer, its maintenance requires expenses all year round. The payback of a small recreation center varies depending on the demand. If you managed to quickly develop and attract a sufficient number of customers, then you can recoup your initial investment in 2-3 years.

How justified will it be to open a catering point in a recreation area from scratch, whether a weapon shooting range is needed at the recreation center - the answers to all these questions of concern to a businessman can be found in a competent business project of a tourist center. Having studied a professional example of a business plan for a recreation center with ready-made calculations, you will be able to avoid annoying mistakes and understand how to attract new customers.

A ready-made business plan for a recreation center from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

There are many options for doing business. One of the most interesting and successful is the business that deals with recreation. This is a tourism business.

Creating a recreation center will require a lot of start-up capital, however, the demand for such a vacation is growing. This is especially true at the moment, because most people, in the context of the imposed sanctions and the unstable situation abroad, seek to rest in Russia. Therefore, if you correctly draw up a business plan for a recreation center, then such a business can bring significant income.

The main purpose of the tourist recreation center is to create conditions for people for rest, recuperation, and health promotion. Here a person can take a break from the noise of the city, enjoy the picturesque nature and the like. Moreover, such a vacation will be much cheaper than a vacation abroad. Therefore, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail so that people like your recreation center, and the demand for it only increases. A ready-made business plan, as well as well-made investments will be the key to your success and a quick payback of your business.

First steps in the tourism business

Step one. A business plan for a recreation center should begin with the fact that you should find the optimal place to organize a successful successful business. The ideal location for opening a recreation center will be a plot of land next to the river bank. It is also important that there is a forest near the tourist base. Nature should be picturesque and beautiful. At the same time, the distance to large settlements should not be too great for the flow of people to be greater.

Step two. An important parameter will be the area of ​​land that you will rent. Depending on your ambitions, you can rent land to create a recreation center for 50, 100 or even 250 people.

Step three. A great option would be if there is a large finished house on the rented area in order to reduce costs. To build from scratch will require a lot of funds. Example: On average, one person will need 10 square meters of living space. It is best to build a two-story building for large groups. The ground floor can accommodate lounges, a dining room and other premises. Bedrooms will be located on the second floor. A bar and a billiard room can be installed in the basement. Separately, you can build a couple of small baths and mini houses to diversify the flow of clientele. Mini houses can be designed for several people. You also need to remember about the premises for the staff.

Step four. and on the territory of the base it is necessary to plan a spacious parking lot. As a covering, you can use asphalt or paving slabs. For children, it is imperative to provide a children's mini playground with a sandbox, slides, swings and other entertainment. You can even organize a mini park with an animator. You can also install a mini tennis court, allocate an area for volleyball, as well as a basketball court. If you have large areas, you can even organize a football field.

Step five. the item of expenditure should include sports and other equipment: fishing tackle and sports equipment: balls, skis, skates, rackets and the like. For evenings, it is possible to envisage the creation of gazebos, places for barbecues, where kebabs will be fried and the like.

Step six. depending on the possibilities, you can also offer vacationers hunting, fishing, boating, swimming and other types of recreation. This can be done free of charge for the clients of the base or used as an additional service.

Business plan of the recreation center

The business plan of the recreation center will involve the lease of land in the Moscow region. The plot chosen for construction should be coordinated with the district administration, including the necessary construction permit. You will also need to approve the construction project and undergo state expertise. The package of documents for development will include a topographic plan of the land plot, documents for cadastral registration, conclusions on technical conditions for connecting the facility to technical supply networks. The list of required documents may differ depending on the region.

How to open a camp site - how to register an activity and calculate finances + 3 competitive advantages of a recreation center + 5 effective ways to promote.

► Capital investments in a tourist center: from 6,500,000 rubles. ► Payback period of the recreation center: from 2 years.

The need for quality rest is not included in the list of priority items of human spending.

However, each of us knows how important it is to pay attention to recuperating after labor exploits.

Because the recreation center as a business has its clients even during the economic crisis.

All tourist centers are created with one goal - to create comfortable conditions for guests in which they can relax, improve their health, and spend their leisure time interestingly.

This industry is developing and does not slow down, which attracts many entrepreneurs.

However, opening a truly successful recreation center is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

What documents are needed to open a hostel?

For any activity to organize a business and make a profit, you must have the registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question which option is better.

Everyone has their pros and cons.

The project is a plan for organizing a business plan for a recreation center from scratch and its development over a period of 24 months. When developing a plan, one should determine the prospects for this type of business, its marketing and financial components, as well as possible risks and methods of solution.

Basics of a business plan for a recreation center

At the preparatory stage of opening the recreation center, the goals of the future business are formed. The most important points are as follows:

  • - creating an enterprise with a high level of profitability;
  • - obtaining stable and high profits;
  • - providing services that can satisfy the needs of modern consumer market.

The main goal of a business plan is to assess the economic efficiency of this investment project. This document can be used for presentation to potential investors or lenders in order to obtain the necessary company financing.

The main features of the future recreation center as an object of entrepreneurial activity:

As shown by approximate calculations, the payback period for an average recreation center is more than 6 years. This is a fairly long period in comparison with other small and medium-sized businesses, which is associated with a high level of costs.

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Recreation center: main characteristics of the object, stages of opening

The recreation center is planned to be opened in one of the suburban areas, favorable for recreation and health improvement. According to statistics, the most successful in terms of geography will be a combination of 3 types of landscape: flat, water, and hilly or mountainous. Therefore, it is worth choosing a location so that there is a forest, river or lake nearby. Since most of the country's territory is flat, instead of a forest belt there can be picturesque hills. According to statistics, landscapes of this nature are inherent in the vicinity of many Russian cities. Therefore, the process of finding the desired site will not cause difficulties.

It is important that the land plot for the future recreation center meets several essential requirements. Firstly, its area should be at least 5-6 hectares, which will make it possible to place a sufficient number of holiday houses and various infrastructure facilities on this territory.

According to the preliminary plan, to organize a recreation center, it is enough to build and prepare for the reception of vacationers 5 double houses and 3 family cottages for 3-4 people. There will also be a dining room and a kitchen, an administrative building, outbuildings, an open-air dance floor, as well as outdoor sports and playgrounds.

You will not need a special license to open the recreation center. An obligatory standard set of documents is a certificate of a legal entity and a permit from the sanitary and fire services. All these documents are drawn up simultaneously, during the preparation of the base for opening.

Review of the hotel business plan

We were pleased with the obligation to complete the project, detailed calculations for each article of the document and the implementation of all recommendations. As a result, we attracted investments of 150 million rubles.

Feedback on the business plan of the recreation center

Received a loan from Sberbank for 70 million rubles, reconstructed and opened a recreation center. The work of the experts was immediately visible, the business plan was checked by the bank. Everything was done on time.

Feedback on the private kindergarten business plan

Comprehensive business plan, understandable logical descriptions and calculations, project payback estimate. As a result, we received a loan from Sberbank in the amount of 15 million rubles and were able to open a kindergarten for 180 children.

Content of the recreation center business plan:

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