Ice Cream Parlor Business Plan

Public catering has always attracted investors and people with an entrepreneurial streak. There are many and all. But how to meet the needs of adults and children, athletes and sweet tooth, student and business person? Open a cafe with your own ice cream production! Be sure that even a pampered gourmet will like such a product. In addition, an ice cream parlor business plan is easy to create and implement. The enterprise will not only bring a lot of pleasure, but also quite good income.

Features of the cafe format

Visitors love to witness the birth of a treat with their own eyes. Zoning is carried out using a glass partition.

The best option for a client's room is 10 tables and a counter with an assortment. In addition to ice cream, drinks can be sold. If the institution is for children, alcoholic beverages are excluded. It is better not to overload the menu with a standard set: french fries and other commonplace snacks. Bet on your own product. Cafes for the whole family are very popular.

Assortment, types of ice cream

  • whole ;
  • fat free ;
  • dry whole or fat free;
  • condensed.

Other products are added to it: cream, butter, whey. In addition, sugar, various flavors, stabilizers and thickeners are needed.

Divide by composition:

  • With a base of animal fats (ice cream, milk and cream dessert).
  • From vegetable fats - palm and coconut oils.
  • From juice - popsicles.
  • Sorbets are a mixture of fruit purees and juices.

By consistency, products are:

  • Hardened - produced on special equipment. The finished product is frozen and stored at low temperatures.
  • Soft ice cream is completely ready for consumption after preparation.

Ice cream is a product that has not yet become as popular in Russia as it is potentially capable of. Therefore, the ice cream market has room to grow.

The culture of ice cream consumption is growing. More and more often, people want not only to enjoy a delicious product, but to do it in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Quality requirements have also increased. Therefore, selling ice cream in a cafe is, in any case, a promising idea. The main thing is to correctly draw up a business plan for an ice cream parlor. This is not at all difficult to do today. You can find a ready-made sample on the Internet and make your own changes to it.

Business Relevance

Today, the turnover of Moscow ice cream parlors exceeds $ 90 million a year. Market growth - over 20%.

Investors are willing to invest. This does not require large sums. Enough 70-130 thousand dollars, (and in some cases 25 thousand). The owner does not need any special education either - the general operating principle and the concept of the institution are simple and understandable.

This type of business has a pronounced seasonality. In summer, the attendance is much higher. In winter, people are more likely to buy ice cream with them. Also in winter you can hold different events - birthdays, etc.

Document processing

Either opening an LLC or registration of an individual entrepreneur will be required. Which of these two options to choose depends on what plans you are making for the future. If you plan to have a simple small business of your own, which does not imply expansion to the scale of a whole network of establishments, then the option of opening an individual entrepreneur would be more suitable. And if you dream of developing into a large commercial project, then it is better to register an LLC.

You must select the OKVED code. In this case, you need code 55. 0 - "Activities of cafes and restaurants". The same code is used for children's cafes and fast food cafes.

In addition, a number of permits will be needed, including permission from firefighters, SES, and some other government agencies.

Used raw materials, equipment, technologies used for the manufacture of ice cream must have appropriate certificates. The staff must have health records.

Now every Russian consumes up to five kilograms of ice cream a year. On the basis of this product, many dishes have already been invented, including hot ones. In the business plan for the production of ice cream, it should be noted which freezer you are going to purchase: American or Russian? Although ice cream is considered a summer product, in winter you can often find a lover of this delicacy eating an ice cream briquette right on the street. A variety of additives will not allow ice cream to get bored even if you eat it in unlimited quantities. Recalling the amount from the expenditure side of the business plan for the production of ice cream, we calculate the profit and get $ 1400 per month of work. Everyone eats ice cream - from toddlers to retirees, it is very democratic - you can always find a package of ice cream in the freezer of a family with any income. Therefore, this delicious business is in great demand, which will be confirmed by the business plan for the production of ice cream. Moreover, seasonal fluctuations have recently been very insignificant due to the popularity of this product.

Customer Reviews:

Raised investments in the amount of 120 million rubles and opened a store. In the process of work, we received a competent detailed business plan: a detailed description of the investment, a sales plan, an assessment of the market and project payback.

Gary Spartakovich, Grocery Supermarket Owner

I was very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the specialists. The high quality of this project made it possible to positively resolve the issue of financing. As a result, we received a loan in the amount of 200 million rubles.

Rakcheeva L. Financial director of wholesale clothing trade.

Based on the business plan, we opened our own production of drywall in the amount of 20 million rubles. The business plan contains a lot of useful information on our new line of business, the financial part is well developed. The business of the main competitors is described in great detail.

Arzhanov A., Director of drywall production

With the help of a business plan developed and drawn up by BizplaniKo, a long-term credit line was opened for this project for 5 years in the amount of 50 million rubles. for the wholesale of fuels and lubricants.

V. Ponomarev, owner of the company for the wholesale trade of fuels and lubricants

Cold treat or how to start an ice cream business

Traveling foreigners, returning from Russia, are surprised to tell their compatriots that Russians can enjoy ice cream on the street in winter in severe frost! And this is not an exaggeration - both adults and children love ice cream in our country.

The production of cold treats from a mixture of milk, sugar and various fillers, flavors and additives is experiencing a real boom. Ice cream is produced not only by large producers, but also by private companies.

There are several types of ice cream: seasoned, soft and homemade. They differ in the way of production:

hardened delicacy is produced in large factories on an industrial scale;

soft ice cream is made on special equipment in a cafe or restaurant;

accordingly, homemade is prepared in small quantities for family and guests.

Let's dwell on the first two methods of ice cream production, since here we will consider how to open an ice cream business with a small start-up capital.

Studying the technology of hardened ice cream production

The hardened ice cream production process takes place in several stages. The first is mixing the ingredients. Whole milk is poured into the cooking container, then additional ingredients (butter, sugar, flavoring additives, etc.) are added according to the recipe and brought to the desired temperature. The components are mixed with a blender or turbo mixer.

Then the mixture is filtered, then pasteurized at a temperature of 85-90C. The fourth step in making seasoned ice cream is homogenization. At a temperature of 85C, the process at this stage takes place in two stages. At the first stage, the mixture is subjected to a pressure of 7 to 12.5 MPa, at the second stage, a pressure of 4.5 to 5 MPa is maintained.

The main purpose of the business plan presented here is to determine the rationale for a businessman to invest in this venture. Both children and adults love to eat ice cream, which a novice entrepreneur may well take advantage of and open a profitable business. And for this you need to create a detailed business plan for an ice cream parlor with elaborate details.


Selling ice cream is a promising area. If you choose the right place for such an establishment, then the investment will quickly pay off, because the profitability of this business is high. But do not forget about the seasonality of this business, because ice cream is in greatest demand in summer, when it is hot outside. In the cold season, there are also lovers of this sweet delicacy, although the demand for the product is falling. This should be taken into account.

In order for the cafe to work perfectly and attract a large number of visitors not only in the summer months, it is worth selling other desserts, drinks and snacks. This will help to get decent revenue all year round. In addition, some businessmen offer their clients a take-away ice cream service. This is a good practice, because, according to statistics, in winter people are more likely to buy ice cream in briquettes and eat at home.


An ice cream parlor business plan with calculations begins with the concept of the establishment and drawing up the menu. Two concepts are known: French and American. The first is when people can sit in the institution, enjoying the cozy atmosphere. And the second one is distinguished by fast service and a large flow of people. The second concept is more popular in Russia. It is especially effective for shopping and entertainment centers, where people are not used to staying up for a long time, but go to a cafe to have a quick snack and go further shopping. The very first concept resembles a restaurant rather than a cafe; it will require large expenses in the design of the hall and a careful study of the menu.

After defining the concept, the market is analyzed, competitors are studied, a menu is drawn up, here is an example:

The choice of premises is one of the most important aspects of a business plan. There are two ways: to open an ice cream parlor in a separate building or in a mall. The first option, as a rule, turns out to be more expensive, because the rent will be higher than inside the shopping center.

The area will be enough 50 sq. m. Zoning is mandatory:

  • Production workshop - 20 sq. m.
  • Hall for visitors - 15 sq. m.
  • Warehouse - 8 sq. m.
  • Change house - 4 sq. m.

If a room is rented in a mall in a small town, the rental price is 50 sq. m will be about 80 thousand rubles. However, the price depends on the location of the mall, the floor of the building, and the surroundings. Renting the same premises in a detached building will amount to more than 100 thousand rubles.

After choosing and renting the premises, equipment is purchased. You will need a freezer that produces ice cream and a refrigeration unit. The freezer prepares ice cream by whipping and pasteurizing. The performance of the device depends on its price. The cost of such a device with a capacity of 4 kg / hour is about 100 thousand rubles. Below is a table with prices for equipment for an ice cream parlor.

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