Mini bakery business plan

Baking is a popular product that is in demand at any time of the year by consumers of different ages, professions and financial situation. Therefore, a mini-bakery can be interesting as a business, moreover, profitable and stable.

If you are attracted to the baking business in general, then you may be interested in the idea of ​​opening a large bakery. If the volume of your investments is limited, or you are interested in the concept of a small business, then opening a mini-bakery, which will be discussed below, is more suitable for you.

Download mini-bakery business plan

Check out several ready-made business plans for mini-bakeries:

1. Mini-bakery business plan with a payback period of 5 months. Download mini-bakery business plan 2. Business plan for the mini-bakery "Pyshka" with production and financial plans. download the business plan of the mini-bakery Pyshka3. Business plan for a mini-bakery with a detailed description of the organization of work. Download mini-bakery business plan 4. Mini bakery business plan from a fairly detailed coursework with financial calculations. Download mini-bakery business plan with calculations

How to open a mini bakery

A mini-bakery can exist either separately or as part of shopping centers or hypermarkets. Some entrepreneurs who have opened a mini-bakery prefer to sell their products through mobile points of sale (these can be small vans or car trailers).

Business Registration

To register a mini-bakery, the form of individual entrepreneurship is best suited. In some cases, it will be more expedient to register a limited liability company right away, especially if you plan to expand your business in the near future or you are not setting up a company alone, but together with a partner (s). When filling out the registration forms, you will need to enter the codes for the activity you intend to do.

Please note: if you plan to sell products in the same place where you will make them, then you should indicate the code "Activities of restaurants and cafes." Enter the code "Retail" as an additional activity.


Justify the feasibility and efficiency of a business for baking various bakery products.


The range of manufactured products means:

  • eight types of buns;
  • muffins;
  • donuts;
  • cottage cheese;
  • bagels.


Today in the city "X" there are two bakeries and three mini-bakeries that specialize in the production of bread and similar products. Based on this, the opened mini-bakery will produce exactly bakery products, which will make up 100% of its assortment. The main competitive advantage here is the implementation of exclusively fresh baked goods.

Work format and taxation system

As the organizational and legal basis for business, the option "individual entrepreneur" will be chosen here. A simplified taxation system will be used to pay taxes. The accounting of the company will be maintained by a specialized outsourcing firm. After all production processes are organized, the owner will keep records on an independent basis.

Working hours

No business project can be implemented without a clear action plan. If you compare it with building a house, then it's like starting to lay the foundation without a project and calculations. It's the same in business. A business plan allows you to correctly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business idea, analyze the market, competitive environment, calculate the profitability and payback of the project.

Writing a business plan is especially necessary when attracting investments from outside. For investors, business partners and lenders, such a document is the basis for considering an application.

In this article, we present a detailed business plan for a mini bakery, which will allow you to correctly assess your strengths, calculate the initial costs and build a competent marketing strategy.

Relevance of the idea

The bakery business is characterized by wide and stable demand. Regardless of the season and the economic crisis, people are equally good at purchasing this product. Moreover, as statistics show, the increasing number of private bakeries does not fully satisfy the demand of buyers for quality products.

Depending on the business model, you can reach a monthly income of 100-200 thousand rubles per month. But, given the small investment, this article will focus on mini bakeries, where the main focus will be on branded products.

But, despite the apparent advantages of this activity, there are also weaknesses that should be considered when drawing up a business plan.

One of the disadvantages of a business is the short lead time. This necessitates making clear forecasts, otherwise most of the production will be disposed of. Advertising, creating a loyalty program, high-quality service and a wide range of additional services will help to level these risks and achieve a good stable income.

Determine the business format

Before you start developing a business plan, you should determine the model of the bakery, and what exactly you plan to produce.

You can develop your business in two directions:

  • Full-fledged production, which includes all stages of the full cycle: from dough preparation, baking and sale.
  • The second option may involve baking the product and selling it to wholesalers.

Speaking of the first option, it will be necessary to think over not only the production part, but also the distribution channels. The products will be sold through our own points of sale.

A person goes to a catering establishment: a cafe, a canteen, a bakery - sometimes not for a tasty meal, but for warmth, aromas and atmosphere. A bakery can create such a warm, homely atmosphere, with its menu, unique design and warm tasty fresh breads, as well as other mouth-watering pastries. And any project that can attract a lot of visitors allows its owners to make good money. Let's see how to start this business.

Bakery Concept

The opening of the bakery is planned in a small town with a low level of competition. It will be located on the 1st floor of a residential building in a residential area. A rented space of 50 m2 will allow you to place a visitor's room, utility rooms and a kitchen.

The target audience is residents of the area of ​​all ages who prefer fresh baked goods without additives. The range of the bakery will include yeast-free bread with cereals and vegetables, baked goods made from oatmeal, rye, flax and rice flour with sweet and savory fillings.

The bakery's competitive advantage lies in the fact that its location is convenient for most residents of the sleeping area and even older people can reach it.

The average bill will be 100 rubles. The estimated daily attendance is 3 thousand people. The working day lasts 12 hours, work in 2 shifts. Fresh bread is delivered to the shelves every morning.

Mini-bakery business plan with calculations

Bakery products will always be in demand, despite the fact that young people massively began to follow a healthy lifestyle and exclude bread from the diet. If a product is made according to a specific recipe and from environmentally friendly, natural products, without additives and sugar, then it can also be considered dietary. This mini-bakery will focus on healthy baking. Let's figure out how to draw up a bakery business plan.

Bakery project description and sales market analysis

For the opening of the bakery, a room in a residential building with an area of ​​50 m2 was chosen. The interior decoration and design will be done in creamy white colors. Tables and chairs will be made in country style, napkins, towels, curtains are designed in the same spirit.

Opposite the entrance there will be a counter with a cash register and shelves with products. The showcases will be open so that shoppers can pick their favorite item with tongs and place it in a paper bag that will keep the item warm and flavorful.

There will be 4 tables and chairs to the right and left of the entrance parallel to the windows so that customers can buy drinks and have a snack at the bakery.

Behind the counter and shelves there is a kitchen and a warehouse for raw materials and equipment.

A mini bakery is a business that produces baked goods for retail sale. The mini-bakery project contains baking fresh products according to its own recipes, the presence of a pleasant atmosphere in the room. In it, customers eat while enjoying the cosiness.

Target audience

The target audience of the institution is the population of neighborhoods located in the neighborhood. This also includes those who look after their health and prefer bread without harmful components.

When drawing up a business plan for a small bakery, remember that one of its main advantages is considered to be a good location, which allows you to cover several neighborhoods that can inhabit up to 30,000 potential customers.


The assortment of the establishment includes several types of products: standard products, exclusive, French croissants. This assortment will satisfy the needs of most of the target audience. Moreover, this scheme requires a minimum of production equipment.

The average check in such an enterprise will be 100 rubles. However, the traffic will reach 1000 people. With such a mini-bakery with a store project, the full production capacity will be reached 3 months after the opening.


The main plus in the project of a mini-bakery with a store is that even with a general decrease in the costs of the target audience, the demand for bread is always stable. Also, the cost of imported products is growing, while the products of domestic manufacturers are not competitive with bakeries. Their flavoring properties differ greatly.

When implementing a bakery project according to a business plan, it is important to focus on the quality of ingredients and follow unique recipes. Bakery products on store shelves do not taste good, they are high in fat and sugar.

It should be remembered that the implementation of the bakery's business plan for the production of bread will be most successful if we take into account the fact that in many similar establishments no dietary products are presented. If you pay attention to the categories that lead a healthy lifestyle along with French pastries and branded bread, then the institution will attract a large audience.

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