Ready-made hotel business plan with calculations: sample, development example

Before drawing up a business plan, you need to decide on the basic concept. It is possible to build both a large complex and organize a mini-hotel for 10-20 rooms. It all depends on the size of the budget, as well as the level of demand and competition inherent in a particular region.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Any attractive and fast-growing segment of the market is not characterized by high profitability, because sooner or later direct competitors will be interested in them. So that an increase in supply from a competitor or the entry of new participants into the market does not come as a surprise to a novice businessman, it is necessary to identify rival companies and carefully understand their strengths and weaknesses.

It all depends on the price, quality, level of service and the social role of the hotel.

Internal factors are invisible to consumers, but they also cannot be ignored. Within this category you can find: labor costs, marketing costs, advantageous location, strategic partnerships.

Next, you should pay attention to the companies that got the largest market share. These competitors can be called the most important because they:

Useful tips for organizing such activities, you can learn from the following video:

Format options

Russian business has just begun to develop this area, although experts as one consider a mini-hotel to be the most affordable, not requiring large investments and a quick payback type of activity.

You can open one of the following types:

  • Hostel is an inexpensive option for people traveling across cities and countries. An ordinary apartment with bunk beds is suitable for arranging a hostel.
  • Family Pension is the most suitable mini-hotel for couples with children. Having your own shower, bathroom and kitchen for cooking is a must.
  • A VIP hotel is the most expensive option. It can be a separate studio apartment, fully equipped with household appliances, or a small cottage with a picnic area.
  • Hotel for pets. For many people who decide to go abroad or just see another city, the question periodically arises of who will look after their favorite. If your relatives are far away, and you don't want to leave your friends, since you don't know how they will treat their beloved pet, then such an institution is an ideal option.

A hotel business plan is a document that summarizes organizational and financial decisions, as well as the advantages and risks of the hotel business. In the process of writing it, an entrepreneur collects, analyzes and systematizes information about the prospects of his future enterprise to provide potential investors.

Types of hospitality

Depending on the location of the hotel and the quality of the services provided to clients, there are different types of hotel business. The list of the most popular types of accommodation includes:

hotel or hotel - a building within the city limits for short-term stops during travel, the most common way of accommodation for tourists;

hotel complex - several buildings on a certain territory, representing one hotel;

mini-hotel or mini-hotel - a hotel with a small number of rooms (5 - 15), may be located on the floor of a residential building;

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hostel - accommodation in a common female, male or mixed room, in which guests (mainly students or young people) pay only for a bed;

bed and breakfast is usually a small family business offering budget accommodation and breakfast;

apart-hotel - apartments, apartments or separate guest houses, which are rented to tourists for short or long stays;

Ready business plan for the hotel

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What should be a hostel?

Today, numerous design agencies offer to download a ready-made business plan for a hotel, trying to find their client, reducing the prices for calculations. Business plans for hotels of various types and cost characteristics are also offered free of charge to increase interest in the estimated organization. In this article, we will tell you what to choose: a ready-made business plan for a hotel or order your own, and also give an example of a ready-made business plan for a hotel in simple words.

Business plan of a hotel, hotel - where to start?

So, you are thinking through your hotel business and want to build on something to understand what your prospects are with the available opportunities. All hotel business plans in the table of contents have the following parameters:

  • Amount of investments.
  • Payback period.
  • Monthly / annual revenue.

It is worth noting that they are very convenient for assessing prospects, as you start your search based on investment opportunities. Capital investments involve not only the availability of own funds, but also loans from banks for entrepreneurial activities.

What business plan to provide to the bank for obtaining a loan for a hotel

You yourself know the size of your own capabilities, but it is not always enough to organize the hotel business. In addition, it may be needed as a down payment or as an assessment of the borrower's welfare to obtain a loan. In order to get a loan for a hotel business, you must meet a number of requirements: you must specify information about monthly earnings, attach documentation for an LLC or individual entrepreneur with information about the authorized capital, taxation system, provide a ready-made business plan for opening a mini-hotel or hotel.

A detailed business plan of the hotel will help to open your own hotel from scratch. The information provided will help an entrepreneur determine the characteristics of a future project, understand what important points should be paid attention to, think over the stages of opening and registering an enterprise. According to experts, in 2021, a rapid development of the hotel services sector is expected, therefore, we advise you to pay attention to this niche.

Business plan for the opening of the hotel: analysis of the market and competitors

Before you start forecasting calculations and planning the main stages of business implementation, you need to decide what target audience of consumers of services will visit your institution. All potential clients can be divided into several groups based on the main characteristics:

  • income level;
  • field of activity;
  • age category;
  • preferences and interests.

These qualities will help to effectively compose a portrait of the consumer, which will ultimately be directed to the marketing and pricing policy, service.

Any attractive and rapidly growing market segment is also distinguished by a high level of competitiveness. Knowing this feature of the market, it is very important to assess in advance the capabilities and offers of rival companies, to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended to pay special attention to the level of consumer perception. What it is? Consumer perception demonstrates the most and least popular and interesting services from the point of view of clients. The attractiveness will depend on the level of service, price, social level of the hotel or hotel.

Another important criterion that should be evaluated is the factors of the company's internal activities. As a rule, they are not visible to consumers, but they play a role. This is the company's marketing policy, strategic partnership with related organizations, the breadth of services provided, the profitability of the hotel location, service standards, the ability to dump in your niche, and others. All these factors will help to effectively occupy a niche in the market and keep it.

Before drawing up a business plan for opening a hotel by calculations, you will need to determine the format of the future establishment.

For example, in European countries, they actively practice opening so-called mini-hotels, which are designed for ten rooms and are located along the route of cars, near parking lots and gas stations. In Russia, this format is just beginning to develop, however, it is worth paying attention to: mini-hotels do not require significant investments, but at the same time they quickly pay off.

The following popular formats also exist:

  • Hostel. Not an expensive option: both from the point of view of the entrepreneur and from the point of view of the end customer. For organizing a hostel, the use of an ordinary three-room apartment with its further refurbishment is suitable.
  • Family boarding house. Ideal for couples with children or seniors. If you are going to open such an establishment, it is recommended to pay attention to popular tourist and recreational locations.
  • VIP hotel. A full-fledged option with a large hotel fund and a wide range of additional services.
  • Sanatorium or hospital. A wide range of wellness services will significantly increase profits, but it will take time to obtain the appropriate documentation, as well as to find personnel.

Currently, almost every second person dreams of starting their own business. But how to correctly determine the choice of a niche so that the business constantly makes a profit? Opening a small hotel can be quite profitable. This is a good business idea for entrepreneurs with good management skills. The hotel owner must be able to properly organize the work of the service personnel and know how to reduce costs. The business plan of the mini-hotel is also attractive because it will help to create an enterprise that is always in demand. After all, such services are required even during a crisis. Only the accent can change: luxury or economy category.

In this review, we will look at a simple example of a business plan for a mini-hotel. Using it, you will learn how to properly organize the work, determine the payback and profitability of the business, conduct a SWOT analysis and develop the right marketing strategy.

Business Features

Let's take a closer look at this. Before starting to consider a business plan for opening a mini-hotel, you should determine what it is. The number of rooms according to GOST should be in the range from 3 to 15 rooms. At the same time, business can be implemented in several directions at once. It can be both the creation of inexpensive youth hostels and the opening of cozy family guest houses. A hotel with 15 rooms will cost a novice entrepreneur much more, but it will certainly attract the attention of tourists and business travelers.

According to GOST standards, a mini-hotel should be located only in a separate building with its own entrance. An emergency entrance may also be required. It is better to clarify these nuances before choosing a suitable building in the fire inspection. It should also be borne in mind that a mini-hotel can only be opened in non-residential premises.

Purpose and function

The goal of such a project is to open a hotel and increase the market value of the business by increasing the competitiveness of services.

In modern practice, a business plan has four functions:

  • The first one is related to the possibility of using it to develop a business strategy. This function is vital during the period of establishment of an enterprise, as well as in the development of new directions of activity.
  • The second function is scheduling. It allows you to assess the possibilities of developing a new direction of activity, to control processes within the company.
  • The third function allows you to attract funds - loans, credits. In modern Russian conditions, it is practically impossible to carry out any significant project without credit resources, but it is not easy to get a loan.
  • The fourth function allows you to attract potential partners to the implementation of the company's plans, who would like to invest their own capital or the technology they have in production.


Despite the recent economic instability in our country, the demand for hotel services has not decreased. However, the majority of consumers today prefer practical and inexpensive mini hotels, rather than luxurious and fashionable ones. The discussed establishments can offer quality service at quite reasonable prices. The business plan of a mini-hotel must include all aspects of the organization of the enterprise. Let's consider in more detail the main stages.

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