Preparation of a business plan for the project

If you are a qualified engineer, but you do not receive the desired monetary reward for your work, then you should not be discouraged. Today, there are many examples of how enterprising and persistent professionals create their own business and earn good profit from it. Our design office business plan will help you take the first steps in this direction and get an idea of ​​how you can create your own and promising enterprise in the field of activity in which you consider yourself a professional.

General concept

Design work implies a one-time or periodic implementation of developments in accordance with the customer's specifications. The activity of the design organization is of a permanent nature, since it acts as a sovereign economic entity with all the ensuing consequences.

The subject of a design firm or design office is the development of unique solutions in selected areas in accordance with the customer's requirements. The result of such a development, as a rule, is embodied in an article or report on the conducted research, design or project documentation, a layout or technical model, etc. The main expenses in creating a design organization are the costs of remuneration of specialists working in the company. This balance is one of the main features of building this business.

The considered business plan of the design office with calculations provides for just such an approach in which the cost of equipment will be minimal.

Choosing a line of business

The specialization of the design or design office not only determines the specifics of the future company, but also its profitability. Our bureau will be engaged in the development of standard and individual projects in the field of civil construction (residential buildings, manor buildings, commercial real estate, etc.).

Individual design is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current SNiP and provides for two options for activities:

  • Development of working projects.
  • Development of working projects together with project documentation transferred to the customer.

The scope of the company also includes such areas as architectural design and technological design.

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Business plan of the project organization

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A business plan of a design bureau or a business plan of an architectural bureau is one of the most demanded types of settlements among entrepreneurs who plan to provide appropriate services to the population in the B2C segment and companies in the B2B segment.

We are ready to offer you high-quality and detailed calculations of the architectural bureau. Next, we invite you to watch a video review of the financial model of a business plan for a project bureau, made by our specialist, Ph.D. in Economics, Petr Pakulsky.

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A promising specialist with an engineering degree and many years of work experience sooner or later becomes cramped in the rigid structure of a large design organization, limiting creativity to the scope of job responsibilities. It is possible to dream of an increase in such companies for a long time and hopelessly - all promising places under the sun are most often indefinitely monopolized by the "sharks" of the construction business, who are in no hurry to give way to the new generation. The experience gained over the years can become a ticket to more promising horizons that open up when creating your own company. To implement this idea, a novice businessman will have to spoil a lot of blood and spend sufficient amounts of money, obtaining numerous certificates, licenses, permits and other documents. A detailed business plan of a project organization developed by b2y specialists will help to overcome all difficulties and stay afloat, which allows predicting the development of a future company with maximum accuracy.

To implement ideas in business, it is necessary to develop projects and business plans related to it. Well-written documentation shows strengths and opportunities, therefore it will interest potential investors.

Business plan of the project

Investors assess the economic efficiency and risks of default on investment. Entrepreneurs need to calculate costs, resources, and potential profits. A business plan is a document that substantiates the possibility of implementing an idea. This is a tool for:

calculating the financial issues of the project;

analysis of the expected place in the market and methods of promotion;

forecasting problems and methods of solving them;

specifying investments, sales and income.

The main purpose of the business plan: to confirm with the provided information and calculations that the project is feasible, justifies the investment and brings profit. This takes into account the needs of the market and the availability of resources. Possible secondary targets:

social: improving the environment, shaping cultural values, expanding scientific potential;

improving the image due to improving the quality of goods, works or services;

special: new contacts, foreign partners, business associations.

Project work, as a rule, implies a one-time fulfillment of an order - they have passed and forgotten. If you want to do something more fundamental, to work for a long time, then you should take a closer look at the creation of a design organization. We will talk about how this type of business is built and what with legal registration and start-up investments will be discussed further.

General concept of the project

The main activity of this type of enterprise is the development of a turnkey project. The result of the work will be the delivery of project documentation, layouts, technical samples, and so on - depending on the specifics of the project.

The main expense item will be the salaries of specialists, since they are at the same time the most valuable asset of the company. The cost of equipment and premises will already be minimal.

Choice of direction

Individual or commercial design is carried out based on the requirements of SNiP, as well as consolidated normative acts, there are 2 main types of activities:

  • Development of working projects only.
  • Development of working projects "turnkey", that is, together with project documentation.

The latter is better, since it will be more convenient for the client to order both the project and all the necessary documentation for it in one place, and not go to different firms or authorities. In general, a turnkey solution works better in most cases.

Registration and obtaining a license

Creating a project business from scratch also implies the solution of some legal issues - you will need not only to register the company itself, but also to obtain licenses to operate.

Please note: according to Government Decree No. 174 of 21. 3. 002, at least 50% of employees in a design institute must have higher specialized education and practical work experience in the same area for at least 5 years.

At a certain stage of the planning phase of an investment project, regardless of its focus (creation of a new enterprise or development of an existing one), it is required to directly develop a business plan, and then competently present it to decision-makers. At the same time, one should clearly understand the differences between business planning and an investment project in two comparative contexts: procedural and documentary. In this article, we will analyze the features of writing a business plan for the purposes of project success.

Stages of development and composition of a business plan

Let's recall the main phases of the investment project. There are two major preparatory stages prior to the investment and operational phases. This is pre-planned preparation and, in fact, business planning. By the time the development of a business plan begins, the decision itself must be made on the preliminary selection of a project based on an idea formalized in the form of a concept and a preliminary feasibility study of the project.

On the basis of a positive decision, as a rule, an order is issued, in which the business plan is instructed to independently make a special group of specialists. It is usually headed by someone from the financial and economic services. The group includes economists, production specialists and managers, marketers and lawyers. A step-by-step sequence of work that allows you to create a plan that satisfies all stakeholders is individually developed in each company. It depends on:

  • scale of business;
  • industry;
  • specifics of development of regular management;
  • corporate culture.

Before creating a plan and presenting it to stakeholders, it is important to fundamentally resolve the issue of confidentiality of the information that will be in it and be of unconditional interest to competitors. To minimize the risk of losing business information, two steps should be taken: prepare a confidentiality memorandum and ensure that the members of the development team are signed on the subscription list. In general, an enterprise business plan consists of the following sections.

  • Title page.
  • Summary.
  • Description of a business entity.
  • Products and services.
  • Industry description.
  • Market analysis.
  • Investment plan.
  • Production plan.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Organizational plan.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Financial plan.
  • Applications.

In special cases, the group can independently regulate the composition and content of the document within the framework of the regulations and the order, observing certain rules and taking into account the goals and objectives of the project. The sequence of the stages of development and placement of sections of the business plan does not coincide. This is due to the logic of its presentation and protection, although the necessary information and results of work appear in a slightly different order. Below is a diagram of how the sections of the document correspond to the stages of its development.

Company plan system links

When answering the question of how to draw up a business plan, the development team in the conditions of developed regular management relies on a number of policies and regulations. First of all, this is investment policy and borrowing policy. Companies that actively practice the methodology of business planning in the development of investment projects are developing step-by-step instructions that describe in detail the methodology for drawing up a business plan. As a rule, it is differentiated according to the types of business planning.

The business planning group, although it acts independently, as a part of the management system, constantly interacts with many services and specialists of the enterprise, and attracts external experts where necessary. We are talking about an operating business at the stage of the life cycle not earlier than Yunost. At the strategic level, the company's business plan is identical to the general system of plans at the enterprise, and at the tactical and operational level, at least, it is an integrated part of it.

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