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Opening a bookstore: second-hand book business

In Soviet times, second-hand bookstores were very popular among book lovers. After all, it was only there that one could find rare editions of particular value for true lovers of literary editions. Today, the second-hand book business has taken on a slightly different shape. This is not just a point of sale where you can buy used books and magazines at a reasonable price; in most cases, a second-hand bookstore becomes a kind of hobby club.

Opening the trade in books already read by someone and sometimes a little shabby does not require significant investment. But the preparatory stage should be given very close attention. Most of the buyers of the second-hand book department sooner or later move into the category of regular ones, but you can count on a good profit only with a stable flow of customers.

Your best bet is to open a second-hand bookstore on a busy street near educational institutions. You should not be afraid of competition in the form of ordinary bookstores, on the contrary, the proximity to such outlets is beneficial for the second-hand book department. Not finding a suitable book among the new editions, the buyer will definitely look to you.

The very definition of a second-hand bookstore implies the sale and purchase of used and antique prints. This means that a businessman who decides to open a business in the second-hand book business will have to deal not only with the sale of books, but also with the receipt of goods from the population. At the same time, it is possible that some book lovers will bring old volumes without demanding any payment, on the only condition that in exchange they can take other books to read. As a rule, many entrepreneurs initially put up publications from their own libraries for sale. Judging by the experience of businessmen who open second-hand bookstores, this practice is bearing fruit, since it is very important from the first days of the store's operation to interest the buyer with a wide range of books.

Be sure to think about your bookstore design. A point of sale shouldn't be a dump with old, battered books haphazardly arranged, without a single hint of sections. If you want the customer to come back to your store again and again, create all the conditions for this. Be sure to study the demand, start a magazine in which store visitors will submit their requests for books. As salespersons, hire people who are truly in love with their business, sociable and sociable.

In your second-hand bookstore, you need to create bookmarks for different genres of books so that the buyer can easily find the section of interest. The overall interior of the store should create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Are there any prospects for this type of business and how to open a bookstore to which buyers will strive - you will find the answers to these questions in a competent example of a business plan for opening a bookstore with ready-made calculations. After studying it, you will learn about the specifics of second-hand book trade, understand how to prepare reports on the book business and accurately determine the likely paths of your business development.

Bookstore organization: business nuances

Over the past few years, pessimists have been persistently predicting the imminent death of books, predicting incredible success for electronic media. But time goes by, and new books in paperback and hard covers, possessing an incomparable aroma of fresh printing ink, always find their buyers. Therefore, entrepreneurs planning to open their own bookstore or shop have every chance to create a stable and profitable business.

This market segment attracts mainly true connoisseurs of books who are well versed in the specifics of this type of business. In order to enter it, a businessman will need at least 50 thousand dollars. Most of this amount will be spent on the purchase of goods. And here lies the main problem: what to trade, how to determine which books will be in the highest demand among the population?

If you have a special flair - great, if not - you need to study the demand, conduct a thorough analysis, find out what literature is in high demand. An example of an assortment list for each store is different, and in no case should you focus on competitors.

When writing a bookstore business plan, an aspiring entrepreneur is inevitably faced with the need to compete with online services and electronic media - tablets, books, phones, and even audiobooks. However, you shouldn't overestimate virtual rivals. A real paper book, in contrast to them, has, in addition to content, physical value and is able to give the reader aesthetic pleasure.

Bookstore Business Plan Summary

A business plan of any enterprise is a document that includes comprehensive data:

about the owner and the legal form of the business;

Buy Bookstore Business Plan

about the location of the outlet, equipment and employees;

about the nature of the book products sold;

about start-up costs, payback periods, risks and profits.

Data is presented in a dry, structured business form. The optimal amount of text is several printed pages.

The collected information is given in a condensed form in the summary, which is drawn up after writing the main text. This is the most important section that opens the business plan according to the generally accepted structure. A potential investor should at first glance at the resume assess the completeness of the information and the professionalism of the compiler.

The publishing business is considered one of the most complex and unpredictable. It is almost impossible to predict its commercial success in advance, which is why the chance of getting a loan for opening such a business is zero. If you are ready to start in this direction, you should rely only on your own strength and self-financing. There are simply no other options. We bring to your attention a business plan of a publishing house with calculations, using which as an example, you can start your business with the least risks.

Market Analysis

According to analysts, the situation on the publishing market over the past ten years can be called a stable and prolonged crisis. And this applies to all areas in this area. It is quite obvious that the times when the print press and paper books played a key role in society ended in the late 2021s - early 2021s, when the Internet from an expensive toy finally turned into communication as familiar in every home as electricity or water pipes. As a result, electronic and audio books are replacing traditional ones, and online media are winning the opposition for readers from newspapers. This is a normal situation. If you are planning to enter this market in 2021, there is no need to lament the 21st century. Get ready to reclaim your place in the sun.

Before starting this business, you need to answer yourself a few questions:

First, in which direction to work. There are several types of publishers, each of which can also be subdivided into several more:

  • Fiction. It can be subdivided into adult and children's, universal and specialized by genre (science fiction, intellectual literature, poetry, comics, etc.).
  • Specialized literature (scientific, state standards).
  • Periodicals (newspapers, magazines).
  • Entertainment publications (calendars, crosswords, jokes, recipes).

Secondly, how exactly will you earn. In the publishing business, this problem is far from unambiguous and depends on the direction of activity. The most common option is advertising. The periodicals provide themselves in this way. The second option is the sale of printed materials. The third is publishing at the expense of the authors (this is how the publishing of fiction and scientific literature works partly). The fourth option is to work with sponsorship money. As a rule, these are highly specialized publications that are supported by business in this area or by interested individuals. And the fifth way is to sponsor a print project with revenues from third-party commercial products. At the same time, the print edition can perform an advertising and information function for users of a commercial product.

Working format

We will specialize in the production of fiction in the same genre - science fiction and fantasy. The choice is due to several factors:

  • High demand for novels in this genre among the reading public (according to statistics, the second place after detective stories).
  • The creator's interest in this area and the presence of authors who are ready for cooperation in the future.
  • The most promising today are highly specialized projects that do not publish everything in a row, like large publishing houses, but focus on a certain market segment.

We will work only in a publishing format. Starting your own printing house requires a lot of investment that an entrepreneur does not have. In this case, the release of books can be established in cooperation with a third-party printing house.

Running your own business is a tremendous opportunity that cannot be matched by the highest salary or bank deposit. But because of competitors and subtle nuances, the dream can collapse. The early failure rate varies widely according to different data, but all researchers estimate it as very high, especially during the first few years. If you do not want to be disappointed in a founded company, the selection of business planning literature that we have collected on kniga will certainly come in handy. iz. a.

The authors of the collected books will help you go from a simple desire to become an entrepreneur to the stage of a workable business. Even if it seems to you that all the niches are occupied and there is nothing new to come up with, we will show that you are wrong! Doubt, hope, dream and take risks - and your startup or reorganized business will earn 100 points out of 100.

"How to develop a business plan of ready-made business plans" Konstantin Petrov

How not to screw up your first business plan? You can read a mountain of specialized literature and use different schemes - or you can learn from the best and spy on ready-made business plans. This valuable opportunity is offered by Konstantin Petrov. In addition to real detailed instructions, the author explains each element of the plan, the pros and cons of a particular tool (for example, the pros and cons of various sales forecasting methods).

The book is accompanied by files that will help you draw up an individual business plan based on templates prepared by the author.

Ernst & Young's Business Planning Guide Jay Bornstein, Patrick Pruett, Brian Ford

When a theorist writes a book, you will definitely notice this. The truth may be that the experience comes at the cost of losing the company. It is not for nothing that Ernst & Young's management is included in the TOP of the literature on business planning. Its authors are employees of one of the world's largest international companies, which, together with Deloitte, KPMG and PwC, are ranked among the Big Four. Ernst & Young provides audit, consulting, tax and legal services, so the book is as practical as possible.

In this work, using the example of real cases, not only the nuances of preparing the correct business plan are sorted out, but also methods of raising funds, presenting the plan to the management. The latter will come in handy if you want to advise aspiring entrepreneurs, help them define and achieve business goals and objectives.

By the way, this is not the first edition - the manual from Ernst & Young has been on sale since 1988. It will be useful both for those who are just planning to create and expand / acquire an enterprise.

"Business plan for% Strategy and tactics of effective business" Rhonda Abrams

If you still think that business planning literature is a waste of money, and the plan itself is needed only by shareholders and investors, Rhonda Abrams has a powerful answer. Entrepreneur in the book “Business plan for 100%. Strategy and tactics of effective business ”suggests to stop treating the plan as a routine exercise. Rather, it is a roadmap that helps the team to act more effectively, disciplines thoughts and sets priorities. Objectives, values, strategy and achievement criteria follow from the business plan.

Bookstore financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

As you know, in 2021, Russia, along with China and Spain, entered the top three most reading countries in the world, taking second place in the global ranking of the research company GfK. 59% of Russians said they read daily or at least once a week. The adoption of amendments to the "anti-piracy law" in 2021, according to which the law also applies to book materials, is also positively affecting bookstore sales, so now it has become more difficult to find free books on the Internet, and it is easier for users to buy or order them in a store. These data confirm the fact that despite the development of modern gadgets and technologies, book products are quite popular and in demand. Consequently, opening a bookstore can be a profitable business that generates stable income with the right marketing policy and business organization.

In cities with a population of up to 4 million people, an average of 90 to 140 bookstores are open.

The initial investment amount is 898,200 rubles.

The break-even point is reached for 3 months of work.

The payback period is from 16 months.

Average net profit - RUB 61,635.

Description of business, product or service

Before starting the project, you need to decide which bookstore format you will open. We offer the following options for consideration:

  • Bookstore with exclusive books;
  • A small store with a wide range of products (including related items);
  • Book supermarket.

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