Opening the shooting gallery

Investments Profit Payback 712. 0062.00 per month10 months

Entertainment is something that modern society cannot do without. There is a huge demand in the market in this area, and every year entrepreneurs come up with more and more sophisticated ideas. This article will discuss how to open a pneumatic shooting range. We will dispel all the myths of information businessmen who talk about huge revenues and show you the real numbers of this business.

A hackneyed idea

Let's start with the bad news right away. Shooting gallery is one of the most hackneyed business ideas there can be. It is being opened in cities and towns. If the city has a visited park or shopping center, then there will definitely be a pavilion with a pneumatic shooting range. Therefore, you will definitely not be able to surprise the inhabitants of your city with such a business, but in the entertainment sector this can be critical.

People have seen all these shooting galleries with zombies, animals, criminals a thousand times and they see absolutely nothing interesting in it. Therefore, you definitely need to weigh all the pros and cons before starting such a business. It is highly likely that as a result, you will receive too low a profit, or even go into negative territory.

Such a prevalence of shooting galleries is due to the low threshold of entry into business. All business processes are simple, staff do not need special education, the size of the premises can be quite small, and the cost of equipment is low. You can even open a regular shooting gallery for 250.00 rubles, which is a ridiculous figure by the standards of business.

Financial Plan

First, let's take a look at a standard business plan for an air gun shooting range, and then we'll go over all the points in more detail. It should be noted that the profitability of any other types of shooting ranges (airsoft, hydroball, knife, etc.) will be approximately the same.


Suppose we are working with a large company to help us find all the equipment we need and install it. Then the costs will be as follows:

Name Amount Initial costs Shopping center pavilion 300. 00 RUB business registration 5. 00 RUB apparatus for dispensing bullets 75. 00 RUB Weapon kit (3 rifles) 17. 00 RUB control system 55. 00 RUB isheni 70. 00 RUB Target control system 60. 00 RUB security system 75. 00 RUB employee control apparatus50. 00 RUB consumables 5. 00 RUB addition: 712. 00 RUB Monthly costs Staff salaries 50. 00 RUB rent of premises 30. 00 RUB utility costs 3. 00 RUB consumables 5. 00 RUB alog 5. 00 RUB addition: 93. 00 RUB

As a result, we will have to spend 712.00 rubles to open the shooting gallery, and the monthly expenses will amount to 93.00 rubles.

How to open a pneumatic shooting gallery: a business plan with calculations

Here we will consider an article on how to open a shooting range, what you need for it, you can download a ready-made example of a business plan.

To get income from the shooting gallery every month from four thousand dollars, you need to invest no more, no less than three thousand dollars in its opening. According to many years of observations, the most hazardous shooters in shooting ranges are children and women.

Today, shooting ranges can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of professionals who work in community centers and sports clubs. Such institutions most often serve as training centers for police officers, as well as training individual clients. The second group is entertainment shooting galleries. As independent enterprises, shooting ranges are not sufficiently developed in St. Petersburg, although they are in high demand on the market.

Sample Business Plan

Generally, entertainment shooting galleries are opened at recreation centers, as an additional entertainment for vacationers, as well as in entertainment centers and sports clubs.

This archive contains three files, which fully disclose the information you are interested in on this topic. The example was compiled by trainees of this type of entertainment business.

Instructions on how to open a shooting range

To open an entertaining shooting range in which pneumatic weapons will be used, you do not need a large number of permits and licenses, as is customary when opening a shooting range for professionals. Entertaining does not have strict requirements for the equipment of the premises. For its full-fledged work, you will need about 2-3 thousand dollars of start-up capital, as in turn, opening a professional institution will cost five times more.

Registration and licenses

To open a shooting range, first you need to go through the registration procedure, this can be done by registering a company or an individual. There is a federal law, which was adopted on August 8, 2021, 128-FZ "On licensing certain types of activities." In particular, this document does not provide for compulsory licensing on the content and opening of shooting ranges and pneumatic shooting ranges. Also, a license is not required for pneumatic weapons.

Shooting range

To accommodate a shooting gallery, there must be a room of at least 50 m². In professional shooting galleries, the length of the site from the line to the target is 50-100 meters. Since it can be located in shopping or entertainment centers, in complexes and recreation parks, in places where there is a large concentration of entertainment establishments, a distance of 5-10 meters will be enough for its normal operation. There should be a separate specialized room for the shooting range; any floor of the building or basement room is suitable for this. The main requirement for arranging a shooting range is that the walls must be protected by a bullet trap, which is built independently or you can buy it in specialized places. To avoid ricochet, the wall is equipped with a tarpaulin and a cushioning pad. The good thing about the room for the shooting range is that it is not necessary to make expensive repairs in it.


Detailed business plan for the pneumatic shooting gallery with profitability calculations.

How do I start shooting clubs? Today, the leisure and entertainment industry offers a wide range of services for every taste and wallet, anyone who wants to start a business in this area should think carefully about what fresh idea he can bring, while delivering pleasant emotions to visitors and receiving a stable income. Opening a shooting club (shooting gallery) may be a win-win option.

Business Features

First of all, a businessman needs to decide whether his club will be professional or remain at the entertainment stage. Since the variety in the character of the club has its own nuances. But a combined option is also possible.

If professionalism is taken as a basis, then the owner should know that experienced people will come to him, perhaps with their own weapons, he also needs to schedule time for individual lessons in the club's activities.

If the shooting range is an entertainment facility, then the weapon here is usually pneumatic, can be laser and interactive. Whole families like to visit such institutions, teenagers also come, lovely ladies and men who are not devoid of excitement, but not from among the professionals.

If this is a tent option, then you need to purchase a car, where the targets will be fixed, and an equipped tent. This option will allow the institution on wheels to settle in places of public events.

Where to start?

So, in the head of the future entrepreneur there are good ideas for the development of the small business, but they need to be streamlined. For this purpose, a business plan is being drawn up, which will reflect the following aspects: in-depth analysis of the market for similar establishments in the place where the club is planned to open; it is important to highlight the closest competitors; decide on the place and equipment, pricing policy; to carry out promotions. A future entrepreneur must take care of the legality of his business, and for this he needs to draw up the necessary documents.

If an entrepreneur plans to organize a shooting range where athletes or hunters will train, then it is necessary to find a land plot that must meet the necessary standards, namely, be at least 2.5 hectares, with a distance to the target of 250 m and more. In this case, a license is required.

Opening a shooting gallery with firearms is the most difficult of all options, since licenses and permits are required to create and maintain it. For the storage of weapons, a special room is needed without access by unauthorized persons, and qualified instructors in firing from military weapons must be introduced into the staff.

Shooting club accommodation

Review of business planters agency

Received a loan of 15 million rubles for 5 years and were able to organize their own travel agency. Thank you for your responsible and professional approach to business plan preparation.

Review of a business planter (paintball club)

We were able to attract an investor and receive financing for the project for 7 million rubles. A detailed business plan with all the calculations and executed in accordance with all the rules and standards.

Director of the paintball club, Voronezh

Target shooting is a good option for detente for citizens exhausted by problems. The shooting gallery's business plan contains a description of the conditions and procedure for starting an activity and an assessment of the main calculated indicators of investment attractiveness and others.

The institution is designed for a mass client, it is planned to provide the possibility of shooting at stationary and moving targets, as well as the organization of various competitions and holidays for children and adults. The company's turnover is over 5 million rubles.

Payback - about 2 years.

Document content:

A business plan is:

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Advanced with financial calculations with Excel financial model

Advanced with adjustments

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly, adapting to new technologies to give people the most memorable and vivid emotions. But there are also traditional types of recreation, such as a shooting gallery. Families, groups of friends and even couples come here. People of all ages love to shoot, regardless of gender. Therefore, for an entrepreneur, opening a shooting gallery can become a gold mine if everything is properly organized. Any business should start with a thoughtful and elaborate planning to the smallest detail. Our shooting gallery business plan will help you navigate in this direction and calculate all the important points of this activity.

Project Summary

In Soviet times, a large number of shooting galleries functioned on the territory of our country. Their popularity has always been enormous. During the holidays and other mass festivities, there were real queues in them. In the nineties, the flow of visitors to the shooting galleries began to weaken. In our time, this type of business has begun to develop again.

There are two types of shooting galleries: entertainment and professional. In the first case, air rifles and pistols, laser interactive weapons and crossbows are used as small arms. The professional shooting range is designed for the training of special forces and athletes, firearms are already used here, which means that for the operation of such an enterprise, the owner of the shooting range will need to obtain a special license. It's not cheap, and the target audience is not that wide.

This shooting range business plan with calculations will affect the option of opening an entertainment shooting range with air pistols and rifles, located in a building near popular recreation areas. In addition, the location is selected near the business center, as it is planned to develop a special program for corporate recreation. An institution can have two formats:

  • Stationary. This is when the shooting gallery always stands in one place and does not move anywhere. Usually a site is used in a city park or in a shopping and entertainment center.
  • Tent. This is a portable shooting range that is easy to assemble and quickly disassembled. It is good because it can be installed in crowded places. For example, it is beneficial to do this at city events when people gather in the square or in other places. Thus, the entrepreneur will be provided with clients, but only during the holidays.

In our case, the best option would be a stationary shooting range.


Before opening a shooting range, it is important to take care of the legal side of this case. It includes the registration of permits. An individual entrepreneur is best suited for this type of activity. It is now easy to register as an individual entrepreneur, and it will take one day. It is necessary to come to the tax authority at the place of residence with a statement and additional documents. OKVED code 92 is suitable for registration. 2.

A license for an air gun shooting range is not legally required. But there is a nuance: you may need a license for the weapon itself, if its combat power exceeds the legal limit of seven and a half kilojoules. Therefore, it is better to choose pistols of lower power and a caliber of up to 4 and a half millimeters, in which case a license is not required.

An official contract must be registered for the rented premises, and if the building is purchased, you must have a sales contract. The equipment must have all the necessary certificates. You will also need to obtain a work permit from the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire department, these services must inspect the premises and deliver their verdict. In our case, the first option is chosen.

Premises rental

It is most profitable to rent a room. If the place turns out to be unsuitable, you can always change it. Moreover, even a basement is suitable for a shooting gallery, and renting it will not be very expensive. There is no need to repair it, for such an institution the main thing is the presence of targets and several types of weapons, therefore there are no strict design requirements. You can get by with low-cost cosmetic repairs to freshen up the room. Many walls are covered with camouflage material. To avoid bullets ricochet on the back wall, you need to mount a bullet-trapping soft material on it. Foam rubber is suitable as an economy class option.

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