Pet hotel business plan

Pets are family members of a third of the population of Russia. We all love our “fluffy” and not “very fluffy”, when you need to go on vacation or a business trip, go to the hospital or just leave your home for a while, then the question arises who to leave your pet. If family members help out, that's great. But very often it happens that neither relatives nor neighbors know how to take care of your pet or do it not in good faith. Rescue in this situation can be a hotel for pets.

What is a pet hotel?

Before answering this question, it should be noted that from January 1, 2021, GOST 57014-2021 “Services for the temporary keeping of unproductive animals. General requirements". This standard is voluntary; those hotels for animals that want to voluntarily undergo certification for the requirements of GOST can be equal to it. For the consumer, the certification of a hotel for a pet will be an indicator of a certain quality of services provided.

It should be noted that not only hotels for animals, but also overexposure and shelters should now comply with this GOST.

According to GOST 57014-2021, a hotel for pets is a specially equipped and adapted non-residential premises for temporary keeping of unproductive animals.

When placing, zoo hotels should be guided by the following rules:

Federal Law "Technical regulations on the safety of buildings and structures";

SanPiN 2.. / 2. ... ... 0-32-2021 “Noise at workplaces, in premises of residential, public buildings and on the territory of residential buildings”;

SP 54. 3330. 011 “Residential apartment buildings”;

SanPiN 2.. / 2. ... ... 200-03 “Sanitary protection zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, structures and other objects”.

Requirements for the admission of animals to the zoo hotel

Acceptance of an animal for temporary maintenance is made only by agreement. It describes in detail all the conditions for the admission, maintenance and return of the animal, as well as the period of possible delay of the owner of the animal, for which the conditions of keeping under the contract do not change. Also, the contract must contain a clause on how to behave for the employees of the zoo hotel if the owner does not pick up the pet in time or completely abandons it.

Pet Hotel Business Plan

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What should be a hostel?

In developed countries, many entrepreneurs offer their services for temporary accommodation for pet owners. In our country, this area of ​​activity has not yet received proper distribution. At the same time, with the growth of the well-being of residents, a very considerable demand for such services appeared.

There are more and more pet owners every year. Fashion for raising cats and dogs of expensive breeds is only gaining momentum. At the same time, people are increasingly looking to leave their hometown for vacation. All owners of our smaller brothers, be it a goldfish, a raccoon or a parrot, and even more so for dog breeders, have a need to solve the question "Where to give the animal for the vacation?"

If you are interested in the question of where to download a ready-made business plan for a hotel for animals, then you are one of the few people who want to make people's life more comfortable by making money on it. We have good news for you: this option of entrepreneurial activity is either not covered by businessmen at all, or is very narrowly represented only in the largest cities. The demand for this category of services is only growing, forcing the owners of pet hotels to write a new business plan, taking into account the expansion of the existing one.

Return on pet hotels

Despite the fact that the price of a standard hotel for animals differs from the prices of regular rooms in a regular hotel downward, the payback period for a temporary home for four-legged animals is much faster. There are many requirements for the location of animals, but the costs of organizing a business are disproportionately less.

The most optimistic ready-made business plans for pet hotels indicate a payback period of 1-1.5 years. In fact, of course, success depends on the demand in the market for these services and the number of offers in a particular locality. Therefore, one should adhere to the course of success, but not expect such striking results. The owners of some of these hotels report a payback period of 3-4 years.

How to open a pet hotel - how to start drawing up a business plan

The most significant cost items in the business plans of hotels for pets are:

  • Employee payroll.
  • Rent / purchase of premises.
  • Food, medicines and accessories for animal life.

Reviews for the pet hotel business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of the hotel for animals in the year

Requirements for opening an animal center

By deciding to open a business hotel for animals, you are doing a service to all owners of cats and dogs who are forced to leave home from time to time for some time. Indeed, where, if not in an animal center, you can attach your beloved pet if you need to go on a business trip or go on vacation for a couple of weeks!

A business with dogs and cats that needs a temporary shelter can bring a solid profit, of course, if you can take into account all the requirements that apply to the organization of a dog-cat hotel. What should you pay special attention to when organizing such an unusual business as a hotel for dogs and cats?

First of all, it is necessary to buy or lease a suitable territory - and a rather big site will be required, taking into account the presence of booths and kennels for dogs. As a business, an animal center should provide for, among other things, the outdoor keeping of dogs, as well as their regular walking. The main reason for the emergence of problems with regulatory authorities can be precisely the solution of the issue with the lease of a land plot. Be prepared for the fact that it will not be so easy to choose an area that suits you from all points of view.

Animal friendly hotel

Those who decide to open their own business hotel for animals should pay special attention to the arrangement of the premises. It must comply with all standards related to equipping with water supply, heating, air conditioning and lighting systems. A hastily knocked together wooden house, divided into separate sections using a chain-link mesh, will not work for this.

Animals must be placed separately from each other to avoid unnecessary nervousness of pets. In the warm season, you can use open dog kennels, with the possibility of free walking. Having disposable clothes for dogs will allow you to go for walks on rainy days - this is also necessary for creating ideal comfort. Take care of the availability of additional accessories for pets: as a rule, most owners, leaving their pets at the hotel, supply them with collars, leashes, bowls and favorite toys, but the absolutely opposite option should also be envisaged.

Proper feeding is the basis of complete pet care. Not all owners feed their pets with dry food, so the hotel must have a room for preparing natural food. In doing so, you will have to take into account all the subtleties of nutrition for dogs and cats, for example, the digestive features of small pets.

Providing constant veterinary care is a mandatory requirement for any hotel for animals. It is best to provide for a full-time position and hire a professional veterinarian for a permanent job. If this is not possible, agree with the nearest veterinary center on mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you want to competently organize your business, gradually expanding the list of additional services to attract more customers, be sure to use a competent business plan for a hotel for animals in your work. From it you will learn how to open a dog kennel at a hotel. To create a full-fledged center for the temporary keeping of animals, you need a competent organization of a dog kennel, the economic calculations of this project can be found in our business plan. It is in this document, and not on the forums, that you will find valuable advice on organizing a dog kennel. And only in this case, your business will go as successfully as possible, and you will not have to be disappointed in the business, selling a hotel for animals just because you have not managed to achieve the expected profits.

Create an animal center: additional services

Naturally, hotels for your four-legged friends have nothing to do with hotels for people. As a rule, old kindergarten buildings and other non-residential premises are converted into zoological hotels. Many hotels are based on kennels for large dogs. Often, pet hotels are located not too far from busy roads, but far from residential areas, somewhere in the forest.

Hotels located within the city do not have the opportunity to offer their guests the conditions available in suburban areas. For example, walking dogs in the fresh air. Large dogs are recommended to be walked for about two hours a day. An animal enclosure should be spacious, not just "from tip of nose to tip of tail"!

Pet Hotel Business Plan

This business is for you if you love animals. Plus, it's a very lucrative business if organized correctly! This industry is just beginning to develop steadily, and the market is practically open. Half of the Russian population has pets, but almost 99% of families do not want to use the services of hotels for pets.

What needs to be done to open your own pet hotel? First of all, you should contact the Veterinary Society of your city to familiarize yourself with the rules that you will have to follow in the future. Calculate your possibilities. Prepare a clean and dry environment for dogs and cats. And it should be completely separate from residential buildings. Dogs will need additional outdoor space. Healthy and sick hotel guests are kept separately to avoid contamination. Females and males are kept separately.

Pet houses in your hotel must be kept clean and tidy and free from foreign odors.

The following business plan is useful for organizing your zoo hotel:

  • Chat with the Veterinary Society.
  • Study all legislation for this business.
  • Decide what kind of animals you will keep in your zoo hotel.
  • Find a suitable room and appropriate inventory.
  • Customize your company.
  • Insure your case.
  • Provide advertising and telephone consultations for pet owners.
  • Sign a cooperation agreement with the veterinarian.
  • Enter into a contract with clients, where you stipulate that you will not take responsibility in the event of the death of the animal, injury or illness.

Looking for clients

The most accessible and best way is to find clients with the help of veterinarians. Pay them a set amount for each client they refer. And they will be happy to recommend your services to their regular customers.

Cooperation with pet shops and travel agencies is beneficial. After all, people leaving to rest in distant countries, most of all, need the services of hotels of this type. Order brochures and business cards. Place ads in magazines and newspapers that pet owners read. Report your business on the radio and post announcements around town. Agree with the owners of small shops about placing your advertisements (for a fee). They will gladly meet you halfway.

Payment for services

Payment for the stay of animals in the hotel depends on the time the animals stay there, and on the service of the animals by the veterinarian.

How to open a pet hotel with minimal investment? This question is often asked by entrepreneurs starting a business in a similar field. At the moment, to create a hotel of this type, especially large investments are not required, but the profit will be high. If you analyze the market, the competition is rather weak, especially in the field of additional services for animals. Plan for a business like this to scale very quickly. You will find a business plan for opening a hotel for animals in our article.

Main activity

The main activity of the hotel complex for animals is to provide temporary housing and care services for animals. First of all, you should determine the types of animals for which you can provide a comfortable stay. Next, you need to understand what additional services, besides numbers, will be for pets.

Services that can be provided at the hotel:

    • keeping animals;
    • training;
    • vaccination;
    • treatment; <
    • dog mating;
    • grooming;
    • sale of food and accessories.

Instructions on how to open and what you need

Pet hotels are not so common at this time, but the market is growing rapidly.

To open, you need:

  • room ;
  • tables, tools for work;
  • toilet and detergents;
  • harmless chemicals for disinfection;
  • permitting documents;
  • certificates of qualifications of workers.

Activity planning stages:

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