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The hotel business is an integral part of tourism and directly depends on the tourist flow. To open a hotel, it is important to consider the location of the complex and its appearance A well-written business plan will help assess the risks and profitability of the project.

Types of hotels and relevance

Step-by-step opening instructions

Services provided

The hotel business implies providing accommodation in compliance with the requirements specified in GOST R51185-98 “Tourist services. Accommodation facilities. General requirements". The service provided by the hotel complex ensures the performance of the main functions associated with the accommodation of the client, and additional ones, which the guest chooses and pays for.

Basic hotel services:

  • Accommodation. Registration of guests should be carried out around the clock.
  • Food. Provides priority service for those living on the territory of the complex.

Additionally, the following service can be provided:

  • Public catering. This implies the presence of a restaurant, sushi bar, coffee shop or other similar place.
  • Consumer services. Laundry, dry cleaning, hairdressing, rental (air conditioning, TV, car), luggage storage (for securities and things), loader (luggage delivery).
  • Parking services (paid or free).
  • Excursion service. Organization of trips along a specific route accompanied by a guide or translator.
  • Entertainment infrastructure. The presence on the territory of the hotel complex of a store, a nightclub, a gym, a children's room, a swimming pool, a sauna and others.
  • Business services. Providing a conference room, organizing negotiation support.
  • Childcare. The presence of a nanny who speaks the language of the guest.
  • Animal care - feeding, walking, training.

The services that the hotel will provide must be selected based on the concept of the complex and written in the business plan.

Types of hotels and relevance

Hotels are divided into the following types:

It would be superfluous to say that the owners of mini-hotels in Russia have a profitable business on this. Especially when it comes to resort regions and large metropolitan areas. However, in order to develop a hotel business plan, it is important to form the main idea and business plan of the mini hotel.

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First of all, the decision here will be made taking into account the available budget. So, you can start the construction of a huge hotel complex, the construction of which will begin from the stage of laying the foundation, or you can stay at a small hotel with a couple of dozen rooms. Along with financial assets, here you should also focus on the consumer audience - how popular will a large hotel be?

From the last question, you just need to start developing your hotel business plan.

Prospective visitors should be classified into several conditional groups - by age, occupation, interests, financial condition. The resulting picture will characterize the target audience of the future hotel. It will be possible to effectively start from this when defining a marketing strategy, giving a name to your business and promoting it.

Project sketch

Here we will consider an example of opening a mini-hotel on the territory of St. Petersburg, which will accommodate 12 rooms. The main reference point is guests with an average income level, and the main focus will be on providing quality services, including a flexible marketing policy and comfortable conditions of stay. The approximate payback period for this project is about three years, after which an increase in the number of hotel rooms is possible.

Example of project marketing policy

At this time, about three dozen high and medium-level hotels are represented on the territory of the cultural capital of Russia. Along with them, there are about fifty hotel-salons.

The plan of a mini-hotel should take into account the fact that the main competitors in the segment under consideration will not be large hotels, but apartments for daily rent. It is possible to compete with them only by providing guests with a high level of conditions and actively promoting their business through a well-built advertising campaign.


The project involves the construction and operation of a guest house on its own land plot located on the Azov coast of the Krasnodar Territory. The facility is located in close proximity to the city of Yeisk.

Required investments - 13.8 million rubles. The project is distinguished by a high level of costs and a significant payback period, but the risks are minimal, and the market is quite stable.

The main competitive advantage of the project is a high level of service quality, including a wide range of additional services. The advantage of a guest house over a hotel lies in much simpler procedures for registering a business and registering with supervisory authorities. In addition, the project does not require highly qualified personnel, complex organizational structure and structure of business processes.

Key indicators of economic efficiency of the project are given in Table. 4.


The goal of the project is the construction of a guest house in the resort area (Azov coast of Krasnodar Territory, district of Yeisk). The advantage of a guest house over a hotel is a much simpler scheme of work: no transfer of a land plot to the category of a commercial one is required, no star rating is required, no need to organize a restaurant, etc. The number of rooms in the guest house can reach 20-30 rooms, which is quite consistent with the goals of the project. The main orientation is vacationers during the holiday season, from early May to late September.

In recent years, interest in domestic tourism in Russia has been growing, which is associated with a number of economic and political factors: the annexation of the Crimea, the popularization of domestic tourist destinations at the state level, a decrease in the population's ability to pay, armed conflicts in the Middle East, etc. ...

According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2021 Russia was visited by about 28 million tourists from abroad, which puts it in 9th place in the world in terms of tourist attractiveness.

According to Rosstat, from 1995 to 2021 the inflow of foreign tourists to Russia increased by 27%. On the other hand, in the same period, the Russians also mastered many foreign tourist destinations - primarily beach ones: Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Bulgaria. In 2021, the number of domestic tourists was 32 million. Unfortunately, similar data for recent years are not presented in the open sources of Rosstat or the Federal Agency for Tourism. However, it should be assumed that in 2021 domestic tourism destinations were in even greater demand than in previous years; and in 2021 we should expect unprecedented growth in the industry.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

The hotel business is one of the most profitable areas of entrepreneurial activity. About 55-60% of hotels reach self-sufficiency in 2-3 years of operation (taking into account active marketing promotion). The project will require large investments and careful planning. The ready-made business plan for opening a hotel with payback calculations given below will help to understand the topic in more detail. We will consider the main stages of work, describe the moments of the case that are important for taking into account, and also give an approximate calculation of the hotel's exit to the break-even point.

Hospitality Market Overview

The hotel business is an attractive area of ​​work in Russia, even despite the crisis in the economy. So, from January to September 2021, hotels in the country earned 205 billion rubles, serving more than 54 million tourists. The volume of revenue is rather big, but it is less than the turnover in 2021 by 6.9%. At the same time, the number of tourists increased by 11%, and most of them turned out to be domestic - Russians themselves traveled more actively around the country, staying in various hotels in Moscow and the regions.

The hotel industry in the country has great prospects for development. The most attractive for people are comfortable and not too expensive 2-3-star hotels. International hotel chains are actively investing in the Russian market. They operate directly or use franchising: in 2021, 24 new hotels were opened under international brands.

Hotel Industry Outlook

There are several trends in the Russian hotel market.

Large urban agglomerations of the Russian Federation are centers of business activity. The growth of this activity increases the demand for hotels. Despite the fairly high competition in their industry, half of the large cities of Russia lack hotels and hotels. There is a growing demand for business hotels equipped with coworking centers, conference rooms, etc. In this regard, the economy segment can be distinguished: there are not enough 2- and 3-star hotels in cities.

The tourism sector in the country is developing every year. The number of tourists (Russians and foreigners) is growing; this is especially true for immigrants from Asian countries. This requires the creation of infrastructure, including full and mini hotels. The state provides support to novice hoteliers. In 2021, more than 120 billion rubles are expected to be allocated. for these purposes.

Hotel format

At the stage of the project, an entrepreneur chooses a hotel format suitable for himself.


Brief Investment Memorandum

It is obvious that not only external, but also internal tourism is popular among Russians. In the era of the Internet, people learn about completely unknown places that are located in our country. Needless to say about the low cost of travel in Russia - they tend to benefit when compared with foreign travel. Also, do not forget about business trips, professional development and all kinds of events related to the business activities of people. Naturally, all human movements imply a demand for a place to live. Finding a suitable place to sleep is sometimes difficult even in a big city. This can be due to both poor advertising and the lack of suitable options in a particular area. Accordingly, the more successful the hotel is located and the better it is advertised, the more customers will visit it over a long period of time.

Opening a hotel is a great solution for any locality. Even in the smallest towns and villages, such a business may well flourish. It is, of course, important to take into account all the nuances of the environment. For example, if we are talking about a resort town, then there will certainly be fewer problems with clients. True, and not every season there can be many guests. So everything here is strictly individual and, in fact, depends on the characteristics of a particular area.

Besides, if we are talking about a more or less inexpensive option, then it will always be in demand. In our case, we will consider a middle class hotel. This business plan is focused on a city with a population of about one million.

Profits will be promoted by such factors as, for example, comfort of rooms, high level of service, convenient location, reasonable prices.

The initial investment will amount to 12 million 400 thousand rubles.

The "plus" is planned for the sixth month of work.

The payback period will be one and a half years.

The monthly net profit will amount to 776 thousand rubles.

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