Necessary points of a business plan for a pastry shop from scratch: examples

Before confectionery products begin to be sold, several important steps must be correctly followed, since if even the slightest mistake is made, the business may cease to exist.

Project Description

Space is needed only for display cases and a small number of tables and chairs. For the location of the production workshop, an adjacent room is usually used, the territorial area of ​​which is somewhat larger.

If placing a mini-bakery and a cafe in the same room is not possible, then they can be located separately, but at the same time you need to think about the organization of delivery of finished products to the place of sale - it must preserve both the presentation and taste quality.

An institution can be distinguished from the rest by using the original name, author's recipes for cakes, or specialization in baking (selling) of any one product. For example, a menu may include only puffs with a variety of fillings.

Often, a modern client can only be attracted by something unusual, so you shouldn't dwell on standard products. Offer the customer something they have never tried. Anything can be unusual - both a baking form and a combination of fillings.

You can watch a useful interview with the owner of such a business in the following video:

Market and Competition Analysis

The main features of the Russian confectionery market are:

  • short term for product realization;
  • huge assortment;
  • complete dependence of the manufacturer on the quality of the supplier's raw materials;
  • the tradition of consuming homemade baked goods;
  • a large selection of local raw materials used as fillers (berries, nuts, fruits);
  • strong competition among inexpensive products and low competition in terms of natural, high quality , an expensive product;
  • a quantitative advantage of small businesses among fresh baked goods.

Today, many people are interested in the question of how to start a business with minimal investment and risks. One of the options to organize your business is to make cakes at home. To do this, you need to know what materials and equipment will be required, how to correctly set the price of the finished cake and how to officially register your enterprise, when you finally understand that you want to make money by baking confectionery to order.

Relevance of a business idea for baking cakes at home

Home cooking is always popular with customers. Everyone knows that mom's or grandmother's pies are many times tastier than store ones, not only because they are made with love and soul, but also made from more natural and high-quality products. In addition, when there are many identical factory cakes for every day on store shelves, people want to somehow highlight a special event (wedding, birthday, anniversary or anniversary) with the help of an unusual and unique cake that will be remembered by the guests of the celebration for a long time. Therefore, today, when you can find a great variety of options for holding a thematic holiday, the relevance of such a business will be greater than ever. You will never find a cake with your favorite cartoon characters, with a special inscription, in the shape of a guitar or a camera in a store, and for a hostess who knows how to cook well, it will not be difficult to bake such a work of art especially for you.

Modern cakes are real works of culinary art, distinguished by a unique appearance and exquisite taste

Assortment development and portfolio preparation

In order for early customers to become regular customers, it is very important to give them a choice. In other words, the culinary specialist must know exactly what cakes, when and for what money he can cook. It is very important to correctly design your culinary portfolio. Don't skimp on a professional food photographer and quality photo prints. Portfolios can be posted both online and offline. In addition, a video-formatted portfolio may be useful to you. Of course, you can't do it on your own and you will have to involve video filming and video editing professionals in the work. But a few beautifully and well-made videos will serve for a very long time and will definitely attract new customers to you.

Photo Gallery: Cakes from CoolnwsFoods Culinary Studio

Be sure to think over the categories by which you will structure your portfolio. Depending on the needs of your target audience, you can subdivide your cakes like this:

  • for children with characters of your favorite cartoons;
  • wedding;
  • thematic (New Year, birthday and so on);
  • candy cakes;
  • fruit cakes;
  • classic grandma's recipes.

Video: how handmade cakes are made

How to attract customers: we plan advertising and marketing

The main channels for attracting customers for this type of business include word of mouth and social networks. As with most home businesses, your first customers will be family, friends, and acquaintances. It is quite possible that at the start you will not make a lot of money, but you will gain valuable experience that will help you debug business processes and better understand the business you are doing. Tell people in your inner circle about your idea, treat yourself to a prepared culinary masterpiece, or present an exclusive homemade cake for a holiday. If people like your creation, they will remember it and will be happy to talk about it. Make sure that, along with a piece of cake, each of the guests gets a business card with your coordinates.

Which social networks to use

A confectionery is a public catering establishment that includes a small shop, a cafeteria, and a small workshop for the production of confectionery and bakery products. Opening confectionery shops is a fairly common business now. Products can be sold not only within your enterprise, but also sold in stores, restaurants, and work on order.

Method of registration and required documents for opening a confectionery

To open a confectionery, you must register with the pension fund, tax office, and also obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor and the fire department. If you want to open a mini-confectionery, then you will have a choice between the organizational and legal systems of an LLC and an individual entrepreneur. For the operation of the confectionery, it is necessary to choose a simplified taxation system with 6% or 15%. But there is a nuance: the profit should not exceed the mark of 60 million rubles per year. The list of documentation for opening a bakery is as follows:

  • document from the sanitary-epidemiological station;
  • lease agreement;
  • book of complaints and suggestions;
  • submission of documentation for registration of an individual entrepreneur (or LLC).

You should also find a room and equip it according to all the requirements of state inspections. You need to buy a cash register. It will take you 2 to 5 days to complete all the documentation.

When opening a pastry shop, remember that frequent checks by various authorities (and especially from the sanitary-epidemiological station) are quite logical.

Premises for opening a pastry shop

When choosing a room for opening a pastry shop, consider the following aspects:

  • passability ;
  • transport accessibility (for the supply of raw materials);
  • permission for outdoor advertising;

In case of rented premises:

  • permission for redevelopment and renovation of the premises;
  • the cost of renting the premises;
  • the duration of the lease of the premises;
  • includes whether utility bills for rent.

The most advantageous is the opening of a confectionery close to children's entertainment or educational institutions, near shopping centers, large enterprises.

Cake is the highlight of any celebration, the relevance of sweets does not depend on the season or region. In addition to the role of a dessert, it can act as an unusual gift, because a handmade cake made according to a unique design will surprise the hero of the occasion and all the guests. The combination of design ideas and delicious dessert will impress you. A business plan for the production of cakes will be an ideal idea for skilled chefs who are tired of languishing in the office, ready to try themselves at something new. Culinary skills can not only please family and friends, but also make good money selling them. A small business can be organized from the comfort of home, using your own kitchen as a magical workshop, where, in addition to the usual cooking, magic also happens.

Custom cakes as a business is a good idea

Doubts are inherent in every aspiring entrepreneur, how to understand that a cake selling business is still a good idea? It's very simple, you just need to make out in more detail what this idea is.

One of the main reasons is that the constant demand for cakes is not decreasing, any event, be it a wedding or a birthday, is not complete without a dessert. The organization of such a production does not require renting premises, registering an individual entrepreneur, buying expensive equipment.

Confectionery art is creativity that helps to develop comprehensively, to feel happy.

Income can also be regulated by yourself - how many orders to take, what price for dessert to set, all issues are resolved based on the personal wishes of the entrepreneur.

Business Benefits

When opening any business, one involuntarily thinks about its advantages, further benefits. Selling cakes, the business can be based on the personal preferences of the pastry chef, but, in addition to this, there are other, important advantages that push you to start your own business.

The first advantage is the minimum start-up investment in the business. You can start a business in your home kitchen by purchasing only the necessary confectionery equipment. Baking dishes, whisks, figurine molds, baking paper, turntable and other equipment cost 25,000-30,000 rubles.

This is followed by work without leaving home. You will no longer need to sit in the office, carry out other people's orders. Working in your own apartment for yourself is incredible pleasure, because even a small kitchen is enough for baking cakes, finding clients, advertising your own masterpieces.

An empty niche becomes the cherry on top of the cake. The confectionery business attracts many: mothers on maternity leave, temporarily unemployed, housewives, but not many manage to turn a hobby into a profitable business. Therefore, this niche is still empty and open to new entrepreneurs.

It is important to direct creative energy, design thought in the right direction - then everything will turn out as planned.

A business plan for a pastry shop from scratch, examples of calculations of which are given below, allows you to create a reliable business project that will flourish even in a crisis. The project does not necessarily have to specialize exclusively in the production of flour confectionery. Together with the production of sweets, the enterprise can and should produce bread.

What are the costs?

A confectionery business plan with calculations is unthinkable without taking into account the costs of purchasing equipment, renting premises, purchasing raw materials, etc. The initial costs only for the purchase of the necessary equipment will amount to about 600,000 rubles. Equipment for pastry shops is both imported and domestic. The difference in price is significant in favor of the latter. It is better to include in a business plan for a pastry shop the purchase of everything you need in one set, which will allow you to get a discount and savings on delivery and installation.

You need to select a kit that would allow you to produce:

  • wheat bread;
  • rye-wheat pan and hearth bread;
  • yeast dough buns;
  • flour confectionery;
  • Easter cakes.

If you plan to choose equipment from different manufacturers, focus on baking ovens. For example, their models KhPE-500 and KhPE-750, even with the maximum furnace load, are able to provide the same color and uniform baking of products. Equipment and devices should be selected so as to ensure:

  • sifting, loosening flour;
  • dough kneading, which is carried out in a kneading machine;
  • preparation of confectionery masses - a mixer is used for this;
  • manual cutting and shaping of dough pieces from text;
  • final proofing of dough pieces in a proofer;
  • baking in ovens.

  • bakery products - 45-50 kg / hour;
  • confectionery - 18-20 kg / hour.

The main equipment includes the following (in thousand rubles):

  • baking oven made of stainless steel with baking trays measuring 700 × 460 mm - 45;
  • baking oven with a timer, chamber door material - glass, with baking trays measuring 700 × 460 mm - 65;
  • flour sifter with a capacity of 600 kg / h - 27;
  • dough mixer with a volume of 60 liters for kneading hard and yeast dough - 70;
  • mixer with a bowl volume of 10 l with two modes of speeds - 40;
  • mixer with a bowl volume of 4.8 l with two modes of low speeds - 60;
  • proofing cabinet, glass - 25 ;
  • hearth sheet, 18 pcs. - 42;
  • bread pan, 72 pcs. - 42.

Total, the basic equipment will need 417 thousand rubles. But besides the main one, you also need additional equipment, which includes more than 10 items (in thousand rubles), namely:

  • ventilation umbrella 1000x800x450 mm - 9.5;
  • pastry table 2021x800x850 mm - 18.5;
  • wall-mounted production table - 5 .;
  • one-section washing tub with dimensions with overall dimensions 470x450x870 mm - 3.5;
  • two-section washing tub with dimensions 850x470x870 mm - 7;
  • rack with dimensions 1200x400x1800 mm - 10;
  • trolley-pin for bottom sheets (for HPE ovens) - 22.5;
  • scales with a maximum weighing limit of 5 kg, 2 pcs. - 11.5;
  • scales with a maximum weighing limit of 20 kg - 5.5;
  • refrigerator cabinet for 700 l - 45.5;
  • chest freezer 236 l - 16.

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