Public bath business plan with calculations

Sauna business plan. Modern technologies make it possible to fully equip the sauna, while spending a minimum amount of material resources. The focus should be on the selection of personnel who will be polite, competent and properly trained. Here we must not forget about marketing, having properly set up an advertising campaign that affects the target audience in a particular area.

Sauna types and uses

Equipping a stationary sauna is a fairly simple process in comparison with setting up a bath business.

You can equip a sauna in various sports complexes, hotels, sanatoriums and medical centers, using specially prepared premises. The business plan of a sauna may provide for its placement in a separate building, for example, on the shore of a reservoir, where it will serve as a pleasant addition to the general program of country recreation.

Infrared cabins are becoming more and more popular today, in which the client can rest for a long time at a relatively low temperature. Experts point to the healing effect of these types of saunas, which helps to strengthen the immune system and cope with a number of unpleasant diseases.

The process here is a slight increase in temperature, in contrast to the classic bath or sauna. As possible contraindications, experts note only cases when an increase in temperature can harm the health of a particular person.

The main advantage of an infrared sauna is that there is no need to equip the room with heat and waterproofing. A compact booth is simply installed in a certain place, which functions from a conventional electrical network. It should be noted that the low degree of warming up determines the reliability in use, both from the point of view of electrical safety and in terms of the duration of the operational period.

Drawing up a business plan for opening a sauna

The optimal algorithm for starting a commercial activity will be the purchase of a portable device that can be supplied to anyone who wants to.

What to look for when building such a business:

These establishments are places where some people like to take a steam bath, others gather there with a close company of friends and just relax, others thus support their health, and there are those who visit baths and saunas simply because of prestige. Here we will consider information on how to open a sauna and / or bathhouse, a business plan for it.

Today in cities there are many organizations with several rooms and a steam room, but there are also huge bath complexes. Usually the sauna provides such services as a steam room, as well as renting out rooms for daily and hourly, various stream services, such as massage or SPA.

What is in greatest demand?

Traditionally popular in Russia are:

  • Russian bath;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • Turkish "Hamam";
  • Japanese bath "Ofuro" ...

The most dreary building in construction is the hamam, i.e. the tree in it is replaced by stone.

Business plan

Do not forget that the final figures of the business plan of the sauna for its opening will very much depend on the type of establishment you have chosen. If we take the lowest possible cost, then the hamam will be more expensive in construction.

One of the options is the construction of a bath complex, where all these types of establishments are usually located. But this option is only suitable for wealthy cities.

How to open a sauna / bath

Consider the information on how to open saunas and baths step by step.

Reviews for the business plan for the bath-sauna ()

The main thing about the business plan of the bath-sauna in the year

How to open a bath-sauna: the nuances of business

The opinion that people go to the bathhouse only on December 31st is quite mistaken. Modern apartments are equipped with bathtubs, but can it be compared with a real bath, with the pleasure that a person in a steam room gets? Of course not. Therefore, the question of how to open a bathhouse, build a business on this, worries many entrepreneurs.

Today, the market is in demand mainly for inexpensive baths, in which the client is offered a range of services. Depending on the flow of visitors the institution is designed for, the monthly profit can be on average from 1 to 10 thousand dollars. Baths and saunas, as a small business, belong to the service market, and special attention should be paid to the quality of these services.

Opening one bath requires at least $ 100,000. A standard bath includes about a dozen rooms - steam room, sauna, massage room, billiard room, etc. Many entrepreneurs open a network of small baths at once, believing that it is much more profitable from an economic point of view. The payback period for such an object also depends on the scale of the business, and is approximately 2-4 years.

Having decided to start a bath business, an entrepreneur needs to decide in which area to open it. It depends on many nuances, including the presence of competitors. When planning to open a bath-sauna and maintain it profitably, pay attention to such a stage of opening your business as the choice of premises. Very often, businessmen who decide to open their own business are offered public baths for rent. Rent in the bath business has a right to exist. But the risk is too great: you invest huge amounts of money in the repair and equipment of your bath, thereby becoming largely dependent on the landlord.

Judging by the experience of successful businessmen, it is most profitable to buy a ready-made building or build a bathhouse from scratch, using light modern structures for this, which, by the way, will cost quite inexpensively. But in any case, the development of the project requires agreement with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor and Pozhnadzor.

When opening a bath, carefully consider the rules for visiting it, as well as related services that your clients will be able to use. The most common among them are massages, spa treatments, various body wraps, billiards, and much more. Recently, judging by the advertising options, baths on the water have become a fashionable trend, but their arrangement is a little more complicated.

Whether opening a bath-sauna will be a profitable business for you or turn into a source of great risk, depends on how responsibly you approach the organization of this process. Success in this matter will be facilitated by a professional example of a business plan for opening a bath with ready-made calculations. Based on this document, you can not be afraid for the invested capital, since your business will work only for you.

Opening of the bath-sauna: looking beyond the horizon

The provision of bath services often attracts the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs. This is due to the fact that his organization does not present any particular difficulties, does not require excessive investments, and regularly brings a good income. Of the minuses, one can name quite high competition. To find your niche here, you need to carefully calculate the first steps.

How to start a bath business

First of all, you should decide on the structure of the enterprise - the business plan of the bath will depend on it. It could be:

  • A complex consisting of five to six baths, including additional infrastructure (cafes, rooms, etc.).
  • A complex of two or three baths located close to each other.
  • Baths in private areas.

Experts believe that the second option is the most profitable.

The Finnish sauna is a dry (5-15% humidity) steam room with a high temperature (80-1400).

But Turkish (hamam) is intended rather to warm up and wash than to steam. Heating is provided for both marble and ceramic sun beds, benches, massage tables, and even walls and floors. The classic additive is soap massage, peeling.

The Roman steam room has a very high humidity (up to 100%) and temperature due to the operation of the steam generator.

The infrared sauna is designed to heat the client's body, while the air is not heated.

The Russian bath is resolutely returning its popularity. Many owners think they are more profitable than saunas. The temperature in it reaches 60-800, and the humidity is 90%.

What should be the room

A room for a small private bath is not very difficult to find.

It can be rented, for example, in an inexpensive residential area. You can ensure good attendance by renting a playground in a sports complex, hotel, fitness center. At the same time, security costs are reduced.

The rhythm of a big city is fraught with the negative influence of stress and the occurrence of excessive fatigue. Many residents of the metropolis work hard to keep up with several aspects of their lives. People can't stand the stress and are looking for ways to maintain their health and improve their condition through sports and wellness treatments. Baths and saunas help to cope with emotional and physical stress. Moreover, the Russian bath is on a par with European saunas in popularity.

Mastering the bath business plan is a quite feasible commercial project. The promotion of the public bath business plan will become the more successful, the more attention is paid to the main aspects of this area of ​​activity.

Bath complex

Drawing up an example of a business plan for a bath begins with working out the idea of ​​a bath complex. The future businessman should clearly see what kind of composition of the bath complex he will keep and what will be included in the range of services provided.

Lack of large start-up capital is not a reason to back down. To get the first profit and the subsequent promotion of your business, a mini-bath for a small group of people is quite suitable. As soon as the work of the bath pays for its opening, the net income can be invested in the expansion of the network of such mini-baths. When there are several existing bath complexes available, it is possible to create a larger bath, requiring start-up capital in the range of $ 100,000 to $ 500,000, without operating costs.

You will have to start your business small. The standard bath complex includes the following set of services: Russian and Turkish bath, swimming pool, massage room, billiards and bar. You can, of course, exclude something, but this will significantly undermine competitiveness. If the budget tolerates the introduction of any special services, then one cannot refuse the opportunity to stand out among the other baths of the city. For example, cosmetic procedures such as body wraps are very popular. Chocolate or honey wrapping, as well as the provision of related cosmetic services, will attract a specific group of clients who are looking for just such an exotic. Usually these are young girls and wealthy women.


The choice of premises is a key moment in drawing up an example with calculations of a business plan for a bath. The commercial success of the project depends on the selection of a comfortable room suitable for the bath, and on the location of this room in a particular part of the city.

A suitable option is purchase or rent. The area of ​​the room must be at least 80 sq. m. The benefits and advantages of periodic payment or acquisition of ownership depend only on real estate prices in a particular region and the amount of available start-up capital. Many successful businesses start with a lease, and as the business develops, they simply buy out the premises later.

When choosing, attention is paid to two characteristics of the premises: technical and aesthetic.

  • The technical features of the interior decoration must meet the specificity of the operation of the bath rooms. Wall decoration requires the use of hardwood, and the material itself must, without fail, be treated with non-toxic chemicals that exclude its fire and overheating. Another mandatory requirement for a bathhouse is the installation of dry steam rooms in the steam room, perforated hollow pipes that supply water in the event of a fire. All requirements for the premises are coordinated and approved by the fire and sanitary-epidemiological services.
  • The aesthetic features of the baths affect the attraction of visitors and the creation of a permanent customer base. Each owner chooses his own style of decoration of the rest rooms and the symbolism of bath accessories. Walls of soft calm shades, comfortable furniture, courteous treatment of the staff - all this will work for the reputation and status of the bath already at the first impression of the customers.

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