How to write a company mission statement? Plan with examples of mission, values ​​and vision

In this article, we offer you a selection of missions of large well-known companies in the world's leading markets. The given examples of missions of the organization and manufacturing enterprises will help you fully understand the meaning and meaning of this concept and will help to draw up the correct vision of the business.

All mission examples are categorized by key product groups and markets.

Missions of retail brands

Wallmart Mission: “We help our customers save money to make their lives better”

Target's mission: "Become a preferred shopping destination through innovative solutions, exceptional value proposition, exceeding all customer expectations."

The Home Depot's mission: "To provide every customer with a high level of service, a wide range of products and competitive prices"

IKEA Mission: “Improving Everyone's Daily Life”

Amazon's Mission: "Create a space where anyone can buy online whatever they want"

CVS Mission: Help People Improve Their Health

Best Buy Mission: “We address unmet needs of our customers with the ingenuity of our employees”

Directory of consulting companies

Marketer's Library

Mission and vision of the company - is it possible to come up with something new?

If a company's mission statement looks like a mess, then the organization doesn't know where it is going. Jack Trout.


The company's mission is the raison d'être of its existence besides making money. A mission is a cause you serve. It forms the values, beliefs and principles of business, reflects the purpose of the company, its positioning (difference from other market participants), determines the role that the company wants to play in society. The mission should also define what the company WILL NOT DO. The mission does not say anything about the direction of the company's development, future activities, goals and business plans. It brings strategic meaning to the company's activities, generates a desire for excellence and becomes a platform for staff motivation.

Based on the purpose of the business, one would think that the company's mission is to increase the wealth of its owners. However, “employees of a company are rarely inspired by a strategic mission and vision to enrich shareholders. Why should they go out of their way to fill someone's wallets? Therefore, with the exception of companies that have plans to issue shares for distribution to employees, it is better in the formulation of the company's mission (and vision) to emphasize the motives for providing additional benefits to consumers or increasing the well-being of society as a whole "(Thompson, Jr. A. A., Strickland III, A. J. Strategic Management. Concepts and Situations for Analysis, 12th Edition. Moscow et al.: Williams, 2021). But, as noted earlier, it is possible to increase the wealth of owners only by satisfying the needs of the company's customers, providing them with high-quality competitive goods and services. The production of such goods and services is the mission of the company, its service to people and society.

The author of the article proposes to act in the following practical way when developing a mission. First, initially, formulate the company's internal mission, which is not intended for print. To do this, the owners and managers of the company must answer the following 5 questions:

1) What are we doing? (What business are we doing?).

2) Who are we doing this for?

In the article you will find out what the company's mission is and why you need it. Examples of missions of the most successful companies and a step-by-step scheme for creating a mission for your company.


What is a mission and what is it for

"If your only goal is to get rich, you will not achieve it"

In order to build a great company, you need something else, a kind of guiding star as a sailor to which you will lead your company.

First, you choose the direction where you want to lead your campaign and then write the path. This is the essence of the mission.

The mission of the company is a kind of meaning of all the actions that the company conducts in the social life of society.

I understand, it turned out somehow confusing, let's try it in simple words.

A mission is what gives you the strength not to quit your business halfway through the routine of everyday problems. This is what will keep you from giving up. This is what will attract like-minded people to your team with whom you will achieve your goal. This is what will attract customers like a magnet to your company.

Just don't think that the mission is a cure for all the ailments of the business, but when the company has it, it's a huge plus than when it doesn't.

Before continuing reading, please answer one question: - “Have you come to business for a long time, or will you“ bite ”here, will you“ hack ”some money there?”

Everyone in our company knows that I like non-standard entrepreneurs. Such as Richard Branson or Elon Musk. For their non-standard approach to doing business, sometimes “inappropriate” antics and, of course, for their view of the world. The very view that they broadcast to the world and business.

And the mission of the company is where the transmission of ideas of any entrepreneur begins. What is the mission and values ​​of the company for, how to create and convey them, we will figure it out in the article.

Mission definition

I'm more than sure that you did not find this article in order to find out what a mission is, I think Wikipedia is enough for this.

And in order to find an approach and step-by-step instructions on how to formulate a company's mission for customers and employees. That is why I have created a small algorithm that will help you in this difficult matter.

Step Define Mission Type

But ... First, you need to decide on the type of mission and in what key to write it. Let's call this the preparatory stage and give it the value # 0. So. Scientifically, the mission should contain 4 aspects:

  • Market (talk about a product, strategy, competition, company goals or market);
  • Social (include a mention of the company's philosophy and culture);
  • Private (the company's achievements in material terms);
  • Qualitative (the company's intention and desire to change the quality of society's life).

As for me, it is simply not possible to combine all 4 aspects independently without the involvement of a company specializing in creating missions (such really exist).

This is why I recommend focusing on the fourth - quality aspect.

For at least two reasons. Let's look again at examples of missions from well-known brands, Apple and IKEA, use this approach when creating missions.

The business camp was divided into 2 groups: some believe that writing a company mission is an empty formality, others see a special force in a small text. My opinion: it all depends on how exactly the mission statement for your company was written.

If you need text for the sake of a tick, which will look like thousands of faceless examples on the Web, then, of course, there will be no sense. When targets are off the ground and the mission itself is blurry, it's just a piece of useless material.

If your mission is a strong rope that pulls the entire company with it and which in fact reflects the raison d'être of the company, then it’s worth writing. Such texts are remembered at the level of ideas and meanings, they often say even more than the texts "About us", for example.

Today I will tell you how to write a company mission that would actually work and become part of your strategy. It doesn't take much for that. You don't even need to be a cool copywriter to do this.

It is enough to approach the matter responsibly once, and then everything will work out.

General definition of the term "mission of the company"

When you write a mission statement for a company, you must answer the question:

Why was the company created?

That's all. This is the main idea and skeleton of the mission. one or several paragraphs (no need to imitate Leo Tolstoy and create multivolume books), you are very clear and specific about why the company was created and what its motives are.

It is clear that in 95% of cases the goal of creating and growing a company is money. I mean something more, going beyond this framework. We do not mention money, it is "by default", but we speak at once about what is behind the money.

For example, here are some mission statements from different companies:

  • Manufacturing environmentally friendly vehicles that would not pollute the environment;
  • Creating a segment of low-cost stores where you can buy only natural products;
  • A copywriting university, where you can get serious professional knowledge for very little money;
  • A disc exchange network for consoles in every district of the city so that you don't have to travel far away;

Unfortunately, a company's mission statement is often confused with strategy, vision, and values. This is fundamentally wrong.

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