Optics as a business: is it worth opening

According to statistics, almost every seventh person suffers from eye diseases, has visual impairments and needs to be corrected. Therefore, optics salons are in constant demand, their attendance is only increasing and, accordingly, this type of business brings steadily increasing profits to the owners. This option of entrepreneurship has a special specifics, so a natural question often arises: "How to open optics from scratch and what is required for this?" To understand, it is necessary to study the nuances of starting and running a business, to understand the principle of ensuring the stable operation of the salon.

Project Description

The principle of this business can be understood using the example of a store located in a settlement with a population of 200,000 or more. Salon, located on an area of ​​50-70 sq m:

  • Provides medical services on a paid basis for the selection of vision correction tools and other related products;
  • Is engaged in retail sales of the above products.

The range of the salon includes means for contact (lenses) and non-contact (glasses) correction, colored lenses, accessories, care products and sunglasses. To increase customer flow and expand the product range, we recommend concluding contracts with several suppliers.

Benefits and Relevance

Business benefits include:

  • High mark-ups on goods - from 300%;
  • Low financial risks - regardless of the financial situation in the country, people do not refuse to purchase those necessary for a normal life things;
  • Low rental cost - huge areas are not needed for the salon, products can be placed very compactly, which significantly saves the budget when starting a project.

Is the glasses and lenses business relevant? According to the market analysis, the answer to the question posed is positive - there is a steady growth in demand for the goods and services offered, people prefer to buy glasses, lenses and other related products in certified specialized places.

It should be noted that there are a lot of large optics networks on the market, and it is quite difficult to compete with them. This situation mainly concerns large cities, where their number reaches 40-50% of the total number of salons. It is much easier to open and develop a salon in small towns.

Business Registration

How to open optics


Why optics? Because people themselves need it. Twenty years ago, to buy glasses, you had to get a prescription from an ophthalmologist, then give it to a glasses-making salon, and only after a week, or even two, you received the coveted glasses on your hands. Now on the street, we see a lot of children and old people with glasses everywhere, young people who take glasses out of chic jackets to sign a check in a bank, and so on, so on.

Consider a business plan, where costs are taken at the maximum value, and revenue at the minimum.


It is best for the optics salon to be located either in a shopping center (no higher than the second floor), or in a separate room (central street, shop windows, high traffic). The area of ​​the salon located in the shopping center should be 35-60 square meters, and for a separate store the area should be 40-80 square meters.

Optics salon, 35 sq. ., the population in the regional city is 500,000 people. Capital investments: 1 600 000 rubles, average monthly income: 407 000 rubles, net profit: 105 886 rubles, payback period: 15 months.

Equipment Required

The trade equipment of an optics salon operating under a franchise must be made in the same style. You will need to purchase special racks and display cases. If an optics salon is opened under a franchise, then, as a rule, the project of a sales area is drawn up by the franchisor's designers free of charge. There must be an optimometric office in the optics salon. The examination by an optometrist is free of charge, which increases the likelihood of a customer ordering glasses. The optimometric equipment is purchased by the franchisee independently. One of the options for equipment for an optometrist's office is the purchase of a Tomey RC-5000 autorefkeratometer (an official distributor in R., Luys-Optics).


The optics salon must work daily, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, in this regard, there must be at least 4 sellers in the staff. They work in shifts, two in two, 2 people in a shift.

Senior seller - 2 people. with a salary of 18,000 rubles, a seller - 2 people. with a salary of 15,000 rubles.

In this article you will learn how to open an optics store business from scratch, how to open an optics business plan and step by step instructions

Before you start organizing your business, you need to conduct an analysis: will it be profitable, interest in the product on the market, who will be your target audience and how much it will pay off. This is a superficial, brief analysis, but at the initial stage you need to carry out at least one in order to get the big picture and move on.

An optics store is one of those types of business that are profitable, but have a rather long payback period, since glasses and lenses are not a daily necessity, they buy such goods for long-term use.

Next, let's talk about how to open an optics store from scratch: registering a business, solving organizational issues and how much money is needed for the whole business.

Relevance of business idea

To begin with, it is enough to use publicly available data, market analysis showed the following:

  • Most often, people buy glasses or lenses in megacities.
  • Approximately 10% of men and women change glasses or contact lenses 2 times a year, about 40% do it 3 times a year and the rest every 5 years or less.
  • Target audience of optics stores: people with average income, of all age categories.
  • Young people and those who lead an active lifestyle prefer to buy contact lenses. Older people buy simple glasses. Teenagers, lately, are actively using fashion glasses.

Registration activities

A business can be registered as an individual entrepreneur or as an LLC. If you do not plan to develop a whole network of opticians in the near future, then you do not need to register an LLC. We wrote in detail about how to register your IP here.

If you still need an LLC, then prepare the following package of documents for the Federal Tax Service:

  • Application for registration of a legal entity. The form can be taken on the FTS website or at the branch itself.
  • A copy of the company's Articles of Association in duplicate.
  • Decision to establish LLC.
  • Certificate of ownership of the premises or lease agreement.
  • Receipt of state duty payment.

For opening an individual entrepreneur you need to pay 800 rubles, and for LLC 4000.

Optics are medical accessories, so you need to get a license to run such a business. To do this, you need to collect the following documents:

Reviews of the optics salon business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of the optics salon in the year

Organization of an optics salon: business out of crisis

According to experts, the optics business is not affected by the economic crisis, since the trade in glasses, lenses and related materials has always been and will always be in demand. But this does not mean that one can forget about such an alarming factor as high competition. Where the crisis is powerless, the task can be easily dealt with by more enterprising “colleagues” who can beat off all your customers.

How to organize a business, how to open optics that will not lack customers? First of all, you need to understand that the once familiar "tray" business is already a thing of the past. Buyers need a wide range of quality products, a high level of service, and, finally, stability. That is, having once bought a means for storing lenses of a particular brand in optics, the client has the right to expect that there will be no problems with his purchase.

Additional services are also of great importance. Optics has long ceased to be just a point of sale where glasses and lenses are sold. Therefore, it is no longer enough to simply open an optics department or salon for successful business development.

So you've decided to open optics. What is needed for this? First of all, your optics, as a special type of store, needs a license that gives the right to carry out such activities. For its registration it is necessary to collect an impressive package of documents, which will take a lot of time. In order to save time and nerves (but not money), you can delegate this responsible matter to legal agencies. They will cope with this task much faster. As for the premises, for lease for optics, you should look for areas in areas with high traffic.

Another important step is the purchase of special equipment for optics, very expensive and capricious. Experienced players in this market recommend purchasing only new devices, since used equipment may be prohibited from operation based on the results of metrological tests. The average cost of a complete set of equipment for an optics salon ranges from 800 thousand to 1200 thousand rubles. But your costs will not end there. If you want to attract enough clients, you will have to open a medical office at the optician and hire an experienced ophthalmologist. This will enhance the image of your salon and attract increased attention to it. It is up to you to take money for eye examination services or not.

The range of goods in optics should be as wide as possible. You should not be limited to the presence of only the most expensive glasses in the window. The mass consumer gravitates towards a different type of this product - this is a decent quality combined with reasonable prices. By reaching a wide audience of customers, you will be able to reduce the payback period for optics. In a business like the lens trade, assortment also matters. Judging by the reviews about optical lenses, people are usually pretty conservative about this. And, not finding lenses of a familiar manufacturer in your salon, the buyer, most likely, will leave you for another salon.

How to calculate prices for glasses in optics, based on wholesale prices, taking into account the prices for the production of glasses in optics - if you find it difficult to find answers to these questions, refer to the professional example of a business plan for opening an optics salon with ready-made calculations. It contains all the information you need to know about these and other items. You will find out what additional services will be in demand and how to keep the buyer in your salon.

Optics salon opening: optical formats

Tens of millions of people experience vision problems in our country. This suggests that a business like an optician salon can be very profitable. Having begun to form 15-20 years ago, today the optics market has already acquired a clear shape. Trade booths and stalls are gradually giving way to more civilized trade formats, although they are not going to give up their positions completely.

As before, anyone can buy glasses in the passage for 500 rubles, and for traders selling optics in stalls in the market, at metro stations, this trading format has become a good start, allowing them to become owners of prosperous salons of optics. The problem is that the quality of the goods sold in such outlets leaves much to be desired. Most often these are Chinese-made products, although sometimes you can find quite decent domestic glasses.

Only people with poor eyesight know how difficult it is to find high-quality glasses that are suitable in all respects. Optics can bring their owners good money if they build their business correctly and take into account the characteristics of the product. Below is a business plan for an optics store for beginners from scratch. The example is focused on a large regional center.

Legal information about the company

Main activity: selling glasses and lenses with and without diopters.

Form of legal registration: individual entrepreneur.

Target users: people with average incomes, retirees.

Location: located in a residential building in the city center. A room of 36 sq. m converted into a store and has a separate exit from the street.

Types of offered goods:

  • Prescription glasses.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Driving glasses for night driving.
  • Glasses are simulators for the eyes.
  • Diopter lenses.
  • Colored lenses.
  • Means for the care of glasses and lenses.

An ophthalmologist works as an additional service in optics. Customers can check their eyesight and purchase glasses for free right in the store. As an additional income, a service for the repair of spectacle frames and replacement of lenses is offered. A profit of 10% of the total revenue is expected from renovations.

Tax reporting: STS (“income minus expenses” scheme).

Opening hours: the store is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00. On Saturday and Sunday, the schedule is reduced to 16:00. The ophthalmologist visits every day from 12:00 to 17:00.

OKVED: 47. "Retail sale of goods in a specialized store (not included in other groups)"; 47. 8. "Trade in glasses and their repair with assembly."

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