How to write a business plan for a store recommendations with calculations

Investing in retail is considered one of the most profitable and easy to start and a business plan is very easy to build. The most attractive is the opening of a grocery store. Naturally, people always need food. And with a huge number of stores of this kind, the product market is not fully filled. It's good if you understand the intricacies of such a trade. But you need to start opening your own business by writing a good business plan for the store.

What needs to be decided before opening? Shop Business Plan Basics

Choosing a store format

In Italy, a gradation of retail stores has been developed, depending on retail space and location:

  • Superstore. The area is not less than 15 thousand square meters. The share of food products is not less than 1/2. Most often located outside the city, there is a large adjoining parking lot.
  • Hypermarket. Trading area from 5 to 15 thousand square meters. Such a store should have more than 1/2 in the assortment of grocery products. The basis of turnover is products. It can be located in the city itself or outside it.
  • Supermarket. Area up to 2 thousand square meters. This is a large city store, located in places of large passage of people: near the metro, in sleeping areas, along the highways.
  • Grocery store. Sales area up to 500 square meters. This is a convenience store that allows you to buy: perishable foodstuffs, the simplest household chemicals.
  • Small shops. Small shopping area. They are often located on the first floors of residential buildings. The most unpretentious assortment of goods.


When choosing a location in your business plan, you need to determine the direction of movement of future buyers. The premises should be located so that it is convenient to enter it "on the road": near a public transport stop, by the road, next to a large number of residential buildings. It is important to have parking and convenient check-in and check-out.

It is imperative to analyze future competitors. When calculating a business plan, you need to take into account which stores are located nearby, their format and focus. See which products are not enough in these stores. Perhaps it would be better to open a specialized grocery store in this zone: meat, dairy, bakery.

Selecting premises for a store

You can say that to open a store or when drawing up a business plan, you will need a room with an area of ​​at least 110-150 square meters. The retail space will be 70 - 100 square meters. Opening a store with a smaller area is simply impractical.

The room should have all the utilities: hot and cold water, electricity, heating, sewerage. It is advisable to conclude a lease in such a way that utility bills are already included in the rent.

Before opening a store, it is better to make repairs. Its complexity will depend on the condition of the room. A team can be hired to carry out the repair work. But, if you need to save money, then redecorating it is quite possible to do it yourself.

Try to negotiate this point in the lease agreement: do not pay rent during the renovation period, reduce rent payments by the amount spent on renovations.

1. Planning the financial and economic activities of enterprises in modern conditions

1. ... The role of planning in the financial and economic activities of enterprises

1. ... Business plan as a method of carrying out the financial and economic activities of an enterprise

2. Development of a business plan for the production of a new

products of LLC "Sweet Paradise

2. ... Project description (SUMMARY

2. ... General characteristics of the enterprise and products

2. ... Analysis of the market and main competitors

2. ... Marketing plan

List of used literature

In a market economy, the success of a firm and even an individual businessman is largely determined by how professionally the management approaches the choice of strategy and tactics of its conduct, that is, how competently it implements the process of intrafirm planning.

Planning is a complex, multifaceted process that requires careful consideration of a number of issues. One of the most important elements of the planning process in general is the preparation of business plans. This term has become quite widely used in Russia relatively recently - only in the early 2021s, but by now almost any more or less large project is preceded by the development of a detailed business plan.

Depending on the scale and significance of the issues raised in a specific business plan, it can be interpreted both as a strategic development plan for the company, and as just a separate element of a broader action plan. Such plans are needed, first of all, to substantiate some new direction of development, i.e. they are often ad hoc rather than regular.

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