List of programs for compiling a business; plan

An online business plan means writing a document, which includes a description of all categories of expenses and incomes that may go towards creating a future project and its implementation. Compiling a calculation is important, both for the contractor whose goal is to open a business, and for prospective investors. This kind of planning is especially important for creating an interesting and truly profitable business.

Benefits of the Business Plan Builder

In the age of information technology, it is not at all necessary to give a lot of money to anyone, because you can make a business plan online for free on the service, and the calculation will be accurate and reliable. There are other advantages of such platforms:

ideal for a beginner, since they do not require a large amount of economic knowledge from the user, the service will literally lead by the hand, explaining and clarifying each point in an accessible language;

the constructor will present the data in table format, because this type of data reproduction is easier to read;

provides an opportunity to assess the possible outcomes and the relevance of the planned plan;

will help to save money in the future, at the stage of implementation of the conceived project, and will also save nerves and time;

the resulting developments will become a kind of map that will tell you where to start and in which direction to move.

It should also be said that it is especially important for an investor that the information is clear and accessible for understanding, presented in simple language. The service provides just such information. In addition, it is not difficult to calculate a business plan online for free.

A business plan should contain only basic information without complicated terms or embellishments. This is, first of all, the real alleged picture.

Getting started on a business plan An example of filling out text forms and entering starting values ​​

Entering start values ​​

Business plan marketing plan Examples of building market distribution diagrams and SWOT analysis

Business plan sales plan Examples of filling out forms for entering prices, sales volumes, VAT, excise taxes, MET, other income, budget subsidies

8. "Business plan for the transformation of Vasyuki into the capital of the Russian Federation and the MFC". Series 8. Entering other income (2. 6 min.)

  • How do you enter different types of other income when developing a business plan using the Online constructor E-planificator?
  • How will the introduction of other income affect on the forecast financial statements of the project?

9. "Business plan for the transformation of Vasyuki into the capital of the Russian Federation and the MFC". Series 9. Entering budget subsidies (5. 7 min.)

  • How are budget subsidies entered when drawing up a business plan in the Online Constructor of E-planificator?
  • What types of subsidies can be entered in the Constructor?
  • How may receiving subsidies affect the forecast financial statements of the project?

10. "Gazprom-2021 Financial Forecast" (slides 8 to 32)

  • How to enter currency units, sales volumes, other revenues and budget subsidies when making a financial forecast in the E-planificator Online Constructor?
Watch the presentation "Gazprom-2021 Financial Outlook"

Production plan of business plan Examples of building Gantt charts

Investment plan of a business plan Examples of filling out forms for entering intangible assets, fixed assets, land plots, R&D and construction in progress, leasing and rental objects

13. "Business plan for the transformation of Vasyuki into the capital of the Russian Federation and the MFC". Series 12. Entering R&D objects (4.1 min.)

  • How are characteristics of R&D objects entered in the Online constructor of the E-planificator when creating a business plan?
  • How to enter costs into the Online constructor, denominated in a non-main (additional) currency?
  • How will R&D objects entered in the E-planificator affect the forecast financial reporting of the project?

14. "Business plan for the transformation of Vasyuki into the capital of the Russian Federation and the MFC". Series 13. Entering fixed assets (4.8 min.)

  • How are the characteristics of fixed assets entered in the Online constructor of the E-planificator when drawing up a business plan?
  • How to enter objects in the E-planificator when choosing STS or PSN?
  • How to enter objects not one by one, but in batches?
  • How to see the entered fixed assets in the forecast financial statements of the project?

15. "Business plan for the transformation of Vasyuki into the capital of the Russian Federation and the MFC". Series 14. Entering land plots (3. 8 min.)

  • How are land plots characteristics entered in the E-planificator Online Constructor when preparing a business plan?
  • How investment land plots entered in the E-planificator will affect the forecast financial reporting of a project IFRS?

There is a large selection of free programs, each with a feature that is good in its own way. It is enough to download to your personal computer and use, but paid programs show themselves to be the most successful; they often contain almost everything,

and not as many thought stuck and not clear. And everything has a great and beautiful appearance, which only attracts, and does not scare away new users.

General information

Unique and essential features:

The entrepreneur himself chooses which application to use.

Best Business Planning Services

"Project Expert"

The program is mainly used by novice entrepreneurs, because it has a training and starting set of all the necessary formulas and commands, perfect for a beginner in this business. Creates a simple and lightweight business plan.


The price is fifty thousand rubles. Which is not too much for a person who is going to work hard in this direction, a great way to understand what kind of income this business plan will bring in implementation, because the presence of real events is not calculated in such programs, there are a large number of factors that affect the error and level the accuracy of the program result.

The financial model of your business is protection from mistakes and defeats!

According to statistics, only 3.4% of small businesses in Russia have been living for more than three years, the rest are closed earlier.

Video review of calculating a business plan in the Marketexpert program

We have developed a program that will automatically do all the calculations for you, you do not need to be a specialist for this! Watch a video tutorial on how to create a business plan using the example of a service business:

With the help of the program you can:

As a bonus to the program, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to draw up a business plan

We have systematized all the experience in creating business plans in our step-by-step instructions. We made it as understandable as possible for beginners and got rid of all unnecessary things. Follow the simple instructions and fill out the ready-made template, and you will write your business plan better than any economist! Learn from examples of real projects carried out by the consulting company MarketExpert, which underpin each section of the Step-by-Step Instructions:

With step-by-step instructions, you will learn:

The program has been downloaded more than once!

Choose the version that suits you and use the program now!

Best solution to quickly evaluate an idea

Allows you to digitize the business model, evaluate the effectiveness and write a professional business plan with the calculations of a simple enterprise

Why do you need a business plan and how to conquer the world with it (or to start a successful educational project)?

Starting business projects (including educational ones) think about drawing up a business plan when they plan to apply for funding or a grant. In other cases, the project moves by touch, and sometimes it turns out that you have to run in all directions, plug several holes at the same time and feel like on a ship during a storm.

How to avoid the situation in the picture on the right?

Treat the business plan as a self-coaching element to help you:

  • to see a holistic picture of the development of an online school. Projects without a systematic approach are doomed to chaotic actions and drainage of resources into the void.
  • evaluate ashore resources
  • see blind spots: weaknesses in your calculations and expectations.

A business plan primarily answers the question of how we will make money. With its help, we draw up a business model, assess the market and our USP, think over monetization models, estimate income and expenses.

Let's take a step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan that will be an effective tool to launch your online school. The template for the business plan can be downloaded here.

Step Market and Demand Assessment

Assess whether there is a demand for your services. This will help Wordstat, Google Trends and other tools that estimate the frequency of queries on topics that are important to you.

  • Competitive Analysis

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