Medical center business plan

At the moment, citizens increasingly prefer private medical clinics.

There are several reasons for this:

  • the cost of services in a commercial center is not much higher than in a public institution;
  • the level of service in a hospital leaves much to be desired, which cannot be said about a private organization.

Market and Competition Analysis

Before proceeding with the official registration of your own institution, you need to pay attention to the choice of a suitable profile that brings the greatest amount of profit. That is why an analytical section should be placed at the beginning of a business plan, in which information should be reflected:

  • on the saturation of the market for paid medical services in the region / city;
  • on the demand for one or another therapeutic service;
  • on the effectiveness of such center;
  • on the cost of services in greatest demand.

A detailed market analysis is necessary to determine the most promising areas of activity for the future private clinic, based on which the optimal location of the institution, initial and monthly costs, as well as the expected profit will be determined.

Information about existing competitors and potential customers is equally important, since without this it is impossible to determine the desired position in the market.

Interesting information about the opening of this type of activity is presented in the following video:

Production plan

So, the highest level of income will go to a clinic located next to an elite new building, whose residents are wealthy people. Conversely, it is hardly worth counting on the success of the center if it is located in a residential area erected fifty years ago.

Finding a suitable place is not so easy, because you need:

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The main thing about the business plan of the medical center in the year

Creation of a medical center: problems and prospects

Analysis of the medical services market in Russia demonstrates a steady upward trend in demand for quality paid medical services. Free municipal medicine often does not meet the patient's expectations, and more and more people prefer to go to private clinics.

The healthcare business is costly driven by the need to comply with very stringent regulatory requirements. This applies to the premises, the equipment, and the professional level of the specialists working in the medical center. In addition, regular expenses for staff development can be classified as costs. High quality of services is the key to the stable development of the medical services business. Patients are ready to pay for their health, but only if they receive high-quality and professional service for this money.

As a rule, special attention is paid to the selection of medical personnel in private clinics. Preference is given to experienced professionals, owners of the first or highest category. But it is certainly possible to retain such professionals only with the help of a very good salary.

As shown by numerous surveys, paid medical services are in high demand today. And this is no coincidence, since state medical institutions "please" us mainly with queues, the absence of coupons to narrow specialists, and the openly hostile attitude of many medical workers.

A completely different situation in paid medicine. An individual approach to each client is a guarantee that the next time a person wants to visit the same clinic. Modern equipment, the use of high technology - all this is necessary in order to remain a competitive institution. It is not surprising that this business requires simply colossal costs. Medical equipment for various studies costs a lot of money. For this reason, the return on investment in the healthcare business is not as high as we would like it to be. And, nevertheless, the opening of a medical center in many regions remains relevant, which should be taken into account when making the final choice.

It will be incredibly difficult to open a medical center as an individual entrepreneur. In this case, the most profitable option is to obtain the status of a legal entity. This will allow minimizing property liability, while attracting and concentrating material resources as efficiently as possible.

The organization of a private medical clinic is incredibly complicated, but a professional example of a business plan for opening a medical center with ready-made calculations will become a reliable assistant in this matter. In it you will find all the information you need to start your business.

Opening a medical center: obtaining a license

Business and medicine - until recently, these two concepts seemed completely incompatible. Having become accustomed to public free medical institutions, the people at first were wary of private clinics. But very soon paid services began to gain popularity, in connection with which there were more and more people wishing to open a business in the field of medical services.

In recent years, private medical centers have begun to open more often on the territory of the Russian Federation, which, unlike government agencies, are able to offer people a wider range of specialized services. Despite the fact that launching such a project requires large initial investments, some business entities decide to develop this direction. To begin with, they need to draw up a competent business plan for a medical center, which will determine the amount of costs for its opening and subsequent maintenance.

Relevance of this business

For each private medical institution, a competent strategy should be developed that will minimize risks and avoid financial losses. It is imperative that business entities conduct marketing research that will help get answers to the following questions:

Business entities can use publicly available statistical data to conduct analytical activities, and can also independently collect the necessary information. After that, it will be possible to determine the profile of the medical institution:

For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is worth considering the option of opening a medical institution that will have a narrow focus. This is primarily due to the fact that not too much start-up capital is required to open it. In this case, we are talking about the following areas:

Stages of organization

Before opening a medical center, a business entity must draw up a business plan for it. The following sections should be included in this document:

If an entrepreneur manages to develop a competent strategy and find the necessary funds for the implementation of his project, then the opening of a medical institution may occur several months later. He needs to act in a certain sequence:

Client search, advertising

Before the doors of a medical institution open to customers, a business entity needs to draw people's attention to this solemn event. To do this, he will have to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign, in the organization of which you can use the following tools:

The entrepreneur needs to determine the target audience, which will be the main focus. When forming a portrait of a potential client, it is recommended to consider the following criteria:

A private health center should target the following target audience:

Now more and more people trust only private medical institutions, since the state is no longer always able to provide proper service and good medical care.

Absolutely every person who decides to engage in entrepreneurial activity has the opportunity to open a medical center from scratch. It is not at all necessary to have a medical education for this, although if you do, you will have a very small advantage over other entrepreneurs, as you will be able to better understand all the specifics of the activity. However, organizational and entrepreneurial skills are more important here than specialized medical education.

Download free business plan of the medical center

We continue to accompany articles about opening a particular business with samples of ready-made business plans so that you can more clearly study the specifics of a particular type of activity. You can download a sample medical center business plan here: Download medical center business plan

How to open a medical center

First of all, you should start by researching the market for these services in your city or region. Many people tend to visit the same medical facilities if they are satisfied with the quality of service, prices and doctors' qualifications. Therefore, if your city is oversaturated with private clinics of different profiles, it can be very difficult to squeeze into this market and win the sympathy of a large number of clients. After researching your competitors, you will be able to create your go-to-market strategy that will work best for you.

Licensing Procedure

If many other types of business, for example, opening a car wash or a beauty salon, do not require a license to operate, then it is impossible to conduct medical activities without a licensing procedure. An application for a license can be submitted after the premises are brought into the required state in accordance with the norms, the necessary equipment is available, and personnel with valid certificates for medical practice are recruited. The whole process of collecting the necessary documents and waiting for a response from the authority that issues the license can take a long time, up to one year. Consider this easy in organizing your business.

After obtaining a license, you will not be able to move your clinic to another premises, since the license will only be valid at a specific address. If you plan to provide different types of medical services, then for each type you need to submit a separate application for licensing.

Choosing a location

A medical center is a business in which location plays a huge role. Regardless of whether your clinic is specialized or multidisciplinary, it should be located as close as possible to the city center.

Feedback on the business plan of the cosmetology clinic

The business plan made it possible to attract the necessary investments into the project (180 million rubles), and as a result, we were able to open modern cosmetology. Exceptionally professional approach, deep integration into the specifics of our work.

owner of a private cosmetology clinic, St. Petersburg

Review of the dentistry business plan

The business plan, executed in accordance with all UNIDO standards and taking into account the wishes of the bank, made it possible to attract a loan of 165 million rubles. The work was completed even ahead of schedule.

Feedback on the business plan of the beauty salon

I was a little worried when ordering a business plan that it would not be possible to calculate and predict the main steps as accurately as possible. But in the end, everything was done very efficiently: we calculated all investments, took into account all my wishes and wishes of the investor. Thank you for a job well done.

Feedback on the business plan of the cottage village

We opened a credit line for 700 million rubles for the construction of a cottage community. The developed business plan was checked by the bank, no additional questions arose.

Chief Accountant of StroyServicePlus LLC


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