Private kindergarten business plan

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For information on what an entrepreneur needs to consider when opening a private kindergarten, read also the material How to open a private kindergarten.

As noted, private kindergartens are becoming more common, especially in large cities. Places in the usual municipal kindergartens are sorely lacking, and not every family can afford to hire a nanny or governess. In addition, do not forget that the child needs communication in the children's team. For many, there is only one way out - to send the child to a private kindergarten.

Private kindergarten business plan

Opening a private kindergarten, like the process of raising a child itself, is a very difficult and rather troublesome business due to the difficulties in obtaining permits and other restrictions (in particular, the requirements for the premises of the kindergarten).

The first step on the way to a private kindergarten is to register a legal entity and select a room that meets all standards, the area of ​​which will directly depend on the number of children in the kindergarten. According to sanitary standards, one child should have at least 6 square meters. meters of area.

If we are talking about a large project, then the best option would be to rent the premises of the former state kindergarten from the local authorities. In this case, you will not have to pay for the refurbishment of the premises, since such a building already has a kitchen, halls for sports and music, bedrooms, etc.

If we are talking about creating a home kindergarten, then you should have a sufficiently spacious, bright room with a separate room (at least one) for children. Usually, a premise is rented for a small private kindergarten. This can be an apartment, a cottage, or renting a suitable area in an existing educational institution. For example, renting a four-room apartment will cost an average of 40-60 thousand rubles per month.

To obtain a license for educational activities, you will need to develop educational programs, provide information about the teaching staff, and receive conclusions on the suitability of the selected premises from SES and firefighters.

A private kindergarten should be equipped with special furniture for children, equipment for sports and recreation procedures, and a fire alarm.

The set of necessary equipment for organizing a private kindergarten includes special children's furniture, toys, sports equipment, dishes, kitchen equipment, bedding, medicines, stationery, teaching aids, etc. The total cost of equipment for a group of 15 children can be from 300 thousand rubles.

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According to research data, today in the Russian Federation about 2,000,000 children aged 0 to 7 need in kindergartens, of which approximately:

  • 25% of babies aged (1.5 - 3 years) need places urgently;
  • 41% of children of the same age - within one - one and a half years;
  • 33% of the smallest, who have not yet turned 1.5 years old, will need places no earlier than in 1.5 - 2 years.

Despite the measures taken by our government, the construction and re-profiling of facilities for kindergartens does not give the desired results. In this situation, small objects for the stay of preschool children can solve the problem.

Based on these data, you will draw up a business plan for a private kindergarten, taking into account the Russian legal framework.

Legal aspects

The legal basis for organizing your business is, first of all, registration with the tax authority. How to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur can first be studied on the website of the State Services of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

There you can also get the forms required for registration of the type of activity. Your activity codes will be 85. 2 (main); 80.0 and 80.0.

If you have all the necessary data, you will receive an individual entrepreneur status within a week. Next, you will need to open a bank account, provide information about it to the Federal Tax Service, register with the Pension Fund and the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund.

Organization of childcare activities does not require licensing, as well as individual teaching activities.

Special authorization may be required if your institution will be responsible for early childhood education services.

It is planned to open a private preschool institution for children aged 3 to 6 years with an individual development program in a city with a high population density. The institution will work five days a week from 8 am to 7 pm in half board mode (4 meals a day). Groups are staffed by 10 people, the cost of staying 1 child per month will cost parents 18.00 rubles.

If you are going to organize an educational institution just for the sake of profit, you should not hope for a quick payback. When it comes to education, the social note will always dominate.

Consider a phased kindergarten business plan and a way to organize this business. You can learn more about the types of preschool and the difficulties of doing business in this article.

Required documents

In the Russian Federation, only legal entities can carry out educational activities, so you have to register yourself as a legal entity, but not LLC, individual entrepreneur and other types of commercial organizations.

Registration is carried out by the Federal Registration Service of the Ministry of Justice. The paperwork can take a month - this is official. Practice shows that the collection and full registration takes about three months.

The second important issue that you have to solve is registration with the tax service and obtaining your own current account. We recommend opening an account where contributions from parents and other income will be received. It is more convenient to conduct payments from the account with the personnel.

Registration with PF, FSS, MHIF and registration chamber is also to be done.

To develop a competent Charter of the institution and collect all the necessary documents, it is easier and more profitable to contact a law firm. Here, in addition, they will provide escort to government agencies. As a result, it will be possible to bypass possible bureaucratic obstacles without much time and money.


Next, you need to contact the Department of Education of your area for a license. Any educational activity must be licensed, otherwise it may face a large fine and even criminal punishment.

To obtain a license you need to present:

A highly profitable business can be opened in any area where there is a demand for a certain product or service. With the increase in the birth rate in our country, in recent years there has been a serious shortage of places in public education institutions for preschool children. The state, unfortunately, cannot cope with ensuring the opportunity for every child to attend a kindergarten, therefore, on special conditions, it provides an opportunity for businesses to organize a private preschool institution. This article will consider an example of a kindergarten business plan that can be opened with minimal financial costs.

Where to start?

First of all, it is necessary to study the sex and age structure of the population of the area where it is planned to organize this type of business. The profitability of a private kindergarten is only possible if a group of 5-7 children is recruited. When living in the area of ​​opening a preschool institution, a large number of people of retirement age, as well as in the presence of a significant number of already operating private kindergartens, it is better to move the business to a new place where the conditions for doing business will be more suitable.

It is better to start this type of business in newly built neighborhoods, where most of the population is young families with children. In such districts, even if there are municipal preschool institutions within walking distance, parents will have to wait several years in line for their child, so a private kindergarten in such places will certainly be in demand. In addition, a more attractive child development program can be presented in a private kindergarten, for example, teaching a foreign language and playing musical instruments. Therefore, in order not to miss the opportunity to open a private kindergarten, when the competition is minimal, it is recommended to start developing a detailed business plan immediately after the analysis.

To carry out a more thorough analysis of the situation on the market of educational services, you can contact the administration of the settlement, where you can get the necessary information from the education department.

When information about the demand for this type of service is received, it is necessary to select a room for a private kindergarten that would meet all safety standards, and the rent would not be too burdensome.

Choosing a room for a kindergarten

Choosing the right room for opening a private kindergarten is half the battle. And if, for example, furniture, repairs or an employee can be replaced within a short time, then in case of moving to a new place, the promotion of the business will need to start over. For the successful conduct of this type of business, when choosing a room, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The room for the kindergarten should be located in a convenient place so that it is easy for parents from nearby houses to find it. That is, having a kindergarten in a walk-through place where there is a sufficiently large traffic, one can hope for "self-fulfillment" without large expenses for advertising the business.
  • The optimal location for the kindergarten premises is the 1st floor of the building. It will not be very convenient for young children to climb to a higher floor or descend into a basement or semi-basement room.
  • It is advisable to locate a private kindergarten in the immediate vicinity of a public transport stop. If there is a car parking next to the preschool, this will also attract more customers.
  • A very good place for a private kindergarten is the area next to a children's store, a children's clinic, and a maternity hospital. The opposite effect can be achieved by locating such an establishment near a bathhouse, sauna or liquor store.
  • The room should have good natural light, spacious rooms, electricity, water and sewerage connections. In winter, it is necessary to organize uninterrupted heating, and in summer - an adequate level of ventilation.
  • The kindergarten premises should be redecorated using materials safe for the child's health
  • The kindergarten premises must be connected to the fire and security alarm system.
  • A mini-kindergarten can also be opened at home, and many financial costs can be avoided.

A ready-made business plan for a kindergarten opened in a rented room must contain an item of rental costs.


Lack of vacant places in kindergartens is a problem that is relevant both for large and small cities. The state seeks to increase demographics by providing support for families at the birth of a child, while the number of municipal kindergartens is decreasing every year. On the other hand, this creates favorable conditions for the opening of private kindergartens. For those who have been hatching this idea for many years, or have recently thought about creating their own business, our article will be useful.

About the service

The popularity of private kindergartens in our country is gaining momentum, and parents' trust in them is increasing. They provide services for the maintenance, education, upbringing and care of children aged 1.5 to 6 years.

As a rule, mini-kindergartens are designed for one group of children and have 10 - 12 places. Such a group may include children of different ages. In premises with a large area, conditions can be created for keeping 3 - 4 groups of 10 - 15 children of the same age in each.

Important! According to the norms, more than 15 children cannot go to a group of a private preschool educational institution.

The list of services of a private kindergarten includes feeding the child, looking after him, teaching, according to age, conducting music lessons, developing lessons. In the kindergarten, children play, communicate. Many institutions practice early development methods, provide additional educational services, for example, learning English, learning to play musical instruments.

Note: a private kindergarten is more often seen as a business for women with a teacher education or specializing in child development. Often, the idea of ​​opening a kindergarten comes to mothers on maternity leave, who, from their own experience, are faced with the impossibility of registering a child in a preschool educational institution at the desired age.

Analyzing the market

The demand for private kindergarten services is high and will continue for years to come. In any city in Russia, children do not have enough places in a preschool educational institution. About 2 million children are “queued” for distribution every year. Therefore, private kindergartens rarely experience a shortage of clients. In addition, the search for clients will not have to be carried out throughout the entire period of work, as they become permanent.

The increase in demand for the service was facilitated by the termination of the recruitment of nursery groups in Russian kindergartens since 2021. Most of the children entering the kindergarten are in the younger age group - from 2 to 4 years old.

As a rule, very young children are sent to kindergarten if their mother needs to go to work. By law, a woman can sit with her baby on maternity leave until he is 3 years old. But the crisis is forcing many moms to return from maternity leave earlier. If the mother's salary more than covers the costs of a private kindergarten, for many families this becomes a decisive argument "for" the child's admission to an educational institution.

When a child reaches the age of 3, the state must provide him with a place in the municipal garden. Often, parents use paid services until the child is enrolled in a public preschool institution.

The main clients of private preschool educational institutions will be families with incomes above the average. The conditions for keeping children in a private children's institution will be much better than in a public one (with the exception of newly built gardens, but as a rule, there are no more than one or two of them per city). Every mother wants her child to grow up in a developing and comfortable environment. If the family's income allows, parents prefer to send their child not to an ordinary municipal garden, where there is one teacher and a nanny for 25-30 kids, but to a private one, with fewer children in the group and a more attentive attitude of the staff.

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