Opening a dental office: a business that cares about people

The business plan of a medical center is a list and characteristics of activities aimed at opening a private medical center or a dental office, and its profitable operation.

Benefits of the dental business

Every modern person at any age takes care of the condition of their teeth. Therefore, dentists are in demand always and everywhere. In the modern world, public dentistry cannot provide quality services in full. Consequently, a private business in this area (along with gynecology, cosmetology, ophthalmology) with professional customer service at a high level, in an aesthetically designed medical salon, makes it possible to get a good profit.

A person wishing to open a dental office is not required to have a medical degree. As a manager, the owner must be well versed in financial calculations. It is recommended that the manager be in charge of managing the affairs of the medical institution, and for the dental work to hire specialist doctors.

Business project summary

A properly written resume will help to present a business plan for dentistry in order to attract investors. In this initial section of the business plan, you must specify:

name and direction of the organization;

Buy a business plan for a medical center

number and specialization of employees;

profitability and return on investment;

Business Registration

In the next paragraph, the business plan of the planned medical center must necessarily prescribe a package of documents that must be collected to open an institution. In case a businessman himself plans to provide services in his private office, he is registered as an individual entrepreneur. If the manager will not serve patients, his organization can be registered as an LLC. Every registered dentist must be licensed. Customers pay for services through the cash register to a bank account. The medical institution will begin to practice after it receives permits from Rospotrebnadzor, Fire Inspection and Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.

Range of medical center services

Medical services are always in demand, no matter how well-off a person is. Special attention is paid to health. Ultimately, in its absence, life loses all meaning. Therefore, people are ready to spend money to maintain good health, on prevention and examination, in order to prevent serious diseases in time.

In this case, the opening of a medical center is a relevant and justified idea. No special education is required for its implementation. The main thing is to have unique organizational skills and be guided by the principle of not only enrichment, but primarily the desire to help those who need it. It should be remembered about the great responsibility that an entrepreneur assumes.

Risks and Cons of Business

Having an entrepreneurial acumen is a big plus for organizing your business. But before you open a medical center, you should remember about the many factors that can have a negative impact on the work of a private institution:

  • The lease agreement is risky due to possible sharp changes in the terms of the agreement. Therefore, it is better to make it up for a long term.
  • Insufficiently responsible attitude to the selection of qualified personnel can lead not only to loss of reputation due to negligence, but even to the deprivation of licensing rights or bringing cases to court.
  • The competitive environment in this type of business is rather high due to the high demand for services. You need to think about the best conditions that will help attract the attention of patients.
  • Seasonality is noted in the attendance of patients, more often they apply only during outbreaks of seasonal epidemics. This means that at other times a number of incentive measures should be considered (but not at a loss to the institution).
  • High prices (compared to government agencies) narrow the target audience. We need to consider options for attracting less wealthy citizens. For example, a special pricing policy for pensioners.
  • The payback period of a newly opened medical center can drag on for a couple of years if the organization of work is not well thought out.
  • It is rather difficult to choose a suitable place and suitable premises. In this case, it is more profitable to invest in the construction of a new building.

The main risk in this area remains the patient's health, which is subject to deterioration due to the incorrectly chosen method of treatment or medications. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the experience of doctors.

What are the types of medical centers

The specificity of the medical center lies in a wide range of services. But they must be of high quality. The most popular directions are:

  • Plastic surgery. Designed for a narrow circle of clients in the well-to-do sector, but it can generate the highest income if experienced and responsible doctors are available.
  • A separate room for undergoing prescribed procedures: physiotherapy, UHF, electrophoresis, etc.
  • Department of Pediatrics for the youngest patients and schoolchildren. For their children, parents are ready to sacrifice even their own health, just to find a competent doctor.
  • Diagnostic Center. Many people choose to pay to be sure of their health or to prevent the onset of an illness.
  • Traditional therapy is also in demand, especially during the fall and spring exacerbations. As a rule, during therapy there should also be a laboratory for delivery of tests. The presence of such specialists as a neurologist, gynecologist, surgeon, oncologist is also appropriate here.
  • Recently, interest in alternative medicine has grown significantly. The credibility of the pills is gradually being lost. Therefore, it is quite advisable to set aside space for acupuncture (acupuncture), reflexology and popular massage.

In an open medical center, consultations must be carried out, and often they are already included in the cost of another service.

Practice shows that it is most profitable to work in the field of dentistry. Absolutely all people treat their teeth, at least once in their life. Prosthetics are very expensive, but there is always a demand for it.

The clinic's services can be divided into high-paying classes, designed for medium and low income. Due to this, the flow of customers will increase significantly.

Paid medicine is considered one of the most profitable areas of business. Private clinics and offices are in great demand among the population due to high-quality, fast service, modern drugs and equipment, as well as the choice of the most effective methods of treatment. People understand how important it is to take care of their health, in particular about their teeth, but they cannot always find the right time to visit a public hospital. A dental office business plan with calculations will help you open a profitable business that will quickly pay off your initial investment. This business is suitable not only for an experienced dentist, but also for an ordinary entrepreneur who will simply provide a doctor with a job.

Market analysis and target audience

Market analysis includes the assessment of competitors in the chosen area, determination of the target audience, in-demand specialists and other factors.

There is a lot of competition in the dental industry - private clinics occupy 96% of institutions. But it is not they who cause problems for aspiring entrepreneurs, but the state, which sets strict requirements for premises, equipment, licensing, and certification.

According to the Ministry of Health, for 2021-2021, the growth of dental facilities will continue and amount to 12% of the industry. This forecast is based on high profitability and quick return on business.

Characteristics of the Russian dental market:

  • High competition.
  • Almost the entire industry is crammed with private clinics.
  • There is no drop in demand for services during the crisis.
  • Constant rise in prices for dental services.
  • People are increasingly opting for a private office rather than a public one.
  • The most promising industries: implantation, services for children.

Target audience of private dentistry:

  • Men, women, children.
  • From 7 to 60-70 years old.
  • Wealth: medium and high.

Do I need to be a dentist when opening a clinic?

Many entrepreneurs bypass the promising dental business due to the banal lack of education. This niche is usually chosen by doctors who have already worked in government agencies and decided to start their own business. However, even an inexperienced entrepreneur can enter this industry by carefully studying all the nuances and hiring professional doctors.

Feedback on the business plan of the cosmetology clinic

The business plan made it possible to attract the necessary investments into the project (180 million rubles), and as a result, we were able to open modern cosmetology. Exceptionally professional approach, deep integration into the specifics of our work.

owner of a private cosmetology clinic, St. Petersburg

Review of the dentistry business plan

The business plan, executed in accordance with all UNIDO standards and taking into account the wishes of the bank, made it possible to attract a loan of 165 million rubles. The work was completed even ahead of schedule.

Feedback on the business plan of the beauty salon

I was a little worried when ordering a business plan that it would not be possible to calculate and predict the main steps as accurately as possible. But in the end, everything was done very efficiently: we calculated all investments, took into account all my wishes and wishes of the investor. Thank you for a job well done.

Feedback on the business plan of the cottage village

We opened a credit line for 700 million rubles for the construction of a cottage community. The developed business plan was checked by the bank, no additional questions arose.

Chief Accountant of StroyServicePlus LLC

The demand for cosmetology services is gaining momentum every year, the range of possible manipulations is expanding. The business plan of the cosmetology clinic characterizes the algorithm of actions aimed at launching the facility, taking into account the competitive environment, the initial budget conditions and the calculation of the main indicators of the project.

It is assumed that the cosmetology clinic will provide a full range of aesthetic medicine services, including surgical operations, nursing, anti-aging procedures, alternative medicine services, etc.

The business plan of the medical center offered for your attention includes recommendations, sets and solutions for opening a small private clinic. Based on the analysis of this data, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to substantiate the general concept of the institution, to correctly calculate all the costs necessary to create a medical institution.

The business plan can be used when negotiating with investors, justifying their decisions when obtaining a license and for planning their own organizational activities.

General concept of the project

In Russia, the demand for high-quality medical services is constantly growing, and paid services are growing much faster than those provided by budgetary medical organizations. As studies show, this trend is due to the fact that municipal free medicine does not fully meet the needs of the population, which are increasingly sent for help to private clinics and medical centers. This is typical for both adult patients and the children's segment of service consumers.

Business in medicine has always been distinguished by a high level of material and intellectual costs, i.e. it is associated with the need to comply with stringent regulatory requirements enshrined in current legislation. The most important condition for commercial success for a private clinic is the high quality of medical services provided and professional patient care.

The project will require a total investment of 24,806,184.6 rubles. Financing is carried out by obtaining a commercial loan at 14% per annum. The loan amount is the total cost of the project and will provide the bank with an income of 1,886,510.34 rubles during the investment period. With competent planning of costs and effective organizational work of the founder of the project, it will pay off no later than 2 years after the opening of the medical institution.

In order to simplify the understanding of the movement and regulation of the directions of cash flows, this business plan of the medical center with calculations provides that the repayment of the loan and the payment of interest on it begin from the 1st month of the project.

Market Analysis

At the end of 2021, the total value of the medical services market in Russia increased by 4.7% and amounted to RUB 2,203.6 billion. According to experts, the segments of commercial and shadow medicine grew most dynamically, and in the second position the growth was provided mainly due to an increase in the number of patient visits. This indicates that the tradition of paying doctors "in person" continues to exist and will continue in the future. This, in turn, will lead to a reduction in the number of official appointments with doctors, therefore, in 2021 we should expect a contraction in the value of the market. According to experts, in this field of activity, the restoration of the volume of services can take place only in 2021.

Private medical institutions in our country make up only 10% of the total. This segment of business was previously dominated by individual entrepreneurs, but after the amendments to the legislation and increased requirements for private clinics, the situation has changed significantly and now medical services are provided mainly by integrated medical centers that demonstrate good profitability.

In 2021, the Russians received medical services for a total amount of 688.5 billion rubles. At the same time, the unit cost of expenses for their payment in the total consumer budget of citizens amounted to 22.2% at the beginning of 2021, which is 0.7% more than last year. The number of appointments with private specialists last year decreased by 2.5% compared to 2021 and amounted to 1,523.2 million. Recently, the development of the private medicine sector has been strongly influenced by the reforms that are permanently introduced in this industry.

As a result, there was a partial redistribution of patients to the commercial medicine sector, and it became problematic to get an appointment with budgetary medical institutions. In addition, the general decline in the material well-being of citizens contributed to the growth of the shadow market for medical services. The ongoing reforms in the healthcare sector have led to the following processes:

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