Logistics center business plan

This article will provide an example for drawing up a business plan for a logistics center and detailed instructions by which a novice entrepreneur can familiarize himself with specific actions. Their exact execution will be the key to the successful development of the enterprise!

I just want to know how you can open a transport and logistics company? She is engaged in the provision of services for the transportation of goods across the country, and also has the function of a warehouse, accounting, and prepares waybills.

The business plan of your own logistics company consists of the following points:

  • service description;
  • market analysis;
  • marketing project;
  • sales plan (cargo); <
  • availability of a production part;
  • number of managers;
  • financial information of the company;
  • regulations;
  • project organizations.

Development Prospects

Cargo transportation is now the most common option in the country. This requires drawing up a business plan for the development of a transport and logistics company using this example. There are many options for them, covering the entire territory of Russia, with the possibility of exporting them abroad.

A lot of customers who have a large number of goods of different categories prefer cargo transportation by transport. This method has advantages in terms of reliability, convenience, and benefits. Another advantage is fast delivery of goods, the ability to transport both small-sized and large-sized items (based on the type of machine).

On the territory of Russia there are about 80 thousand enterprises engaged in this activity. What should be called a logistics company? An organization needs a name to obtain an official license. Enterprises are private and commercial. They own their own vehicles.

The control centers cover a wide range of cities - multimillion cities Moscow, St. Petersburg, which may have regional offices, as well as regional centers.


There are many companies that need the services of logistics companies. Having managed to competently integrate into this area, you can make good money and, what is important, quickly. To do this, you need to draw up a detailed business plan for the logistics center, after which you can safely proceed to its phased implementation.

Registration process

The main task of the logistics business is to organize the delivery of goods on time and at the lowest cost. The key to success is to work with the client right from the start. After all, companies, as a rule, prefer to work with the same company, which has established itself as fast and reliable.

So, you've decided to open a logistics center from scratch and calculate its cost, as well as the payback period. First you need to register an enterprise. IP is suitable when you are alone. If other founders are present, then it makes sense to open an LLC.

The taxation system depends on the persons with whom you intend to cooperate. With a focus on private traders and companies that are not subject to VAT, a single imputed income tax is provided. To work with companies that are subject to VAT, the general taxation regime for LLCs and the taxation regime for an individual according to Form 3 - for individual entrepreneurs are suitable.

It is noteworthy that you do not need a license to carry out transport and forwarding services, so one less concern. All that remains is to open a bank account and you can start making your dreams come true. An example of a business plan for a logistics center will help with this.

The table shows the stages that the business plan of a logistics company includes.

Let's start!

The initial investment in the logistics center will amount to 600,000 rubles. If you do not have this amount, then to implement your idea you will need to contact the bank for a loan. With money in hand, you can begin to bring your logistics business plan to life.

It doesn't matter in which region you are going to do business, in any case you need to rent a room. To work, you need a warehouse, an area for production and a packing center, as well as an office for operators. For all these needs, you should look for a place with an area of ​​at least 100 thousand square meters. m, the rent of which will cost you 110,000 rubles. per month When choosing premises for a logistics center, do not forget about the importance of choosing not only the area, but also the class of the complex itself.

You should try to acquire new equipment for the logistics center, if possible. Then you will be sure that if something happens, service support will come to your aid. To work with loads, you will need to buy hydraulic carts. Moreover, their number should coincide with the number of warehouse workers. The price of one cart is 9,000 rubles.

Cargo transportation in the realities of today is an integral part of almost any business. Organizing the escort of goods and the provision of the necessary intermediate services (storage, transshipment) will help a business plan of a logistics company developed taking into account specific conditions.

Delivery of goods within the country and abroad is a challenge faced by many companies and individual entrepreneurs. A company that provides escort and delivery with a guarantee of safety, just in time, will be able to earn good money. Moreover, the competition in this business segment is still low, and demand significantly exceeds supply.

What is logistics and business specifics

The main tasks of logisticians are: drawing up the optimal route in terms of mileage and travel conditions, safety of cargo on the way and during intermediate transshipments, delivery to the customer at the appointed time. The logistics center coordinates the work of several links in the "manufacturer (supplier) - buyer" chain, its task is to solve all intermediate issues related to the selection of contractors, warehouses, transport. Having a specific goal in front of their eyes, the company's specialists are looking for the best ways to solve it.

You do not need a license to open a logistics company, but the transportation of certain categories of goods is subject to additional rules. The start-up capital is quite affordable for an average businessman, the niche is relatively free, and it is not difficult to find qualified specialists. There is only one thing left - to draw up a business plan for the logistics center and start working.

Competitor Analysis and Risk Assessment

Risks in the work of logisticians can be divided into several categories:

  • Unavailability of the shipped goods and raw materials, non-compliance with supply contracts, financial violations of the parties. This group is characterized as "commercial risk".
  • Damage and loss of goods during transportation, storage as a result of force majeure.
  • Violation of TB, fire safety.
  • Cargo theft.
  • Damage to the environmental situation as a result of damage to cargo or packaging.
  • Vehicle breakdowns and failure.
  • Damage caused by third parties.
  • Delay, incorrect design, loss of accompanying documentation.

To minimize risks, contracts should be correctly drawn up, the conditions for setting prices for services and termination of the contract, payment of forfeit, interest, fines should be prescribed. It is worth discussing the occurrence of force majeure situations, carefully choosing business partners.

Logistics business organization

Company registration

  • 1 What is logistics in business
  • 2 What documents are needed to organize a logistics business
  • 3 Business plan of a logistics company
  • 4 How to open a logistics company: start-up capital and earnings
  • 5 Transport business and logistics: choosing equipment
  • 6 How to name a transport company

Every year, the logistics business is gaining momentum in Russia, that is, the business of transporting goods within the country and abroad.

The main features of the logistics business:

  • demand exceeds supply;
  • small initial capital;
  • fast return on investment;
  • not required license;
  • suitable for a small town.

The main challenge for a new company is entering the market and gathering its customer base. Earning the trust of customers in the logistics industry is not easy. First, you need to provide competitive prices and attract the consumer with the quality of services provided. Let's figure out how to launch a logistics center.

What is logistics in business

Logistics is engaged in the development of the ideal route for the transportation of goods with minimal costs and largely ensures the profit of the enterprise. At the same time, in accordance with the rules of logistics, the goods must be delivered in the right time frame. This is what logistics centers do.

With the correct operation of the logistics center, you can reduce the cost of goods, and the products will not be stockpiled. As a result, income growth is ensured.

Together with logistics services, your company can provide forwarding services. Such a center will already be called not just a logistics center, but a transport and forwarding center.

The main tasks of the logistics department:

  • forming the best route;
  • maintaining the integrity of the goods;
  • ensuring that the order is delivered on time.

The logistics department is the link between the manufacturer and the buyer. If it fulfills all its functions, the task is completed: the consumer will receive his order safe and sound, and in the shortest possible time.

In simple words, logistics is the transportation of goods. However, in reality, not everything is so simple. Logistics is a set of many human resource management processes in order to deliver goods from seller to buyer quickly, with minimal losses and along optimally verified routes throughout the country, and even between countries. And despite the fact that in Russia the competition is quite high, with the right business it is quite possible to grab your piece of the pie. Let's take a look at how to start your own logistics firm and build a successful business.

What is logistics in business

To start a logistics company from scratch, you do not need to make large investments, and this is its big plus. But at the same time and a minus. The fact is that due to the low financial threshold for entering the business, the competition is getting higher.

So, you need a small office. And these are the biggest expenses. There is no need to purchase your own transport at the first stage. You just need to agree with the transport company and hire an intelligent specialist if you yourself do not understand all the intricacies. But still, at least a little experience in the field is a big plus. At the very least, this is your prospective customer base. Still, it won't be easy to take a relationship to the next level, even if you have a great relationship with the client.

It is advisable to look for clients and service companies before opening. For business, logistics is of great importance. By reducing the cost of delivering goods, in the end it turns out to increase the value of the goods. And consequently, an increase in profits.

So, business will be successful:

How to open a logistics company: documents

In principle, you can start with an individual entrepreneur, and later re-register the company. It is convenient when the company has only one owner.

There are more options:

  • CJSC ;
  • OJSC ;

It is still better and easier for a logistics company to register as an LLC. Especially if the owner is not alone or plans to expand the company.

Regarding the taxation system, it is better to consult with a lawyer, because there are many nuances here. With the choice of the OKVED code, not everything is simple either. It depends on what kind of transport you will be delivering - by land, land or air. There are also differences within the same group, for example:

Therefore, it is also better to seek advice from an experienced lawyer.

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