Maintenance service business plan (STO)

However, even with a competent approach, you can make good money. And there is no need to talk about old cars, which in abundance ply the vastness of our great Motherland - there is always something to fix and what to replace. It is also worth noting that with the rapid development of technology, vehicles began to start with complex devices and systems, which not every person can cope with independently. Thus, opening a car service is a lucrative business idea that allows you to provide yourself with a decent life.

Types of car service

The success of any business largely depends on choosing the right niche.

  • Tire fitting. The peak of demand for the services of such service stations falls on the end of autumn - the beginning of spring, when all vehicle owners, without exception, need to change summer tires to winter tires or vice versa. It is worth noting that tire problems arise among motorists much more often, since everyone knows that roads are among the main problems in our country.
  • Repairs. Such establishments include a wide range of services for the repair and replacement of all kinds of car parts, units and assemblies.
  • Bodywork. Unfortunately, road traffic accidents are not uncommon today, and after such unpleasant situations, it is almost always necessary to correct body defects. It also happens that a person for a long period dreams of changing the gray color of his car to snow-white. And you are right there.
  • Diagnostics and correction of detected electronics defects.
  • Cargo car service. Service of trucks.
  • Presale preparation. Have you decided to say goodbye to your old lady and get a new "iron horse"? In order to sell an old car at a decent price, it needs to be given a marketable appearance - to diagnose all equipment, repair all faults and clean it to a shine.
  • Tuning. It is very popular with young people. Includes installation of additional options, reconfiguring equipment, changing the internal and external appearance.
  • Car wash. It is very popular at any time of the year.

The opening of a full-fledged car service involves the combination of all the above services into a single whole. If your financial capabilities are limited, but you are not ready to give up the idea of ​​such a business, choose a couple of directions or even one and become the best in this area, you will definitely not end up with clients.

Production plan

It is better to opt for a spacious garage or production facility.

It will be great if you manage to get a place to open a service station near a place of a large crowd of people - a highway, a gas station or a garage complex.

Despite the fact that opening this business does not require obtaining a license, do not forget about certain rules applicable to such establishments:

  • It is not permissible to find a car service in a residential area.
  • The minimum distance of the service station to residential real estate is 15 meters, to schools, kindergartens, medical institutions - 50 meters.
  • In the cold season, it should be warm on the territory of the car service.
  • A ventilation system is required.
  • Lighting must be completely safe.
  • Inspection pit and walls must be tiled with ceramic tiles
  • One employee must have at least 5 sq. meters of working space.
  • There must be a shower and a bathroom.
  • All employees must be provided with clothing and personal protective equipment.

How to open a car service from scratch is described in the following video:


The vehicle servicing sector is becoming more and more attractive to investors. The number of cars has increased 2.5 times over the past 10 years. According to market research, truck repair shops are in high demand. The opening of a service station is an economically sound event. In order for the project to bring a stable income, you need to develop a business plan for a cargo car service with calculations, after which you can start implementing the idea.

Relevance of the idea

The number of cars is growing every year, and at the same time the demand for their service is increasing. There are dozens of passenger car repair centers in each city, while the number of truck service centers does not meet the needs of the market.

The third part of all service stations serving large equipment is concentrated in the capital. The rest are distributed throughout the country, and most of them are located in cities with a population of one million. About 65% of the market segment belongs to independent technical centers, 25% to authorized workshops and 10% to individual workshops.

In small towns with a population of 300 to 500 thousand people, mainly independent single or network car services operate, since the prices for repairs here are average, and the quality of service is at an acceptable level. Individual workshops cannot offer clients a wide range of services, they are mostly narrowly focused.

Market analysis allows us to conclude that in Russia there is a need to increase the number of service stations for trucks. Moreover, workshops are more in demand, where they offer various repairs - wheels, body, engine, chassis and perform welding, paint and varnish work.

Project Brief

The investor's goal is to open a freight service station in a city with a population of 400,000 people. The total investment is 5 million rubles. The source of financing is the organizer's own funds (3 million) and a bank loan (2 million). The loan is taken for 5 years at 10% per annum. Monthly payments on debt obligations will amount to 50,000 rubles.

The chosen organizational form is LLC, as it is planned to cooperate with both individuals and legal entities, owners of auto enterprises. The tax regime is simplified with a deduction rate of 15% of profit (income minus expenses).

List of service station services

Freight service station provides services for diagnostics and repair of components and assemblies:

Opening a car service is one of the options for doing business. This requires a lot of start-up capital. When developing a business plan, special attention is paid to the search for personnel, the selection of premises and the purchase of equipment.

Business Relevance

Car service is considered a promising business. The number of cars on the roads is growing every year. These machines need maintenance and repair. Most car enthusiasts prefer to use third-party services. At the same time, they rarely turn to official dealers because of the high cost of service.

When a car's warranty expires, car owners go to private workshops. They are also attracted by the lower cost and faster breakdown repair.

There are five main types of car services:

  • Services are provided by 1-2 people. A workshop is opened in a private house or garage. The cost of service in such car services is the lowest. The quality of work depends on the knowledge and skills of the master. Due to the lack of the necessary equipment and conditions, it is impossible to perform certain operations.
  • Single car services. The most common type, widely available on the market. This business format offers the best value for money. Therefore, the services of single auto repair shops are in great demand.
  • Specialized car services. Such firms have a narrow specialization: they serve only trucks or cars of a certain brand. The services are of high quality, but their cost increases by 25% compared to single car services. Such a business is opened by car manufacturers or official dealers.
  • Networked service stations. The company has branches in the regions or throughout the country. There are few such enterprises in Russia. The most famous: "White Service", "TRUCK CENTER", "On Wheels. U ".
  • Franchise. The FitService, Wilgud, BoschService franchises allow you to take advantage of ready-made developments.

For business, the option of an individual master or a single car service is suitable. Entrepreneurship by franchise is also acceptable.

By location, car services are:

  • Urban. They are located within the boundaries of the settlement. Frequent cars are usually served.
  • Road. Located next to the tracks. Focused on freight and light transport.

By the volume of services offered, garages are divided into three groups:

  • Small. Provide standard services: diagnostics, repairs, battery charging and other simple work.
  • Medium. Serves about 30-40 cars. Perform complex diagnostics, body repair, car painting, etc.
  • Large. They offer complete maintenance and overhaul of cars.

Select a field of activity

The scope and business plan of a car service depend on the category of cars that are planned to be serviced:

Opening your own service station is a great option for your own business. Every year there are more and more cars and they all need service and periodic repairs. If you create a high-quality universal workshop, where the visitor can quickly get qualified repairs, then such a business can make good money for a very long time.

Infographic: Maintenance Service (STO) Business Plan

Relevance of the business of opening a service station

The prospects for opening a service station are very high. And it's not just about the increased demand from the owners of budget cars, which tend to break down often.

A well-organized service station is:

  • almost complete absence of periods when there is no demand for a service;
  • relatively small advertising costs, which decrease even more with increasing duration of work (word of mouth does its job);
  • short payback period and impressive profit;
  • the ability to start with a small capital (despite the fact that opening a quality service station is an expensive task, the owner does not need invest large sums at once, nothing prevents you from developing gradually).

Market Analysis of the Year

The agency for monitoring the state of the markets and for drawing up marketing reports "Autostat" conducted research. In the early 90s, the number of cars owned by the population was about 5 million units. Now in 2021 there are over 50 million vehicles in Russia.

Your own car is more a necessity than a luxury product. And every year the ratio tends more and more in favor of the first option. Therefore, opening your own workshop means getting an always profitable business project, which has many ways of development and opportunities for expanding activities.

How to assess the competitiveness of a project

The ability to withstand competitors is assessed by three factors:

  • quality of services provided;
  • pricing;
  • promotion of sales of services.

The quality is clear. The better the finished result of the activity, the more customers there will be in the car service, respectively, the greater the profit will be.

From this we can conclude that as long as the vehicle exists, there will always be a need for car services.

Project Description

Car service is a service sector provided by one person or a group of persons to another (car enthusiast) in relation to a vehicle. Any novice businessman is always faced with a dilemma: what type of services to give preference to, what type of machines to prefer, how to draw up a business project correctly? It is worth talking about this in more detail.

The area of ​​activity can be roughly divided into five categories:

  • Repair of motor vehicles;
  • Repair of passenger cars;
  • Repair of minibuses, minibuses;
  • Repair of trucks weighing up to 30 tons;
  • Repair of agricultural machinery.

It is also important to decide which manufacturer of the vehicle will be in priority - foreign or Russian. The rhetorical question of which car is better and which one breaks down faster has remained so for many years. It all depends on numerous factors, from which we can conclude: the percentage of failure in both species is approximately the same. So, when choosing, it is necessary to proceed from the following: spare parts for a foreign car, like its repair, are more expensive than domestic spare parts.

Determining the direction of activity

Car service is a very broad concept. These include:

Which of these directions to choose depends on how “savvy” a person is in this area, what kind of finances he has, how he knows how to organize a business.

As experienced owners of car services advise, it is necessary to cover several types of activity first, or, if it is chosen, not to get hung up on one brand of vehicle - later the niche will be determined, a segment of consumers will be formed.

Competitive Advantages

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