Radio station business plan

But this business is highly profitable and attracts creativity. No matter how important financial calculation is, the opportunity to come into contact with the beautiful, interesting and meaningful in their work attracts many investors. Let's take a look at a sample business plan that shows how much it costs to open a radio and what it takes.


As a result of this project, the investor will open a radio station in the city of Barnaul under the Business brand. According to the plan, the radio station will broadcast the capital's radio channel, as well as prepare its own programs about business. Gradually more and more own products will be added.

Company Information

The radio station "Business" should tell Barnaul residents about business and economy. New ideas, forecasts, analytics, investments - all this will be the subject of attention of the presenters. At the outset, the broadcast will focus on business in Russia. But as our own programs appear, more and more bias will be made towards the region and the city. If unforeseen circumstances do not interfere, and the business plan of the radio station is implemented in full, then in 6 months the number of programs will begin to grow.

Business environment

Despite the abundance of radio stations in Barnaul, there is still no radio for entrepreneurs. Therefore, there are no competitors on the market. At the same time, federal television and radio channels, which can be found on the Internet, talk about business in the conditions of Moscow and the Moscow region, which is completely unsuitable for a Siberian city of 600 thousand people. Polls confirm the assumption that business programs in the regional market will be in demand.

Marketing & Sales Plan

The law stipulates that the share of advertising information on the air should not exceed 1/20. The retransmission agreement prescribes no more than 8 minutes of advertising time in the programs of the retransmitted channel. Own broadcasting time will be 2 hours a day. The average bill for advertising in the region is 3 thousand rubles. Based on this and the average indicators for the industry, you can earn 3,900 thousand rubles a year. This business plan of the radio station is calculated based on 2 hours of airtime allocated for its own programs.

Advertising for the radio station is required. All possible media will be used for promotion: booklets, local newspapers, billboards, local TV channels, the Internet. And, of course, you need your own website. The estimated costs of the company will be 150 thousand rubles. To attract an audience in the first programs, contests will be held, allowing listeners to win a small prize.

Operational plan

Opening a radio station should start with paperwork. This process is lengthy. It often lasts for six months or a year. The formal part includes the following steps:

Analysis of the investment in the structure of the business plan

Reviews of the radio station's business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of the radio station in the year

Organization of a radio station: your own family business

Very often the idea of ​​opening a radio station arises in a narrow family circle or in a circle of like-minded people who have common interests and goals. If you are lucky to meet people on your way who are ready to support you, provide moral support and share with you all the problems and hardships on the way to success - consider yourself lucky. As a rule, if the organization of a radio station is carried out entirely on its own, becoming a truly family business, the result is almost 100% positive.

But there is another option for organizing a radio business, when the entrepreneur himself does not have experience in this area of ​​business, entrusts all organizational issues to professional performers. He himself only coordinates the entire process, taking part in solving the most important issues. Both options have certain advantages and disadvantages, and the final choice should be made based on the availability of certain opportunities, and not only financial ones.

Of course, the desire to open your own radio station from scratch, with your own hands, can be very great. But this is possible only if you have at least a basic understanding of the specifics of this process. It is even better if you have worked in radio before and you know about all the problems that you can face in the process of starting a business. In order for your radio station not only to start functioning, but also to gain popularity among radio listeners, it is important to choose the right business model of the radio station. To this end, you should carefully analyze the types of radio stations that are already broadcasting in your area.

Organization of broadcasting from scratch is a very costly process. The greatest expenses will be required for the purchase of special equipment, including a radio transmitter, the cost of which, as a rule, directly depends on its power. In this case, one should take into account the existing restrictions on FM radio transmitters. Find out in advance how much it costs to rent a radio frequency. A bright and concise name will make it easier to recognize your radio station. Choose a few good options for the name of the broadcasting company and choose the one that is most memorable for the radio listener and most accurately reflects the format of your radio. The parallel creation of online radio broadcasting can be a good move, especially since it has not been so difficult to open an Internet radio station recently.

If you have doubts, you can do it easier and open a radio franchise. You can read about all the advantages of such a step in the radio station's professional business plan. A competent business project is very important when you are creating a radio company that should become your life's work. From the business plan, you will learn how radio makes money, how to attract advertisers and increase your profits.

A ready-made business plan for a radio station from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

We offer a business plan for the radio station, which is drawn up on the basis of modern requirements for the introduction of such an interesting and promising undertaking. People need radio stations, even despite the emergence of the Internet and fashionable devices that make it possible to use the services of the World Wide Web everywhere. Many of us tune in to our favorite radio wave in moments of rest, travel, even standing in traffic jams, so entering this segment means joining a team of professionals who are engaged in radio broadcasts, earning income from advertising and other sources.

An example of a ready-made document will allow you to plunge headlong into the upcoming realities of the implementation of this case. You need high-quality broadcasting equipment, the selection of professional presenters, of course, you should decide on the concept of your particular radio station. Behind each broadcast there are living people, these are not only sparkling presenters with an original syllable and clear diction, but also other specialists: technicians, sound engineers, directors, assistants.

Having studied the information on creating a radio, you will find out what documents should be drawn up when registering this case. Indeed, in order to put a radio station into operation, you should take special permits from the relevant authorities. Music or news, an overview of world politics or economics, radio performances that were so popular before - the choice of direction remains with the creator, think about what direction modern radio stations lack, and get down to business!

The essence of a business project called "commercial radio station" is to make money selling advertising time.

The highlight of this business is that the main product (interesting radio broadcasts) is distributed to everyone free of charge, and is sold for advertising time.

To spin the magic wheel that attracts advertisers, you need a sound business plan - a radio station plan, start-up capital, dedication and a little luck.

Let's consider the main steps that need to be taken to implement the business plan of the radio station:

1. Determine radio station format

The first step is to choose the idea and format of the radio station, determine the target audience. This is an essential point. Future profit and payback period will largely depend on it.

2. Register a legal entity

It is necessary to acquire the status of a legal entity in order to obtain a broadcasting license. At this stage, it is important to choose a beautiful name for your company and correctly indicate the types of activities.

3. Collect the necessary documents for starting a business

You can go through this stage yourself. To avoid difficulties in coordinating with the Ministry of Defense research institute, it is better, albeit more expensive, to use the services of a subsidiary of the Main Radio Frequency Center.

4. Get broadcast frequency

It will be possible to get the conclusion of the HRChTS with your broadcasting frequency only if there are free frequencies in the range from 87 to 108 MHz. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the development of the broadcasting frequency.

5. Develop a broadcast frequency

Listen to FM online or on the radio?

The idea of ​​starting your own radio station is a medium-sized business idea. Of course, most people prefer to listen to music online, but radio is still popular as a way of transmitting information. FM online is an additional way to promote your radio and make it even more popular.

Before starting such a business, carefully read the Law of the Russian Federation "On Mass Media", Articles 7, 8 and 10. Registration of a radio station will require payment of a registration fee, an application and documentation to the appropriate territorial authority. In a month you will be able to start. The certificate you receive will indicate that you are the founder of the radio show with the new name. The station can be launched in a year.

When choosing the status of the editorial board, it is better to opt for a "legal entity" with its own bank account. After that, you have two ways of further promotion: conclude an agreement with an already operating radio company and rent a few hours of airtime from it, or you can create your own business from scratch - this step will require much higher costs. So, you will need to contact Gossvyaznadzor and find out about the availability of free radio frequencies in the area in which you plan to start. If an unoccupied radio frequency is available, then an agreement on the creation of a broadcasting license is concluded with local telecom operators. If there is no free radio frequency, you will have to start developing it - this is an expensive procedure.

How to start?

After obtaining a permit for temporary work on the air and concluding a contract for a time at one of the radio stations, you can equip a studio in your own or rented premises. It is also necessary to prepare the transmitter, antenna systems and recruit staff. Before going on the air, it is worth placing advertising information about your radio station in newspapers, on television on the Internet.

Jingles and screensaver for the radio station, recording of finished programs should be ready. Additionally, an agreement with a federal (most often Moscow) company is required, the programs of which you will have to relay: you will not be able to fill the air with only your programs and music. The work is difficult and painstaking. A radio station from scratch will cost about $ 50,000.


Get investors and sponsors interested in helping your project. Think over the format and concept of the future radio station, calculate the expenses for the purchase of equipment, salaries for employees, profit and payback time of the project.

  • Preparation of permits

Obtaining a license and registering a legal entity. The best option would be to contact one of the subsidiaries of the Main Radio Frequency Center. Registration of a full package of documents will be expensive - so, you will need permits from military units and research institutes of the Ministry of Defense. If the project has been designed in good faith, future profits should cover all costs. In order to register your radio as a mass media, you need to contact one of the branches of Rosokhrankultura and pay the fee. After that, you will receive a certificate that a certain frequency has been assigned to you, and an examination will be carried out to determine the frequency power if it exceeds 100 watts.

The selected radio frequency must be notified to the Main Radio Frequency Center. The latitude and longitude will be determined, at which your broadcasts will actually be broadcast. You can choose a more expensive option and develop your own frequency. When choosing latitude and longitude, one must take into account that the lower the frequency, the greater the range it extends, that is, the frequency within 87.5 - 100 MHz is more extensive than very high frequencies to 108 MHz.

Every person is naturally given the ability to express themselves. But some lose it in their daily routine, while others are looking for ways to manifest their creativity. A good way of self-realization is to open a radio station in your city. This is an opportunity to declare yourself as a purposeful, erudite, full of creative ideas that can be shared with the public.

Along with the realization of their abilities, this type of activity can become a successful business, bringing a constant considerable income. True, it will require large financial investments, physical efforts and obtaining a lot of permits. But if you find serious sponsors who are ready to help in the implementation of a successful project, take a responsible approach to organizing the entire process, then literally in a year and a half the results will not be long in coming.

How to open your FM radio: a step-by-step guide

It's a good idea to think about this idea for people who have received preliminary experience in journalism or as radio or TV presenters. But its absence cannot become an obstacle for purposeful individuals who have interesting projects in stock. The following actions will help you create your broadcast:

  • Construction or lease of an upper floor in a high-rise building.
  • Recording studio equipment.
  • Purchase of hardware-studio complex.
  • Develop your own radio wave.
  • Promotion of commercial advertising, etc.

Experienced people say that a well-thought-out company name is important. It will become a kind of visiting card of the radio point. Therefore, it should be easy to remember, short, but at the same time interesting, reflecting the main direction of work.


You need to know that you won't be able to work on a full scale from the very beginning. You will have to go through a trial test period. Firstly, this requirement is made by the Main Radio Frequency Center - GRCHTs - which gives permission to start activities. Secondly, this is due to the fact that it should take some time to gain the listener's attention. Therefore, it is best to open your own radio station under the auspices of a well-known broadcasting brand, which has a certain proven direction. Moreover, promoted brands provide an opportunity for novice radio hotspots free traffic for a certain time.

Once launched as a regional radio, it is possible to provide airtime to advertise local small offices or businesses. Such a move will be mutually beneficial. Famous companies are unlikely to want to deal with newbies.

Registration of a legal entity

To obtain an official license to open a radio station, you must register as an LLC - a legal entity or CJSC - a closed joint stock company. The law of the Russian Federation does not provide for work in radio broadcasting as an individual entrepreneur.

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