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Laundry Financial Model

Brief Investment Memorandum

Such kind of business as laundry is very popular in the West, and there this niche has been filled for a long time. In our country, this direction is just beginning to develop. Therefore, you should enter this market in time in order to take your place and get high profits.

The main target audience is people who do not have the opportunity to wash at home. These can be visiting students, bachelors, people living in hostels, tourists. Also, very often these services are used by hotels and hostels.

This type of business can be an excellent investment of money. However, in order to succeed in a project, you need to draw up a carefully designed business plan that will help you calculate all income and expenses, as well as take into account all the nuances.

The project is designed for a city with a population of over 1 million people. Investments in this business are quite significant and will not pay off so quickly. However, in the long term, laundry has a very high potential.

Key Business Success Factors:

  • convenient location;
  • lack of fierce competition;
  • growing demand;
  • scalability;
  • ease of doing business;
  • competitive prices.

The initial investment amount is 1,294,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached for 4 months of work.

Despite the crisis, laundry as a business remains a promising idea. It refers to the type of services that a person cannot do without even in difficult economic conditions. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing equipment, write a detailed business plan, taking into account all the nuances and conduct a competent advertising campaign.

Self Service Laundry Business Plan

Laundry service is not as popular in Russia as in Europe. The reason lies in the way of life. Many Europeans rent rented housing, which does not always have washing machines. And even if there is, the cost of electricity and water exceeds the price of a wash in a laundry.

How to open a laundry

Any business starts with writing a detailed business plan. He helps in building a business, avoiding unnecessary expenses and ill-considered mistakes. In the assessment of financial calculations and the prospects for a business idea.

In order to make your business more attractive than that of competitors, come up with additional services, set prices lower, observe the appropriate sanitary standards. And this:

The area of ​​the premises must be more than 100 square meters. On average in the country, the rent for such premises is about 50,000 rubles per month. The price in large cities is much higher than the prices in the regions.

The room must have:

  • place for receiving orders;
  • technical area;
  • warehouse.

Competitor Analysis

Detailed market research helps to avoid many mistakes. Try to find a room for a laundry in an area where there are no such establishments, then all residents in the area will become your regular customers.

After finding the desired location, you can purchase equipment and draw up a lease. It is better to enlist the support of a lawyer to avoid annoying mistakes.

Choosing a business format

mini laundry business plan

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Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Vladimir Petrovansky reports. I have achieved success by launching a whole chain of laundries in the city of Yekaterinburg. At that time, at the beginning, no one thought that I had even the slightest chance of making the business profitable, and indeed of finding investors to organize it. Now everything has changed radically - no one doubts that laundries are not the limit for my growth. I have not passed the smoothest road and am ready to share with you a couple of secrets.

Business plan for opening a laundry

First of all, I must warn you that if you are going to open a laundry, then you must be prepared for anything - an ideally organized laundry can be unprofitable if it is not placed correctly and vice versa.

Each parameter matters, as does your attitude in this matter. Be aware that you will not be able to predict the course of events.

So where to start?

Don't think that I was born a millionaire and that I wash clothes well - not at all. That is why I came up with the idea of ​​organizing a network of laundries - not all people like to wash and many are afraid to simply ruin their clothes because of their inability.

The only catch that arose at the beginning was the lack of sufficient capital. I obviously did not have enough money to organize at least one laundry. But I solved the problem - I found investors, plus I took a loan from the bank.

Another question: how to get a loan in the amount of millions and attract investors? It's very simple - you need a business plan. At the beginning of a business journey, this document is the very castle in the air, which has a chance to become real.

A competent business plan includes absolutely all items: from your idea to the cost of overalls for the laundry workers. Believe me, business people know the value of a good business plan, because if you manage to draw up one, then success will become an obligatory component of your idea.

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The main thing about the laundry business plan in the year

Self-service laundry opening

A business in which there is practically no competition - are you sure that this is from the category of fantasy? So you have never thought about opening a self-service laundry before. Try to analyze this market yourself: how many such establishments do you know in your city? Most likely, you can name at most one or two, no more. So why not take this niche before others do it?

For example, in the West, despite the fact that the life of local housewives is made easier to the limit by various household appliances, self-service laundries are very widespread. For Europeans, this is not just a place where you can wash your belongings for a small price, but also a kind of club of interests. Our compatriots have a completely different mentality, but, I think, not a single woman will refuse to sit over a cup of tea while the machines do their job.

Speaking about what income a self-service laundry business can bring, many entrepreneurs are betting on being located in the area of ​​large university centers, and for good reason. The residents of the hostels promise to become your regular and most grateful clients.

As the experience of opening self-service laundries shows, it is most advisable to locate them in those areas where people with unsettled life live. This applies to residents of hostels, small families, communal apartments. Your regular customers will most likely also include retirees, bachelors who live in rented apartments, and social workers. The main thing is to be able to explain to people that it is profitable to use the services of a laundry, therefore, the organization of the work of a laundry must necessarily include a high-quality promotion.

When implementing a business project such as a self-service laundry, be prepared for problems finding a suitable space. Of course, the easiest way to open your own mini-laundry is in some hostel, the residents of which will be your main customers. But, as practice shows, it is not easy to come to an agreement with officials. In addition, the requirements for the premises in which the opening of the mini-laundry is planned are very high. It is necessary that the premises have the required capacities, and given the age of most buildings in which hostels are located, this also causes certain difficulties.

The advantages of organizing a laundry complex in a hostel are undoubtedly obvious, but do not be discouraged if there is no suitable room there. Pay attention to non-residential buildings, perhaps there you will find what you need. And there is another problem ahead - buying the right equipment. You may be surprised, but most entrepreneurs are forced to import it from abroad, since no one produces such equipment in our country - it is unprofitable. Moreover, it is categorically not recommended to save on this item of expenses. If you decide that it will be incredibly difficult for you to open your own self-service laundry business, pay attention to the professional example of a business plan for opening a laundry with ready-made calculations. After studying it, you will understand that you can easily cope with any difficulties, thanks to the recommendations of experienced professionals.

Organization of laundry: opportunities and prospects

A few years ago, it seemed that laundries had sunk into oblivion, as modern washing machines appeared in every home that can cope with any pollution and make the work of today's housewives easier. But it is already clear today that the laundry business will always be in demand. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is connected with the fact that the population began to buy more expensive things, while fearing to start washing them at home.

There are two options for the development of opening a laundry business - a regular laundry or a self-service laundry. In the first case, it will be appropriate to combine the services of washing things and dry cleaning them. This will significantly increase the profitability of the mini laundry business. In a shorter period of time, the initial investment will be recouped by the development of a network of laundries in different districts of the city, as well as cooperation with large corporate clients.

When opening your own business - your own laundry - take into account its seasonality. Maximum activity is observed in autumn and spring, while in summer there is a certain lull, which forces owners to announce discounts on their services to attract customers.


No matter how funny it is in a world where everyone has a washing machine, the problem of washing is not so rare for people. As a rule, these are tourists and people in big cities. Why tourists? Because it often happens that the place of the overnight stay is a boarding house or a hostel, where a similar question sometimes remains open.

So far, people are solving this problem in several ways, each of which cannot boast of convenience. The first is to take a large wardrobe with you on a trip so that you always wear clean clothes. The second is to wash in place. But then you need to find a basin and or a place for washing, as well as a place to dry things.

Laundry could solve the problem, but now this is not a common type of service. This means that it is sufficiently free from competition.

What should be in the laundry

- Primary services included in the standard laundry list - regular washing of clothes and linen.

- Comfortable conditions for customers to wait for their belongings is also an essential attribute of a laundry business that counts on good profits. This may include coffee machines, magazines, background music, television, comfy sofas.

- Receiving and issuing orders. The item should be in the room itself.

- Orders must be accepted both individual and corporate.

- Don't be limited to a standard wash. The laundry should provide services for bleaching, washing with air conditioners, rinses, fragrances, services for removing difficult stains, and ironing.

- All types of clothing must be accepted - underwear, shirts, bed linen, tablecloths, shaped and straight clothes.

Laundry features to help attract customers

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