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Using this ready-made sample business plan as a starting template, you will be able to draw up your real estate agency (real estate agency) business plan.

If you want to open your own real estate agency, which brings good income and has long-term development prospects, then first of all you should develop a strategy for your business and draw up a competent, well-thought-out business plan for your real estate company, which will become a reliable basis for a stable and profitable business.

Business plan of the real estate agency (real estate agency)

Organizational matters

The purpose of creating a company for the provision of real estate services (real estate agency) is the purchase and sale, lease, exchange of real estate for various purposes, as well as legal support of real estate transactions.

Licensing and certification of real estate activities. According to the Law "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities", the activities of real estate organizations are not subject to licensing. At the same time, the Russian Guild of Realtors has developed national standards for professional real estate activities, which were registered with the State Standard of the Russian Federation, therefore, the real estate agency needs to certify brokerage services.

Marketing and sales. The number of transactions made, and therefore the profit, largely depends on the actual information from the real estate market that your agents can receive, which is why personal connections and opportunities play a huge role in this business. Real estate companies usually advertise in local free classified newspapers and specialty publications. In many cities there are Internet sites about real estate in a given city (region, republic), where you can also post information about your services. Large real estate agencies, as a rule, have their own websites, where all current real estate offers are presented.

Premises. With regard to the choice of the location of the office of the real estate agency, a variety of warrants are possible here. Someone believes that for a successful business, premises are needed only in the central part of the city, others prefer sleeping areas. In principle, the main part of a realtor's work takes place, which is called "in the field".

For the most part, real estate firms rent premises in office and retail and office centers. Office area - from 20 sq. ., while it is desirable to allocate a separate room for communication with clients and the manager's office.

Personnel. At the initial stage of the agency's work, you will need a staff of at least 5 people. Usually, the average real estate agency has 8-12 employees. At the same time, some realtors work in a real estate agency under a contract. Experience in the field of real estate and real estate for the manager and at least part of the staff is a must.

Equipment. For the normal operation of a real estate agency, you will need to purchase computers, a printer, a fax, a copier, a cash register, and a safe. It is desirable to have several direct telephone numbers or a multichannel landline telephone.

Reviews of the real estate agency business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of a real estate agency in the year

Opening a Real Estate Agency: How to Get Started

The decision to open their own real estate agency is most often made by former employees of similar companies. During their work, they acquire the necessary experience, comprehend all the intricacies of organizing such a business as a real estate agency. And some take the database with them, if the employer has not taken care to ensure high-quality protection of commercial information.

Such people know roughly what it takes to open a real estate agency, and even plan to create a company from scratch unofficially, without thinking about what problems this can turn into. It seems to them that no special difficulties should arise: it is enough to rent an office space, purchase a minimum of furniture and office equipment - and everything is ready for millions to flow into the hands of the newly-minted businessman.

In reality, everything turns out to be not as simple as in dreams. The real estate market is booming and the number of new real estate agencies is growing at a tremendous rate. But at almost the same rate, the number of companies that cannot withstand the realities of the Russian real estate market is growing and are closing down before they have worked for a year.

How to start a small business - real estate agency? This question is being asked by entrepreneurs who have decided to snatch their piece of what they think is a sweet pie, which is the real estate market. The low threshold for entering this business led to an increase in the number of new real estate companies. But at the same time, not all novice businessmen realize what difficulties they will have to face in the process of opening their real estate agency from scratch.

Judging by the reviews of people who worked as real estate agents, and later tried to open their own agency, problems lie in wait for the newly-minted businessman everywhere. First of all, without having your own base, it is very difficult to acquire a clientele. Potential buyers of real estate prefer to contact large agencies that have been operating in this market for a long time, because people are afraid of being deceived. It takes a long time to build a reputation and build awareness.

A real estate agency's profit largely depends on advertising, which requires a lot of money. You must be recognized, and for this you need to constantly promote your services. A striking example of advertising for a newly created real estate agency will attract the attention of potential clients. A competent marketing strategy is an opportunity to shorten the payback period of a real estate agency. To be convinced of this, it is enough to get acquainted with examples of a successful real estate business.

A professional example of a business plan for opening a real estate agency with ready-made calculations will undoubtedly help to cope with the numerous difficulties that inevitably lie in wait for novice businessmen. By using this document, you can easily overcome zero fame in this market segment and feel confident in your abilities.


Investment Memorandum

As you know, even over time, real estate does not depreciate, since there is always demand for it. At the same time, not every person can find a suitable option himself that suits him in terms of cost, area and other parameters. To solve this problem, people go to real estate agencies. As practice shows, even in times of crisis, problems with clients are quite rare here.

Factors influencing the success of the project:

  • a large number of potential customers;
  • a wide range of resources and tools for work;
  • always free entry to the market;
  • low upfront costs;
  • significant transaction income.

Do not think that business is simple and easy. Successful work requires a clear plan that will allow you to operate with minimal risks. It is highly desirable that the entrepreneur already have experience in this area. Considering these factors, you can already confidently start in this business.

Consider the estimated financial performance:

  • The initial investment will amount to 428 thousand rubles.
  • Break-even point will be reached in the first month of operation.
  • The approximate payback period will be six months.
  • The likely return is 88%.
  • The monthly net profit should amount to 77 thousand 275 rubles.

So, having reviewed the investment memorandum, let's move on to another stage.

Business Description

In order for a real estate company to make a profit already at the start, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for a real estate agency with calculations. Today this niche is filled quite densely. But the bottom line is that not all realtors provide quality services. But any entrepreneur should be focused on forming an organization that will inspire trust and respect among clients.

Business plan summary

Real estate agencies will be relevant as long as people build, buy and sell houses. In a city with a population of 100,000, it will be more difficult to make money, so you can cover the real estate market in nearby cities. In this case, the share of solvent customers will regularly increase.

The agency should provide a wide range of services that meet the specifics of the enterprise:

The activity is aimed at transactions related to the sale, purchase, lease of real estate.

Continuous search for potential clients: tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers.

Presentation and display of objects.

Registration of transactions: assistance in collecting and checking documents, drawing up contracts of sale or lease.

Regular market analysis and monitoring of competitive firms.

Understanding this area should be a priority. If an entrepreneur is not well-versed in real estate matters, then it will be difficult to compete with other established real estate companies.

The main target audience should be men and women, with an income above average, aged 23 to 46 years.

Investment plan

Real estate business in Russia is considered one of the most profitable, because the price per square meter is growing every day. Getting into this area is not so easy, and staying in this niche is even more difficult. However, if you draw up a detailed business plan for a real estate agency, an example of which we will describe in the article, you can think through all the important points, analyze risks, financial opportunities and prospects.

Project Summary

A real estate agency can be opened in any city where there are houses and apartments, but in a big city there will be a real opportunity to make good money. In large cities, the population is not only a hundred times larger, but the percentage of solvent buyers of real estate is also significantly increasing. Therefore, the opening of a real estate agency is planned in a large city. An important success factor is understanding the field of activity. An entrepreneur must easily navigate the real estate market in order to compete with existing companies. To do this, you must at least work out as a realtor in order to understand the mechanism of work, the main pitfalls of this business and the options for solutions.

The focus of the activity is on the lease / purchase / sale of non-residential premises, point transactions on residential properties.

We choose a large city to open our real estate agency. We will rent a small office for the work of realtors and meetings with clients, meetings with other customers will take place on neutral territory in a cafe or at the facility.

The main functions of the agency:

  • Search for potential tenants and buyers of residential space, formation of an application for a search, selection of options for an apartment, house, presentation of all possible real estate objects.
  • Registration of the transaction, assistance in collecting the required package of documents and negotiation of the terms of the purchase / sale agreement or lease agreement. The agency's specialists also check real estate documents, minimizing the risk of scams on the part of real estate sellers.
  • Search for potential landlords, form an application for the sale or lease of real estate, establish a competitive price.
  • Real estate agents are engaged in analytics of the real estate market, carry out a high-quality search for options for proposals, as well as monitor the demand for specific objects.

Main target audience: people of middle and high income, women / men from 25 to 45 years old.

Real estate business is quite complex and requires special skills, experience and connections in this area. It is imperative that an anti-crisis strategy and investment options be worked out to promptly address urgent problems and opportunities. To calculate the costs and include in the budget the basic investments, you will need a business plan of the real estate agency with calculations, which will take into account all the starting and monthly investments.

Document processing

To create a real estate company, you will need to register with the tax authorities. You can register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. An LLC has more opportunities and powers for cooperation, but this is a more costly process in terms of both time and money. In addition, it requires monthly detailed reports on profits and on the activities of the organization.

To start the agency, it will be enough to register an individual entrepreneur. You can choose a simplified taxation system of 6% of income. To conduct activities in the field of real estate, you also need to indicate the OKVED code 68. 1.

No further registration documents or permits are required to engage in this activity.

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