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How to open a rabbit farm with minimal costs

Everyone knows that rabbits are not only valuable fur, but also 2-3 kg of easily digestible meat. But few people dare to experience for themselves how profitable and profitable the rabbit business is. Although, as practice shows, recently it has become more and more profitable to open an agricultural business and raise rabbits on an industrial scale. The wholesale price of rabbit meat is gradually increasing, and we can already talk about a good profit from the rabbit farm.

Rabbit meat is considered dietary and very good for health, and products made from its skins are worn with pleasure by both women and the stronger sex. When deciding to start your own rabbit raising business, it is important to start with a good herd. This item of expenses will become the main one in creating a business. You can build a rabbit farm yourself, which is much cheaper than buying ready-made buildings. But you choose in any case.

Rabbits have a lot of advantages compared to other farm animals. They are very fertile, and the gestation period in rabbits is very short. One female gives out such a number of offspring per year that its weight is almost 30 times its own weight. All this makes the business of raising rabbits very promising, which attracts more and more new entrepreneurs.

When planning to open their own business and breed rabbits, businessmen often think about which breed to give preference to. Recently, their choice is increasingly falling on accelerated rabbits. This is a unique breed, whose representatives already at the age of four months reach a weight of 4-5 kg. Moreover, such rabbits do not require special care, and are capable of breeding in any, the coldest frosts.

The business of raising rabbits is profitable and waste-free production. Both the meat of the animal and its skin are subject to sale. Even rabbit liver is in demand. And vermicompost, thanks to rabbits, is generally excellent. In addition to the rabbit meat business, many entrepreneurs are betting on the breeding of downy breeds - especially for the very valuable down.

The rabbit business has its own system: the more animals on a rabbit farm, the higher the profitability. If the main livestock is about 100 females and 35-40 males, then the farm can receive up to a thousand rabbits annually per year. To get one ton of rabbit meat per month, it is necessary to slaughter about 500 animals. To maintain the livestock, the same number of animals must be born every month.

Having decided to start a business and breed rabbits, an entrepreneur should carefully consider a plan of action. A business project for breeding rabbits will be the most effective help in this case. A professional example of a rabbit farming business plan with ready-made calculations for a budding entrepreneur building a rabbit business is a real guide to action.

A ready-made rabbit business plan from scratch with examples of opening calculations

A modern business plan for breeding rabbits with ready-made calculations is what will help, taking into account today's realities, to form a stable operating enterprise that generates income. Those who are already engaged in raising rabbits will confirm how useful and interesting this business is, how quickly it can pay off if you approach the project with intelligence and acumen. Moreover, such a thing can be arranged both in the city and in the countryside.

Rabbit business plan

Meat is the most favorite food for humans, and dietary products of rabbit farms are in great demand.

Although the store shelves are full of a variety of meat products, the creation of animal farms seems to be a cost-effective idea for starting your own business.

Despite the fact that the number of farms has increased significantly over the past ten years, Russia still has significant potential for the development of many branches of animal husbandry.

Among the most promising areas of development in this area, the leading position is taken by the idea of ​​opening a farm for breeding rabbits. There are a lot of rabbit meat lovers in our country, but the meat of this animal in the city is not so easy to find.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the features of the products of the rabbit farm:

  • Meat contains a lot of proteins and very little cholesterol. Due to this ratio, it is positioned as a dietary one. Doctors recommend its use for people with kidney, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. Also, rabbit meat is useful for children and people suffering from overweight.
  • Animal fur is highly prized among clothing manufacturers. The low price of skins and the quality of fur, which is not inferior to mink, makes this raw material very popular.
  • There are also decorative breeds that are bred for the purpose of resale as a pet. They have an agreeable character and are not demanding in care.

Preparatory phase of the project

Rabbits breed very well. During the year, one female brings offspring 5-6 times, and there can be 8-15 cubs in each circle, so breeding them, with proper organization of the economy, can become a very profitable type of business.

For the effective implementation of the project, it is necessary to take the planning process seriously, conduct a market analysis and draw up a step-by-step business plan for creating a rabbit farm. When drawing up a plan, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Getting basic knowledge of animal breeding. You need to read specialized literature. You can also get practical advice from experienced breeders by contacting them through the forums.
  • Registration of a farm and obtaining permits. Usually, start-up entrepreneurs are registered as individual entrepreneurs and register their personal subsidiary plots. You do not need a rabbit breeding license, but you must obtain permission from the health authorities.
  • Selection of a site with premises and purchase of equipment. To organize a mini-farm for 1,000 heads, you need a plot of at least 6 acres.
  • Selection of breed for breeding. The potential and possible directions of development of your project depend on this.

Let's consider some of these points in more detail.

A modern business plan for rabbit farming is what will help, taking into account today's realities, to form a stable operating enterprise that generates income. Those who are already engaged in raising rabbits will confirm how useful and interesting this business is, how quickly it can pay off if you approach the project with intelligence and acumen.

Small business development involves many nuances. To begin with, you need to decide on the type of activity, agree on all the legal points. Drawing up the right business plan is the key to success and profit.

Rabbit breeding is a good option for a profitable business. The meat and wool of these animals are always in demand.

Stages of doing business from scratch: where to start and how to develop?

First of all, you should register your company. If we are talking about rabbit breeding, then it is better to register your business as a peasant farm. This form of management will give many positive factors.

First of all, taxation will be reduced, benefits will be provided. But it will take a lot of effort to open such a form of business. Less problematic starting a sole proprietorship. Unfortunately, no privileges will apply here.

On the site where rabbit breeding will be carried out there should be:

  • the right number of cages so that the rabbits do not live in cramped conditions;
  • special rooms for storing feed;
  • equipped manure pit; <
  • butchery;
  • a specially equipped room for storing skins and a refrigerator for meat;
  • a master's house where you can spend the night;
  • a booth for storage of tools.

Purchase of Rabbits of the Breed

Before breeding rabbits, you need to decide on the purpose of their further marketing, whether it will be meat or skins. If the main profit will be the sale of meat, then you should choose the meat breed rabbits.

  • New Zealand red;
  • New Zealand white;
  • Californian.

These breeds quickly gain the required mass, literally in 2-3 months.

Fluffy breeds include:

Rabbit breeding as a business in our country has not yet become widespread, although many rural residents keep rabbits for tasty and dietary meat. But since the livestock of animals in such cases rarely exceeds fifty specimens and, moreover, they are raised mainly for personal needs, it can hardly be called a business.

To put rabbit breeding on a professional basis is often hampered by the lack of knowledge in this area - the number of rabbit farms in our country can be counted on one hand - which is why the business does not bring the required profit and becomes unprofitable.

Breeding rabbits at home is beneficial because it requires minimal investment. If you create the appropriate conditions, then you can keep these animals even in the apartment. However, it is still optimal to build a spacious equipped outdoor rabbit farm with the possibility of subsequent expansion.

  • See also: Breeding chinchillas - how to build a successful business.

We buy young animals

To begin with, you should immediately decide what type of product you want to make a priority in your farm: meat or skins. In the first case, you should choose rabbits of early maturing breeds: gray and white giant, chinchilla, silver. Their young growth at 2-2.5 months of age with a balanced diet weighs about 1.5-2 kg.

If the focus is on skins, then you need to buy breeds with beautiful thick fur, best of all - an unusual color. For example, this could be:

  • Fire Black ;
  • Thuringian ;
  • Alaska.

These breeds are popular in Europe and have long been bred on an industrial scale. But in our country they are still considered rare, so you won't be able to buy them on the market or in an ordinary nursery. Rabbits of rare "skin" breeds are often raised for sale and are not cheap.

In fact, raising rabbits just for the skin is not profitable, primarily due to the lack of a market for products. The skin of the 1st grade is estimated by buyers at about 200 - 300 rubles, the third - about half as much.

To get high quality rabbit skins, you need to keep them in isolated cages (so that they don't damage the valuable fur during the fight), which is an additional cost. At the same time, rabbits of pure "skin" breeds usually have a low weight - a maximum of about 3 kg and grow more slowly than meat individuals.

For breeding rabbits at home, it is best to purchase animals of meat and skin breeds:

  • flandre ;
  • chinchilla;
  • silver ;
  • giant gray;
  • Viennese blue;
  • Soviet flanders.

Breeding rabbits in itself does not require much effort from the business owner, rabbits are unpretentious in food, are not afraid of frost, breed well, which is one of the most important conditions for making a profit - the more rabbits on the farm, the more income.

Of course, all the nuances of the question of how to breed rabbits should be provided for by a business plan for breeding rabbits, which will help you go through all the stages of organizing a business without mistakes inherent in aspiring entrepreneurs, dispelling all doubts about whether this activity is profitable or not.

Breeding rabbits at home and industrial breeding of rabbits as a business differ only in scale, the cultivation technology remains unchanged, so if you want to increase your profit, just increase the number of animals.

A rabbit breeding business is no doubt more suitable for people living in rural areas, but residents of large cities are also not deprived of the opportunity to organize a business on rabbits in their summer cottages, or their own backyards of the private sector in the city. back to contents ↑


The description of this project is a phased plan for the creation of a farm specializing in breeding rabbits with a payback period of 1-2 years. The essence and goals of the project:

Breeding rabbits at home requires the organization of a special farm (hereinafter - Farms) with a consistent development of the economy and pursues 4 main goals:

  • implementation of a highly profitable agricultural business project;
  • obtaining economic profit;
  • creating additional jobs in a particular locality;
  • filling the meat market in a particular region and meeting consumer needs for dietary rabbit meat and valuable natural fur.

Form of doing business: KFH (peasant farm)

Type of taxation: Unified agricultural tax (Unified Agricultural Tax)

Type of project financing: own funds, or a commercial loan from a bank

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