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The main thing about the business plan of the gas station in the year

Petrol station organization: business specifics

This kind of business, like a gas station, confuses many entrepreneurs with the need for a fairly significant investment. In fact, a lot of money will be required, both at the stage of creating your own gas station and for its development. But you can be quite sure that after a while the spent money will not only return to you in full, but will also bring a rather tangible profit. If you, of course, strictly follow all the rules of the business and learn all the necessary nuances.

The organization of a gas station begins with a study of this market segment in a specific region. It should be noted that activity in this sector of the economy is gradually increasing, which creates a high level of competition. Therefore, only a competent analysis of the situation will warn you against rash actions. The most expensive thing in this business is land. If you decide to build a gas station somewhere in a large regional center, then registration of all rights to land can cost a very round sum - about 100 thousand dollars.

One of the reasons for such a high cost is the very strict building codes and, accordingly, the need for a large number of approvals. Some businessmen who want to avoid all this bureaucratic red tape use the services of special firms that take care of these troubles. But such services naturally cost money.

The profitability of a gas station directly depends on how well you have chosen a place for its construction. When choosing a plot of land for building, one should be guided by strict rules and regulations, according to which, for example, gas stations cannot be opened in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings, there must be at least 30 meters between them. And even if you are building a gas station, observing this rule, be prepared for the fact that the inhabitants of the surrounding houses will aggressively oppose the construction.

Having solved all the problems with the land, the businessman must decide on the purchase of equipment. The minimum set of two speakers will cost an entrepreneur about 40-50 thousand dollars. But it is still better to plan the opening of a gas station, counting at least 4 dispensers. High-quality equipment for a gas station costs from 100 to 250 thousand dollars. If you decide to open a gas station on a franchise basis, that is, under the wing of a well-known brand, of course, there will be much less problems.

A gas station is often considered the best business that allows you to introduce many additional services: a car wash, a workshop, a shop. In addition, it is advisable to open a cafe at a gas station so that drivers can have a quick and satisfying snack. Sales rates at gas stations depend on many nuances, but one thing is clear: the more services you can offer a potential client, the more profitable it will be for you. If you are worried about such questions: how to introduce payment terminals at gas stations or in accordance with what documents a gas station is built, use a competent example of a business plan for the construction of a gas station with ready-made calculations. It contains the most complete information about the features of this business, which will allow you to cope with any problems.

A ready-made business plan for a gas station from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

The business plan of the gas station will help you understand whether it will be profitable to open it and what difficulties you will have to face. First of all, you should decide on the start-up capital required to open a gas station. Working in this area of ​​business involves the issuance of a large number of permits, since this industry is recognized as dangerous at the legislative level. Registration of permits can take a long period and require significant financial investments.

Of course, the activities of the enterprise will be checked by the relevant government authorities so that they can make sure that all rules and regulations are being followed. Another characteristic feature of the business of selling fuel to the population is a large start-up capital and significant running costs. Experienced entrepreneurs recommend purchasing a land plot and equipping it accordingly. The object will need to be equipped with an alarm system and security personnel should be hired. When opening a gas station from scratch, you must be prepared for the fact that the project will take a lot of time.

Choosing the project format

Opening a gas station from scratch is not a good idea for a budding entrepreneur. The opening of such a business involves a serious investment compared to working under the brand name of a well-known enterprise. In addition to an impressive start-up capital, you will face the need to develop your own customer base and problems with the purchase of fuel. This means that you run the risk of quickly going bankrupt. However, this format also has its advantages: you can organize the work of a gas station at your discretion, without adjusting it to the standards of a large company.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their business by purchasing a franchise. Such services are provided by large well-known companies. Starting to work under the brand of this company, you will not have problems with the supply of fuel and the customer base. The disadvantages of this format are: the inability to act autonomously, the need for a monthly franchise payment.

Choosing the territory for the gas station

After all the main facilities are built, you need to start purchasing equipment. In order for your gas station to start functioning, you will need the following equipment: tanks for storing fuel, a tank for pumping gasoline, gas stations, a tank for storm water. When opening a gas station, you will need a slightly different list of equipment. To implement such a project, a tie-in to the city gas pipeline will be required. It is mandatory to install a compressor for gas liquefaction. The opening of such stations is costly, therefore, even in large cities, they are available in small quantities.

In addition to the production line, care should be taken to automate work processes. To do this, you need to purchase a computer and install the appropriate software. It is also necessary to equip a staff rest room, a cashier's workplace and a bathroom. If you plan to supplement the gas station with a store or cafe, you will have to equip these premises as well.

Opening a petrol station will not be allowed without installing a fire alarm.

Taking into account the provision of services around the clock, it will be necessary to organize the work of personnel in several shifts. The optimal schedule is considered a day after three. The shift should include: a tanker operator, a cashier and a security guard. Additionally, you will need to hire a janitor, accountant and manager.

Calculation of business profitability

Here is an example of calculating the cost of opening one gas station in a large city. Acquisition of the ownership of a plot within the city will cost you 25 million rubles, paperwork - 2 million rubles, construction of production facilities - 6.5 million rubles, purchase of equipment - 3 million rubles. Thus, the initial investment when opening a gas station will amount to 36.5 million rubles.

Fuel is one of the topical products that any locality will always need. Without it, not a single transport (land, sea and air) will budge, which means that the state's economy will suffer a serious collapse.

Auto and motor transport will always be, and therefore the opening of a gas station is always a hot topic. If so, it is worth considering opening a petrol station.

This article will take into account all the subtleties of opening, as well as the risks of opening such an enterprise.

Infographic: Gas station business plan

Brief description of petroleum products retail business

The gas station market is reaching its peak today. In every city, big or not, there are several gas stations, including those from large brands. And when it comes to cities with a population of one million, the competition there reaches absurdly huge proportions.

Main types of motor fuels (GOSTs)

Each fuel that is brought to the territory of the filling station has its own characteristics.

All of these fuels can be found at the average gas station anywhere in the world.

  • AI-76. Almost no one uses such fuel today.
  • AI-92. Of all the current fuels, it is the oldest to date. Manufactured on the basis of GOST R 51105-97.
  • AI-95. The main fuel for gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • AI-98. The quality of gasoline is better in comparison with the 95th.
  • Diesel. Main fuel for diesel-powered vehicles.
  • Eurodiesel. The quality is better than that of the regular version.
  • Methane. One of the options for fuel on gas.
  • Propane. Alternative to methane.

Motor fuel suppliers

Gasoline, one of the most sought-after products after food, clothing and personal hygiene items. It is real to make money on it, but rather difficult, because. you have to enter a market where there are many large companies. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully calculate and think over everything when drawing up a business plan for a gas station.

Main activity

The main service is fueling cars. Along with this, you can sell various related products. The main thing is to provide a high level of service that will contribute to the emergence of regular customers.

Instructions on how to open and what you need

First, you need to analyze the market. Also, you will need to obtain additional licenses and permits. Then, you need to determine the list of services that can be provided additionally.

Stages of starting a gas station as a project:

  • Market and competitor analysis.
  • IP registration.
  • Obtain the required licenses and permissions.
  • Conclusion of a land lease agreement.
  • Construction work.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers.
  • Hiring staff.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

For a more correct preparation of a package of documents, it is desirable to involve a lawyer. Many issues will have to be resolved through the authorities. Since this is a rather complex activity, many licenses must be obtained.

The most basic documents for a gas station:

  • license of an individual entrepreneur or LLC with the corresponding type of activity;
  • license of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy;
  • permission from local authorities to lease a land plot ;
  • conclusion of an agreement with self-government bodies;
  • conclusion of the fire commission;
  • certificate from SES;
  • project documentation;
  • completed employee briefing form.

Stage - room search

The fuel business is always profitable. The main thing is to organize it correctly. Beforehand, it is imperative to draw up a complete business plan and take into account all possible risks. You can open both a separate gas station and a franchise. In the second case, the entrepreneur will receive full support from the company.

Business Features

It is not easy to organize a gas station as a business. This option requires a lot of entrepreneurial experience. Also, this business needs serious capital investment.

Serious approach is required. First you need to know how to open a gas station from scratch. Not every businessman will be able to compete with Rosneft. It is better not to choose a gas station as a first entrepreneurial experience.

Car owners often prefer petrol stations with a well-known name. That is why it is better to start working on a franchise or turn your own gas station into a well-known one by introducing accumulative bonuses and birthday incentives.

Is business at a gas station profitable

Statistical data prove that the fuel market is gradually reaching its peak of saturation, but there is still an opportunity to open a profitable business in this niche. The main thing is not to hesitate with the opening.

To start a profitable business, you need to supply a quality product. It is also necessary to regularly introduce profitable offers for regular customers.

Writing a business plan

The business plan of the gas station must be drawn up from the very beginning. This must be done at the stage of planning your own business.

Market Assessment

It is imperative to evaluate the market of the region and country. You can use regional or national dynamics. The oil refining industry operates relatively at the same level everywhere.

Market environment

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