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The main thing about the business plan of the plant nursery in the year

Organization of a plant nursery: money from the land

The growth of incomes of the population contributed to the development of a business that was not quite usual for Russia - plant nurseries. The owners of summer cottages and cottages (this mainly concerns, of course, large cities) have recently shown more and more interest in landscaping their plots. At the same time, preference is given not to banal asters or dahlias, but to exotic plants, as well as conifers, larger ones.

It is very difficult today to build a business on conifers or some other plants, despite the high demand. And it's not even about any special knowledge, although one cannot do without it either, but about the problems associated with finding and acquiring a good land plot. Indeed, for a successful entry into this business, a few hundred square meters will not be enough, the minimum area on which one can swing is 100 hectares of land.

Land near the city is very expensive, so businessmen who decide to take a chance and try to make money on this business are guided most often by remote areas. This, by the way, is quite justified, especially if you want to grow blue spruce or cedars. On the eve of the New Year holidays, such seedlings are in particular danger.

Organization of a plant nursery begins with finding a suitable piece of land, which is natural. In order to count on a high profit, it is necessary to plant several tens of hectares with high-quality seedlings. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account such nuances that, for example, the roots of spruces are of purely culinary interest for rodents, and young shoots of a pine tree are clearly to the taste of elks. In addition, the lack of the necessary agro-technical knowledge sometimes leads to the fact that entrepreneurs plant plants that do not take root very well in our climate.

A businessman who has decided not to buy but to lease land is also in danger. The landlord is quite capable of terminating the lease in 2-3 years. At the same time, it takes at least 5-7 years to grow a normal coniferous seedling. An unpleasant surprise may lie in wait for an entrepreneur even if it suddenly turns out that the selected plot of land is completely unsuitable for growing a particular crop in terms of agrotechnical properties. A long payback period and high risks can be attributed to the costs of this type of business, but if successful, the income will amount to millions of rubles.

It is much easier for those who decide to specialize in colors. For this, space is needed much more modestly, and probable failures are not so crippling from a financial point of view. Losses from the death of a dozen ornamental spruce seedlings are absolutely incomparable with the loss of even a hundred roots of flower seedlings. If you find it difficult to make a decisive choice, seek help from a professional example of a plant nursery business plan with ready-made calculations. With its help, it will be easier for you to understand all the pros and cons of this type of business, and understand what you should pay special attention to.

A ready-made business plan for a plant nursery from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

The presented plant nursery business plan is a good opportunity to start your own business easily, simply and quickly. All you need to do is to study the finished project and start implementing it, thinking over each step and coordinating it with the document. Moreover, this can be not only the trade in seeds, but also the growing of seedlings and their sale along the way, as well as other similar services that would provide profit all year round.

Having studied the sample business plan for organizing crop production, you give preference to a "long-term" business that will always be in demand. The sale of seeds is relevant in large and small cities, the cultivation of popular plants - garden, indoor, flower seedlings will provide an influx of buyers even in those months when seeds are no longer required. Thus, you can always count on income, but you will have to invest effort, time and a certain amount of money capital.

Crop production is the cultivation of cultivated plants for the purpose of their subsequent sale in the format of entrepreneurial activity. This type of entrepreneurship is simple and accessible for novice businessmen without experience in implementing other business projects. The business plan for crop production includes a description of the organizational stages, registration of entrepreneurial activity, requirements for the leased land plot and the employed employees of the company, and the sale of finished products. In addition, the business plan contains a financial analysis of the indicators of the revenue and expenditure side of the business project.

Crop farming as a business: features and types

Growing plants as an entrepreneurial activity will require skills, knowledge and skills from a businessman. Among other things, it is necessary to determine the level of demand for specific types of crops in order to obtain a high income at the lowest cost. The return on initial investment depends on the variety of cultivated crops chosen, the range and cost of the purchased equipment, the scale of production, as well as the amount of running costs. Also in this area of ​​entrepreneurial activity, the climate of the region of growing plants is important. Among other things, the chosen region of operation influences the choice of the type of cultivated plant.

It should also be borne in mind that some plants require additional skills and knowledge to grow. An entrepreneur who has no experience in growing fruit and vegetable crops should pay attention to the cultivation of classic cultivated plants. However, in the field of vegetable growing, it is also possible to grow products that do not require large labor costs and additional skills, for example, tomatoes or cucumbers.

  • growing cereals;
  • gardening;
  • vegetable growing;
  • growing fruit crops;
  • potato growing ;
  • melon growing.

Local Market Analysis

A thorough preliminary analysis of the local market and determination of the level of competition is of great importance for the implementation of the business project under consideration. It is necessary not only to identify the number of competing companies engaged in crop production in the form of entrepreneurship in the selected region, but also to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the activities in order to use the information obtained to compete at the local level.

Organizational Plan

Activity registration

The initial stage of a business project is going through the mandatory procedure for state registration of a business. Depending on the scale of cultivation of cultivated plants, as well as the projected prospects for growth and business development, it is necessary to choose the form of an economic entity. For small or medium-sized businesses, you need to register an activity in the form of an individual entrepreneur without forming a legal entity, while the best option for registering a large plant growing business is a limited liability company. A peasant farm is suitable for the purpose of uniting several individual entrepreneurs.

After collecting and submitting a package of necessary documents, you must pay a state fee for registering a business and register with the local tax authority.

The choice of the form of state registration of entrepreneurial activity and the taxation system affects the complexity of the formation, maintenance and presentation of accounting documentation.

Rent or purchase of land

Vegetables, fruits, mushrooms are products that, along with animal husbandry, constitute the traditional diet of the population. Selling vegetables and fruits always brings a lot of profit. So, let's consider the most popular and highly profitable areas of crop production as a business.

Content of the article:

Each of the areas of business in crop production is different in its principle of cultivation, start-up capital, equipment. Having chosen any direction, first of all, draw up a business plan.

Business on flowers: uzambara violets or roses?

We suggest thinking about the business of growing a special variety of violets, which is in great demand among flower lovers. Perhaps you can make good money with such a simple plant growing business. Read more about the business on uzambar violets in this article.

Innovative methods such as EM technology or hydroponics can help you grow violets easier and more efficiently. The investment to start a business is minimal: 13,000 rubles. - this is the purchase of cuttings + lamps for additional lighting, you can also buy or make special racks yourself.

Orient the cultivation of violets for the holidays, then the profit will reach about 315 rubles. for one violet.

What about roses? Having stopped your choice on growing roses, you should understand that you will need to equip a greenhouse. This plant is quite whimsical, but the most popular among flowers. Prepare the soil, buy seedlings, and we will tell you how to grow and sell roses. The profitability of such a business ranges from 70% to 300%. Why not give it a try ?!

  • Starting capital: 600,000 rubles.
  • Fixed costs: about 115,000 rubles.
  • Revenue: 6,000,000 rubles. in 1 year.

Growing cucumbers

What better way than eating a fresh cucumber salad in winter? And in winter it is very difficult to find fresh vegetables in our strip. In supermarkets, such vegetables are usually far from the first freshness, or are processed with all kinds of chemicals. Getting regular customers will be easy enough. The main thing is to study the technology of growing cucumbers. We wrote in more detail about the business of growing cucumbers in a separate article.

Feedback on a business plan for growing cattle

Thanks to a professional business plan, we received a loan from Rosselkhozbank in the amount of 240 million rubles and significantly expanded production volumes. The experience of interaction with professionals in their field is always pleasing, this is just such a case.

Feedback on the business plan for opening a pig farm

In the course of cooperation, we received a business plan with a convenient financial model. The developed business plan allowed us to receive investments for the development of a pig-breeding complex in the amount of 340 million rubles.

Director of the Aprelskoye farm, Yekaterinburg

Feedback on the livestock business plan

Feedback on the livestock business plan Thanks to a well-designed business plan, we were granted a credit line for 43.7 million rubles. Thank you that the head of the company personally supervised our project. When drawing up the plan, all my wishes were taken into account. I am very pleased with your work. Good luck!

Content of Livestock Business Plan:

Why do you need a livestock business plan?

Please select the appropriate option

Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

Advanced with adjustments

For those people who have their own piece of land outside the city, you can offer to organize crop production as a business. Its profitability is quite high, and the reviews of entrepreneurs say that this one is not at all difficult.

True, first you need to delve into the peculiarities of growing a particular crop, decide on what exactly you will do, and draw up a competent business plan. Only with this approach can one count on the successful implementation of the project.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The following advantages of running a small business in the field of crop production are distinguished:

  • Many of the crops of flowers, vegetables, mushrooms and even berries can be grown year round in modern greenhouses.
  • Thanks to technology, automated lines and special machines, physical labor becomes easier and requires less and less effort.
  • There is a constant demand for products of this kind, and if you sell seasonal vegetables, for example, at an unusual time for them, then the cost of such a product will be much higher, which will bring high profits.
  • Due to the Internet, you can significantly expand the circle of buyers and deliver goods to different cities of Russia or even abroad.
  • The availability of any technical and scientific information in the field of crop production reveals the secrets of growing even to an inexperienced entrepreneur.

True, this business also has disadvantages:

  • Some plant varieties will require large acreage and special equipment, which will entail large start-up investments.
  • Such a product quickly deteriorates and loses its attractive appearance, so you need to establish permanent distribution channels.
  • In most cases, even when growing unpretentious plants, some experience and theoretical knowledge is desirable. Always take into account the characteristics and needs of the selected crops, observe the optimal conditions for their growth and storage.
  • Import suppliers of such products pose significant competition, as they offer high quality goods at low prices.

In order to reduce the risks and initial costs of the business, it is advisable to have at your disposal a piece of land and a little experience in a similar direction.


The laws of the Russian Federation, according to which you just need to register as a private household plots, that is, a personal subsidiary farm, will be remarkable for novice entrepreneurs in the field of crop production. This opens up a number of prospects at once:

  • at first you won't have to pay taxes;
  • the state provides various benefits;
  • minimum requirements for organizing a case;
  • availability of land for rent for a long time without participation in specialized auctions;
  • subsidizing seeds;
  • favorable interest on loans from banks and other guarantees.

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