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The main thing about the tire fitting business plan for the year

Organization of tire fitting: types of services

What is the difference between a solid tire changer and a lower-level workshop? First of all, the presence of professional craftsmen who are able to provide high quality services. In addition, the list of services performed in such a company is much wider, since they seek to help the client and his car in the most difficult situation.

Workers understand the basics of working in tire fitting in different ways. But the entrepreneur, for whom opening his own tire fitting becomes a lifelong affair, pays close attention to the selection of personnel. Green newcomers who don't even try to improve their professional level can spoil the company's reputation in one moment. It is impossible to hang leaflets on each wall with a description of how to properly carry out tire fitting work, a reliable specialist must be able to cope with any breakdown.

The wider the list of services, the higher the payback of the tire workshop. For this reason, many businessmen try to provide their customers with maximum opportunities for eliminating technical malfunctions of a car.

When planning the opening of a car service or tire fitting, an entrepreneur thinks over in advance a list of services that will be provided in his workshop. The list of equipment that must be purchased in the process of creating your company depends on this. One of the main services provided in almost every tire fitting is wheel balancing. This requires special equipment to eliminate dynamic imbalance.

Another common operation is tire vulcanization. It requires a special plastic mixture with which this type of repair work is performed. Repair of tubeless tires, repair of side cuts, inflation of tires, refurbishment and painting of wheels are all services that are most popular with motorists. The safety of the car depends on the quality of these works. According to the owners of the tire fitting, the professionalism of the master plays a decisive role. As for the equipment of the tire changer, most of the equipment at first can be used.

Often, entrepreneurs who have opened a new tire fitting have a question: how to control the quality of work? A competent example of a business plan for opening a tire fitting from scratch with ready-made calculations will help entrepreneurs to understand all aspects of this business. Having studied it, you will find out what documents are needed to organize a tire fitting site, what checks await those who open their own tire fitting. Based on this document, novice entrepreneurs will be able to understand whether such a business as a truck tire fitting is suitable for them and will be able to make the right choice.

Opening tire fitting - business prospects

Any business can move in two directions - only forward, albeit at different speeds, or backward, until it reaches its dead end. It is unlikely that a businessman who decides to open a tire shop is aiming at the worst scenario. But in order for the business to develop actively, it is necessary to take measures in advance and never stand still. Investments, the introduction of new technologies, the purchase of modern equipment - all these are measures that help an entrepreneur to achieve success.

So is it worth trying your hand at this business, where the competition is already high? Definitely yes, since the demand for services is only growing every year, according to statistical research and practice. The second question is how to properly organize your business so as to stay in the face of a large number of competitors and get good profits? Let's figure it out together.

Workshop location

If you've found the perfect location, take a look around to see if there are any competitors nearby. If you place your point two meters from a workshop already known to motorists, no one will say thank you and the level of earnings does not guarantee.

Costs of opening and maintaining a business

So, starting investments for a full-fledged tire fitting with a staff of workers, rented premises and new equipment will cost about $ 7000:

Name of costs Cost in dollars rent of premises 70 sq. m. for 1 month300 purchase of necessary machines and equipment3500 preparation of a full package of documents200tools for two masters500 balancing stand 2400 cash register100Total: 7000

If you are planning to start your business in a small format, then an existing garage may be suitable for starting, in which 3-4 cars can be serviced daily. In addition, if you have your own set of tools and you are going to work on your own, costs will be reduced several times. For a start, $ 1000 will be enough to purchase the most necessary equipment.

Monthly expenses for a large service will be $ 1500:

Name of costs Cost of rent of premises 300 Salary of mechanics (2 people) 1000 Purchase of consumables 200 Total: 1500

To maintain a mini-workshop, subtract the rent and the payment of two workers, you get only $ 200.

If you are interested in how to start a small construction company, read about it here.

Answer to the question "How to open a tire fitting from scratch and draw up a detailed business plan?" can be obtained by reading the article.

When developing a business plan for a car workshop, special attention should be paid to the financial part with calculations in order to minimize risks.

Tire fitting services are a specific business. For the successful operation of which, the future owner should place bets on the components:

provision of special equipment;

Buy a tire fitting business plan

search for a rental space with high traffic.

Business plan summary

The most important section of the business plan is the summary. This section should describe the overall goal of the project. Summarize the arguments in favor of financing the tire service business.

The resume should be based on the data in the subsequent sections of the business plan.

The main points are the description of the sum of the final financial investments (one-time, monthly expenses). It is also worth describing in the section the size of the monthly profit, the break-even point, the indicator of the profitability of the business.

The car market in our country is constantly growing, therefore, the need for service is also increasing. Among the variety of services that can be provided to a vehicle, the most profitable and simpler is tire fitting. With a small amount of capital investment, the tire fitting business has a quick payback and a fairly high profitability.

To understand how to open a tire service, you need to consider in more detail all the stages of planning this business from scratch. But before you start drawing up documents or making a cost estimate, you need to decide on the format and type of the future company.

There are several ideas for the implementation of tire service, which depend on the approach:

  • In a stationary room - clients themselves come for the service.
  • Mobile version, in the form of a van or minibus - the contractor goes on call to the client.
  • Without premises, just on the street near the transport highway.

Of these three formats, the first option remains the most popular and demanded.

Firstly, it assumes enough space where all the equipment can fit freely. The room is protected from the influence of weather conditions, heat and frost.

Secondly, a freestanding building is more prestigious and has the ability to serve more customers. Although compared to the rest, this one is the most expensive option.

Tire changers, as a rule, specialize in cars, trucks and special (agricultural, racing, etc.) vehicles. If you start a business from scratch, then it is best to use cars. The idea is that it will require less costs, and the specifics of the work are easier, and this market segment is much larger.


Before looking for a suitable premises and buying equipment, you should draw up your business plan for a tire workshop, which will detail and describe all the main points and their possible options.

At the moment, city streets are overcrowded with vehicles. It should be borne in mind that any car tends to break down during operation. Therefore, our ready-made tire fitting business plan with accurate calculations will be a profitable business and will justify the money invested in its opening.

Description of the future business project

The aim of this project is to open a tire fitting point in the city. The number of which reaches 150 thousand inhabitants. Before compiling and independently writing a tire fitting business plan, some market research was carried out. In the process, it became known that the population has a need to open this organization. The workshops that are currently available in the city are not able to fully satisfy the needs of motorists.

The required amount of funds to start your own business

In order to open a tire fitting from scratch, you need to have about 600 thousand rubles. Of this amount, the owner can provide only a part, in the amount of 166 thousand rubles. The rest of the missing amount, we plan to issue a loan for a small business.

The economic indicators that a sample tire fitting business plan with calculations has are:

  • The size of the estimated net profit per year is almost 571 thousand rubles.
  • The full payback of the business will occur in a year, after opening and starting work.
  • In order to open our business, you will need to invest in the following:
  • Buy a modular building of the future tire fitting - 300 thousand rubles.
  • Buy the necessary equipment and tools for the work of craftsmen - 150 thousand rubles.
  • Prepare the land plot - 30 thousand rubles.
  • Business registration will cost 50 thousand rubles.
  • Rent of a plot for construction for two months - 36 thousand rubles.

Thus, we will need 566 thousand rubles for all this.

Choice of taxation system

We will register our organization as an individual entrepreneur, this will be the best option for your own business.

For the business taxation system, we will choose the most profitable and convenient regime that will free us from paying taxes on the organization's property and profit. For this, we will choose a patent taxation system. The main advantage of this type is that we do not need to keep records on accounting issues. We will pay 32 thousand rubles for it annually.

Stages of opening

An example of our tire fitting business plan includes several main stages of opening an IP that we need to go through:

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