Opening a private security company: 5 main stages

An entrepreneur who decides to open his own private security business needs to weigh the pros and cons of this business, clearly understand all the nuances. In this difficult matter, a business plan of a security agency, developed with the mind and aimed at the development of a profitable enterprise, will be useful. To open an agency, you need to be well versed in the laws, to be a persistent person, because as they say, such a business is not suitable for everyone.

Goals and features of the project

The goals of the project should be clearly spelled out in your business plan, because it is it that can be taken as a basis and shown to future creditors or investors. In this case, it must include items such as:

  • Assessment of the investment attractiveness of a security agency project.
  • Calculations of the funds required to start a business.

The project plan is designed for two years, during which it is necessary: ​​

  • Create a profitable agency.
  • Reach a high income from the enterprise and a stable customer base.
  • Successfully fill the security niche of the market and satisfy existing demands.

The demand for services in the protection of enterprises, property or human life is very high. The demand for such services does not decrease, but only increases every year, so a security company is a profitable and prosperous business.

A feature of this business is the constant load, a whole group of risks to physical and mental health. For this business, people who are firsthand familiar with this field, former military or police officers, are most suitable.

The business plan is implemented approximately according to the following plan:

  • Preparing start-up capital.
  • Preparation of documents and business registration.
  • Rent of premises.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment.
  • Recruitment.
  • Advertising campaign.

Many people want to open a chop from scratch, but desire alone is not enough. You need to solve many questions for yourself: how much money is required, how to report to the tax office, whom to hire in the state, where to look for clients.

Step one: create a business plan

First of all, you need a well-written business plan. It should be detailed and clear, so that all that remains is to follow it. Here are the main points to consider in this document.

  • Market research. Find out how many similar enterprises are in your city, how long they have been operating, how successful they are, what are their main advantages that distinguish them from other competitors.
  • Select the form of tax reporting. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Better, of course, to open an LLC - in this case, you have the legal right to hire people, whereas an individual entrepreneur implies acting alone.
  • Obtaining a license. It is issued upon presentation of a certain package of documents.
  • Hiring employees. These should be competent people, physically well-developed, able to handle weapons and have the necessary documents.
  • Search for clients. Here you need to include a marketing plan for finding and attracting customers. You need to differentiate yourself in some way from your competitors. It's a good idea to include personal connections, if any.
  • Financial side. It is necessary to calculate everything to the smallest detail: renting an office, buying furniture and equipment, salaries for employees, etc.

Here's a rough step-by-step guide for starting your own security business.

Market Research

It is necessary to take a specific time interval, for example 5 years, to determine the following: the geographical boundaries of the market, existing objects and persons, are there any growth trends, an overview of competitors, which firms are leading, who have just started work, barriers to entry to the market , is it profitable to open a chop in your city, etc.

IE or LLC?

You act at your own discretion. But the features are as follows:

  • Registering as an individual entrepreneur is faster and easier, but you won't be able to hire people.
  • A set of documents is needed, for each employee - a license, but the private security company will have the right to provide clients with a full range of services.


It will take about 2 months to issue it. You can speed up the case by contacting a law firm. This document is valid for 5 years and can be renewed if necessary.

A license is issued only to enterprises whose employees are specially trained or are former employees of law enforcement agencies. There is an opportunity to study as an employee of a private security company at specialized courses, where, upon graduation, they issue a certificate and a permit to carry weapons. However, you can use the latter only if you successfully pass the exam at the ATC.

The security business is quite attractive even during financial crises and other shocks. On the contrary, during financial difficulties in the country, when the level of crime increases markedly, the services of security structures become even more in demand.

What is needed to open a private security company, what is the procedure, what problems may be encountered, what a business plan should take into account, what is the level of profitability of such a business - this will be discussed.

A typical algorithm of actions required to open a private security company is as follows:

  • Development of a business plan;
  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Obtaining a main license and individual permits;
  • Implementation of a business plan (search for an office, purchase of equipment, inventory and outfit);
  • Direct activity (search for clients, conclusion of contracts, fulfillment of obligations).

Stage one: registration of an enterprise and obtaining a license

First of all, you need to officially register a security company. Formally, it can have two statuses:

The first option has certain drawbacks and limitations. The fact is that according to the law, a private security company, in order to provide the entire permitted range of services, is obliged to obtain an appropriate license.

Obtaining a license becomes the next step after the registration of a private security company as a legal entity. To obtain a security license, you will have to visit the ROVD at the place of registration of the enterprise.

The package of documents that must be submitted to law enforcement agencies is as follows:

  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities with information about a specific enterprise;
  • Notarized copies of the Articles of Association of a legal entity, constituent agreement and TIN;
  • Copies of personal documents of the head of the private security company: a passport, a diploma of higher education, also certified by a notary, as well as his work book.
  • Copies of the identity of officially appointed private security guards (at least three).

Starting a security company is a good option, especially for those who currently or have previously worked in law enforcement. Because they already have a lot of experience in this industry. However, guards do not have the same legal powers as police officers. But they are responsible for the personal safety and property of their clients. A private security company (PSC) helps fill in the gaps that a public entity such as the police cannot adequately address. To open a private security company from scratch, you need to draw up a step-by-step business plan for a security agency, an example of which is given below.

Sample PSC Business Plan

Market Overview

Name of the security company

Your company name is very important as it will be the first impression for the client. It is recommended not to use personal names in the title (as when choosing a beautiful name for a store). Because that implies a lack of professionalism. But include words such as "International" or "National" as this implies a high level of experience.


A detailed and independently written business plan of a private security agency with calculations, may contain the following services:

  • Protect guest / employee logins.
  • Monitoring customer premises with video surveillance equipment.
  • Protecting the assets of customers, employees and guests.
  • Deter crime with a visual presence.
  • Arrange a response in case of fire, evacuation or other emergency.
  • Extract unwanted clients or intruders.
  • Interaction with police and city emergency services.
  • In addition, the head of the PSC may suggest the following:
  • Audit and recommendations for security plans.
  • Referrals for security technology providers (camera systems, etc.)
  • All guards will be certified for security and carrying firearms.

Work Schedule

If possible, the same employees will be sent sequentially to their clients. However, replacement will be needed from time to time. First of all, the manager is obliged to ensure the transfer of data to the replaced guards. To keep in touch with your team, it is best to use portable two-way radios. If necessary, use mobile phones. The CEO of a private security company must be within reach by telephone, wherever he works. Security guards who encounter criminal activity should immediately alert authorities rather than channel this information through a communications center.

Private security agency expenses

It will be incorrect to say that this is a business with minimal investment. Start-up costs to be included in a ready-made business plan for a private security agency:

The list of security services is defined by the law “On private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation”. It is allowed to protect the life and health of citizens, protect the property of the owners (including during its transportation), design, install and maintain security and fire alarms, advise clients on protection issues, and ensure order in places where public events are held.

Security business: Registration

The specificity of the security business is strict control by government agencies. Licenses for private security activities are issued by the department for licensing and permitting work and control over private detective and security activities of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, operational control over the work of private security companies is already carried out by subdivisions of regional police departments.

A package of documents for obtaining a license (they are considered within 60 days): a statement, an explanatory note (with a description of all services, an indication of the territory of the private security company, the estimated number of personnel, intentions to use technical and other special means, weapons) , constituent documents and information about the founders, a certificate of registration with the tax inspectorate, a receipt for payment of the license fee (for consideration of an application - 300 rubles, for granting a license - 1 thousand rubles). The minimum amount of the authorized capital for a private security company is 10 thousand rubles.

The head of the private security company must have a higher education and an identity card of a private security guard. At least three staff members should receive the same credentials. These documents are issued by the licensing and permits department to those who have undergone special training or to those whose work experience in the police department or security forces is at least three years. The certificate of a private security guard itself costs 1.5 thousand rubles. and is valid for five years.

Security Business: Weapon Permit

Not all security companies work with weapons. Weapons may be needed, for example, for the protection of significant material values, in industrial warehouses, gas pipelines. And for the protection of hostels, trading halls of grocery stores, educational institutions, weapons are not needed.

No more than one firearm is allowed per four guards. A special room should be equipped for storing weapons. The equipment of the weapons room in accordance with all protection requirements will result in 70-100 thousand rubles. It will need to be coordinated with the licensing and permitting department, non-departmental security, SES, firefighters, put on control panel protection in the OBO (from 10 to 30 thousand rubles per month).

To use special equipment (stun guns, gas cartridges, handcuffs, rubber sticks), you also need to obtain a certificate from the licensing department and register them for specific guards. Rubber sticks (from 150 to 320 rubles per piece) and handcuffs (200-300 rubles per set) are bought for each of the guards.

Security business: Office rent

The office of the security company is needed mainly for meetings with clients and candidates for security. The office also houses a weapons room and a rapid response team, if any. For the arrangement of the weapons room, it will take from 8-10 sq. m area. The rapid response team is usually located near the main guarded facilities, in places that are most convenient for a quick exit. For this purpose, two rooms are rented (with a total area of ​​15-20 sq. M.) For the attendant and the rest of the guards.

In principle, it is enough for a beginner private security company to rent a small room not in the central area with an area of ​​no more than 10 sq. m (if the weapon room is not provided). This area is enough to equip one workplace (desk, computer and telephone). The average rental price is 5-7 thousand rubles. per month.

Security business: Equipment

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