Leasing of special equipment (business plan)

Date the article was updated: January 16, 2021

Renting a car for traveling or going out of town is a common thing for a foreigner. In Russia, however, it is not as familiar to an ordinary citizen as abroad. Although there are many car rental services in Moscow. Sometimes it is much cheaper than taking a taxi somewhere. Mastering this niche is undoubtedly profitable, but a car rental business plan with calculations is the first thing to do for a new venture to be successful. Without this document, starting a business on a car will not work.

How profitable is it to rent a car?

Any new venture is a risk. And in the car rental business, the risk is slightly higher than usual. Because Russia in this area is not as developed as foreign states. This is due to the banal ignorance of the common people of the existence of such a service. Therefore, it is impossible to "see" all the benefits of being able to go somewhere not by bus, but by car. For good promotion, advertising is necessary - a common man in the street should know that if you have the rights and the impossibility of buying a car right now, you can just rent it.

Before "thinking" about how to open a car rental from scratch, you need to assess the demand for this service. Car rental clients are:

  • People who just have their own car, but it, for example, is under repair. It is already difficult for them to "switch" to public transport, so it is easier to rent a car and not change their habits.
  • People who just want to go out of town or take a short trip around the country, but do not have their own car.
  • Entrepreneurs who do not own a VIP class car, but they need to impress potential partners. Everything is important for signing the contract - the appearance and meeting of a business person in a respectable car. The rent of such a car is often used by young men caring for girls and wanting to drive them in a good car.
  • People who rent a car for a long time for any need.

Expenses for opening and maintaining a car rental

A car rental business plan with calculations, first of all, assumes the availability of start-up capital, which is enough for the following table of expenses:

ExpenseApproximate amountCommentRegistration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC for self-reporting in business. 0000-15000 rubles The amount will be an order of magnitude higher if you transfer legal and tax affairs to a specialized company. rent of a place for a car park. 0000-60000 rubles When about 2021 rubles will be spent on one car per month. rent of office space 50,000 rubles The amount depends on many factors (square, location, amenities, equipment). salary of personnel 100,000-120210 rubles This is an administrator, accountant, manager, technician in charge of issuing and receiving cars, a security guard and taxes on wages. purchase of cars 3-5 million rubles Based on the calculation that 5 economy class cars, 5 middle class, 5 business class.

Regarding the last point, you can lease cars, but it will be much more expensive, which will reduce the monthly profit by a tangible amount. Leasing purchases simplify the filling of the vehicle fleet, but are convenient for those entrepreneurs whose business will immediately begin to generate income. Because it will be necessary to make monthly lease payments. Leasing term - 2.5 years. After this time, the car is redeemed and becomes the property of the vehicle fleet or returns to the company that provided it.

Calculating the approximate profit from the vehicle fleet

For the convenience of calculation, it is better to take into account the minimum values:

  • To make a business not look like an office offering any kind of cars, you need to have at least 20-30 cars in stock. The auto industry should be both domestic and foreign.
  • On average, one car rental will be equal to 700 rubles per day. Lada classic models are cheaper, foreign cars are more expensive.
  • Then the monthly turnover of funds will be 300-400 thousand rubles.
  • From it you will have to withhold money for staff salaries, tax deductions, car repairs (depreciation) and other expenses.
  • The net profit will be 30-50 thousand rubles.

A popular type of business is the rental of special equipment, since this equipment is required in different areas of activity. Various equipment is used in construction, repair, and in many other areas. Buying equipment for a one-time job is considered an impractical decision, so many companies and individuals lease it. Therefore, the special equipment business is profitable and interesting for many entrepreneurs. A business plan for the rental of special equipment will allow you to organize this business without much hassle.

Business goals and objectives

The goal of starting a business is to generate high profits. This can be achieved by performing numerous tasks:

  • using competitors' shortcomings in order to attract as many customers as possible;
  • buying only modern and unique special equipment that will be in demand;
  • attracting customers in new unusual ways, which include creating your own website on the Internet or personal communication with company representatives;
  • expanding the services provided by offering leasing or the possibility of purchasing equipment on other terms.

What kind of special equipment can be rented?

Almost every special equipment is in high demand, but the following types are considered the most profitable and in demand: Type of special equipment Approximate rental price per work shift (8 hours) in thousand rubles. Truck crane13-15Excavator12-18Bulldozer16-27Excavator-loader11Manipulator10Dump truck8Trailer13

You can expand your business by offering not only special equipment for construction work, but also household equipment, which includes tractors or lifting devices, drilling vehicles or combines. The demand for them is much lower, so it is important to carefully study potential customers and the market to make sure that the special equipment offered for rent is in demand.

Potential clients and work patterns

A new company can carry out activities in several directions: Scheme of work Features of the activity Provision of equipment for rent to managers and suppliers working in construction companies It is considered the most profitable if you attract as many clients as possible, since they are large and permanent. However, in the early stages of work, you can face high competition and lack of orders. It is also important to purchase a lot of high quality special equipment. renting purchased equipment by the hour to individuals and firms Such a scheme of work is beneficial in the case of high-quality and constant promotion of the company's services, otherwise you may face a complete lack of customers. With this scheme, there is no need to initially purchase special equipment at your own expense, since it is leased from another company on favorable terms, after which it is subleased to customers at higher prices. The profit is low, but the costs of starting a business are minimal.

Clients can be not only different companies, but also individuals who need to lift a load to a height or perform other housework.

Industry Analysis

Before starting a business, an analysis of the existing market is certainly carried out to assess the prospects and expediency of starting a business.

Market Analysis

Look and dress mean a lot to women. Ladies try to look new at every event, which involves buying a dress in order to impress those present and feel like a “queen of the ball”. Considering that a high-quality and sophisticated outfit costs a lot of money, not every woman can afford to shine at parties and birthdays in a new look. This problem is solved by the rental of dresses, which compares favorably with the acquisition of clothing in the property. In fact, the outfit is needed for one evening, after which the item will hang in the wardrobe for a long time idle. From here, great opportunities open up for enterprising people. By organizing a business for renting dresses, people in a short time go to profit and recoup their investments.

Dress rental business: relevance

In Russia, the business of renting dresses is not widely popular, but this does not deprive the field of activity of its relevance and relevance. If it is considered the norm to rent an outfit for a wedding, graduation or other event abroad, then in our country this business is just beginning to be popularized. People understand that it makes no sense to overpay for clothes that are required for 1-2 outings. In addition, for the relatively low cost of renting things and accessories, you can look more luxurious and attractive than if the clothes were purchased.

Help. The demand for dress rental services in large cities is higher than in medium and small towns. This is due to different living standards, incomes of the population and its mentality. For example, in a town with a population of 50–70 thousand people, 5–7% of women will apply for rent. According to surveys, ladies are embarrassed that they do not have funds for expensive clothes, and they consider renting an unacceptable act, which friends and colleagues can easily recognize.

A dress rental business in a city with a population of 500 thousand people, one might say, is doomed to success, because in large settlements, regional centers and cities with a population of over one million people look at the situation differently. Firstly, they are not afraid that someone will find out about the rental, because the chance of this is extremely small. Secondly, the act itself, in their opinion, is not something shameful, which is 100% true.

As a result, the business idea for the rental of dresses is not only relevant among the female population, but is also rapidly gaining popularity. This is one of the few types of business, the niche of which is practically not occupied in the market, there is no major competition, and the payback period depends only on the entrepreneur. The scale of the advertising campaign, the variety of the assortment, the definition of the target audience - all this affects the popularization of the outlet and the growth of income.

Market analysis: target audience, assessment of competitors and risks

There are several dress rental shops in every major city. And the larger the settlement, the more competitors. However, this does not mean that the showrooms are located "on every corner", therefore, market analysis is much easier compared to other areas of activity.

First, you need to decide on the area of ​​future activities. As a rule, this is a lively and densely populated part of the city (sleeping microdistrict, center, large shopping and entertainment center).

Second, identifying potential competitors. If the most popular area is chosen, then there is a high risk of congestion of a large number of dress rental shops. In this case, it makes sense to change the geolocation or form the business concept in such a way that it compares favorably with competitors.

Third, analysis of competitors' activities. In this case, several people are hired who visit the selected outlets and collect useful information for the entrepreneur:

  • location;
  • room area;
  • assortment;
  • cost of dress rental services;
  • availability of a system of discounts;
  • attendance of the outlet on different days of the week;
  • target audience;
  • other information that may be useful (number of employees, salon opening hours, room design, dress brands, etc.).

Based on the information received, the entrepreneur draws up an approximate opinion about each competitor, his potential profit and the relevance of his own business location in the selected area.

Investments Profit Payback 18. 10.00300.00 per month62 months

Car rental is considered quite expensive, but currently a profitable business. It is especially popular in the West and is beginning to gain a foothold in Russia. This article discusses the main provisions of the business, the possibility of making a profit from it and gives a step-by-step recommendation for starting a car rental. The article also provides information on the possibilities of advertising campaigns for companies that are engaged in car rental.

Financial Plan

Initial & Monthly Costs

At the beginning, we will calculate how much it costs to open and maintain a car rental, and then we will make a detailed decomposition according to the article.

Name Amount Initial costs Leasing of 30 vehicles 15. 00.00 rub. insurance of 30 cars 3. 00.00 rub. equipment and furniture 300. 00 RUB business registration 10. 00 RUB Site development 100. 00 RUB addition: 18. 10.00 rub. monthly expenses Office rent 25. 00 RUB parking lot 90. 00 RUB Ising327. 00 rub Personnel salary 150. 00 RUB other expenses 50. 00 RUB advertising 20. 00 RUB addition: 662. 00 RUB

Revenues and Profits

It is quite difficult to calculate the profitability and net profit of this business, especially to do it in advance. The thing is that the demand for services and profits depend on a specific region. Most cities have a car rental service that offers the cheapest mode of transport (mostly 5-6 year old models). They have various problems, constantly break down and require investment.

It is necessary to set the price for services at the level of 20-25% (for daily rentals), and attract customers with the help of various promotions and good quality cars, and, therefore, a high level of service.

Business profitability, on average, will look like this:

As a result, you can get about 800. 00 - 1. 00. 00 rubles of earnings per month of work, and the net profit will be about 300. 00 rubles per month.

The profitability of a business and its level of income are related to the number of cars in the fleet. Carsharing firms in Moscow have more than 300 vehicles in their fleet.

The most promising industry today is construction. A related field of activity for her is services for the use of special equipment: bulldozers. excavators. dump trucks at construction sites. Having carefully thought out the business plan, you can open a profitable and profitable business for renting it.

From an economic point of view, it is not profitable for construction companies to maintain and maintain a vehicle fleet themselves. It is much more convenient to rent the necessary equipment and pay on time for services on certain days to the relevant enterprises for its use.

How to find clients?

Before starting your own business, it is very important to make an analysis of attracting potential customers, with whom business cooperation is possible in the future and the conclusion of contracts for the lease of equipment. It is necessary to form a preliminary customer base of those. companies that may need this kind of services - rental of special equipment.

For this purpose, you can use message boards on the Internet or from newspapers. You can write down the names of construction organizations, DSU, housing and communal services of the area where you plan to open a business, call them in order to get acquainted with the possibility of providing services. It is possible to use other types of advertising to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise.


It is better to arrange a business in the form of an individual entrepreneur, for registration of which you only need a passport and an application, which greatly simplifies the process.

When opening a business with another entrepreneur, there will be a need to organize a limited liability company. In addition, when working with large clients, the form of work is preferable in LLC, as it provides more opportunities and legal protection. Then there is registration with the tax office and the form of taxation is selected, for individual entrepreneurs a simplified system is better suited.

Given the peculiarities of this business, property insurance cannot be avoided, which is beneficial to the entrepreneur himself, the equipment is very expensive, and besides, there are cases of its theft. For insurance of a car fleet, the CASCO campaign is suitable - wide-format in its services.


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