Low-rise construction business plan

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Any entrepreneurial organization starts with a business plan. It reflects the challenges that entrepreneurs will face in the process of achieving their goals. Systematization of these problems in the appropriate sections of the business plan helps to develop and provide the most appropriate solutions. The content and degree of concretization of sections is determined by the specifics and scope of its activities.

The purpose of developing a business plan is to plan the company's economic activities for the near and distant periods in accordance with the needs of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary resources.

A business plan acts as an objective assessment of one's own business and at the same time a necessary tool for design and investment decisions in accordance with the needs of the market. It characterizes the main aspects of a commercial enterprise, analyzes the problems it will face, identifies ways to solve them. Consequently, a business plan is simultaneously search, research and design work.

It would not be an exaggeration to name a business plan as the basis for managing not only a commercial project, but also the enterprise itself. Thanks to the business plan, the management has the opportunity to look at their own company from the outside. The very process of developing a business plan, including a detailed analysis of economic and organizational issues, makes you mobilize. The purpose of a business plan can be obtaining a loan, or attracting investment, determining the strategic and actual guidelines of the company, etc.


Application of a business plan in construction

The theory and practice of management shows that any economic activity should be aimed at solving a particular problem. Moreover, the correct decision allows you to maximize the intended goal. In turn, the goal is tactical and strategic. For example, every construction company sets many goals for itself and captures them in a business plan, which is a streamlined course of action to achieve these goals.

Plant of dry building mixtures, Spassk - Dalny

Business plan for the construction of the plant

for the production of dry building mixtures, Primorsky Territory

Methodological comments on the study

This business plan is a project for the implementation of business operations, the actions of the company, containing information about the company, the product, its production, sales markets, marketing, organization of operations and their effectiveness.

Planning period - 2021-2021.

Relevance of the study - May 2021.

Object and subject of research and planning

The object of analysis is the organization of a plant for the production of dry building mixtures in the city of Passk-Dalny, Primorsky Territory.

The subject of the research is the situation on the market of dry building mixtures of the Primorsky Territory and the Khabarovsk Territory.

Goals and objectives of the study

The problem of housing construction is still acute in our country. The demand for comfortable individual housing remains steadily high even in the context of an unstable economy and falling living standards of the population. This business plan for the construction of frame houses will help entrepreneurs open a socially significant business that will help in solving the most important task.

General concept of the project

Construction of frame houses is one of the most profitable and promising areas in the development of low-rise construction. The variety of projects and designs of these structures, low construction and finishing costs, simplicity of technology and the absence of the need to use bulky equipment create attractive conditions for doing such a business.

There are two main technologies in frame construction:

  • The use of the floor as a base (platform) for the erection of vertical elements of the structure;
  • The use of a post-and-beam system, in which the entire frame structure of the future house is a complex interconnected beams and racks.

Both of these technologies allow, by increasing the length of vertical and horizontal elements, to flexibly adjust the area of ​​structures and their number of storeys. After the frame has been erected, it is exposed to double-sided cladding. As a rule, from the inside it is made of plasterboard or wood, from the outside - from moisture and windproof materials. Insulation is located between the facing layers.

The advantage of frame construction is also the possibility of combining it with panel construction, when a panel with a strapping is fixed on the frame, sheathed on both sides, between which insulation is laid. Investments in the construction of such houses are small, so they are gaining increasing popularity in Russia. With the use of high-quality materials and proper care of the house, the guaranteed service life is at least 50 years. Compared to brick, the cost of building a frame house is lower by about 25-30%. In addition, there is no need to use expensive specialized equipment and machinery - such a house can be erected by a small team of builders in just a few weeks, and at any time of the year, because there are no so-called "wet" processes in technologies.

Our example examines the use of the "DKR" technology, developed by experienced practitioners in the field of erection of frame structures. They note the high profitability of building houses using this technology, which confirms our business plan for the construction of frame houses with calculations.

Market Analysis

World experience clearly demonstrates the obvious turn in individual construction towards wooden buildings. Such housing is currently perceived not only as the most comfortable and environmentally friendly, but also as prestigious.

In our country, the share of timber frame housing construction is still very insignificant, although it has been constantly growing in recent years. The Russian market potential is estimated by world experts as one of the most promising due to the fact that our country has 25% of the world's timber reserves, relatively cheap labor and modern technologies in this industry.

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Low-rise construction business plan

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Cottage villages have gained popularity among developers in recent years. This is due to the fatigue of the population to live in a constantly busy city and the desire to change the usual noisy location for a calm and measured life in the suburbs, but with the conditions and infrastructure of the urban area.

The supply for suburban real estate exceeds the demand. Construction companies offer housing comfort class, business class and elite level.

Business in the field of development is always projects that start with detailed and detailed calculations, the purpose of which is to minimize risks at the construction stage.

B2Y has extensive experience in business planning of residential real estate and financial modeling of related infrastructure (fitness centers, schools, beauty salons, grocery stores, concierge services, etc.).

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Watch a video review of the financial model for the construction of a cottage village with related infrastructure facilities, such as a fitness center, school, store, pharmacy, greenhouse complex, car service, tire fitting, office buildings, mini-hotel, etc.

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Today, the construction of comfortable houses has become the norm. Not just one-story houses are being built, but two- or three-story cottages with all the comforts of home.

The most important thing is to correctly plan the entire process, think over a business plan for the construction of a private house, and only then proceed to the construction itself in stages.

Preparatory phase of construction

Geodetic work is being carried out to measure the lengths, slopes of the site, geological analysis of the soil of the future site of the house. This must be done without fail, otherwise cracks may appear in the built house in the future if there is an underground stream or some other anomalies. Soil analysis determines the type of foundation for the future construction.

The future owner determines what his house should be like: how many rooms, what is their area, height of ceilings, windows, what amenities, etc. Then a project is drawn up, a plan for building a house, drawings, estimates. You can, of course, take a standard project, based on it, execute a business plan, but it will definitely have to be tied to the area, so a lot will need to be redone.

It is advisable to entrust the work on this project to an experienced architect who will professionally carry out his work. Then there should be no problems during the construction itself and there will be no unforeseen large unforeseen expenses.

Build a house on your own after going through all the stages of construction will be 30-40% cheaper than buying it ready-made. However, you will have to learn a lot. Without a project, just having a plan, you can build a dwelling, but it will be a small, rather a summer cottage option, without a set of city communications.

Construction work

The business plan includes the calculation of the necessary communications. Water supply and sewerage communications are being carried out, pipes and cables are being laid.

After that, the foundation is laid. The most reliable foundation during construction is a monolithic slab. It can be installed on any soil, but the cost of this foundation is very high.

The strip foundation is suitable for the construction of wooden, brick, frame houses on any soil, except for swampy areas. The strip foundation is durable and reliable. The cost of this foundation is cheaper than a slab, but more expensive than piles.

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