Ready-made business plan for service station

A car in today's world for most people is the most important component of life. Their number is growing every day, which means that the need for repair and maintenance of machines increases.

At the same time, the market of services related to car repair is poorly saturated for the current year. That is why this is a serious reason to think about the prospects of opening your own car service.

Own service station can become a major source of profit, but this will only happen when everything is thought out to the smallest detail and is brought to life. A business plan with calculations is exactly where you should start building your car service. The free example of a business plan for opening a service station presented below will help you understand what steps will be required to open a successful car service. Of course, each case will have its own nuances, but a ready-made business plan will serve as the basis for opening a service station.

First steps to your car service

Step one. First of all, you should take into account all the technological processes that occur at the service station in order to organize a high-quality car service. However, it is not necessary to cover everything that may concern a car service. As an example, the following types of car services prevail on the market:

  • Single car service;
  • Network car service;
  • Mini car service that works on call or performs a limited range of works;
  • An authorized car service that specializes in one or more brands.

The last example is the most prestigious and profitable, but it will require quite a significant investment. Therefore, it is better to take as an example a simpler option, which will allow you to quickly recoup your investment, as well as start bringing the planned profit. Only then can we take up an example of implementing a more expensive car service.

Step two. The business plan for a diagnostic and maintenance station should start with a competitor analysis. As an example, you can compare their weaknesses, as well as strengths, from which to choose the best and determine the potential opportunities for your service station.

Step three. The next step, the business plan should consider your client. It is necessary to decide who will be the final consumer of services, what he wants to receive, what are his goals. Therefore, it is recommended that you segment your customers according to general relevant characteristics. As an example, it can be a client of average income or lower, driving domestically produced cars, who needs maintenance or repairs every 2-3 months. Based on the analysis performed, it will be possible to make a tentative description of the diagnostic and maintenance station. The workshop business plan will include the location of the car service, personnel, equipment, and the like. The number and specialization of personnel will be determined by the list of services of your car service.

Step four. Repair and maintenance of cars is necessary for many people, however, without an outdoor signboard, advertising distribution, it will be difficult to count on the stable operation of the service station. This approach will make it possible to implement the business plan of the diagnostic and maintenance station as efficiently as possible.

Every day the number of motorists is steadily growing both in large cities and in small settlements. Many of them are busy people who do not like to spend their free time on self-repairing a car, even if it is simply necessary. For this reason, many drivers are willing to pay any money for car service. So why not make money on it? How to open a car service from scratch? What format of business plan should you use?

The idea of ​​opening a service station is very relevant and promising, if you correctly prioritize its implementation. To do this, it is best to use a car service business plan with calculations, which we will consider today.

Service Industry

At the moment, the car park in Russia has tripled, which has led to the expansion of the structure of the car service market. It currently includes:

Private repair services. There are a great many such individual masters now; their services are the cheapest, but not always the highest quality.

Single car services. One of the most popular market segments that advertises itself through the ideal combination of price and quality.

Specialized car services. They work with a specific brand of car, which greatly reduces the number of potential customers, but sets out a clear target audience.

If commercial transportation is very popular in your city, then it is reasonable to use a cargo car service business plan with calculations, an example of which will help determine the average size of investments.

Private and single car services are more profitable in terms of initial costs, but their ROI may suffer due to serious competition with larger companies. This problem is especially acute in big cities.

Networked workshops are best opened in places where there is no popular brand in this area. Here, the main costs will be spent on brand advertising.

The franchise car service is advertised by itself, but for this the owner of the chain imposes certain requirements on the businessman, ranging from maintaining a certain appearance of the office, ending with the tactics of selecting each employee. In this case, the business plan (sample with calculations) of a car service may change, since investments in advertising are reduced here.

Market analysis

A new car service has a good chance of success with a correct assessment of the environment in which it will have to work. In order to choose the right direction of activity, possible specification and territorial location, it is necessary to analyze the market situation, without which the business plan (example with calculations) of the car service will not be relevant.

The content of this work represents a ready-made business solution that will develop the business of a car service station. The STO business plan assumes the availability of start-up capital in the amount of $ 8,200. The enterprise is planned to be launched at the city of Barnaul, Novorossiyskaya street.


The main task of a ready-made business plan is to start a business. In turn, the initial start-up capital for this entrepreneurial solution will require $ 8,200.

The opening of a car service is planned at the city of Barnaul, Novorossiyskaya street.


The first stages in the implementation of the service station calendar business plan are the purchase of all the necessary equipment, an advertising campaign, and the selection of specialized employees. The result of all of the above actions should be the implementation of high-quality and professional maintenance of vehicles at the specified address. Which would be able to compete with other similar enterprises and bring constant profit.

For the implementation of a business idea, an entrepreneur will be guided by his own material resources, as well as investment, which are planned to receive as presented grants for small businesses.

The need for the development of this industry is undoubtedly increasing. This is due to the constantly growing fleet of vehicles. Statistical information indicates a fairly large growth of various service stations, in this number there are both officially registered business projects and underground ones, which are trying to avoid paying taxes in every way. Thus, one can judge about serious competition in this industry area.

Today the client can choose high-quality car maintenance from service centers of famous car brands, as well as contact the middle segment of the business or give preference to the so-called garage masters. Regardless of the fact that there are quite a lot of such organizations, the number of cars and constant malfunctions in them cover all this diversity.

The service stations also differ in the prices set for their services. And therefore, an ordinary motorist is forced to turn to the middle segments of this business, since it is quite an expensive pleasure to carry out an audit and repair work in service centers.

This example of a service station business plan is also socially significant, since there are no car services for the selected location. And getting to the nearest one is long enough and also expensive. In the future, with the successful development of this project, it is possible to additionally organize a car wash and a small cafe. So that the waiting driver can wait in a calm and relaxed atmosphere for his turn.

Reviews of the car service business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of a car service in the year

Creating a car service: opening a mini-business

The auto services market is gaining momentum, not only in large cities, but also on the periphery. Many entrepreneurs are thinking about how to open a car service, and most of them opt for a small workshop. Opening your own mini-car service is easier from the point of view of costs: if a million rubles are not enough to create a solid car service, then a small workshop will cost 15-20 thousand dollars at first.

What is needed to open a small car service from scratch? The legal paperwork for opening a private car service in this case is exactly the same as in the case of a reputable company. The system of taxation and licensing in a small car service is also absolutely similar. The equipment of a small auto repair shop depends on the types and volumes of services that are planned to be provided in it. These details need to be calculated before starting the organization of a car service.

What is definitely not worth saving when creating this business is technical equipment. Even a mini-car service requires modern diagnostic equipment, which costs about 10 thousand dollars. In addition, you will definitely need an emergency body straightening stand and a lift. It is important to ensure the high quality of access roads, to build a normal road to the car service. And, of course, do not forget about attracting customers - the gross profit of a car service depends on them.

Due to the constant increase in cars per capita, the importance of car service and its place in modern society is still high. How much can you earn at the initial stage by opening a car service for 2-3 posts? It all depends on various nuances. When making plans about where and how to start a business, how to organize a car repair shop, you should not forget that a convenient location of a car service is the lion's share of success. A mini-car service located near a busy highway can generate much more profit than a reputable workshop located at a considerable distance from the road.

The profitability of a car service, its profitability also depends on how promising areas of activity you choose. For example, tire fitting fits into the scheme of opening a small car service - the costs for this will be small, and the demand for services is consistently high. Organization of a diagnostic post in a car service is also very necessary, since it will attract more customers.

In organizing work with customers of a car service with the aim of attracting them, the development of a questionnaire will help, where it will be possible to make suggestions for improving the quality of services. By focusing on the needs of your customers, you can improve your reputation. Wanting to learn more about the organization of the work of a car service, you can read special books, spending many months studying them. But there is a better option: for this it is enough to study the professional business plan of the auto repair shop. It contains detailed information on the specifics of running a car service business.

Opening a car service: the specifics of body repair

Currently, there are about 170 cars per 1000 Russians, and these numbers are constantly increasing. No wonder that the opening of new car services brings their owners quite tangible income. The business of opening a car workshop includes the repair of cars, auto glass, bumpers and other parts, a selection of paint for cars.

When opening their own car service, not all businessmen think about body repair. This is quite an expensive business, but the profit is also pleasing. Body repair is a whole range of works, the demand for which is growing every day. It is important to offer the client an impeccable quality of services, since their cost is very high. In this regard, the qualifications of the masters who perform rather complex work are important. Different types of mechanics can work in a car service, but when searching for personnel for a car service, close attention should be paid to the experience of specialists and their level of skill.

When creating a car service with your own hands, thinking about where to start a business, it should be borne in mind that the location of the body repair shop does not really matter. If you manage to create a reputation for yourself as a quality car service, in which any work, including locksmith's, is performed at a very high level, there will be no end of clients.

Before opening, it is important to calculate all costs and try to calculate profit. The issues of attracting customers and ways of finding employees, marketing actions to increase revenue - all this must be foreseen in the business plan.

Starting such a specific business is fraught with some difficulties. But, approaching such a matter responsibly, one can have no doubt of success.

To properly organize a business, you need to understand the issues of the automotive industry. Therefore, car services are often opened by people who work with cars, i.e. car mechanics.

Project Description

This business can be conditionally divided according to several criteria. By categories, they are subdivided into those specializing in the repair of cars, trucks. For the repair of trucks, the premises will need several times larger than with a regular service. Specialized equipment will also be needed.

It is important to define what services will be included in the service.

  • Car wash.
  • Oil change, tire fitting.
  • Body repair.
  • Camber-toe.
  • Vehicle diagnostics.

An additional box and equipment will be required for washing. The number of employees will also depend on the number of places for washing. They will need at least 2.

Oil change is one of the most popular services. Requires special equipment that can be leased. Number of employees for the procedure: 1.

Tire fitting is always in demand, especially when the demand for it increases in the off-season. Number of workers: at least 2.

Business Registration

It often happens that it is necessary to submit documents to one branch of the tax service, and the activity will be carried out in another area. Then it is necessary to register after acquiring the status of an individual entrepreneur at the branch at the place of residence.

An application to the tax service is submitted in a certain form (p21001). When registering, the OKVED codes are indicated by which the activities are planned.

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