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Business plan development has become one of the most common forms of planning in a market economy.

In the conditions of a de facto established market economy, planning the economic activities of an enterprise is the key to its effective functioning. For a flexible response of all structural divisions of an enterprise to changes in the market situation, more than just operational planning is required.

The management of any enterprise constantly feels the need to make a choice. It must choose the best selling price, the volume of production, make decisions in the field of credit and investment products and much more. To ensure the possibility of making economically sound decisions, the enterprise produces and analyzes the calculations of alternative proposals and describes the expected results of economic activity. True, the managers of many enterprises (especially small ones) are inclined to believe that it is not worth wasting time on the so-called "formal planning" (that is, to write down the entire scheme of actions in detail on paper), since the economic situation is changing so quickly that you have to constantly make changes and additions to the original course of action.

Target audience (TA) for business and advertising

Determining your target audience, whether it be a business or subsequent stages of marketing, is important for your own segmentation, building effective advertising campaigns, and getting closer to a potential buyer. In simple terms, you should know who you are developing the product for and who you are going to sell it to.

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What is the target audience?

If you offer a product to a person who simply does not need it, then even a sales assistant will not help. Of course, a mythical super-seller can sell a 70-year-old grandmother a PlayStation gamepad. But the services of such a worker will be colossally expensive. Yes, and grandmother will not become a regular customer. And a young gamer who really needs this gamepad can find you on their own. Your only task is to convey to him information about your product.

The key point in the correct selection of target audience is the increased probability of a purchase with a minimum investment of time and money to promote the product. Major global brands have formed their own audience and now people are ready to pay money just to queue up for a new gadget. You understand what kind of company we are talking about.

The task is much easier for the marketing team. After all, knowing who the ad is intended for, they can create an ad with the highest conversion. Even a banal definition of the average income of a client will help to make a constructive proposal:

  • Low-income target audience - we indicate savings and guarantee as an advantage
  • High-income target audience - we say that our products will emphasize status, expand comfort and so on


The first pack has the appearance of “folk tobacco”. They are inexpensive, in simple packaging, the name a la "Friendship" or "Volga". Consumers are ordinary workers and students who value value and act on the "just have something to smoke" principle.

The second pack is packed in thick paper with an embossed title, some kind of English. The design uses dark, silver or gold shades. Designed for those who hesitate to get cheap cigarettes in public. At the same time, the cigarettes themselves can be absolutely the same and produced at the same factory. Plus - minus thicker paper, tobacco stuffing.

From this article you will learn:

  • Is it relevant to open a medical center today
  • How to start opening a medical center
  • How to draw up a business plan for a medical center
  • How to estimate the cost of a medical center before buying
  • How to purchase a medical center
  • Is it worth buying a medical center by franchising
  • What mistakes to avoid in the process of starting a medical business

A private clinic is today an example of a successful business, the services of which are in demand, and the activity brings good income. In this article, we will show you how to write a business plan for a medical center in order to create a company specializing in the provision of paid medical services.

Is it relevant to open a private medical center today

It's safe to say that 10-15 years ago it was hard to believe in the success of a private medical center. Few imagined that the services of non-state doctors would not only be in demand, but also well paid. However, as practice shows, more and more often patients seek medical help in private clinics, and not in district hospitals.

From this we can conclude that this type of entrepreneurship is not only relevant today, but also very promising in terms of profitability. This is confirmed by the results of opinion polls.

In the fall of 2021, MAR CONSULT conducted a marketing research, during which more than 1,500 respondents of both sexes aged 18–65 years, living in different regions of the Russian Federation, were interviewed.

In the structure of paid medical services, the leaders are:

  • Dentistry - 49% of patients seek help from private dentists.
  • Laboratory (analyzes) and diagnostic examinations - 43% of the respondents, 63% of whom simultaneously use similar services provided under the compulsory health insurance program.
  • Consultations of doctors with a narrow profile (cardiology, oncology, etc.) - 30% of respondents.

Comparing the statistics of 2021 and 2021, it can be argued that the number of Russians willing to use the services of paid medicine has increased: by 28% - dentistry, by 36% - analyzes and diagnostics, by 29% - reception " narrow "specialists.

48% of respondents were ready to contact a private massage therapist in 2021, compared to just 1% in 2021.

The demand for paid services provided by public clinics is also growing. According to the Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Health Care, due to the deficit of allocated budget funds, the municipal institution is forced to look for other sources of funding.

To assess the market situation and the effectiveness of the idea of ​​opening your own coffee shop, you need to carry out careful calculations and draw up a detailed project. The business plan of the coffee house provides for the study of such important issues as the analysis of the local market, the preparation of marketing, organizational and production plans.

Provided services and assortment

Step-by-step instructions for opening a coffee shop

Services and assortment provided

A good coffee shop is distinguished by a wide selection of coffee drinks, types of coffee and degrees of roasting. Here, visitors can be offered flavored coffees and beans, brought from numerous countries, at different prices (from classic to elite).

The most common types of coffee:

  • espresso ;
  • mocco;
  • cappuccino;
  • ristretto (shot, corto);
  • latte;
  • American style coffee.

Café visitors can be given the opportunity to choose the size of the cup, toppings and syrups.

Most common coffee specialties:

  • Глясе ;
  • "Irish coffee";
  • Ice coffee;
  • "Bowling at TU -154 ";
  • " Rattlesnake ";
  • " Energizer ";
  • " Boombox ";
  • " Black Cuttlefish "and etc.

In addition to coffee, you can sell in the establishment:

Not every entrepreneur decides to draw up a business plan on his own. This requires special knowledge and skills. But this does not mean that the person will not be able to conduct the analysis himself. It will just take some time to study the general information about business plans.

Goal Setting

How to start drawing up a business plan? Absolutely all newcomers ask themselves this question. In order to assess the possible result, it is necessary to first decide what goals the future entrepreneur pursues. He should analyze the following components:

  • What do we have at the beginning of the path? This is the starting point. It is important to evaluate the conditions and features.
  • What do we want to end up with? For example, an entrepreneur may set a goal for himself to reach a certain level of income, open a certain number of points.
  • How will we succeed? The entrepreneur must have a clear understanding of what he must do to arrive at the desired outcome.

Who needs a business plan?

Some people think that only the entrepreneur needs a business plan. In practice, however, it often has to be drawn up in order to attract additional funds. There are a number of features of the business plan design, which depend on the target audience.

Target audience

People who want to invest money in a project. These can be potential partners, investors, banks and other lenders, the state that allocates subsidies and grants.

What should be the business plan?

As reliable and truthful as possible, understandable

Detailed, understandable, specific, consistent

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