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The main thing about the business plan of the newspaper in the year

Opening a newspaper: how to find a reader

The business of publishing newspapers is currently in limbo. Many newspapers are published, but most of them do not fulfill any specific function. Many print media are reduced to one continuous advertisement. Advertising newspapers publish vacancies, advertisements for services, and even notes, the essence of which, as a result, comes down to the same advertisement. Are such newspapers interesting? Hardly. Such publications find their readers only if they get into mailboxes for free.

Opening your own advertising newspaper is reduced only to getting as many customers as possible who want to place advertisements for services or goods on the pages of the newspaper. In this case, no one thinks about the useful component of the publication, about publishing articles that are interesting to the reader. In most cases, such print publications are closed during the first year of their existence, or by switching to a free format, living only on advertising fees.

According to experts, the print market today lacks newspapers in which the reader could get useful and simply interesting information. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, for this it is not necessary to organize your own newspaper, stuffed with crime stories or gossip about celebrities. Therefore, before you open, register your newspaper from scratch, carefully think over who it will be designed for, and how you plan to interest this potential reader.

Come up with a title that clearly reflects the focus of the publication and grabs people's attention.

Organization of a newspaper begins with the registration of the publication with the regional inspectorate for the protection of freedom of the press. In some cases, it is recommended to contact the Ministry immediately. In this case, it is necessary to indicate who will be the founder of the newspaper. It is desirable that an entrepreneur who decides to build a business on the creation of a newspaper has the status of a legal entity. As a rule, the registration certificate is issued within a month.

After that, you have to decide on the choice of the printing house with which you have to cooperate. When planning to open your own business related to publishing a newspaper, you should carefully discuss all technical issues with the representatives of the printing house. You should not expect instant income, which will allow you to return the initial investment literally in a month. If you are starting a newspaper as your main business, be prepared for the fact that finding your reader can be difficult. Effective advertising will help speed up this process, which will require additional financial investments.

The average payback period for the newspaper business is 1-1.5 years. The use of a professional newspaper business plan will help to shorten this period. Having studied it, you can determine which format of the print edition will be closer to you. Having a competent business project on hand, it will be much easier for you to make the right choice.

Ready-made newspaper business plan from scratch with examples of opening calculations

A professional newspaper business plan is a description of a well-coordinated idea that will surely become profitable and promising. The power of the printed word is great, because it is not for nothing that millions of our fellow citizens are keenly interested in politics, news of economic life, and local events. Attracting an audience that does not want to use the worldwide network, creating an interesting and informative newspaper - this is a niche for those who have something to say in the modern world.

Reviews of the business plan of the journal ()

The main thing about the business plan of the magazine in the year

Organization of the journal: identifying opportunities

Thousands of glossy magazines have flooded the counters of kiosks and shops, and what amazes the sophisticated reader the most is the abundance of advertisements on the pages of magazines. Willy-nilly, it seems that the owners of large enterprises and companies simply have nowhere to place their advertisements. This is where a seditious thought creeps in: why not create your own profitable business - a mega-popular magazine, from the pages of which the faces of celebrities will gaze at the reader, and inviting advertising collages will subtly remind you of the need to change an old car or buy another necklace with diamonds.

But fantasies are fantasies, and the opening of an advertising magazine or an ordinary glossy print edition may well be crowned with success. Of course, only if you are well versed in this specific type of business. To begin with, you need an original idea, which, oddly enough, you should not rush to implement. First of all, you need to adequately assess your financial capabilities. There is nothing more offensive than getting involved in the work, and in the middle of the way to understand that there is definitely not enough money to implement the cherished idea.

In a business like publishing your own magazine, it is important to accurately calculate each step, and armed with a calculator for greater accuracy. Even a limited edition of a publication will require an impressive amount from you. Try to draw up a sample estimate for the preparation of the magazine, and you will understand that several tens of thousands of rubles are not enough here.

So the printing of one issue of the magazine, based on the volume of circulation of 5 thousand copies, will cost about 150 thousand rubles. But in order to print the magazine, it must first be filled with useful content, that is, pay for the work of journalists, editors, proofreaders, layout designers and many other employees. Wages will result in a rather impressive amount - 200-250 thousand rubles a month. As a result, in order to open, register and print a magazine, a businessman must have an initial capital of at least half a million rubles.

When compiling a business project for a magazine, you need to proceed from these figures, which will allow you to determine the approximate cost of advertising placed in your print edition. But an ad-publishing business may not deliver the expected results, because there is no guarantee that the owners of companies and businesses will rush to you with offers to pay for advertising. Therefore, it makes sense to think about additional services, for example, to open a business such as an electronic version of a glossy magazine. The cost of advertisements on the Internet may be lower, but this will attract the interest of new customers to your publication.

How successful your project will be, only time will tell. But a professional business plan of the magazine will allow you to shorten the tedious waiting period, with which it will be much easier for you to develop a marketing strategy, come up with an original concept of the magazine and calculate your real possibilities.

A ready-made business plan of the magazine from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

Brief Investment Memorandum

In the business plan, we will consider the launch of an Internet portal with complete and up-to-date information about the life of the city. The content published on the portal is of interest to all of its residents aged 20 to 45, which provides constant high traffic and makes the site in demand among advertisers.

Internet advertising is currently in second place in terms of its market share as a whole and demonstrates positive growth dynamics, in contrast to other segments of the advertising market.

The main source of the project's income is the sale of advertising on the site.

List of promotional products:

  • Advertising articles
  • Banner advertising
  • Placing a company in the directory of enterprises

Various partnership and barter programs, online and offline campaigns are used to promote the project among the residents of the city.

The launch of the project and the complete preparation of the media portal will take 35-40 days.

For the further functioning of the project, it is necessary to recruit employees in the following positions: project manager, journalists, editor, sales managers.

Initial investment amount - 740,000 rubles.

The break-even point is at 10 months.

Payback period - 10 months

Predictions of the late 2021s regarding the imminent closure of newspapers and their displacement by digital editions turned out to be greatly exaggerated. Yes, some newspapers are being closed, but new ones are replacing them. If we are talking about specialized publications, then business people often prefer authoritative sources in their search for information over the Internet.

Infographic: Business plan for newspaper publishing

General description of the newspaper publishing business

Crises and the subsequent fall in the advertising market in newspapers come and go, and then the print press begins to gain momentum again.

In addition, now it is difficult to imagine a newspaper that does not have its own website, YouTube channel or social media group. The fusion of TV and print takes place. It is not uncommon for a newspaper correspondent to be found at media events with a video camera, whereas previously it was the prerogative of only television workers.

At the same time, no one canceled the problem of fake news. Reliance on unverified information in a business environment can lead to unpredictable losses. In a highly specialized newspaper, the risk of running into such information is significantly lower.

Product Description, Thematic Focus

As a rule, newspapers are published in a weekly format, and their content is from 16 to 18 sheets of A3 size. As for color, it can be full color, or individual stripes can be made colored. For example, the first and last stripes and the liner in the middle. It all depends on the amount of funds, since color printing is much more expensive.

If we talk about the price per room, then it varies depending on whether it is a regional publication or a federal newspaper, as well as on the general price level in the city. Room rates can start from 25-30 rubles and go up to 60 rubles.

Important! The number of pages for advertising is determined individually. It is recommended to provide lanes for private and commercial ads.

Despite the fact that in the 21st century the print press is slowly but surely losing out to Internet publications, newspapers are still afloat and are in demand among the population. Advertisers are also willing to place offers of their goods and services on the pages of readable magazines and newspapers. The regional press is traditionally published in small print runs, but nevertheless generates a decent profit - mainly due to cooperation with local advertisers. In this material, the newspaper's business plan with calculations is presented for review, aimed at implementation in a small Russian city - a regional or large district center.

To found a private print publication, an entrepreneur will have to go through a lot of legal procedures and make certain investments, the amount of which will amount to 500 thousand rubles. We do not recommend investing borrowed (credit) funds - it is highly desirable to do with your own savings.

Concept Brief

The organizational and legal form that is optimal for registering a small-circulation print publication is an individual entrepreneur. The taxation system is the simplified tax system (simplified taxation system with a tax rate of 15% of the difference between income and expenses for the reporting period). It should be noted that registering a newspaper is a rather long and tedious process, taking at least 30 working days. The document confirming the successful placement of the newspaper on the official "rails" is a certificate of registration of the media.

To correctly register your own printed publication, you must select the following OKVED codes in the classifier:

  • 58. "Publishing books, periodicals and other types of publishing activities."
  • 58. 3. "Publishing newspapers in print".

An example of a list of topics that a provincial newspaper should focus on is given below:

  • The problems of the region and coverage of all significant events taking place in it.
  • Household topics (cooking, renovation, garden / vegetable garden).
  • Children's page (educational games, poems and educational stories).
  • Sports section (coverage of regional sports events and world sports news).
  • TV program and humor section.

It is important for an entrepreneur to understand that the vector of a newspaper's development is directly determined by the interests of the readership, so the final list of headings is formed experimentally and not immediately.

How much to invest in opening

Costs at the initial stage of founding your own print publication will be as follows:

Equipping the office with high-quality computer and office equipment is, of course, important to ensure comfortable working conditions for editors and correspondents. You also need to take a responsible approach to the choice of comfortable and reliable office furniture, including furniture for the recreation area - after all, editorial staff spend most of their working day in a sitting position.

Marketing Plan

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