Presentation; Learning to draw up a business plan; (10-11 grade) presentation for the lesson in economics (grade 11) on the topic

The presentation reflects the main sections for creating a business project


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Learning to draw up a business plan The presentation was prepared by the teacher of economics at the MBOU Lyceum No. 6 named after I. ikulenkovo ​​

Business plan is a document that describes all the main aspects of a future commercial enterprise, analyzes all the problems that it may face, and also identifies ways to solve these problems.

Content CV Legal information Choice of specialization Sales market assessment Competitor research Marketing plan Production plan Financial plan Risk assessment

Summary What product (what services) will be produced and sold by your company? Who will be your buyer? What will be the sales volume (proceeds from sales) for the first year of operation? What is the sum of all the costs of the project? What is the organizational and legal form of the enterprise? How much funding will be required to implement the project? What are the sources of funding for the project? Key project indicators: total profit (income) for the period, the amount of funds at the end of the first year of operation

Legal information Information about the entrepreneur, company name; The legal form of the enterprise; Justification of the legal form; Registration information, year of foundation; Legal and actual address; Having a bank account; The main field of activity (manufacturing, trade, services, insurance, etc.) in the region (city, district, village, etc.) .)

Choosing a specialization What kind of product (or service) will you offer your customers? What needs will this product or service meet? What goods are analogous to this service product (name, manufacturer, price)? What is the advantage of your product (service) from the point of view of a potential buyer? Why will buyers give preference to your product (service)? What characteristics make your product unique? At what prices will these goods (services) be sold? Estimated production and sales volume?

Evaluation of the sales market Where (in what area?) do your future customers live? Who is the future buyer of your products? (age, gender, social status, occupation, income level, etc.) The approximate number of clients that can be counted on per month. What considerations were you guided by when choosing one or another group of buyers (market segment) who would be interested in your product? At what price is a similar product now being bought? How volatile is the demand for these goods (services)? How can an increase in sales volumes be achieved and how much will it cost?

Competitor Research Which competing firms operate in your market segments? Which of them produces goods or services similar to yours? What are their products - their distinguishing features, design, etc.? What is the price level for the goods (services) of your competitors? How do competitors find their customers - advertising, distribution channels, other forms of promotion? Which competitor is located in the neighborhood? How is the business of your competitors developing? What are the reasons for the changes taking place: increasing or decreasing volumes, expanding or narrowing the range, growth or reduction of staff? Which of your products (services) will have a competitive advantage over other manufacturers of similar products (services)?

Marketing Plan How do customers know about your products? How will you sell your product? Will you advertise your product or service? What information should be reported about your products and services? Where are you going to place your ad? How much money are you going to spend on advertising? Setting the price level The price of a product can be determined based on the following conditions: Competitors' prices for similar products or substitute products Prices determined by the demand for this product Cost of production + target profit Unique qualities of the product

1. description of production facilities How correct is the location of the enterprise, based on proximity to customers, suppliers of raw materials, availability of labor, transport? What production facilities will be required: premises, equipment, raw materials, energy carriers? Where, from whom and on what conditions will the raw materials be purchased? What will be the working hours of your enterprise? Production plan

Presentation; Learning to draw up a business plan; (10-11 grades) presentation for a lesson in economics (grade 11) on the topic

A business plan presentation is an event related to positioning to stakeholders (partners, buyers, investors, etc.) the main ideas presented in the business plan.

It is a kind of active advertising for the purpose of promoting a product, idea, brand, etc., which, as a rule, is directed directly to the target audience.

Contents of this article:

Examples might be: a business plan for a beauty salon, movie theater, car wash, tailor shop, kindergarten, hostel, restaurant, clothing store, hairdresser, pharmacy, and more.

In other words, it is not necessary to come up with know-how - in theory, it is enough to ensure that the business plan is not unprofitable and competently present it to the target audience.

The essence of the business plan

A business plan is an unofficial document stored on a material (paper) or virtual (USB flash drive, computer hard drive) information carrier, containing a short and accurate description of a business idea and how to translate it into reality. It is optimal if the business plan contains the main strategy.

This is especially true for ideas of increased competition (for example, a beauty salon, atelier, restaurant, clothing store, flower shop, pharmacy or car service).

Now you can go to the practical part of the publication and see what the structure of the presentation looks like.

Presentation structure

Presentation structure usually consists of 7 topics. Topics will be presented punctually in the order in which it is desirable to convey them to the audience:

  • The essence of the enterprise, that is, the positioning of a company or a specific product or service. For example, the positioning of a beauty salon, clothing store, wedding salon, pharmacy, hairdresser, atelier, kindergarten, cinema, any production.
  • Results of the analysis of the market situation.
  • Concise marketing strategy.
  • Estimated profit in the first reporting period (can be taken conditionally - months, six months, a year, and so on).
  • The total amount required to implement the project.
  • Project participants.
  • Terms for the return of funds loaned for the implementation of the business plan and the terms of return.

The presentation reflects the main sections for creating a business project

Russian (Pусский) translation by Yuri Yuriev (you can also view the original English article)

Do you need to raise money for a business idea? Is the investor meeting fast approaching? If so, is your presentation ready?

It's hard to make a compelling presentation. You will need a compelling story and engaging slides that are not overloaded with information.

Presentation materials should contain: the composition of your team, the identified problem and ways to solve it, your business plan, proof of competence (financial and otherwise) that will be required by experienced investors.

Investors have high expectations and your deck presentation must impress them to get the funding they are looking for!

We have several thousand premium PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Market, in this article we'll cover those made specifically to draw attention to business plans. If you want a template with great design and quick settings, check out the best of them.

You can quickly add your business ideas, insert your data, describe the novelty of solutions in the necessary slides to win a position and receive investment for your startup or small business.

PowerPoint Pitch Deck Presentation Templates

Here are fifteen of the best presentation templates to help bring your business plans to life:

Startup X - Perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template


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The main task of a mini-bakery The most rational way to build its activity To get the maximum economic effect Development strategy Low costs Cheap goods

To develop a strategy, it is necessary to carry out the following activities: Use of internal potentialities Preservation of selling prices Formation of customer preferences Expansion of the client base Expansion of the product range Promotion of the company's products Ensuring the dynamics of development

Produced bakery products have a Good taste High calorie content Ease of assimilation Slow stale

Risks 1. Risk of increased prices for raw materials and supplies. Nevertheless, when optimizing production, this risk is insignificant. 2. The risk of a forced decline in prices and / or volumes due to insufficient demand as a result of high competition. Moreover, a decrease in price or sales volume by more than 20% becomes critical for the project. Both risks can be mitigated by the methods discussed earlier.

Marketing plan Places of purchase of bakery products by respondents

Important criteria when buying bakery and confectionery

Note It should be noted that to open a mini-bakery, you need to contact the territorial department of the sanitary and epidemiological service in order to obtain permits, such as sanitary and epidemiological conclusions - for placement, for a construction or reconstruction project, for commissioning. Requirements for an enterprise for the production of bakery and confectionery products are regulated in the sanitary rules "sanitary and epidemiological requirements for public catering facilities"

Equipment Quantity Cost, rub (excluding VAT) Flour sifter 1 3294 Dough mixing machine 1 54848 Dough divider 1 16693 Dough rounder 1 18000 Proofing chamber 1 18992 Dough forming machines 1 14305 Trolleys for dough pieces 6 14918 Oven 1 274488 Additional set accessories 1 100646 Total 415538 What we need to purchase

There is another option. Less costly. All of the previously listed equipment can now be replaced by purchasing a specialized mini-bakery worth 300,000 rubles. Modular mini-bakeries for baking bread and bakery products are equipped, as a rule, with the necessary transport, technological, sanitary, power and auxiliary equipment, as well as control, management and blocking devices. The purchase of a mini-bakery makes it possible to produce high quality products and a large assortment: tin, hearth and other types of bread; buns, pies, cheesecakes and other pastries of your choice

Name Amount, rubles Rent of premises with an area of ​​100 sq. m 14,000 Utilities, communication bills and heating 15,000 Maintenance of equipment and alarms 10,000 Insurance, banking services 20,000 Others 8,000 Total 67,000 In addition to investment costs, to open a mini-bakery, you need to take into account the following costs (rubles per month):

The following ready-made sample business plans with calculations are not benchmarks, but are just examples to show the entire structure of each business. Therefore, all the calculations that are given in these business plans can be considered indicative. These free samples give you an idea of ​​the steps to building a successful business and also serve as a template for writing your calculated business plan. There are 175 free examples in total.

Each sample business plan includes calculations of costs, revenues, payback periods, and other business metrics. This selection of ready-made business plans is also suitable for students. back to contents ↑

Business plan structure and content - main sections

To write your business plan, you can read the detailed instructions:

Download ready-made examples of business plans:

Leisure Business Plans

Detailed examples will help build any business in the field of leisure and entertainment

  • Ready business plan for the water park
  • Business plan for the billiard club
  • Business plan for the bowling club
  • Leisure center business plan
  • Karting club business plan
  • Cinema business plan
  • Computer club business plan
  • Business plan paintball club
  • Business plan for opening a small 3D cinema
  • Business plan for organizing a shooting range
  • Business plan for a nightclub
  • Business -plan of the fitness club

Business plans in medicine and pharmaceuticals

Suggested ready-made plans will give you an idea of ​​how to open your own pharmacy or diagnostic center

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