Pharmacy business plan with calculations 2021

But not every establishment can be profitable. For a successful start, it is necessary to correctly carry out organizational activities and develop a competent business plan.

Location Assessment

Similar points can be located:

  • On high traffic streets (street pharmacies). The key to the success of such an establishment is the close location of a grocery supermarket or a shopping center, a major stop or a transport interchange. The margin is quite high here. Patency monitoring should be done three times a day. Each passing woman is counted as a potential customer, two men are one, a group of people is one. If we take each passing person for a future visitor, the figure will turn out to be unreasonably high.
  • In shopping centers or supermarkets on the way to the grocery department. Such points are distinguished by a quick exit to the break-even point. This is due to the fact that people who come here are inclined to buy and have a supply of money. Turnover can be predicted by the number of grocery supermarket receipts. The peculiarities of these pharmacies are rather large investments for opening, high profitability, lack of competition (landlords, as a rule, allocate space for one such establishment).
  • In large sleeping areas. Here it is necessary to assess the presence of competitors or locations for their potential location. The mark-up is usually low. To quickly reach the break-even point, it is necessary to reduce the cost of opening. The premises should have a low cost of renovation.

Format options

It is necessary to decide on the format of the future institution:

  • Self-service pharmacy. Option for supermarkets, points on the streets with consistently active traffic. With a daily traffic of more than 10,000 people.
  • The counter format will be appropriate in a residential area and on streets with good traffic.

Interesting information about organizing such activities is presented in the following video:

Evaluation of the premises

The best choice would be a room with a set of all the necessary rooms, regulated by the requirements of licensing conditions. Reconstruction will increase the costs of construction work and permits, as the restructuring needs to be legalized.

The entrance group needs to be evaluated. The presence of a large number of steps will become an obstacle for a certain group of buyers. Large stained-glass windows will provide an opportunity for visual advertising. The presence of a parking lot will increase the number of visitors, since this number will include those who, in the absence of it, would simply have passed by.

The modern pharmacy business is one of the most successful and profitable investments. Medicines belong to the category of vital goods, the need for them among the population not only does not decrease, but, on the contrary, grows every year. However, not every establishment will be profitable. For a successful start, you will need to correctly perform organizational measures, think over a management system and develop a confident business plan for opening a pharmacy with calculations.

Business segment description

According to Russian statistics, the pharmacy business segment is one of the most promising and stable on the Russian market. Despite the need for fairly high investment investments at the start, the business will also please with a high level of profitability. The key factors for a successful business are as follows:

  • high quality of service, provision of consulting services to the population, assistance in choosing medicines;
  • high level of mark-up for drugs;
  • high level of demand, which will always grow;
  • a wide range of assortments. Possibility of selling additional health products;
  • large average bill.

Pharmacies have always been a profitable and profitable business. Today the relevance of this investment project is increasing due to the fact that the range of the pharmacy has significantly expanded. The institution can sell not only medicines, but also related health products. This can be cosmetic and perfumery products, care products, dietary supplements and proper nutrition, clothing and footwear, and much more. With proper management, even a small pharmacy kiosk in the future can become a large store with a permanent customer base.

The only significant drawback that the pharmacy owner will have to face is the high bureaucratic burden. Our legislation sets out clear responsibilities for every institution that sells medicines. You will need to obtain a large number of permits, as well as the selection of premises that will exactly meet the requirements of regulatory enactments.

In addition to selling medicines, the investment project will have a number of related functions:

  • Sale of prescription drugs.
  • Providing first aid to citizens, in case it is needed urgently.
  • Providing the population with consultations, as well as information regarding the intake of medicines, their effect, their storage.
  • Servicing the category of citizens who are endowed with benefits in accordance with the law.
  • Sale of cosmetics, personal hygiene products, medical devices and products, sale of medicinal raw materials, which are made on a plant basis.

Before opening a pharmacy, you need to determine the most suitable format for the institution. This can be a counter format, which is appropriate for streets with good traffic or in a residential area. Or it could be a self-service pharmacy. This option is more suitable for shopping centers and supermarkets.

Market and Competitor Analysis

According to the data presented in Russian statistics, over the past 10 years, one can see stable growth in this segment. The market share grows by about 8% every year. The pharmacy business is a direction that is not afraid of crises and economic troubles. Despite the fact that in 2021 a slight decline could be observed due to a sharp increase in the cost of imported drugs, this does not make the sector less promising and profitable.

However, in order not to face difficulties, you need to competently and as objectively as possible evaluate the competitors of your institution. It is necessary to conduct an analysis of competitors in the city, as well as direct competitors that will be in the immediate vicinity of your establishment. Approximately, this is a radius of 1-2 kilometers. Let's immediately divide them into several categories:

  • Classic establishments. As a rule, they are located on the first floors of residential buildings in residential areas. Middle and older customers trust these pharmacies as they have been using them for a long time. Prices can be somewhat completed here, but the range is quite wide. These pharmacies will become your direct competitors.
  • Local and large network players. The establishments of these pharmacies are located throughout the city. They cover the market as widely as possible. Network pharmacies can afford to offer customers the lowest possible prices as well as discounts. This is their main advantage over the rest, and this is the reason why many prefer them, despite the disadvantageous location in some cases.
  • Online pharmacies. The level of trust in such pharmacies is rather low. Their services are used by people of a young age group, as well as those buyers who need delivery.

There are about nine thousand pharmacies in our country, about two thousand pharmacy chains. These numbers are increasing every year. The pharmacy business is considered highly profitable, since there is always demand.

Requirements for opening a pharmacy

The most important thing when opening is getting a license. This is a laborious and rather lengthy procedure, regardless of whether it is a kiosk or a whole network. To obtain a license you need:

In general, it takes two to six months to obtain all permits and licenses to open pharmaceutical activities. It is difficult and painstaking, but be patient and everything will work out.

Types of pharmacies

If you do not know which pharmacy to open, check out several types.

  • Manufacturing pharmacies - such outlets have the right to manufacture aseptic products.
  • Pharmacy dispensing finished products (selling prescription drugs).
  • Pharmacy points (sale of drugs is allowed, prescription drugs are prohibited).
  • Pharmacy kiosk (premises for a pharmacy are less than twenty square meters).

A license for all types of pharmacies is required. The minimum requirements for pharmacy kiosks.

Pharmacy location

It is most advantageous to locate a pharmacy in a large residential area. It is also beneficial to open in shopping malls, train stations, or in places where there is a lot of traffic. The main thing is to always follow the replenishment. Before opening, take a closer look to see if there are competitors in the environment. Set the price segment either the same as that of competitors, or slightly lower. This will allow you to win over buyers and build your customer base. In order to avoid competition and to increase sales, supply the pharmacy with related products (for example, pacifiers, shampoos, diapers, massagers, toothpastes, personal hygiene items, medical utensils, lens solutions, nail varnishes, decorative cosmetics, dietary supplements, etc.). .).

Financial investments for opening a pharmacy

Reviews of the pharmacy business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of the pharmacy in the year

Opening a pharmacy: alone or with partners

Is it profitable to open a pharmacy? If you have pondered this question, statistics alone will not be enough. The figures show that the domestic drug market is increasing in volume by 20% annually. But this does not mean that by deciding to open a business - your own pharmacy, you will become one of the successfully developing companies. It is incredibly difficult for newcomers to the pharmaceutical industry to gain a foothold in this niche.

The problem is that large pharmacy chains have taken over most of the market. And for single players who decide to open their own pharmacy, organizing a small business is a problem due to the high competition. One of the prerequisites for starting a pharmacy business is a significant initial investment. In order to open your own pharmacy in Russia, you will need at least 50 thousand dollars at a time - this is a business with a fairly high threshold of entry. When a pharmacy is opened, the assortment should be constantly replenished, as a result of which the total amount of expenses during the first months can reach 300-500 thousand dollars.

At the same time, the organization of entrepreneurial activity to open a kiosk or pharmacy store does not promise any super-profit. The turnover in one pharmacy point in a large city rarely exceeds $ 20 thousand.

Under the wing of a reliable partner

Recently, entrepreneurs planning to create a pharmacy business are increasingly thinking about how to become a partner of a pharmacy or a pharmacy chain that already has its own name. For example, many drugstore chains in Western Europe have been working on franchises for a long time. This experience is also being adopted in Russia. It is difficult to open a pharmacy alone, and numerous tips on business forums touch on the topic of franchising.

For a businessman planning to open a pharmacy from scratch and thinking about where to start, it makes sense to pay attention to well-known pharmacy brands. Suppliers of large chains offer franchisees various terms of cooperation. The franchising departments of such pharmacies help partners with the opening of a pharmacy and business development on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation. Problems such as the preparation of regulatory documents for trade in a pharmacy, including statutory documents, obtaining permits for opening, after confirming that the area of ​​the pharmacy meets the licensing requirements, are solved much easier if the business opens under the wing of a well-known pharmacy chain.

The industry affiliation of pharmacies dictates serious requirements for opening your own pharmacy, pharmacy kiosk or point. The list of documents that are required to start an activity is very extensive. In this regard, many novice businessmen find it difficult to go to forums in search of answers, finding out whether it is possible to open a pharmacy without a license, how to open a pharmacy, what is needed for this, what documents are required and whether the requirements are high.

At the same time, it is easiest to find competent recommendations on all these issues in a professional example of a business plan for opening a pharmacy with ready-made calculations. In it you will find all the necessary information that interests a novice businessman.

Opening a pharmacy - trade form

So you've decided to open a pharmacy or pharmacy. Where to start, what is needed for this, and most importantly - what is the difference between a pharmacy and a pharmacy or another format of drug trade? The peculiarities of the pharmacy pharmaceutical business are such that, first of all, an entrepreneur should figure out what he wants to open: a classic pharmacy, pharmacy, kiosk or store. This is very important, since the basic requirements for opening a pharmacy kiosk differ significantly from the requirements for premises for a classic pharmacy.

What needs to be included in the business plan of a pharmacy in the form of a store or kiosk with or without production rights? Before starting a project, it is important to understand what costs are foreseen at the first stage, which authorities will have to visit, where to start and what profit can be expected. A ready-made business plan and its example can be downloaded in the application.

Determining the type of legal entity

Before drawing up a business plan for a pharmacy, you need to decide on the type of legal entity. For a pharmacy, three forms are possible:

  • individual entrepreneurship;
  • limited liability company;
  • open joint stock company.

Which pharmacy organization to open?

At the second stage of drawing up a business plan for a pharmacy, it is necessary to choose which type of institution will be opened. By the type of activity, pharmacies can be divided into production and trading. Manufacturing dosage forms will require additional costs. It is more profitable to consider the project of a trading organization. Can sell medicines:

  • pharmacy ;
  • pharmacy point;
  • pharmacy kiosk.

In terms of payback periods, comparison is in favor of a pharmacy. The example considered assumes the average time in which a pharmacy reaches a point without a loss, in 2 years. The average payback time for an item is six months. But there is a slight complication. A pharmacy is an example of a structural unit, and to open it, you must either organize a pharmacy or find partners who will agree to open a pharmacy from their company.

Choosing a room

If you plan not to buy a ready-made business, but to open it from scratch, then the first and most expensive part is buying or renting premises. Here is a sample pharmacy room requirements:

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