Livestock as a business: where to start

In fact, in the conditions of the financial and food crisis, there are a lot of ideas for business in the countryside, but I would like to focus on the fastest and most profitable entrepreneurial activity at the moment. It's about animal husbandry.

Content of the article:

I must say that there are many ways from raising rabbits and quails with ostriches to pigs. But the more quickly repaid way is pig breeding. Of course, crop growing is no less profitable business in the countryside, but there is another article about this.

Gobies for meat

One of the most profitable, but at the same time complex type of animal husbandry business is the breeding of bulls for the further sale of beef. Determine the scale of the future farm, registration may be required. The main tasks for the entrepreneur are the choice of the breed and suppliers, the arrangement of the farm (you can rent an old barn):

20 bulls = 300 sq. ...

Choose the right diet (it is different in age and season), observe the conditions and regime of detention.

  • Purchase of 20 calves - 160,000 rubles.
  • Contents - 220,000 rubles.
  • Meat from 20 bulls - 5000 kg.
  • Revenue (at the minimum cost of beef) - 750,000 rubles.
  • Profitability freely reaches 50%.

Rabbit breeding

Rabbit breeding is one of the most popular areas in animal husbandry. Rabbits are excellent meat and good fur, which can be handed over to fur manufacturers without much difficulty. The payback period for such a case is approximately 9-10 months. Rabbits do not require any special skill in breeding. Read more about the rabbit breeding business in a separate article.

Briefly about the benefits of breeding rabbits:

  • dietary meat;
  • high fertility of animals;
  • a large number of offspring per litter;
  • the possibility of obtaining additional profit from the sale of skins;
  • simple conditions of detention;
  • investments of the first year - up to 370,000 rubles. (including the purchase of 60 rabbits and the employee's salary);
  • first year earnings - up to 535,000 rubles. (including sale of skins);
  • payback period - 10 months.

Sheep breeding (sheep breeding)

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Livestock business is profitable in the long term, subject to state support for small and medium-sized businesses in the agricultural sector and proper organization of the business itself.

Main areas of animal husbandry:

Having decided on the direction, you can use to understand and start approximate, typical calculations such as: a business plan for animal husbandry, which can be downloaded for free on our website.

You can use it only as an example, a real, working business plan must be ordered from specialists, taking into account your and regional characteristics.

There are two types of entrepreneurship in the field of animal husbandry: small private entrepreneurship without hiring and large-scale production.

The maximum herd size for a large farm is 200-300 heads, while for every hundred females only 5-6 males are required.

Feed must be stored using the services of specialized factories, otherwise poor quality feed can affect the growth of animals.

The cost of grain for the maximum livestock of the herd will be approximately 400-450 tons, excluding additional necessary impurities.

The total cost of a large-scale cattle breeding business will amount to approximately 5 million rubles. The approximate payback period is three years.

Animal husbandry can rightfully be considered one of the most ancient trades of human society. Thanks to animal husbandry, the primitive population also survived. Much time has passed, but nothing has changed. Meat is still considered an indicator of wealth, abundance and luxury. For these and many other reasons, animal husbandry is an attractive way to start your own business. In order to succeed, it is imperative to draw up a livestock business plan.

The livestock business includes not only meat, but also dairy products. The production of meat and dairy products is a very popular area of ​​the agricultural business. Meat and dairy products have always been in great demand among the general population. The business plan should take into account all possible costs, include an algorithm of actions, all possible risks.

The traditional livestock industry is the breeding of cattle, piglets and poultry. Due to the decrease in the number of farms, the demand and price for livestock products (meat, dairy products) is increasing, which allows us to safely enter this field of activity. If we look at the statistics, we can take into account, for example, the cost of one pig in 2021. You can see that if then it cost about 500 rubles, now its price will exceed 800 rubles.

Having performed the correct calculations, one can come to the conclusion that this case is profitable.

Starting a Business

Registration of this business activity is mandatory. The business plan for breeding cattle involves an individual entrepreneurial activity with a private form of ownership.

The number of cattle for breeding business should ideally be 250-350 units. For reproduction and growth of the farm, out of the total number of heads, about 120 must be females. If the rest of the heads are put up for sale, this will allow you to quickly recoup the money spent. There are several factors to consider when buying livestock. So, when choosing a male, his pedigree up to the third generation plays an important role. If you stick to this advice, your business will only flourish.

A lot of money will have to be spent on the purchase of feed for livestock. The average number of heads per year will require at least 500 tons of feed. Breeding livestock for sale, it will be more rational to stock up on special mixtures that contribute to the rapid growth and weight gain of livestock. It is also worth remembering that for the best results and the health of livestock, it is necessary to periodically include special fortified supplements in the diet of animals. This also requires some funds.

In addition to purchasing the livestock and feed, you will need to purchase special sheds and corrals. All these costs, so necessary at the initial level of starting a business, will cost about 4-5 million rubles.

If you are willing to invest these funds in starting your business, your farm will pay for itself in 3-4 years of its activity.

Premises equipment and livestock sale

Cattle (cattle) is a profitable business. In the initial stages, you can open a small farm, gradually increasing its scale. A business plan for breeding cattle must necessarily include the likely risks. There are a lot of them in this case. Only with careful calculations will the business be profitable.

What are the features of cattle breeding

When drawing up a farm plan, special attention should be paid to breeding livestock. Without proper care, you will not be able to achieve the desired performance indicators. If the basic recommendations are not followed, the farmer will suffer losses.

Fattening is selected depending on the goals of growing cattle and its breed. It can be cereal or herbal. The second option is more budgetary and widespread. Dairy cattle must have a varied diet, which additionally includes beets, grain and products of its processing.

Another stage of cultivation is slaughter. It is desirable that the site has its own slaughterhouse.

Initial stages of starting a farm

The business plan for breeding cattle for meat or dairy production has the following stages:

  • purchase or lease of a suitable land plot;
  • construction of a peasant farm complex;
  • purchase of young animals.

There are a lot of subtleties to consider in order to make an investment not useless.

Dairy and beef cattle breeding project: description

The goal of the project is to breed dairy and beef cattle for the subsequent sale of the products obtained. The farmer will provide the population with meat or dairy products.

The meat market is one of the largest markets for food products.

The article describes the features of drawing up a business plan for a dairy farm for breeding dairy cattle. Milk is one of the essential products; therefore, demand is constant and practically does not change over time. Such a business is capable of generating profit and not losing its relevance.

Due to the high profitability, there are many competitors in the market. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure the competitive advantage of the dairy farm and reflect it in the concept of the future enterprise. For this, a business plan is drawn up, in which all the necessary information is structured and calculations are made.

Such a business plan for dairy cattle breeding for 400-500 heads (cattle farm) is a solution for those who want to get a loan from a large state bank, attract investment from an investor or understand the key figures and indicators of the farm for breeding of dairy cattle. It can also be quickly adjusted for a farm of 50 - 100 heads.

How to create a dairy farming business plan?

When drawing up a business plan for a dairy farm, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Conduct a market analysis, study the volume of supply and demand, pricing procedure;
  • Draw up a concept of a future company - structure, technology, products, distribution channels;
  • Determine the need for material and human resources;
  • Make calculations, make a forecast of key performance indicators;
  • Determine the effectiveness of the project;

Identify possible risks and ways to overcome them.

An example of a business plan for a dairy farm for breeding cattle (cattle breeding) dairy direction with calculations


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The main result of the company's activity is milk, which is actively used for the production of the following products:

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