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Business relevance

For most women, beauty is in the first place, so the beauty market is developing even during a crisis. As you know, the age of a person is given primarily by his hands. That is why, for many, a visit to a nail salon is a must-have item among their daily activities. Despite the large number of operating salons and nail bars, every year new entrepreneurs try themselves in this area. Some manage to build a stable business, while others are closed without even a year. But do not be afraid of numerous competitors and difficulties, as there are few real professionals in this segment.

Concept Development

On the Russian market, two formats have "taken root" - these are standard services in a detached building or department of a shopping center, which differ in a variety of services. In such establishments, the pricing policy is different and depends on many factors, but most often the prices are high. The main staff is often represented by real professionals in their field, masters with various awards. Most often they work by appointment. Also, such organizations provide related services (eyelash lamination, piercing, etc.).

The Nail Bar is an express service for nail care. The concept of nail bars differs from the standard salon in terms of democracy and speed of service. Here, customers do not need to wait or book in advance. Nail bars are located in shopping centers in the form of a manicure rack.

Stages of building a business

Before starting a nail salon from scratch, you need to build a plan - step by step instructions:

  • analysis of the market, the influence of internal and external factors, assessment of competitors;
  • development of a development concept, choice of format (whether it will be a classic studio or a nail bar for providing express manicure);
  • selection of premises, conclusion of a lease agreement or purchase of retail space in ownership;
  • business registration;
  • recruitment;
  • advertising campaign;
  • studio management and control.

Financial Plan

To implement the project, it is necessary to draw up an approximate business plan for a nail salon with calculations.

  • opening an individual entrepreneur - 800 rubles;
  • buying a quartz sterilizer - 9800 rubles;
  • equipping a manicure table (4 sets) - 160,000 rubles ;
  • furniture (cabinets, shelves) - 54,000 rubles;
  • 4 paraffin tanks - 16,000 rubles;
  • 4 ultraviolet lamps - 24,000 rubles;
  • 4 frazers - 48,000 rubles;
  • uniform (4 pieces) - 10,800 rubles;
  • reception desk - 45,000 rubles;
  • armchairs for the work of a master (4 pcs.) - 26,000 rubles;
  • armchairs for a client - 4 pcs. - 26,000 rubles.

Approximate costs at the opening stage - 420,400 rubles.

Financial model of the manicure office

Brief Investment Memorandum

Currently, opening your own beauty salon, in particular a manicure room, is an excellent investment of your own funds for a budding entrepreneur. This is due to the following reasons. Firstly, it is the active development of the beauty market in Russia as a whole. At the same time, it is the manicure services that are in greatest demand. Secondly, this is the weak saturation of this market. There are still not enough manicure rooms in some regions. As a result, opening a nail salon is a profitable investment. For this business plan, the payback period of the project is 7 months, and the break-even point falls on 3 months of the office's work.

Manicure rooms are presented in various formats. It can be a small island in a shopping center, a separate room in the central part of the city or in a residential area of ​​the city, as well as a large beauty salon. Depending on the format of the office, the area of ​​the room varies. For our office, the area will be 40 m2. It is advisable to look for a room in sleeping areas. This will allow you to reach a significant number of potential customers and convert them to the category of regular ones. Also, for the normal functioning of the office, it is necessary to hire 10 people on the staff.

On average, an account will be able to serve about 600 visitors monthly. At the same time, the largest share of services will be occupied by manicure and nail extension. Pedicure and other additional services will also be provided. The average bill for one client will be about 1,000 rubles. As a result, the financial indicators of the project will be as follows:

Initial investment amount - 451,000 rubles;

Monthly profit - 146,000 rubles;

Payback period - 7 months;

Break-even point - 3 months;

Return on sales - 46%.

Description of business, product or service

Financial model of a nail salon

Brief Investment Memorandum

A nail salon is a beauty salon with a highly specialized list of services in the field of nail service. This type of business is attractive because it does not require large investments, but in the future it has the opportunity to develop and provide additional services in the field of beauty and personal care.

As a rule, clients choose a beauty salon according to the following criteria: location, level of service, quality of services, ease of communication.

The selection of premises is carried out based on the location of the target audience, as well as the overall traffic of the selected place. Accordingly, the best location for a manicure salon is the city center.

In order to form and expand the base of regular customers, a subscription system is used, designed for 10 visits to the salon.

Active contextual advertising and group management in social networks are used among the main marketing tools.

This type of business is registered as an individual entrepreneur. The optimal taxation system is UTII.

The initial equipment of the salon assumes the simultaneous work of two masters. At the same time, the maximum load is 15 procedures per day and brings in 18,000 rubles in revenue. This level of loading is ensured after six months or a year of salon operation.

Among the main risks of doing business are the possibility of customer withdrawal by employees, refusal of long-term leases by the lessor, decreased demand, increased competition in the market, and the risk of loss of reputation.

Initial investment in the business - 470,000 rubles.

The term for reaching the break-even point is 4 months.

The payback period of the project starts from 10 months.

In Russia, the culture of doing manicure in specialized salons is growing. To open a manicure room, you will need about 435 thousand rubles, and he can bring more than 100 thousand rubles. net profit.

Summary of the "Nail Salon" project

The goal of the project is to open a nail salon for the implementation of a range of manicure and pedicure services in Rostov-on-Don. To implement the project, a room is rented in a residential area of ​​the city. The area of ​​the room is 30 m2. This manicure room is designed for three manicure places. The price segment is medium. The target audience is the female population of the city, using the services of a nail salon from 1 to 2 times a month, depending on preferences and income level.

The main advantages of a nail salon:

lack of seasonality, constant demand;

does not require large investments.

The nail business has two main criteria for success: location and professionalism of the craftsmen. The initial investment is 435,000 rubles. Investment costs are directed to the renovation of the premises, the purchase of equipment and furniture, the initial purchase of consumables and the formation of working capital, due to which losses of the initial periods will be covered. Own funds will be used to implement the project.

Financial calculations cover a three-year period of the project. It is planned that after this period, the institution will need to expand production and the list of services provided, since trends in the beauty industry are rapidly changing. the true profit of the nail salon when reaching the planned sales volume is about 100,000 rubles. Achievement of the planned sales volume is expected in the seventh month of operation. According to the calculations, the initial investment will pay off in the seventh month of operation. The return on sales in the first year of operation will be 27.8%.

Table 1. Key performance indicators of a nail salon

Payback period of the nail salon (PP), months

Discounted Payback Period (DPP), months

A good nail salon business plan is a surefire way to make a profitable investment of effort and money. Correctly built marketing and correct orientation on the terrain are the key to a successful manicure (and any other) business. If these strategic conditions are met, you will have an uninterrupted flow of customers and money.

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Business Features and Benefits

The nail business certainly has a number of advantages. The most important thing is a small investment. In addition, this business is always relevant, since the beauty industry has always been and will always be in demand. Seasonality, typical for many other niches, does not affect it. At any time of the year, women want to be beautiful and have a good manicure.

However, there are two criteria that invariably affect profitability:

  • Point selection. The salon must be located in a crowded, accessible place.
  • Personnel. Highly qualified craftsmen will ensure good attendance of the salon and high profits. The experience of the craftsmen and their creative approach to work is a guarantee that clients will come back to you again and bring friends with them.

Word of mouth, especially in small towns, will do the trick. Thus, you can not only quickly recoup your investment, but also gain popularity.

Choice of work format

The main task of the manicure business is to determine the format of the salon. It is a salon, not an apartment pseudo business in the style of the early 2021s. The home nail business attracts little sophisticated clients. They do not want to tiptoe into the master's study room, while looking at their feet, so as not to step on the cat, Lego constructor or the slippers of the craftswoman's husband.

Exquisite luxury studios for the extension of long acrylic nails have lost their former positions. In them, manicure is done expensively and for a long time. The high-speed rhythm of life for women in the city requires an acceleration of the manicure process and a reduction in the basic cost of the service. Sitting for 4 hours on modeling nails is prohibitively long.

Express manicure studio with a low price tag for services is in trend. In such cozy salons, the client is no more than 1-1.5 hours. During this time, he receives:

  • a well-rendered simple service - nails with shellac coating
  • enjoying a fashionable minimalist interior and light music in the lounge style
  • delicious coffee and cookies
  • confidential chirping with a young positive master

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